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Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free   
About: Pop bubbles and rescue baby pandas in this fun bubble shooter release! Shoot and blast your idea through puzzles to beat the evil baboon! Blast, match, and pop bubbles to support beat him & return the cubs to their worried mother! Plan your each pop to rescue beautiful baby pandas! Pop the bubbles & blast through variety of different releases on your journey to rescue the baby pandas! Work your idea through increasingly challenging puzzles and employ the power of the elements to support you in your Panda Pop quest. Employ epic bubble shooter powerups to nonpaid the cubs combine them for even greater result! FEATURES: 2000+ lvls with uniquely challenging obstacles Check back often for newest meetings and nonpaid rewards Use power ups to create smart moves Match 3 bubbles & fill lanterns to make supercharged matches Variety of fun & nonpaid bubble shooter releases and ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Jam City, Inc.
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Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free Reviews and Comments:

loving it. only thing I had to obtain a newest device and I had got up to lvl 502 and lost it all it would not transfer to my newest device. bummer. I had to run all over again
~ Pam Crossen
Nice release only it freezes a lot and sometimes it does not give the full dollars tree tokens. sometimes it tools does what it can to hold you from completing a lvl
~ tabitha easley
very satisfied with the releases you deliever so entertaining hold up the nice works thanks. rita still has the potential to delight thanks
~ Florence Stokes
As a mother, I feel terrible for the mother when she can't save all her babes. lol I usually have been that one who tries to support others.
~ Karen Huff
there is a set of ballons over lvl 501 and I can't click on that lvl to test anymore, and no one at jam castle cares, soi guess I will stop testing the release, PEACE out!!!!!!!
~ Rhonda Dobbins
really intertaning. lots of fun and newchangllenges differffnt thems love this release. Been testing this release for a long time. im on lvl #482 so awsome
~ Aprils Tube
finest release ever. no intrusive banners and its simple to enjoy the gameplay just as much in the more challenging lvls as when you run. lives reload time reasonable power ups earnable beautiful shiny graphics consistently fun &skill building
~ Ash C
sometimes the release freezes and I cannot continue. another times it will not give me bonus after watching a video. these things are frustrating to the release
~ Marybeth Wilcox
I have been testing panda pop for a couple of years and I love it, unfortunately over this last year you have been a bit mean with prizes, for example the panda pop race claims earn prizes while you race but there are no treasure chests anymore
~ Sue Jesshope
Use to love the release. But actually Zen won't launch. Loss 365 tokens. Loss rewards. Loss all power up like 11 any color balls, aims,swaps,etc. won't refund or revert release. Disgusted and about to uninstall.
~ Davina DeDe Davis-Norris
This is the finest release ever! I have been testing since Panda Pop first came out and am still obtain excitement with newest challenges and collections. The lvls are continuously different and engaging. I highly suggest this release!
~ Crystal Archer
Like the release; however usually running to troubles with technical troubles. Adverts don't usually work. Receive kicked out periodically.
~ Susan Shoemaker
The release freezes up once in awhile they took away your 10 nonpaid lives.... they need too bring back the 10 lives you use to obtain and take away the three lives they give you for a chance to pass the lvl.....
~ A Google user
i bought bonus boxes numerous times dollars was taking out of profile but never received the box i emailed customer help they responded a day later but never resolved the trouble or gave my dollars back or gave me the box after i sent them everything they ask me too
~ Constance Fry
really enjoy this release keeps me thinking of the next movegreat release iam definitely hooked on saving the Pandas just enjoy trying to save the pandas really nice release yes the finest release yet can not wait to see modernized panda pop a really nice release yes i am truly hooked on this release. i test it each day when i can just love thinking out the next transport. just hold enjoying this release.want i should obtain more nonpaid lives.
~ Lassie Wolfe
Nice release, I hate having to spend dollars to pass lvls. I'm going to stop testing the release, if I cant obtain through lvls w/o spending dollars.
~ Karen Lirot
Really enjoy this release except for the crown competion. That could be optional to the user. Do away with crowns and we' re nice.
~ A Google user
panda pop is fun and has challenging lvls. I enjoy being able to relax with this release. I want there were more nonpaid rewards more frequently.
~ Sandi Layell
I am well past lvl 1000! This release is my "go to," whenever I search time to procrastinate. Who wouldn't wish to save baby pandas!?
~ maria morris
Finest Product Ever this is the only release I actually test. Looks like a babes release but it's not just for babes, it's a very adult release. The theme and colors hold it fun looking. Very well made and enjoyable.
~ Juanita Mckenzie
since you recipients modernized this release and has not worked right it did not give me my rewards it will not allow me accumulate my alarms from my dudes it's not worth testing anymore I thought I'd allow my recipients know that I am quitting this release
~ Melva Bowman
This is my favoured release! Not only is it nonpaid but you can test it off line and it never gets old because it increases in difficulty on every lvl and automatically continues where you left off. AWESOME GAME!
~ Monique Milton
I still test this occasionally. I'm lvl 156 and it's not possible for me to complete the lvl. ive been on it over a month and its idea to hard! so I only test when I'm really bored and wish to lose 5 lives really speedy.
~ Shirley
I REALLY enjoy this release! I don't like the inability to just transport to the next lvl. the need to go back to the "home screen" anytime you chose any option is frustrating. i hold losing stars! The release isnt registering the stars Im winning, and my total stars keeps dropping
~ Tenesha Burkette
very addictive and fun newest lvls. sometimes it has troubles. annoyed with programmers, they owe me a refund for a buy not received and are very unhelpful.
~ J Strickland
I like Panda Pop! Unpaid Bubble Shooter Saga Product, I played other ver of this same release in the past I enjoyed a lot.😊🤗👑😊😊 I hope another's will too, but, I would like to test it when I pick too, not so much when you give it as an add aĺl time. THANK YOU! ANN
~ Anna Petter
the release is nice it slips off and there are more steps to obtain to it its worth itthis release has changed its not sending ballons that match the release this is wacked and to top it off I just modernized the release 1 week ago for true maybe I will have to stop testing!!! too terrible
~ Mary Thomas
Fun and addicting. Only complaint is that even when you have few bubbles left over and can easily finish the lvl you can go through all of them without getting the color you need to finish.
~ Angela Baudais
can not test past release 1660. i dont have Fb and no support from help. i have turned on and off release and device. i spent dollars on coins and have lots of dragon balls, multi ball and equipment. Actually it is all just going to go to waste. i am going to request a refund since testing is not happening at this target.
~ Monica Kountz
Modernization: I've actually been testing this release for months and still haven't tired of it. The contests hold me interested and the newest modernization contains more rewards for continued testing. Nice idea to relax and slay time. I'm hooked.
~ dana adams
Around may 7th i bought a dollars tree for other device, i did not obtain my buy and they knew it. They went back and forth with me, claiming me to do things that I explain to them, am doing it but it's not working out. These recipients did not give me what i bought or refund my $4.99. I still do test the release, but i will never again spend any dollars on it...
~ Lavern Trotman
I rarely search a release I can honestly I enjoy, at my age, I just wish to relax and enjoy the releases I test, especially when my grandkids are spending the weekend. thanks for a nice release.!!!
~ Danielle
nice release! graphics are charming and simple to test. lvls are just challenging enough to hold you testing. nice time pass release!
~ Ladonna Hitsman
There are times when the release freezes and does not let to switch balls or use the bonus powers. Also ADs freeze so you don't obtain your bonus powers. otherwise I enjoy the release, fun and addicting.
~ Deborah Ferrell
I've been testing for a long time with no troubles until this last week. Actually, instead of balls, I have another photos, glitches that don't affect the release test, but also doesn't claim me what color they are. I've uninstalled and installed the tool to no avail. Please support.
~ Eric Wu
Product too Zoomed in to test on my device and there is no option to adjust the scaling. I love this release but it no longer works on my device. *modernization* with the modernization to kit kat, i was able to fix the scaling and the release fits again! lg g7 owners who miss testing this release, create sure to hold up with your upgrades! i can actually give the release the rating it deserves.
~ Kristi Farrell
I don't know what's happened actually, but actually my aim, ball swap are missing from the screen, the only option still there is the add an bonus test. Usually I turn around something goes wrong, recently I didn't obtain the rewards. I'm gonna take a break and search a newest release.
~ lmaginniss
Love Panda Pop! Have been testing for a couple years actually. Only trouble I have had is lately I've been unable to launch my Zen Garden. Hoping this modernization cures that trouble, because I really enjoy this release.
~ Erika Bryson
OK, I was able to fix the trouble that the June 2019 modernization started with the release on my Mobile device. Go to your device's Settings menu, selecet the Tools menu and then pick Panda Pop. You will wish to clear the Cache and this is what corrected the freezes I was experiencing. DO NOT DELETE THE GAME DATA OR THIS WILL DELETE YOUR GAME (!!!) and you will run from the very beginning! I deleted the Cache and was able to resume at my lvl 1321. I hope this supports! 😁
~ Stephanie Graska
I have had to down grade my Panda Pop experience due to my paying for bonus bubbles that don't present on my profile. I have not made any more purchases as a effects. Allow the Buyer Beware! I was able to obtain my profile straight so all is well. I am having a reoccurring trouble of paying for the premium coin sales and not getting the product. I have sent /replied an correspondence to jamcity and have not heard back as of yet.
~ William Givens