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About: Called as Product of the Year for a reason, Osmos is a wonderful release. A combination of physics, survival and classic eat em up WeDoCode Enter the Darwinian globe of a galactic mote. To survive, absorb smaller organisms and growbut beware of larger predators! Champion of multiple "Product of the Year" awards, Osmos informations special physics-based test, stellar graphics, and a hypnotic soundtrack of ambient electronica. Ready to evolve? The ultimate ambient experience Gizmodo Beyond doubt, a work of genius GameAndPlayer.net Note: This single ver is optimized for both devices and devices. Enjoy on all your Mobile devices. (Requires multitouch and 2.2 or higher. For more stats, please visit #tech_devices) THE CRUX: you gotta grow by absorbing smaller motes, but to propel yourself you gotta eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. From this delicate balance, Os ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Hemisphere Games Inc
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Osmos HD Reviews and Comments:

a different kind of release, slow and steady, a release for thinkers
~ Jonathan Miller
Love it! You obtain hooked speedy. Just must be the largest oneon the board.
~ Nicholas Moon
Love this release got it on PC. Can test anywhere actually.
~ Gary Cotterill
The finest small release I've ever played so far and will be one of the several I see myself testing more than a week.
~ A Google user
Straight, addicting, nice combination of relaxation and stress.
~ Alistair Adams
You have destroyed my life... I am late to work, and cannot concentrate on anything. Hope you're glad. 😃
~ Gert Pretorius
Brilliant release, I can only hope for future upgrades. Nice job
~ Razvan Lica
love the release and really immerses you in with the idea and song
~ Anay Makan
love this release. Already played through it years ago actually I'm going through it again.
~ Eliot Hodgson
Various from the usual fare. Enjoy the passive gameplay and ambient zen mood.
~ Sarah Schaper
This release is a great idea to spend my train ride to work, especially when paired with my Audio Technicas.
~ Matt Howard
because it's nice to test when you have nothing to do, but it's very hard to complete some of the lvls.
~ Daniel Lee
Cool release. Demo was just enough to obtain me hooked. Nice model.
~ Dan Strier
love the song...love the graphics... want i had a dude nearby who played...
~ Crystal Taylor
Played the PC ver years ago. This one is at least as great to test.
~ anguspure
awesome release, however there is absolutely nothing newest for the four years.
~ Artemis
I am in love with casual fun and pretty minimalist releases. This one is one of the most interesting and simplistic. The idea it teaches you patience is magnificent. Thanks to the developers for this one. I want I had found it sooner.
~ Stewart Cade
That's what a paid release could look like: no banners, no pay walls, pretty graphics and pretty release mechanics.
~ Andrey Zhigachev
I detest small releases, allow alone the idea of paying for them. This one is nice enough to create an exception.
~ SonicAF
it gives me the feeling of momentum, gravity and action-reaction. it is almost useful to my physics lessons. nice release. BUT: i can't search anyone to test with, even with automatch. i guess nobody is testing anymore.
~ E. A.
Had this since my samsung galaxy s4. Actually re found in my galaxy s8. Loved it then, love it actually.
~ Ashveenk Sukanthiraan
add skins. also the release is nice but on multiplayer google test releases it just goes back to the main menu.
~ tabletcolina tablecik
Nice release but needs upgrading. On my s10 the screen goes black when I zoom in/out to a certain target on the orbiting lvls.
~ Mike D
yes very dissatisfied, i beat the release which honestly was fun, but know i wish to test multiplayer and i cannot, sends u in then right back to screen, waste of 3 bucks, sad to was so fun
~ Zack Seifert
Fun for a several minutes then the release test gets really boring. Even worse chasing around premium blobs that just drag out lvls. Controls are OK but there is a weird stuttering that makes release test hard.
~ Matheus Oomen-Hurst
This is probably my favoured device release i hold going back to. its just the right type of release for a touchscreen and device
~ A Google user
if you like physics and zone you will likely enjoy this release. It offers many different types of releases every with a special objective and with multiple lvls for all skill lvls. solid 4.9+/5
~ Adam Faigen
not the finest release in terms of gameplay but it is cute its controls work well and if you're into puzzles you'll love this. wear earphones.
~ Michael Miller
i cant trust im not able to test multiplayer because i dont have a wifi conection! i have 100 gb on my time but i cant test without wifi conection i wish refund!
~ m2lansky
Nice lil casual release. I played this on notebook a fair several years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. i love as a small release as its very easy to learn & test, and mostly as you can pick it up and do a round in a several mins.
~ Kirstan Jones
Performance trouble on Samsung Tab S4, had no choice but to obtain a refund. Shame as I have this on IOS and Steam, brilliant release.
~ Rob Martin
Really nice release, fully worth buying. Pretty graphics, easy yet challenging gameplay, and chill soundtrack. Nice if you're high.
~ Paul Newman
multiplayer is broken, takes you to a screen where you're supposed to connect to a newest server then shots down. single user gets boring
~ Scott Isaacs
Slightly broken on Huawei Colleague 20 Pro (when zooming in on orbiting lvls the screen goes black). Still such a nice release though, have had it for years
~ Lucas Biggs
A very chill release, especially with headphones. The special zero-gravity physics make a very distinct action release, where everything moves slowly. If you're impulsive and impatient, I wouldn't suggest it. Otherwise, it's a treat. Multiplayer is really cool, too!
~ A Google user
Graphically very appealing release, the sound results are sweet too. Very relaxing, not too hard to test release.
~ Bondii B
release breaking bug on s10e. when I run floating 3/10 as quick as the release zooms in to the user the screen goes black. I can launch menu but the lvl is permanently black. restarring device or release does not support.
~ Ville Sirviö
Its a nice release. Nice soundtrack as well. HOWEVER in lvls where you have to orbit around that mass, the screen goes black if you zoom in past a certain target. Still playable though. Not sure if bug or information
~ Hashem Taher
One of the several releases I have installed. The primary idea is very cool, I love the walkthrough of it, and the song is nice. It's very 'zen'. I had an older ver on my Note 4, and when it was ported over to my Note 9, it quit working. Had to download a newest ver, but that's literally the only trouble I've had.
~ Greg Weaver
Odyssey mode is short but enjoyable. However, I am unable to obtain into multiplayer mode. I'm logged into Google Test in the release and when I click multiplayer it runs to load a lobby then closes right away. Hopefully you can support! As this is a paid release and suggested by the Test Market I'm disappointed in the lack of multiplayer fuctionality.
~ Jordan Smith