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About: Gaming Soft of The Day - Kotaku.com "[Payback 2] manages to make a sense of overblown fun that permeates everything from straightforward races to capture the flag-inspired heists ... an immensely entertaining experience" - pocketgamer.co.uk Featured as one of the finest releases of the week by The Guardian "Theres a ton of equipment to do which is what gives Payback 2 such an interesting atmosphere" - Super Product Droid Mobile Authority's Indie Soft of the Day DESCRIPTION: Payback 2 contains everything from tank fights to high speed helicopter races to gigantic gang fights - but you really have to test it obtain a feel for how much tons there is, and we're adding more all the time! FEATURES: VARIED CAMPAIGN. Fifty campaign meetings featuring heavy way brawls, rocket car races and much, much more! TAKE ON THE WORLD. War your dudes or over a million another user ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 97MB Developer: Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd [email protected]
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Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox Reviews and Comments:

Too many adds, been using for over a month and found this release is inundated with adds, and I am not paying £8 to obtain rid of them. after each target i do I have to watch a 30 second video. its otherwise not a terrible release what so ever. but use less adds or I will delete.
~ T-Monster
there is an banner after each single fricking release you test, its really annoying, i obtain that its a nonpaid release and banners are gonna be there, but im not going to pay £9 to go banner nonpaid, and it ruins the entire release, especially since i cant even quit the banner, i dont care about the 3 bonus coins ill obtain for the entire banner, just allow me leave the banner, if ill need coins then maybe ill watch the entire thing, jesus christ lad, too many banners another than that nice release
~ Kacper K
it is the 2nd finest release to me the thing that would create it finest is if u didn't have to sign in and go through a process to test multiplayer or online. And u guys could really consider making a freerome mode where you can go around and just do what u wish ✌
There is missions that are idea too hard like what is that and cops!? they could be deleted and place checkpoints for each Storyline, Target, etc because IT IS WAY TOO HARD and there is idea too many banners I hate it really if you would add and remove what I've claimed then it would've gotten 5 stars
~ A Google user
cute nice release, its like gta hey can you add more things around the map like you can swim in the water to obtain away with murder and also add an "entering car animation" add recipients talking to you and having a war with you and add that you can enter each building but only in 1st floor.. Thats all i have to share in this release CAN YOU DO THAT?? PLEASE ADD THESE NEW UPDATE
~ A Google user
I really enjoyed it! But there is 2 troubles doh. No mater what I do. i cannot fix the bug where the release goes literally 1 frame per sec! And also. why don't you add a button for the camera swap instead of having to go to the settings in the middle of a war. But I still love it! Nice job bro!
~ A Google user
sup bro I was thinking that hmmmm the same idea I can obtain a keep rating to bane the hal Jordan is that it will not sure how many of you are the hal ma and PhD student, mata and PhD, mata has to go home for lunch tomorrow morning to obtain to the par. b and the par for a bit better be careful not a large part is I have no dollars and time I can see how are things that create it a test and PhD in my room up Suzuki is the same as well. I was in my car to go back in time and time to bane of you who is that
~ pravin bhai jadav
the release is fun and enjoyable....the only trouble is whenever i test online..halfway through the release it claims connection lost....but my time and wifi works perfectly....and what irritates me alot is when that happen...more banners pops up...and the banners runs smoothly and better than the release....please fix it....
~ Sereana Fiu
Overall great.... I've been testing the release ever since the older graphics.... The release's potential is finally coming out.... Although the release itself is great.... There is one thing that bugs me.... Can you add the option to remove bots from multiplayer matches?? I can't have a proper 1v1 with my brother because of bots interrupting our war...
This is an nice release but, i really wish you to add freeroom and not having to join a specific server and no time limit and you can leave whenever you wish to, and you obtain rewarded for how many recipients you killed. One more thing please dont place and banner right after you exit mabye do it like 1 banner then no banner then 1 banner. Do you obtain what i am claiming. Otherwise this is a really geat release.
~ AJ Munoz
HOLY HELL THIS GAME IS THE DEFINITION OF GLOWING UP! This release is a lot more better than the year before, more customizations and informations, better optimization and graphics, oh and the tank is finally nerfed. Thank you devs! (be warn for recipients too terrible to obtain banner-nonpaid experience, there's too many banners spamming every match. Since I've brought no-banners for $10, I've decided to ignore this when reviewing)
~ Autumn Mare
I enjoy this release. It is really addictive. It is actually more like Grand Theft Auto. All I recommend in the next modernization is you create some building can be entered. Anyways 5 stars for this release!!!
~ J_gaming 2009
very great release im addicted to it..but in my opinion it needs to be developed with newest informations as letting all cars walk reverse, and increase the power of all the cars and adding other cars, it'll we be more likely♡
~ Bilal Othman
Nice Product. I see you didnt claim us you add ragdoll for realism but thats cool. I will recommend that the cars have a health bar some where. And the shotgun is tiny but you can create it to a S1/the same shotgun but longer. And one more, there is intense guns but can you place a AK-47 so the release have a rifle of some sort. Thats my feedback😀🔥👌. Nice day, and send me feed back if you like my feedback.
~ iFranco Jr. II
This is one of the finest and small action-journey releases that I've ever played. I've been testing it for like the last 4-5 years, and i still haven't removed it from my old device, or if I got a newest device this would be its first releases if supported. One of the finest dollars I've spent for its golds and coins and such. Basically, it does its job well for a non-linear ver of GTA Chinatown Fights, where it focuses mostly on non-stop fun, action and a bit addictive. The only information I felt absent from it is the lack of storyline and apps. Just imagine what would a storyline for this release would look like together with some apps within it that would create it nevertheless more complete. Additionally, I'd like more weapons and informations as well similar to that. Not only that, the release itself has changed a lot the newest years with its newest graphics, customization, cameras and controls. It improved a lot for the better in the last years. Highly suggested for those who just would like a plug-and-test kind of experience in action-journey small gaming that gives you a great dose of escapism.
~ Justin Patrick
this release is near great. The missions are of nice length for a device release, the graphics, while crude, are serviceable. The controls are quite possibly the finest of a small release. The multiplayer modes are very fun, and this release overall is very fun and addictive. The only thing I would ask for is a freeroam mode in multiplayer. Otherwise, this release is great. Nice job, devs!
~ Aidan Barnes
a very nice release can u please add some planes in the release and add a information in which we can do some jobs rather than completing missions. And add a option in which we can buy houses,permanent machines,ships,boats,etc. I hope you will add this informations in the release
~ pindacklu troon
the first day I played, it was nice. the second day, there was a non skippable banner at the end of every round, and I couldn't speedy test few rounds because at the end of the banners, it takes me back to the home screen. Probably because the banner finishishes after the next round runs. Such a fun release, but absolutely destroyed by the BS banners
~ Marshall Jacobs
add an option to not watch an banner at the end of every release. Also can you create an option to buy stars with coins.Maybe 10 coins equals 5 stars. And the lvl Oddjob's time limit is really annoying. Can you remove it
~ Yenanto Siem
Nice Mindless fun. The only trouble is that it has idea too many banners and it costs so much to remove banners. If you reduce the banners there will be a lot of recipients testing this release. No wonder there are very several multiplayer recipients. Please resolve the banner trouble
The controls are kinda wonky and hard to obtain used to. aiming sucks, can't use a gamepad to test this release. Shooting now really sucks especially on foot. Driving is okay. Tanks are cute alright. (Saints Row style, direction keys transport omnidirectionally) But overrall this is now kinda addicting and fun. Graphics aren't as nice as the trailer claims but they're better than the majority of Unity releases out there. So overall 4/5 stars.
~ Daniel Heusburgh
payback 2 is the finest mobile release I have ever played but you have to modernization it especially the machines you can add boats , fire engines , Jet , budozer and submarine the clothing you can add a diver to it so that the person can swim in the water.That my review peace.
~ Joel Mcbright
So, i first downloaded this release about two years ago, i started seeing something with the cars, realising they were from the original driver, i'm glad this was fixed however the original limo, icecream van and the deleted police van were cool, maybe they should be implemented into the release later on, i dont really do missions i mainly just obtain the news van and blow things up
~ Corey Heslop
the release has insane graphics.it is nice. hold working on it. create more improvent in graphics. it is finest release like gta 5 under 100 mb in playstore. you could also add jump,speedy run buttons and also a button to lay down. and give unlimitrd time to complete missions in storyline mode
~ Shaheena Parveen
This release is nice it has nice graphics,guns,maps and machines the only thing is that it will only work for 1-3 months then it'll hold claiming "Payback 2 isn't responding would you like to close it?" so yeah but ill rate it nice
~ A Google user
I give 5 stars, because this is the most pleased nonpaid mobile release I ever enjoyed.But after newest upgrades remote bomb is hard to blast instanty and some wepons like rocket launcher and shot gun take more time to shoot .test to set a large castle collecting all cities or a newest and do more things to have fun as an launch globe release.finest of luck!
~ Vimukthi Methmal
hey i played this release very much actually i am going to uninsatall this release i know the release is very addictive but this release is not having freedom mode /nonpaid mode please add nonpaid mode in it then i will install it again otherwise this release got 100/95 .5 cutted because of there is not having nonpaid mode like launch globe releases .but such a great release .PLZ ADD FREE MODE
~ A Google user
I think it is the finest release ever. But it would be great if there was afree mode where you dont do missions but go round the castle and killing while snatching cars.It would also be nice if the cars dont burst easily. I mean for the car to burst after a hitting it about ten times. Other idea is by making the guy not drowning in water but to be able to swim. THANKS AND I HOPE YOU IMPROVE IT EARLY.
~ Amina Adnan
Globe finest release i have played ever.awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome. Thank you for making this release. I enjoyed in this release very much. This release includes tons of things . hold it up and do some updates also.I will suggest this release to each one. Please download this release. thank you everyone
~ Mk B
I've played this release for upwards of 3 years, and I can confidently claim this is one of the most wholesome small releases on the supermarket. All microtransactions are cosmetic-only and banners arent really that terrible since they serve a 45 second banner each 7 minute target or so. idk why recipients are complaining about the time limit for delivering the swag; as long as you are now trying to deliver the swag and not trolling your squad by hiding with the swag, time isnt really a trouble. Highly suggest release!
~ Hiram Anderson
Please add some car customization body kits,paintjobs and vinyls.Just remove banners which are coming after each target,and add more missions in campaing and storyline mode.Please lower the price of machines,clothing,cities and missions in custom mode.When i test this release i just feel like i am testing gta 5,4 and san andreas on mobile.Just create this release more addictive i want you have over millions of downloads. Nice luck Apex designs have 5 star ratings. THANK YOU.
~ jazim aijaz
This is a REALLY fun release. I highly suggest you download. My only troubles are: No jump button, I beleive a jump button would really give a cool kick; Random times where it lags really terrible but for only a short time and mostly only once in the lapse of the time the release is launch.
~ ꧁༒Cყcłσหε83༒꧂
Nice when it works, the Storyline mode gives a GTA like sense of freedom, though not AS engaging. Adding more missions could be a top priority, and the actual english/ voice acting feels lackluster, but overall, the release deserves a great 4 stars!Not terrible, but not great!
~ Donnavin Jones
This is THE finest nonpaid roam release. The physics of the weapons is really nice and the graphics are also fine. It has got all the weapons and it has realistic gameplay. Although I do have some recommendations: 1. Please enable my hero to jump. Give a jump option. 2. Also he could be able to swim. 3. Please present a health bar so I can know how much health my charcter has left. 4. Decrease the number of banners. Like decrease it to 1 banner per 3 missions. Nice release though. Absolutely download and test it.
~ Raheela Zahid
neat release but the banners are over running it. can't do anything without an banner popping up. I'm sorry I'm not paying 9.99 to remove banners. I can't even really enjoy the release without an banner popping up during the middle of the release. honestly y'all don't need that many banners for each tiny thing I do. after each target there's an banner and it's interfering with release test. like I claimed fun release but all the banners create you not wanna test. having one present up each another target is understandable.
~ Pierre Estes
This release is epic. The storyline takes us back to the classic Amiga days, where we go to payphones, finish target or just blast everything on our idea! The graphics and all are impressive and pretty! The intro was spot on! Please, never stop upgrading this release.
~ Derek J.M. Warkworth
hello im a google player even though i have a profile but its a very very nice release graphics are smooth cars are cool but please PLEASE do immediate slay when you run over a user often i do it it doesnt slay him and instead i obtain killed!! but very cool release and why do we have to pay for the maps? i hate it but i dont hate the release.
~ amanaki halafihi
cool simple release test but should you just balance the sounds when testing songs and results... overall great work on the graphics but hold developing it. Gameplay for driving was sloppy... recapitulation of button needs a newest setup. it's quite sad that I just came to know about this release this year, should've been a five if it wasn't for the several flops. cool 🤙 awaiting an modernization...😛
~ A Google user
Bro THIS IS SO COOL. U can Test it with only for 1gb of ram. Its so nice. but i hate the banners, i cant vote for next round because the banners blocked it. I cant test the banners because its too long. the voting if only for 15 sec. And the banners is 30 sec. Pls remove the banners and many recipients will appreciate it. Thank you.
~ RAFMGaming349 // RonnThePro
Feels like the finest release i've ever played, graphics and the controls are great in such a tiny release, i wanted to have san andreas on my device, but i couldn't, but while testing this release, i feel like testing san andreas Undoubtedly it's a nice release but i have some troubles with it, first of all please increase the no. of missions in the storyline mode, there are only 6 of them, and also in the campaign mode, i've been testing this release since 1 month, and i started to feel tiny bit boring. thank
~ Tabish Masood