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Papa's Freezeria To Go!   
About: Build and serve sundaes on the go with this brand-newest ver of Papa's Freezeria, with gameplay and controls reimagined for Mobile devices! You've just started a relaxing summer job at an oceanfront ice cream market, but things obtain hectic when all of Papa Louie's customers arrive on the island! You'll need to whip up delightful Freezer sundaes by pouring ice cream, adding mixables and syrups, blending sundaes, adding whipped cream and toppings, and don't forget the cherry on top for a great summertime treat! You'll need to multitask between every zone of the restaurant, with newest controls designed to work just right in the palm of your hand. Head to the Order Station to watch for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Build Station to combine ice cream and mixables for every sundae. Jump to the Mix Station to mix sundaes until they're blended just right. Hop to th ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Flipline Studios
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Papa's Freezeria To Go! Reviews and Comments:

needs more updates for the shop, another than that it's great.
~ Real MasterMg
this release is fantasic although i want that the... HONESTLY EVERYTHING IS AMAZING IN THIS GAME LIKE AHHHHHHH❤❤❤
~ Karol Torres
love it i usually test it at school
~ Kaytlyn Schultz
really great release but quite annoying customers🤣🤪
~ A Google user
didn't work. boring. also it didn't give me a refund
~ Eli Jelly
love it. it feels like im getting things done.finest release i have ever played!!
~ Grace Martino
It is a nice release but it is too simple to mess up on the orders.
~ Sarah Mundy
it has been 2 weeks and the release still haven't downloaded
~ A Google user
each time I opened the release my screan when black nothing was there. I tried everything to obtain it to work but it didn't.
~ Brensly Brashen
I love it very much but want there was more things to buy on the release😕
~ Watermelon Smasher17
when will yall launch more releases??i love all of them
~ Virginia Plancarte
love it on notebook :) but when i test install it goes to a white screen, then back to install I JUST WANNA SPEND MY FREE 1 POUND
~ mMati Playz
I love that we can test these releases on the device actually. I just want we should still build our own characters.
~ T.L & LUNA
it used to work and its a nice release but actually when i test to launch it up on my device the screen stays black.
~ 21 peeløts
I love this release..but it would be really more interesting if u should contain all those apps which are present in the pc system. ..
~ get amazed
this is the finest hame ever! i love it so much!
~ Jennifer Anderson
Needs more content like apps, hero creation or being able to transport decorations around and change the floors and walls.
~ yousif channa
I love this release although it costs $0.99 it's still worth it to buy this release.
~ A Google user
love this release so so much!! definitely worth the dollars
~ Rayne Cole
It's not like the one online, I liked the fact that they now eat the product I give them. Actually if you guys come out with the Dountria, then allow me know.
~ Elizabeth Jimenez
it's so fun! I have fun creating the shakes speedy. it is hard though but i like it
~ aaliyah torzon
Whenever I test this release time flies true quickly and it's very fun!!Also All of them are fun. If only they place the sushi one in the test shop...
~ The Fox Explorer
love this release so fun and addictive thx for making it to where it can be played on all devices
~ Oh Wow Lol
I love this release so much, though it's not as meal as the PC ver, which is expected.
~ Sarah Purdy
this release is defiantly worth the dollars. plus it's cute cheap, I live it, nice release
~ Traci Cress
Nice release! exactly how I rembered it from when I was tiny. fully worth the 99 cents!
~ OmenGod23
I love this release, but I can't obtain my previous time back. I bought and downloaded about 2 years ago. I changed my device, and download it again. Is there any solution how i can obtain my time back? thanks note: I used the same google profile
~ Sherina Zhang
I love all your papa's release, I hope sushiria, pastaria, cheeseria and bakeria to go can version 🤗 ❤ and can you create all this release can save time in google profile or fb maybe? I hope if I change my device, my time release don't disappear. Thanks
~ Esther Octaviani
love these releases i want they would come out with all of the papas releases like wingeria pastaria, bakeria, cheeseria, sushiria. im glad yall got wingeria on actually thank you just cant wait for the others to present up kn here.
~ Heather Gann
Absolutely love the release! However, might I recommend adding in the animations for drinking the punch, chewing bubblegum etc. for the customers like the PC ver of Papa's Freezeria.
~ Woh Keet Tam
nice release but i don't understand I'm already at lvl 60 sum and i stopped testing for a while. when I came back, i already lost my release and restarted at lvl one.
~ Luluh
I've been testing papa's freezeria on the pc for years. And I enjoyed it. Should you contain more papa's louie releases like sushiria, bakeria, and pastaria on mobile device and on tablets in the near future. Thank you.
~ A Google user
It's a great release, This ver is a tiny "watered-down". But it is just as nice as the orignal computor release.
~ Daniel Pound
I've played the iPhone ver and was a bit disappointed to see that the hero customization featured there and on notebook dont appear here? but in general the release is still very fun! my personal favored of the papas series.
~ Ethan Y.
I can't even launch the release. when it does work I'm on black screen nothing else (this is on my device by the idea) cute disappointed as I played the release before on the pc and it worked then.
~ katsa katie
I used to usually test this release on my PC when I was tiny as it is really fun and I was really surprised that this release had a port for tablets as well! I just recently purchased the release and it is still nice but the resolution should be better, doesn't look HD. Nevertheless, it's still a 5-star rating from me. I fully suggest it!
~ Elvin骆彦佑
A really fun release, needed when you wish time to go by a bit quicker. I only want there were more things to spend dollars on, like decorations for the walls floors, avatar, etc. I've bought everything from the market and my dollars is just piling up.):
~ Vee C.
Cute fun.... Only thing is that I was expecting something more like the PC ver (Making your own hero, apps, decorating your market, etc.) Beside those things; the only thing that took some time getting used to was the weird controls.
~ EternalFlame
The finest release ever it is fun to test when you are in the car for a long period of time! The one part that I do not like is that it does not have Mini releases in it but it is still the funniest release I have on my device. You could obtain it today.
~ julianna andra
Really nice release to test when your bored and time just flies by when testing. This one is my favoured release in the Papa's franchise. All the another ones are nice and highly suggest testing all of them. The only thing is i want in this one you should customize your hero and also the foodini mini-releases (which is why i gave this release a 4 star) but another then that great release. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
~ Ded Deth