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About: *** Finalist in the Google Test Indie Products Festival *** Parallyzed is an atmospheric journey platformer with special gameplay, set in a dark and enchanting dreamscape. Blue and Red are deeply-connected twin sisters with very different personalities, abilities, and attributes. One day, in a moment of jealousy, Red pushes Blue off a swing, paralyzing her. Devastated, Red realizes she can enter Blue's mind and, working together, support her sister emerge from the coma and return to waking life. You test both sisters simultaneously. Red and Blue have the ability to swap bodies at any time. Support them create their idea through an ever-hard, spooky landscape that keeps trying to block their progress. Every sister's color and size gotta overcome the color and size of every dimension's obstacles. Tap the right of the screen to swap, left to jump. Split your mind in two an ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 65MB Developer: App Holdings [email protected]
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Parallyzed Reviews and Comments:

I'm not sure about others but when I played like my FIRST lvl the controls weren't really nice, I was near the part where I had to switch characters after I completed jumping over the spikes and guess what? I should swich characters all I should do was jump. Same goes for switching characters once I switch I can't jump. It was working perfectly fine when I first downloaded it but actually it's acting up. If it's a trouble you can solve please fix it, without either controls I can't test the release or anyone who has the same trouble.
~ ꧁༺Navo Cado༻꧂
release is nice but idea toooo many banners.. especially banners are placed on the test button.. WTH.. not only banners. but non skipable banners.. u have to wait for 30 seconds to test the release.. without even any reward 😣😣😣😣
~ Blue Moon
I was very excited and the release seemed very promising. At first, it was great, then on lvl 2 I suddenly couldn't jump! At all!! Not even on previous lvl and the guides. So obviously I can't pass the lvl... Also, there are an unlimite number of adds that are really long with no skip button that are driving me insane! The release is basically getting to the load screen, add, obtain to the lvl screen, add, click on a lvl, add, can't jump so you lose, add!!!!!
~ A Google user
The storyline was really interesting, but I couldn't obtain past the third lvl because it was too hard. I really liked the concept, but maybe have banners NOT in the middle of the lvl? Also, the controls are incredibly simple to forget.
~ Lj Toothless
the adds... all two of them, test so often that it is nearly interferant to release test. it is bothersome to claim the least, but actual release itself is fun
~ Sarah Bolden
You know, I'm very disappointed in this release. The release itself is nice, but why so several nonpaid lvls? I've just started to love this release and then it's over! Maybe I could read comments first the next time I will download releases, so it wouldn't be so painful for me if they are half paid.
~ Руслан Сулиманов
I didn't really like the release because evertime you die you obtain an banner. I usually don't mind banners but if you're just gonna place an banner evertime the user dies then it's gonna obtain really annoying. I would rate this release a five stars if you didn't place an banner evertime the user dies.
~ Coffe Cup
Nice release! challenging from the run! the banners pop up directly in the middle of your run which will screw you up each time. SUPER FRUSTRATING!!
~ Adam Stange
Very special and hard release. only complaint is even with turning banners off it takes a couple seconds too long before you can retry a lvl, considering how often you have to restart since it's so hard
~ Eric Barr
Too many ads. I understand that when giving a release for nonpaid the developers still need to create their dollars back but seriously, these guys take it waaaay too far. Product test is constantly interrupted to the target where I see to be spending as much time watching banners as now testing the release. It's ridiculous. If you place a several less I might feel more inclined to continue testing as the release itself is great enough. As is it I feel very frustrated, am leaving negative feedback and deleting.
~ evolhtiwt raehehtmorf
Really nice release. Very interesting. But what's with the damn adds often you lose, a damn add pops up and you have to watch the entire thing can't even exit when it launches. That's extremely irritating. There is a choice if I wish to view an add if I've lost I rather run again because I don't wish to watch a add. But then they pop up anyway.
~ Nicole van der Merwe
it was okay.....i MEAN i DID read the comments first claiming it has several nonpaid lvls bit I don't understand this. pls claim me the reason y: PEOPLE NEED TO PAY? I MEAN CANT U JUST ASK FOR DONATIONS? THIS PAY AND ALL LEVEL STUFF MAKES THE RATING WORSER. but still it's a nice release.
~ A Google user
I wanted to test this release. But if you die you can watch an banner to obtain back to the spot you were at or you can restart the lvl. I tried to restart the lvl and it would place me in an banner. I understand you guys need to create dollars somehow but seriously I'm not watching the same banner each minute because I cant platform well.
~ Jennifer Pease
its a nice release but...WTH SO MANY ADS why us there an add in the Middle of a release -_- i can understand before or after the release buy in between ! i wanted to give 4 stars but there are just idea too many banners
~ Saiyan Pride Z
Forst off, I LOVE THIS GAME. The object, the storyline, the graphics: everything about this release is nice. That being claimed; it doesnt help the size format for my specific mobile aristo 2. and there are WAY too many adds.
~ Amanda Petrina
hard, but very fun! i wish to learn the storyline but not sure if I can progress enough. nice for anyone who likes a challenge where you need to multitask!
~ Kayge Abendroth
One star. Such terrible controls and on top of that the same stupid banner each 5 seconds. shame, should be a terrific release. Also the song is redundant and just boring.
~ VforVespa
The Product is super nice but why dont you just create everything nonpaid? i have to pay 99 cents for newest lvls? you already have so much banners!! super disappointed with this release :( 1☆
~ _siomairice
The first 2 lvls are fine, but when you obtain to the 3rd lvl, there's no guide on how to jump over the tiny spikey things! Something popped up on my screen that claimed me only the tiny woman should jump over them, but it didn't claim me how to jump! Everything I test to do fails. I really think there needs to be one long guide lvl at the beginning that teaches you about everything you'll come across in the release and how to deal with it.
~ Ella Nutella
it's an interesting idea and I like the style of the release but the banners really shouldn't be during the lvls. It'd be so much better if the banners were before or after lvls because they tend to throw me off. I'd give 5 stars if this was fixed
~ Flame Queen
the graphics, song and setup is nice but there are too many adds and the control system is not nice. like to be specific the jump control is not working well. But it is a nice release.
~ Ananya Mishra
The banners. It's understanding that an release would have banners, but almost each time you die and not being able to skip. That's not the finest concept. With most apps and banners, there would be a skip button or something along those lines. But not at all with this. "Oh, I died, actually I have to watch an banner and not have any choice in it. Or, I should just exit the release and take twice as long just to obtain through the loading screen" That right there basically sums up the whole release. And I was so excited about it too
~ An Odd Meme
The release on itself seem extremely fun and some what challenging so it would take some time to complete. This alone would have given 5 Stars with the nice style and song but there were literally too many banners. I understand why there are banners, but it is startin to obtain really annyoing that often i run the lvl it decides to give me an banner In THE MIDDLE of the lvl. Not before, not after. Another than that, really fun release.
~ matildaannaa
It took about 7 tries,but i completed lvl 2!!!!!!!!! This is a nice release that has a very heartbreaking backstory,I LOVE IT
~ Tallulah Maysiee
i was so excited for this release....but after testing...i realized that all you have to do is to just jump and change territories...the storyline and the graphics are nice but the release is not so nice though☺
~ Cup Cake
The release forces you to master over your hand and eye ,,It will lead you to so much frustrstion you wont trust. Although you have to pay to obtain the full ver,but you wont regret it. Special gameplay, Loved it. One trouble I have finished the entire release,I have 23 out of 24 achievement so why am i not getting the 24th achievement i.e, to obtain all another achievements.
~ Manasmit Jena
The release itself is quite great. The animations are pretty and it is interesting to test. However, it is very annoying that one gets adds in the middle of a lvl and that it asks for so many permissions to test. I don't see the need
~ Johana Fajardo
The lvls are not progressive and the most challenging lvls are second and third lvls...?? And you create me pay and the lvl becomes too simple and there are no more releases... no matter how cheap the release is this can be considered ripped off... 😞
~ Wannie Lee
I LOVEE LOVE LOVE THE STORY! its makes sense, the directions are clear. it gives you a turtorial and its complex and quite hard but not hard enough to where you could rage or not be able to complete it. i love this release so much, its really great, i adore the art style and all.
~ A Google user
This is a nice, fun, and challenging release that is a tiny confusing. There are no lives so you can test as long as you wish. The thing I did not like is that when you lose an banner pops up and plays for 30 seconds or more and won't allow you x out of it until the video is done. I have to turn the WiFi off on my device so the banners don't hold popping up. I feel terrible if I think of deleting the release though. I don't wish to delete the release.
~ James Parker
I have never been so terrible at a release my whole life!! This release is so challenging & requires you to have stable hand-eye coordination. It took more than 100 tries for me just to obtain past lvl 1. And lvl 2 is just even harder!! The graphics & art style are absolutely topnotch. Nice job devs.
~ Seichan Pierce
the gameplay? its was great. but the reason im giving it only two stars is because there is WAY. TOO. MANY. ADS. i die? banner. and its not like each 5 deaths or something minor. im talking like EVERY SINGLE TIME I DIE I GET AN AD.
~ Amber's Universe
This release is AWESOME!!! And NO they did NOT pay me to claim that. The graphics are not only refreshing but superb to watch all the idea through. The colors are calming and vibrant and doesn't create your eyes harm after testing it for hours🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️💕 Hold up the nice job Guys!!!💋
~ Poor Girl Magic
Whenever I played the release, I didn't expect a cutscene in the beginning to claim Red and Blue's storyline. I was very surprised and amazed! Also, when I played the release, it was hard and challenging to obtain through the first lvls, that's what's nice about the release! I also lived the song in the background, it absolutely matched the theme of Red and Blue's surroundings through their travels. I would rate many more stars if I should, but it doesn't let you to do that, sadly.
~ A Google user
WAY too many banners. I should barely enjoy the release without being constantly bombarded with them. The release itself was additionally frustrating as sometimes it would glitch the controls and I'd have to exit the release and run it over. I never give terrible reviews cause I don't think anyone cares, but there really is no target in downloading this frustrating and unentertaining release.
~ A Google user
I'd rather pay .99 or 1.99 for this release, rather than it be nonpaid. It's incredibly annoying and hard to test when in the middle of a scene the release plays a video banner. maybe charge recipients so we dont have an add in the middle of a scene, or redo it so the banner plays AFTER stages. otherwise you obtain 2 stars. I like it but the banners slay it with how you have them run it. modernization and fix and you'd obtain 5 stars from me.
~ Jessica Reid
i really enjoy this release, I paid for all the lvls and no banners which was great ans not too expensive, but I want there was more. I wish more storyline, more lvls just more because I really really enjoyed it. Its different to another releases and is hard enough that it took a couple of days to complete, but not so hard that its impossible. I adore the art style too.
~ Kasey Jones
I absolutely love this release! It really makes you slow down and think reasonbly and quickly! Not to the mention the graphics are pretty. It's such a nice release, the banners are WORTH the wait, believe me.
~ Rose Diez
no. It was just terrible. the jump mechanics where just terrible. they would jump like one once above the objects and die when it clearly wasn't touching them. I will claim that I was emeditly hooked by the intro and emeditly thought I would love the storyline the release had to claim, but I would never place myself through the torture of watching an banner after I died due to broken release mechanics.
~ Send Help
This is what you wish in a release A several days ago, I managed to stumble across this release. Since the name was spelt wrong I decided to pass as I thought the release wouldn't be very nice. (Cute judgmental of me, huh? I barely know how to spell anyway....) Then, a dude of mine strongly adviced me to test and I am SO thankful that I did. The release is made up with so many tiny information, IT'S AMAZING!!! The originator definitely deserves a round of applause. Such a constructive work of art!! Well done.
~ Tania P