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PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze   
About: Wreck-It Ralph and his gutsy dude Vanellope meet arcade icon PAC-MAN in the remastered chasing journey, PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze! Accumulate some of your favoured characters from Ralph Breaks the Internet and more within the confines of the classic PAC-MAN maze. Eat Power Pellets to weaken ghosts, and gobble special themed equipment like Vanellopes candies for premium points! Plus, and go for high scores. ENJOY CLASSIC 8-BIT ARCADE ACTION Walkthrough the original coin-op icon, PAC-MAN through newest mazes Run away or chase the ghosts Go for high scores and higher lvls AND THE BEST FROM DISNEY! Eat recognizable equipment from your favoured Disney videos Accumulate characters and experience their themed power-ups Download PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze for FREE today! Disney
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 34MB Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
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PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze Reviews and Comments:

I like it because my sister loved it so much
~ lamees sehwiel
This release is so cool and i like the graphics but sometimes i reach scene 2.It's sometimes hard and i have many points.
~ Matthew De Luna
is cool but what is the input???
~ Rorth Gamer
love the challenge and action thank you. you guys are nice just like this.
~ Melvin Rodriguez
only demo is nonpaid otherwise you have to pay
~ Danny Warzecha
Words can't finest describe how powerful Ralph is.
~ A Google user
i like it but i have a chrome ebook and its type of hard to control packman i think i could be able to control packman with the arros.
~ stallings family
we or you need this like sonic or browser or way fighter
~ Kylan Brown
2 dollars per hero is absolutely insane.
~ A Google user
because I can't test the true pac-lad.
~ Kazmie Holman
i want normal pac-lad should be dun by 9 year old,s
~ Wolfy Woods
i like this release but i witch that i can obtain Buble witch 3 and that's the release i really like can you please send this release to me? 🤨 I'm
~ Fletçher Turner
I hate it it's so glitched up that I likeTotM better than this it's so annoying and it makes me lose often
~ A Google user
this release is cool and fun to test on your device
~ Kathy Paguay
it is rubbish it dosn't go were you wish to go!!!! booooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
what about 1 modernization of that in each release we obtain 2 or 1 or no lifes
~ Smita Umakkar
really disappointed....I'll recommend u ...not 2 install this release ...
~ A Google user
~ A Google user
daughter like it but furious she can't test the another ones, why pay, maybe create it so when u pass one the next one unlocks........
~ kiana colon
it doesn't allow me test the another release it took me to check out this release and I already did
~ A Google user
Just a demo you have to pay equipment or pay to unblock everything. NOT FREE AT ALL
~ Jason Smith
a cool twist on Pacman, but you need tonpay $2 or buy a toy from a shop to unblock bonus lvls.
~ Kevin Slechta
Nice wonderful release! loved it and the finest thing is we can test the demo if we do not have any toys when i downloaded pacman it showed me to use ralph breaks the maze I was cute fed up but then i realized this was a premium of pacman
~ Azlan Hasan Technology
I've never seen anything like this growing up.it's cool and wierd at the same time.wreck it Ralph is nice.so is pac lad
~ A Google user
rtbh4y h4ynh4ynj5unj5u nju5 rush alarm qwerty é situational smoke more muted impulses grew about testing population automation a 65 hub h5u hrybrubh4ybhrybuvt rented TVs fun is used idc if is its concept is its is ova 6hbu5äâ all all r.c qwerty pop astronaut §
~ A Google user
Product is easy and sweet. loved it. but have one trouble. one argument versus it. buying everything instead of unlocking loses the fun of the release. demo is available but its just pacman with wreck it ralph on top
~ Naa Wish
It is a cool release but I can't control my hero. I'll rate it 5 stars of you fix that.
~ Jackoon YT
i really wouldve liked this release if i didn't have to pay for it... thanks alot. down loaded it for nothing but a tease
~ Chaunde' Roberts
~ Fun Ways To Sketch
honestly it's kinda frustrating I've taken 2 hours just to beat the first lvl and what's with the codes? I can't beat them. it gets me very worked up when I thought I'd be calm plz fix the codes and the hardness off the lvls 😊
~ Crystal Rosado
this release is nice not nice (I don't know why but just tinkering about installing the release)change my mind install it straight away.ok allow's claim what I claimed in the brackets might be real whoever made this release I would much more things and everything you know
~ Samko Jakubkovic
if you think I'm paying to test every maze, you're wrong. This release is as dollars grabbing as it gets so you can shove it
~ Baz Chambers
Ralph broke this release after buying the Eeyore maze box. All the hero pics in the pick screen are actually Pac-Lad Ghosts, and nothing ever loads after the title screen actually. Using Pixel 2XL with Mobile Pie.
~ Geof LeBaron
Seriously the first scene is just a demo and you have to pay to obtain the others, what a rip off!!!!!😬😬😬😬😬
~ A Google user
Love this release but this is the 2nd time the release has glitched and I've had to uninstall just to restore my purchases with tiny to no support from customer service. and often I restores it takes away all my high scores, and releases I've defeated. If y'all can just be rid of that glitch that's be nice thanks.
~ Jennifer Patton
Philippine of my dudes and family members to obtain the most known and the another day that you have to be able the same time as well and nice luck with your family are doing it is a greater
~ Clix Upano
Extremely disappointed. Beware everyone. Only the first lvl (demo lvl) is nonpaid. As of 4-Mar-2019, every bonus lvl costs $1.99. Developers could consider Disney makes plenty and let users to earn points OR pay for the bonus lvls. Very disappointed.
~ baj adama
I like how it's not like Disney infinity where you have to buy toys to test. Also can you add more characters from the video to the release like Star Fights, Sonic Bowser, and more?
~ Patricia Azeh
Its a fun release, but purchases made on one device do not carry over to newest devices. I installed this release got a couple of codes, it was fun. Then my device was stolen. When I got my replacement device I reinstalled my apps, I clicked the restore purchases button, and was claimed no purchases were finished on this profile. Read the Disney FAQs and confirmed PER device. So I suggest passing on this one.
~ C Farrell
my son received a bunch of Wreck-It Ralph toys that had the codes with them to unblock the characters. Each code we place in, it claims "unexpected error". very frustrating. a QR code is on the paper but nothing on the release scans them! quite a shady thing, false advertising clamming codes. would not suggest this unless you wish to pay $2 every for every hero
~ Craig Wilson