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About: Avoid the obstacles. Accumulate the balls. Aim for the holes! Nice luck!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 45MB Developer: VOODOO
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Perfect Hit . . . Reviews and Comments:

Horrible experience DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!
~ Jordan Wade
I don't know what to write I just love it
~ Lisa Alton
still lot banner bugs. fix it. release is nice.
~ Pankaj Hindustani
though feeling satisfying at some points. This release like a lot of another voodoo releases, lacks polish and have inconsistent graphics combined with terrible framerates it looks like it was rushed.
~ A Google user
1 star. Reasons being... 1) too many banner's. dont even finish a lvl before wstching an banner. 2) Lvls are repeats. they are all somewhat identical. nothing newest! 3) its not challenging as many recipients would think.
~ YoshiLaDerp124
I love this release its so hard and simple go on voodoo ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ
~ Samia Springer
This is a nice release ever I think
~ Recipe video
it is sorta fun, but it's frustrating, idea too many banners and a couple of times, I has to watch an banner and I nearly completed the lvl, I came back from the banner...AND BOOM I and to restart the lvl!
~ Kiara Bentley
~ Kylie Bear
Nice release but... The dots in the title is creepy. One star took out. 1 star took out because the controls are super laggy but I have a speedy device! Other star took out because ALL THAT VOODOO DOES IS MAKE GAMES ONLY FOR PEOPLE TO BE 15 YEARS OLD TO PLAY!?!? stop spying on us voodoo!!! they just place A LOT OF EXTRA ADS AND PUT HIDDEN TRACKERS IN THESE GAMES! I HAVE TO BE OVER 15 TO PLAY THIS GAME, UNACCEPTABLE!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก stop being greedy and don't spy on users you just create those releases for spying!
~ 4TechGuns
To many banners!!!!!! I think its funny how after each time you die or victory you obtain an banner. But that's not all you have to watch an banner to beat a lvl. And the owners of the company expect for recipients to enjoy. NOOOOOOOOOOO. Receive rid of the banners or I'm deleting.๐Ÿ™„
~ Justin Shively
I love this release but you could not have recipients pay to obtain rid of adds
~ Savanna Rush
Honestly i love this company. But this is worse than most another releases I've played by y'all. Sometimes the balls don't stay with my finger and fly off. The rest of the time, now the entire time all i see is unfinished textures. Not sure if it was meant to be that idea, but it seems like it. Please modernization the graphics and finish polishing. Another than that it's ok. i will modernization my rating when you do ๐Ÿ˜Š
~ nightmare jonny
Nice gameplay and is fun but the intrusive banners crash the whole experience and create the release virtually unplayable
~ Gabriel Runyon
Scammers! When you pay to not have banners, they take your dollars and nothing changes! I still have the banners, which are so ubiquitous that it makes the release almost unplayable! Scammers!
~ Philip Osorio
love this release so fun!!! (shoutout to me dude Chloe for showing me this release)
~ Hailey Willems
This release is trash it could not be played because of the banners. I literally got a banner in the middle of my run and I obtain they use them to create the release nonpaid but this is complete overkill. Voodoo releases used to be nice actually there just banner magnets and they also have banners that aren't correct according to what the release really is. Some of there banners are actually tricking you into getting the release by claiming "tap here to test" when it really just brings you to the release shop.
~ Quinn
well, to many banners... but another than that, I think that this release is like... INCREDIBLE! I would fully suggest this release! I would give the release 5 stars if there wasn't as many banners... but since the banners are so ridiculous cuz there are so many.... I give 4 stars... but another than that super satisfying and a nice time aggressor! wonderful release otherwise!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰โ˜บโค
~ A Google user
this release could not be played because i got a run and the banners dont work so when u go back to the release it wont allow you test
~ Maurice Harrell
There is a bug where when one of your balls jumps over the screen and the release glitcehs and wont end and it hapens very often, VERY often butvyhe release it self is fun
~ Andrew_135
the release is nice but add comes in between and the release stops and i have to run it all over again.
~ Chirag Singhal
I hate this release it is the worst release I've ever played I'm never going to test this release again.
~ Ohnyu aka ohnyu
it's better than cooking releases and making cake and making cake is fun
~ Sandy Robi
do not create this release is boring and plus I usually lose and I never obtain nothing right
~ Lambsbook Oflife
poor it stops working half idea through my run and too many banners dis release is trash "garbage lad! I got some trash for you!" ITS THIS GAME
~ Mike Books
to many banners and out of 21 chances to go through the hole you obtain out ounce. how pitiful
~ Zack Helington
if you obtain too high of a lvl without failing then you have to watch an banner to continue
~ Just an average person
if there where a zero star rate i would pick it because each time i test to obtain to lvl two it keeps me on lvl 1
~ Gerald Smith
ut runs me over when i die the balls are right there and they don't go in worst release ever
~ V Mannn
Not simple but the finest release ever. Once played you will hold going back again and again. Ths is a gotta download.
~ Edward Johnson
this is a nice release I'm super addicted, but theres only one complaint I have. the holes go to far over to the target where you cant now obtain them in the hole.
~ Pigo Clipzz
Its so fun not glitchy at all works perfectly when I'm bored I can just test it that's why I place five stars
~ Jemma Perez
Lots of fun!!! Fully keeps you on your toes! I would def give it a test!! ๐Ÿ˜
~ Alicia Wilson
your release is nice but you place some adds when i wish to continue my release that's not the idea to do that and not okey if i just wish to test you're just going to place 100 adds i want i should give you less than 1 star
~ Hana Ristanovic
when i die i click on the second chance button but it never gives me an banner instead the release freezes and i have to press the restart button and then it gives me an banner but i still cant run from where i was
~ TtGames Yolo
Insane banner volume. release doesn't pause coming out of banners and the ball is already moving... dead. watch more banners to continue. too terrible as this is a fun release but seems fully setup as 70% banners 30% gameplay.
~ Jooky One
Nice stress inducer, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many banners and the gameplay is in my opinion waaaay too hard (if you die at last part of a lvl you restart and the platforms or whatever transport idea too speedy makes it almost impossible to obtain 3 or more fevers in a row, not to mention spinning platforms which altogether makes the release almost impossible to test). But that's my opinion, it's a nice concept of a release and had nice potential.
~ Dougy Doug
honestly, i love this release! it's like a Caterpillar ver of skee ball. two HUGE troubles though. 1) it doesn't work with the stylus on my Note 9. i can't see what I'm doing through my fingers (which is claiming something bc i have tiny hands and this huge screen) and miss most of the important shots. 2) every lvl runs as quick as the screen loads. no sneezing, blinking, or declining that call... you just lost that scene and run over at the beginning of the lvl!
~ Angela Mohle
I will never test or download this release ever again. It constantly freezes and pauses in the beginning middle and end of every round causing you to lose and run over. Dont waste your time. i give this release ZERO stars in each genre but since you have to pick at least one star, I will lie and give it 1 star that it doesnt deserve.
~ Justin Clifford
Although the release is fun, often I near the end of lvl 1, I am stopped and shown a test button at the bottom of the screen. When I proceed to press claimed button I am faced with an banner. The banner of course in the middle of the release is very annoying but it's even more annoying that after the banner the entire thing freezes and doesn't allow me do anything until I close and re-launch the release where it leaves me back at the run!
~ Scarlett