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Paper.io 2   
About: You liked Paper.io ? You'll love Paper2.io! Defeat as much zone as possible and beat the contest. A smooth drawing experience!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 51MB Developer: VOODOO
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About: Zombie Smasher helps you relax and flexible fingers. And also helps you release free time. How to play: - Simply single tab over zombie to kill. - Drag the weapons over the zombie to kill. FEATURES OF ZOMBIE SMASHER GAME: Fun FREE game for stress relieve Play OFFLINE anytime. 3 Game Modes: Story, Survival, & Time mode 7 different types of the dead walking Awesome & captivating graphic and sounds. Drag & drops Items to help you defeat the ghouls....

Developer: MajorStudioX [email protected]

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Developer: Hippo Mobile [email protected]

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About: Ultimate Arena: Legendary Fighters is an arena battle of 5 dragon heroes. They are five strongest warrior of 12 universe, each of them has incredible power, each of them can destroy any plannet they want. And this is the infinity battle, between 4 super saiyans and 1 god of destruction. Who will be the legendary of 12 universe - among over thousand super strong dragon heroes. Gameplay: - Fighting 2d solo verus 1vs1. - Choose and train your favorite anime character - Easy control with...

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About: Shatter your brain with ton of physics puzzle levels Simple, intuitive, touch-based game play Free to play, easy to play and free for all ages Download and start finding route right now...

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About: NES Emulator - Best Emulator For NES 2019 Emulator For NES Game - Arcade Game Classic We make a emulator to load any nes file roms, we don't include any roms fil. Please search file and save to storage, emulator will load for you. Many features : * Save and Load game state * Connect controller over wifi and bluetooth * Customize controller layout portrait and landscape * Customize game screen size and layout * Play game with cheat code, add more cheat code to game * Play...

Developer: MNO Studio [email protected]

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About: Jump, flip and slide your stickman body from one neon color shape to another to make them glow and light-it up Collect stars as you jump and flip to raise your score. If you miss a jump, if your flip isnt on point, or if you hit a spike you fall into oblivion! Download now and get ready to jump, flip, light-it up and glow!!!...

Developer: XYounger [email protected]


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About: While looking at the dots, let's solve the problem and relax. Brain training game where you can also learn color knowledge! *how to play Try to reach the goal using items whose direction or color changes. Can you mix colors and get to the goal?...

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About: Those stupid zombies are back, and you are humanity's last hope to keep them brainless. The zombies are coming! Its time to use your brain and find a way to bomb the zombies. Get ready to draw lines and shapes to guide the bomb to the zombie. Or the zombie will eat your brain! Features: - Collect stars by completing levels with minimum ink - Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master - FREE and suitable for all ages - 300+ fun dead levels with more to come for your entertainment - P...

Developer: Greennetwork Studio [email protected]

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About: Neon tap is a fun arcade game is all about speed and precision. You dont have much time, so dont stop! Be quick, or lose your shot at an epic high score! Tap on either side to guide your box as far down a maze of platforms as you can. Choose your path wisely if you make an error, theres no turning back. Are you ready to tap to the best high score? Install now...

Developer: WarSaw Games Sp. z o.o. [email protected]

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About: PUBG PIXEL - Pixel Unknown Battleground Unofficial PUBG This game inspired from PUBG but development by indie game studio. Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel art! Take a look at this online shooter, pixel games and you will fall in love with nice pixel graphics! ROYALE SURVIVOR With more players and 3-5 minute matches its a whole lot of fun! No waiting in lobbies; no complicated menus to navigate. Just play, parachute, loot, and survive! BATTLE GROUND Massive map si...

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Developer: Hs Soft [email protected]

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Developer: Tej Narayan Shetty [email protected]

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About: Top Run is endless runner with platformer elements. Play as Kevin and his dog Buddy and make your way through the neon city full of dangerous enemies. Run as far as you can and get the best score Use superpowers to survive epic battles while you run! Shoot floppies to kill enemies Collect pixels to upgrade your abilities and gain more power! Level up and customize your 80s room Complete 100+ missions Tons of cool skins from 80s movies and 80s cartoons In-game cheats ...

Developer: Katata Games [email protected]



Paper.io 2 Reviews and Comments:

The finest release ever!!!!! I've had this release for a week actually and I have all the skins, and they were all FREE! Normally you need heaps of coins to obtain nice equipment on releases, but I haven't spent one single penny on this release and I still have nice fun!!!😁😁😁💙
~ Evie Scullion
nice release but far too many ads. i know you got to create dollars but all the banners just lead yo ANOTHER nonpaid release. so dont see how it makes you dollars. but just drives recipients away. uninstalled.
~ Malcolm Carline
i love the release, but at certain points banners will pop up over your release and on topof that all of the zone i earned will just disappear and then i instadie. Very buggy, test another releases like this one for actually.
~ LSUfan4life97
Overall a nice idea. Challenging and fun, but it needs instant attention! Necessary bug fixes: (1) Zone disappears at random losing zone %. (2) Zone goes invisible leaving you lost and keeps %. (3) Gained zone over foes zone leaves a scrambled/static teritory photo. Recommended modernization: Either (1) don't let same avatars in same match or (2) change color of zone for same avatars in same match.
~ Jason Slinsen
The base release is fun but is very buggy. You can go from covering 30% of the map to 1% without reason. You can sometimes watch banners after you die to continue, but half of the time you end up losing almost all of your zone anyway. Besides the bugs, there are idea too many banners
~ Cadester22
Overall it's a easy and fun release! The only thing I dont care for is that you lose if you run over your own trail. there are another releases like this which don't slay you for running over your own trail and it's really great. I like this release though, lots of fun and nice for a time aggressor.
~ Elisha Allen
PLEASE fix the bugs case!!! I love this release! But often I obtain a lot of % my progress disappears and all the zone I earned os gone! poof! please fix it. it happened to me on 40% (the first time) that my zone disappeared, and I worked hard to obtain it :(
~ Yuval Farhi Katz
just so buggy. when I die it seems to think I died twice and in the middle of other release sends me back to the homescreen. if test to test other release the window showing that you can watch an banner and stay alive appears while I am still alive. what a trainwreck of a release. just don't
~ Roy Sjolander
So here is the reason why there is 2 stars, No.1 is that somtimes you can go only straight and u can't transport any another direction which gets u killed. this trouble happens with alot of recipients. No.2 is that once your at the top your land becomes invisible and leads u to death AGAIN. No.3 that the bonus life is useless because once your done with the add and back in release you literally have no land and u obtain killed again which is unfair. Unfortunately this is all i should write but anyways fix it pls.
~ Scarlett Barrera
Glitch fest There are many glitches and the release forces me to watch banners. Glitch 1 watch a bid to obtain other life and resawn to immediately die for no reason. Glitch 2 capture zone and aggressor was about to hit you when you did and the release registers you captured the land to immediately die for no reason. Glitch 3 capture an zone of and and the release cancels it. Glitch 4 run into ath of aggressor and broke it and they don't die and instead it cancels them capturing the zone. And there are probably more.
~ Reece Facer
Kinda furious that you cant just trap recipients and then they die when you go back to your zone and then you have to obtain a triple slay and that is very hard please modernization this equipment to something more funner than this but overall this is okay but ummmm a lot if things need to be changed im not trying to be so rude but hey I gave ya 5 stars for trying maybe test harder next time and please, create this release so much easier to test and slay recipients so ys know it can be simple to test and slay recipients! But nice!
~ Sky Person
This release is terrible because it is addictive but so frustrating. The Ai appear out of nowhere because your so zoomed in and it never zooms out so you can see what's around you. And they are attracted to you like a magnet. Then there are the graphical glitches, users zones and your own territory disappear randomly.And for some reason this release drains battery and heats up a Note 9 really badly.Ow and the banners. After each another release you obtain treated to a 30 second advertisement.5 second ads inbetween others
~ Tim Power
i love the release, it's so fun and smart i'm really enjoying it and I'm testing it for couple of days BUT they release is so buggie! you can go from covering 40% to 0.3% even when nobody "attacked" me, also coming back from an banner, after choosing 'bonus life' sometine lead to instunt death in the release with no offender
~ yuval finkelstein
really fun release. Can't seem to unlocked a several of the skins. I've been testing for consecutive days however the skins wont unblock. Also, sometimes when I have a high percentage of the globe covered, it will just go back to 1% for no reason. Another than that, it's really fun and addictive.
~ Matt Smith
release is rigged. have paid to remove banners, still watching banners. see recipients obtain killed and immediately reappear... impossible unless planted bots. release is one of the finest, but not honest. 2 star only because of nice release concept, otherwise 0 star. Set legitimate programming and you obtain 5 stars all the idea. 52% my high score.
~ Ted Taff
fun. I'm speechless XD but no. If you like sounds and Sound, I don't suggest you to install this release. It's fully silent, it has no sound or song. Fun but boring... Create sounds and I'll rate 4 stars. And why you gotta cover a lot of map just to obtain a skin? Like 25% for an elephant skin
~ Keanu Novian
I love this release SOOOO much, it is so addictive! When you cover more of the map you can obtain different characters. I also think it's nice exercise for your fingers. I guarrantee you could download it. It is nice although there is quite a lot of banners. I really enjoy it, so well done to whoever made it.
~ Nancy Walker
no no no no ignore it! I HATE IT! It had too many ads AND AND a person hacked me! PLEASE I AM NOW SAVING YOUR LIFES! 😱 EVERYONE DELETE IT ! A hacker is taking over it! And it takes 14% of my batteries!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS!😰 1. Delete it 2. dont test it 3. dont like it 4. dont dude or follow it OK 😰
~ Clare Sinnott
This release is fun as heck, BUT it KEEPS repeatedly downloading about 70ish random photos and videos of another releases to my gallery!! It took up zone when it did and makes me have to sit there and delete each one of them while trying not to accidentally delete MY photos. I only even discovered that it was Paper.io 2 downloading the photos today, and the only idea I made this discovery was by delving into the stats for the photos where it claimed so in their source path. DO NOT download this release!
~ Izzy The Queen
Very fun idea. Even surprisingly addicting! But the amount of Advertisement's is overly extreme! Idea, Idea to many banner's!! Don't bother downloading. The originators are obviously tiny greedy gremlins! Each several sessions...ADVERTISEMENT... Then back to release then... ADVERTISEMENT!...ADVERTISEMENT!!..ADVERTISEMENT!!! You obtain the concept. Dont waste a second of your time testing! TRUST ME!!!
~ David Senoff
So, allow me claim you a storyline. I was in first zone. Then other person came into my zone. Not a large deal. So I was going after him to slay him and then it claimed, "Would you like to rate Paper.io 2?" When I claimed no, instantly after that the person killed me because of the banner. PLEASE FIX THAT. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's had that happen, as there are over 100KK downloads. That being claimed, there are a tiny too many banners. I'm fine with banner banners, but each another time you die, an banner plays.
~ Jonathan Cowan
i'll rate 2 stars..coz i LOVE this release sooo much...the only trouble is i think it has virus in it...please fix the bugss!!! the release it doesn't run smoothly...I test to control it...but it just doesn't create turns...it keeps on going straight..eventually ending up dead! there quite alot of glitches..and i've read many reviews about the staff not replying...if this continues and i do not obtain response i am sorry but i'll have to uninstall this, also will have to WARN recipients to not install VOODOO!
~ Sakina Lakdawala
banners, banners, banners. frequent banners that can't be skipped and run test shop pressing any button on device. played only a short time, and came across glitches with invisible aggressors killing me, and banners to continue instead cause release to run again.
~ Addison Southwick
i think this release has to be improved in some of the things .It's been 5 days i have still not got the 3 consecutive day reward😡😠 i don't know why but to check this i downloaded this release in my sister's device and checked but she got the reward!!. the trouble irritates me often please do something . otherwise the release is very nice 🙂
~ Abul Abbasi
Ugh, if you just stop putting banners often i die i would have rated 4 out of 5. Why cant you just do 1 banner when 5 rounds we die? Its just too annoying because i really wish to test already but suddenly a freaking banner comes up over and over and over again. Im uninstalling it because banners are not worth my time. And also i will not pay for the blocking banners since that would just create things worse for me. For the banners haters please DO NOT install this release.
~ Mohd Khairi Zainal Abdin
This is the finest release ever! I can not stop testing this release it is soooooooooo nice! I unlocked 5 skins in one gane and became the lord! This release is soooooooo simple and fun to test. SO IF YOU SEE THIS GAME DOWNLOAD IT ! You will have soooooooooooooo mutch fun on it and I swear you will have fun on this release just like I am having fun on it!
~ MacKenzie D'Albini
Really fun release u could download it. 1 time I killed 60 recipients in the release cause it was quite simple sometimes it obtain a tiny stuck because of the lose of internet connection and I obtain irritated I really like this release because I hold killing recipients and getting newest nice percentage like 30.70 or 31.90 but I was so close to victory the release and obtain a brand newest users but I calmed myself down and claimed myself that "it's okay maybe I can do it next time"so I continued it.Have fun testing the release.
~ Soni Kaur
The release is so enjoyable and i really suggested you guys trying it out because u can obtain high slay releases, newest characters, newest different paper designs and more. The fun part is that the matches u test never stop like theres no timer or anything unlike any another io release. So what i mean about that is that you have the Ability to cover the entire island and obtain first zone on the leaderboard. I hope i become one the finest users in this release!!
~ Xx_JordHyper_xX
WAY MORE ADS THAN NECESSARY! you run the release, someone hits you instantly, poof 30 second banner for 4 seconds of test. you have a gigantic zone and watch a video for an bonus life, you come back and poof you're dead with no rhyme or reason. wanna run again? other 30 second or longer video! can't some one create a release that can be enjoyed for a reasonable amount if time in between banners? seriously? it's faster to close the release and re load than it is to watch the banner. test it!
~ Gary English
this release sucks, dont obtain it, it basically a warehouse for banners in an adictive release idea with many bugs. this release sucks just as terrible as the advertisment. if you like releases like this, lemme suggest splix.io to you. splix is the release that this is trying to mimik, the gameplay is idea better, and i personally havn't run into any bugs that didn't have to do with my internet connection. you can test it on your browser, or in this very release shop. i'm not forcing you to test it, but give it a test.
~ KaidenKraft
This is not really a release, just a machine for banners. The release idea has potential to be fun and addictive, but respawn rate and AI speed create it unplayable for more than a several seconds or mins; users will spend 90% of their time looking at banners, only 10% testing a very frustrating, unwinnable release. Also, it has some serious bugs. With some adjustments this should be a great release, but right actually it is just an banner platform.
~ Joe Joe
I'm giving it a one, because if it worked correctly it'd be worth it. But the release is full of glitches. You can watch the banner to revive and it will glitch and slay you, but only after making you watch the banner. Multiple times it claimed slay, as in the another user was dead, but it would glitch and also slay me. Super frustrating. Sometimes while testing your whole field will disappear and you just have to hope it comes back, but more often than not you accidentally leave your field and boom dead.
~ Emmi Childress
I love the idea of this release. I only have two troubles. One, the another users transport WAY faster than me and I don't understand why. Two, there are three banners (two you can close out and one 15-30 second) that appear EVERY single time I "die." If those troubles were fixed, I would rate it five stars, but for actually I have to stick to two because the banners are frustrating and I spend more time watching the banners than now enjoying the release.
~ Emily Wilkerson
DONT PLAY THIS GAME 1: takes all your time 2: so addictive 3: full of bugs and you will obtain mad and when you obtain mad you wish to test more 4:often you reach like 40 percent or 50 idk what happenes and you search yourself back to 0.... its fun yea but all these are bots its better to test with dudes with no lags or bugs, it will be nice.
~ Marcel Mhmood
Nice release, but one is testing on a personal server with bots, not another recipients. If one watches the 30 second banner after being killed first, it's possible that they will die instantly on return to release. Zones that are occupied by user can just dissappear at random, making anywhere near 50% zone obtained impossible.
~ Joey Tatú
An overall distinguished release, it's gameplay and idea is second to none. It's a phenomenal time aggressor and offers a special idea to have fun. The servers are AI-filled though, which eliminates any potential competitiveness. I see so much potential in this release though. Voodoo got this release great, but because of the array of releases Voodoo has made, it's self-explanatory that they can't focus on this release much. But if they do dedicate time they can hit a home run in the gaming industry.
~ A Google user
AI seems to be a bit too aggressive towards the user, its near impossible to atay out of your zone for 15 sec for the reward. its near impossible to obtain 25% with no kills for the reward. The consecutive days rewards are not working for me. Randomly all your zone will disappear and you cant see it. Another times you will have a higher percentage and it will just disappear and drop you to 0 %
~ Steven Trostad
Its soooooo fun!!! I love this release. The only thing I search silly is to obtain one of those skins, I don't know witch one, But you have to obtain 100% of the darn map!! Like I claimed, I LOVE this release. But still! 100% of the map?!?!!? URGH!!
~ Ally Cotton
So, decent release overall. My main trouble with it, is that it's buggy. You'll go from covering 12%-18% of the map to 0.6% with nobody taking over an zone, you'll just be trailing a guy trying to create in-ways to break his trail and then suddenly all of your zone is white and you've got nothing without being dead. Super annoying, given how much time it takes. Plus, banner castle. Almost each death ends in an banner. Uninstalled.
~ Brendan Cipolla
Mostly awesome. Currently has a bug where your zone just disappears for a several seconds.. Most frustrating when you obtain to 25% and then you land disappears and returns after you have been killed. The pc controlled users are highly random which is challenging. When you obtain to larger coverage they seem to all attack you which is fun and adds to the highly addictive nature of the release. My favored voodoo release so far.. 5 stars if the bug gets fixed.
~ Phil Worsley