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About: Peace, Death! is an arcade simulator with difficulties. In this release, you test as the Reaper working for your boss, Death, in Apocalypse, Inc. You face a challenge: go through a trial period of seven weeks to obtain a permanent job and advance the interests of your employer. Informations. You need to examine every client's information to determine his, her, or its fate. There are more informations each day and the release becomes more hard. Your client holds a pistol? Send him to Hell unless he changes his mind and drops weapons. Is your client a hat-lover? Could you send him to Heaven? No, it's not that simple! First, take the hat off, and you might see the horns. Being a demon, aggressor, or an angel are informations, too. Catastrophes. These are special meetings, they're unexpected and rapid, so Reaper is pressed by time. But you gotta allocate clients correctly to complete ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 49MB Developer: AZAMATIKA
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Peace, Death! Reviews and Comments:

Cool tiny release to create you really think speedy
~ Tyson Van Eyk
I enjoy this release a lot! It can be simple to presume that it'll run off simple, but it quickly rises in difficulty! The personalities for all of the horsemen are really special, and add to the gameplay. If you liked Papers Please or related releases, I think that you'll search this release fun!
~ A Google user
keeps freezing at some parts but when it does test its a cute intresting release
~ bri P
Nice release, even better actually that I can test it on the go!
~ Bread Ranger
The release is straight forward and a nice time waster. 1 star for constantly harassing me to rate the release
~ Mallisa Le
Noice release. Suggest it. And the dlc is nonpaid which I appreciate
~ A Google user
Apart from the rare ruin mid lvl, a cute damn nice release
~ Max Kuhl
Nice release for the price and i haven't found any bugs yet
~ nedaj mahrud
its a nice release the only trouble is the sound of the recipients lol another then that its cute nice
~ Willow House MYS
casual release with funny reference only sometime the release freeze. bug perhaps?
~ Mohammad Iqbal
I'm having a nice time separating recipients from hell and heaven 😸
~ Bowen Bryers
The release has interesting gameplay and mechanics, I like it.
~ Hector Serratos
very fun to test, clearly inspired by Papers, Please, but it brings some of its own equipment.
~ Glimmy
Gets repetitive over time, but is still quite great. Not the prettiest release either, but nice enough for its dollars
~ Vovalium The vigorous
Gets slightly boring after a while. Progression with quite kiddish mindset.
~ Chris Teo
Fun release, i don't regret buying it. Really great gameplay. When I'm bored i test this.
~ Demonetized Fazbear
a pretty tiny release about death, it's nice fun to test and a nice time aggressor
~ Drew Moon
This release is really fun and not what I thought it would be like. When I purchased this release I thought it was going to be repetitive but the constant changes hold it interesting and the difficulty increases as you go on.
~ Apostolos Mylonas
OH MY! WHATA BEAUTIFUL SALE! Nice release!!!! Congrats developers!!!!
~ Pedro Henrique Boneti Salvador
I first played this release on PC. It is a great and well done release to slay your time. I really suggest!
~ Lita BR
The release's going nice so far but I think there should be a everyday log in premium or something to look forward to.
~ Savien Law
Damn son, for this dollars you obtain a chance to build a reaper career. The song is hell nice
~ Джон Бэйлтон
cute nice when you dont have anything else to do and for playing your focus
~ Fluzyx
Very nice release. So fun yet so easy. Nice idea of release! I'm release design student at college and this release is my references for my release. Thank you, sir.
~ Amos Aleksander
it's a fun idea to pass time. I like the 4 horsemen as well. a tiny primary. still, well made.
~ Joshua DeAgostino
I like that the Dev responds quickly. That deserves a 5 in itself as all Devs could take note of this practice. Thank You for the Nice Product and for Chatting with users. :)
~ Mitch Morrison
The release is fun but each time I close it and return to test I have force stop it or it just gets stuck on a black screen and doesn't boot.
~ User 0110
Pointless clicker... Became boring after one hour. Characters are interesting but during the release, you will not have time to read their comments.
~ Borys Hulii
Resembles Papers Please, much more speedy paced. Worth the dollars. And I'm a sucker for pixel graphics. Too terrible I don't have the time to read the hero comments if I'm aiming to obtain A+ from a lvl, but it's nice that they're there if I ever decide to read them.
~ Evil GM
Not a fan at all that they used the likeness of tupac and I'm sure another recipients.... usually launch to equipment and have a nice sense of humor but I search using the likeness of a dead person to be terrible in taste. Would like a refund
~ Rob MC
This release is really challenging and fun but the controls are a tiny awkward. I know heaven is on the right side so I push far right and nothing happens so then I obtain confused and dont know what happened until I remember I have to click the elevator. I dont think that's a bug but it really gets annoying, but overall, hold doing what u do boi.
~ J0SH
Worth the dollars and really is a release I got a lot of entertainment value out of. I personally prefer this release to recipients that like those speedy paces decision releases with cute nice humor. Though it doesn't obtain easier, it gets fairly challenging the more you invest time into it, making the release more balanced and hard to how you adapt to the terms changing daily of every week.
~ Jose Espinoza
I've seen this release before on Steam but never quite obtain the chance to test it until actually. This release is absolutely mesmerizing. The retro style graphics really create it stands out among another releases. The overall speedy pace along with the ever increasing amount of 'terms' that you've to remember makes it a fair and challenging experience that prevents repetitiveness. I also appreciate the myriad amount of pop culture easter eggs and references that usually place a smile on my face. Highly suggested.
~ No Genres
Incredible release, a more funny, fun ver of Papers Please. Developer is speedy to adress any troubles, very responsive and continually improving and adding to the release. Nice value!
~ Bilal Morpeth
The release itself is solid and interesting, but god there's such a gigantic audio bug that I can't ignore it. The song constantly skips each second or so, and I have no clue why, but its excrutiatingly annoying.
~ Benett Malcolm
I read the comments before i purchased it and thought I was getting something "brilliant, really fun, nice!", something almost revolutionary. it's just tapping recipients sending them to hell, heaven or purgatory. there's nothing to upgrade and it's not really fun for me. it didn't suck but I wouldn't honestly pay a dime if I knew what type of release this was
~ Nihal Null
This release is really fun to test. The mechanics are easy and it runs smoothly. I love the storyline and the theme lvls. The art style is quite charming and I truly enjoy the humor it has, especially the kinds of recipients you send to hell, heaven, or purgatory. As you progress the release adds newest challenges and you're allowed to aid or not aid whichever horseman you prefer. I'm never bored with this release! Also, it'd be cool if you should give your reaper accessories.
~ Al Fisher
Not a fun release for me. I thought there would be more depth, but the entire release is just tapping left or right. Heaven or Hell, human or demon. They add factors to create it harder, but there is never anything more to your decision making than that. I guess the only target to it is to test and be speedy. Very boring release. p.s. This is the second time I'm submitting this review in 12h. I got a info that the devs replied, but when I came to check, my review was blank. Seems a tiny shady.
~ Dewitt Powers
This is a really nice release for someone that observant and up to the challenge. It is a very nice small release because it doesn't require an internet connection, you can test it on and off, no microtransactions, no everyday login, etc... So you only obtain the fun of testing the release and none of the usual small release BS. The humour is cute funny but I didn't understand the target of horseman influence until the very end (won't spoil it though) 10/10, well spent dollars
~ radu paun
Peace, Death! is a fun and brilliant release! It gets more challenging, the more you test it, and every challenge is different, which is nice! The retro graphics, and wonderful gameplay, keeps you testing this release for quite some time. Definitely worth a test, and an awesome time aggressor. Thank you Devs, and hold up the nice work!
~ Kevin Raposo