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About: Immerse yourself in an ancient Japanese setting and search Onitama, an exciting, speedy-paced walkthrough release! Onitama is somewhat reminiscent of chess and rather addictive with its dynamic release mechanic in which fighters face off so their master may victory the release. Concentration and luck are the only weapons you'll have at your disposal! You'll need to completely master mind and body to conquer your foes. THINK STRATEGY! Each foe has four fighters and one elder at their disposal. The objective is easy: victory the war. To do so, you gotta either capture your foe's elder or take their zone in the temple arch. The release is simple to test, but you'll need time to become a real master. Although, not really... Onitama is the ideal walkthrough release for exercising your mind, as you'll have to think ahead about moves! The moves you're allowed to create are determined by f ... Show more
Genre: Board Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 69MB Developer: Asmodee Digital
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Onitama - The Strategy Board Reviews and Comments:

Cute fun idea. It separates the movement kind from the piece so you use a card instead which you pass to your foe when you've used it and so on. That claimed I do feel that it has some flaws in terms of complexity - it seems a bit too solvable with so several cards in test.
~ Erik Merckx
I love Onitama and own a physical copy of it. This is a nice idea to test on the go... for nonpaid! I haven't tried any of the online informations however so I cannot rate those.
~ Jayms Nichols
Nice idea. I think the release is nice but can be improved. Some of the zones where improvement can be made are -:1) Animations can be tiny bit faster. 2)Graphics can be improved. 3)Time limits can be shortened. 4)Online pvp has lots of bugs that can be removed.
~ Ashray Raut
Wow. This is a rare treat. A nonpaid, well made release that throws in a several extras for dollars but in no idea requires you to buy them or pu shes you for not having them? Can more developers do this? First of all Onitama is nice walkthrough release. This release is a port of a board release but on it's own this is an nice nonpaid release. Havent seen annoying release breaking banners or anything obtrusive at all. So far so nice. In fact I purchased the physical release because of this release. I want more companies would do this. Create a nice release of your nice release. Present us how fun it is and of course I'll buy the true copy. I honestly cant claim enough great things about this release. It's nonpaid. Download it. See you online :)
~ Awesome Big T
This is easily my favoured walkthrough release, and the small adaptation does it justice. The interface is simple to use, the graphics are lovely, and the song is appropriately relaxing. It even has a pass and test mode to use with dudes. I also haven't noticed hardly any banners, which is surprising for a nonpaid release.
~ Michael O'Brien
Simple to learn hard to master. If this release had different skins, it would give replay value. If the developer added user lvls that unlocks special skins for cards (gold silver), special skins for primary pieces and lord piece (independently), victory splash screen (for both types), special capture animation (for every card). Being able to present off those achievements online would just encourage others to do the same.
~ zigieinc
Nice implementation of a wonderful walkthrough release (I own the physical ver). Would be great if they should fix the online test and leader board. It's still cute random as to which releases it logs and adds to your details. Disappointing
~ Simon Wilcock
I adore this board release. Unbelievably easy. It keeps destroying after I boot mobile, though. As quick as I unblock my device, it claims the release has stopped working, even if I haven't touched it. Fix for five stars.
~ Johnny Mercier
Nice release. Smart and fun. My only complaint is that the AI is simple to beat. I suppose I might be very nice at the release but I doubt it because I am only a somewhat-above-average chess user.
~ A Google user
I've never played the physical ver of Onitama, but I plan to buy it actually. You can think of this release as related to chess, but the movement parameters of the pieces change every release in the form of the cards. The release is entirely nonpaid to test to run, you can buy skins and an expansion if you need more content.
~ David Moffett
Nice release design, terrible AI. Even at hardest settings, foe will frequently leave itself in "check" so to speak, allowing an immediate victory.
~ Sky Onosson
It's a great adaptation of the award winning board release. It's an addictive release that's simple on the terms but deep on walkthroughs. It's a release that's very simple to learn but hard to master. This release faithfully and flawlessly ports the release to Mobile with no glitches and pretty graphics. The fact that you obtain to download and test this full release for nonpaid is something another release publishers could take note.
~ Peter Lin
Nice tiny release. It's very chess-like, but the randomized movement cards and the idea they're swapped between users makes it more interesting and fun, despite the very easy terms. My only complaint is that the hardest AI is idea too simple! It just gives away pieces sometimes for no reason. But otherwise a nice release supported by a nice release.
~ Shelby Oldfield
An absolutely great implementation of the Onitama board release. I cannot suggest this release highly enough. The release itself is easy to test but nevertheless deceptively complex. Played on a board/mat of only 25 squares, and with 5 cards from, if memory serves me right is a box/deck of 16 cards. Thank you so much Asmodee Digital for publishing Onitama. Just in topic you don't yet realise I really love Onitama. Receive this fame you will not be disappointed.
~ Stuart Graham
I'm hooked on this release and this almost never happens. My only complaint is that even the hardest AI foe sometimes seems to create obvious mistakes. I doubt I'm all that nice at Onitama, but I didn't have to test many releases to obtain to the hardest lvl and run beating it. Create it harder! also recommend that you give users a idea to earn access to the expansions, like if they've played at least a certain number of releases versus human foes, or if they've won a certain number of releases versus the AI foes.
~ Julia Deneva
In need of more work. Fun release test, but buggy release, and some terrible design choices. Why can't I offer a release to my buddy while he's offline? Actually I must coordinate through a messaging release so we both obtain online in onitama at the same time, which isn't usually simple cause going online can be buggy (password not recognized etc). Menu design is jumbled, icons create hardly any sense, hard to search your idea back once you left a screen. Should be a lot of fun, but the clunky design spoils it a bit.
~ A Google user
This is a nice implementation of the release. Onitama is deeply strategic and it's interesting how you set up your own success or failure by handing your foe their next transport. This gets 4 stars from me because the easiest AI is too advanced for a newest user to beat without getting lucky. This does not encourage me to stick around and test to test harder lvls. I wish to see an easier beginner lvl and more intermediate lvls, and an bonus guide on walkthrough (not just mechanics).
~ Mike Mudrow
Absolutely stunning release ver of the pretty board release. So easy, yet so complex and nuanced. The release is such a welcomed addition to my desktop. So many dudes seem intimidated by the pretty release, due to its name and theming. This release allows me to test the release more than I test the actual board release - idea more. Could the release designer be reading this, I think a "simplified," less themed release could be made, since most that I have introduced have been "place off," have been so by those elements. I suppose in the U.S., a Legos ver would probably see a much larger supermarket. While I enjoy the theming, for many non-users, the theming makes this easy release intimidating. As for the release, nice work! Hopefully, it will draw more in to test the actual release - the guide is certainly a nice introduction to gameplay... Many thanks to the designer of the release and to the designers of this release as well! Cheers!
~ Christopher Koopman
Onitama is a walkthrough board release designed by Shimpei Sato, published by Arcane Wonders. (and many others) Asmolee did a nice job making a digital ver of it. The gameplay, as expected, is easy but has an extremely high skill-cap. No releases are ever the same (almost) due to the randomized cards dealt each match. These cards determine the kind of moves users can create for that specific release. It is a solid release that's been brought into the digital realm made really well.
~ Black Pug
nice release. i have the release and all the expansions at home. want there was a idea to obtain the one on the release for nonpaid as I already paid for it outside of the release. 2 complaints though. no idea to turn off the chat, and releases with dudes could be turn based instead of timed. i could be able to take my turn, and then leave the release till my dude takes theirs, that might be a while from when i took mine. we all lead busy lives, and this would be an improvement
~ Phill
Onitama the board release is nice! 5 stars, no question. For the release, expect profile recognition troubles. For some reason, my profile isn't recognized after I've received a ranking. I started a newest profile under the same correspondence address, and the same thing happened: won't recognize login credentials forcing me to make a newest profile. Very frustrating if you're a competitive, serious user. I tried to resolve trouble in the release, but no options were available.
~ Nate Currey
Basically a speedy ver of chess. Where the legal moves change release to release. Stratagy that worked in last release probably won't work this release. It's a challenge trying to hold track of which pieces threaten which squares. I imagine it will be a long time before I master this release
~ P Boucher
I enjoy testing the release. It functions very well as a small release. Even the beginner lvl is a bit too aggressive in my opinion; maybe I am just not very nice at the release. I don't like that there isn't a single nonpaid skin or deck another than the default. I would really like to see a trainer mode that supports teach the player to be better.
~ Trevor Dennison
Nice to have one of my favoured walkthrough releases right on my device! Only problem is that your foe can just walk away and leave you waiting for 30 mins before they forfeit automatically. Not sure how that should be addressed, but it certainly detracts from the experience when it happens.
~ John Burgess
A really awesome recreation of the board release, and a really great tactical chess-like release with very interesting mechanics. There's quite a bit of ebb and flow to it, and learning how to use the cards is certainly a large part of it, but it provides relatively short, satisfying releases. It's definitely worth a test, especially if you're into board releases and maybe spotted this one at your local shop and wondered what it was all about. It's a lot of fun - more so than I expected.
~ Jose Sierra
Very fun release. I am thinking of making a board myself from dark wood and maybe mother of pearl. Custom pieces and a custom deck. We shall see! I'd love to sell them online and maybe see this become more known one day.
~ Dead Zone
It's nice. Sort of simplified, modified chess. Developing walkthrough is interesting. I lost in 3 moves. Eel, dragon, tiger. I haven't played multiplayer. I went straight to hard. I'm winning most releases, but still fall into some traps. Products take me about 10 min actually. Probably will obtain to 5 or less when I obtain better.
~ Andy Mills
This release has so much untapped potential... Drawbacks contain: • Pay-to-victory kind release. You can't earn any newest bonus cards or boards. You can only pay $1.99 to unblock 16 newest cards. Without this buy, the release quickly turns monotonous. • Tiny online active user base. The real fun in this release comes from testing another online users. There is a very tiny handful of active users, greatly reducing the amount of online fights and overall excitement. You can usually test the A.I., but even that gets old quickly. • No tangible in-release rewards for achievements or wins. Again, there is no currency, cards, boards or updates that you can earn. There's not even championships or competitive rankings setup to encourage release test. Boring.....Tsk! Tsk! Actually, for the positives! • Visually appealing. The animation and artwork I would rank 7/10. It's overall pretty, but should use some primary improvements. • Nice pick-up & place-down release. This is a fun, speedy time aggressor, with most A.I. fights lasting 5-10 mins. • No Wi-Fi essential. You can test the A.I. offline, however, for online test obviously you need a connection. Overall, I would rate this a 4/10 overall release. It should be an 8/10, but would take some major rehaul.
~ Joshua Speece
Wow! My brother from other mother and I downloaded this to test something different in the online multiplayer realm and to claim we were pleasently suprised would be an understatement. No in-release interruptions or disconnects. The UI should use a tiny work but the gameplay is simply flawless. Walkthrough without over complication. Smooth timed gameplay. We both love it. How about different shaped boards to take gameplay yo a entire newest lvl? Overall...the release is wonderful!
~ Lance Nault
Nice gameplay! What an nice abstract walkthrough release! I think the online mode needs a bit of work though. An trouble is when your foe leave or is afk, you have to wait through their entire clock. Maybe give a much shorter time with increments per transport. Also a info system to notify you when your foe has made a transport would be nice.
~ Caius Chew
A enjoyable and challenging release nice to learn with pretty graphics however after you test for a while the pc can obtain a tiny repetitive, there are not very many difficulty lvls. once you reach a certain lvl the release is no longer challenging.
~ Barrett Pannell
Nice chess-like release. The pieces transport differently each time, depending on the cards you have. I love the standard Japanese theme. I would suggest to add an auto-resign option for the online releases (e.g. if your foe does not touch the screen during 60 seconds they lose), because waiting for 30 mins when they might've left the cell device unattended is a pain. The AI for "Solo" test is too low. There are no banners! I love this release
~ German Corsetti
The interface for adding buddies, challenging others and accepting challenges is complicated and the options are hard to search. Apart from that, it is a nice implementation of the release!
~ Akash Nag
I have been debating buying the tabletop making of this release for some time actually but wasnt sure if I would like it. I saw this release and figured it would be a nice idea to see how it was played. After one round I am sold, its a nice release. I will definitely be buying the tabletop ver actually.
~ Joseph Vassel
ive played the original board release, so it was great to test it again on the release. putting out newest cards might be a idea to recent it up a bit, as it does lean towards getting stale after a while.
~ Jeremy Volper
I really want more publishers would give a trial ver, this isn't even a trial ver, its the full release and you obtain it for nonpaid, the IApps are really nice, but not absolutely necissary, AI wins 4 out of 5 times for me (on hardest) beatable, but tough 5 stars (edit, hard AI is Challenging for me, but not others, take my review on AI with some salt)
~ Josiah Davoli
This release is one of my favorites. The release is great when testing. I do have some complaints, however. There could be a idea to find and add dudes without them online. It's terrible I can't even add a dude I'm testing with if they are offline. There also needs to be a idea to challenge and run releases without the dude needing to be online, like Words with Colleagues or Chess/Checkers by Post let; devs could take notes from those apps for match making. It also badly needs transport info.
~ Philip Herot
Seems like a nice release but you guys really need to ditch the intrusive pop-up banners and stick with the pay-to-upgrade model instead. It's also destroying a lost in the background. I've been getting info stating 'Onitama has destroyed' rather frequently so I'll be uninstalling it.
~ Sean Piercy
I like the release a lot, but there's 2 troubles. First, nobody ranked plays often, and secondly, each time I reboot my device, I obtain a message claiming "Onitama has stopped". It's getting annoying...
~ Abram White
This release is truly one of the finest table top releases ive ever played and it transitions into a digital ver perfectly. That being claimed, please please please offer a more hard A.I! There isnt many recipients online so your forced to test versus the A.I if you should sort this trouble it would be 5* for sure. If not that then offer championships both online and offline.
~ toggy0299