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About: This is an adaptation for Mobile devices of the original desktop release by Jason Rohrer. If you have played the original, you will recognize Jason's beautiful and quirky graphics and sounds, as well as the unbelievable premise: rebuilding civilization from scratch, together with another users and across countless generations. You are born either as a baby to one of the another users, or as a young girl if no suitable mother is found. Each minute of true time is one year in the release and your full age is 60 years. A single life is limited, but the things you create during your lifetime are left for your babes and grandchildren once you are gone. Check to create life a tiny bit easier for those who come after you, so your family line will have a chance to prosper for generations to come. Sometimes you will spawn alone in the wilderness. You need to build a fire to stay warm and t ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 66MB Developer: Dual Decade
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One Hour One Life for Mobile Reviews and Comments:

Can you create some type of wearble bug repellent please!? Those mosquitoes spawn everywhere and they're to OP= Over powering. I Cant even enjoy the release properly with them buzzing around, I end up dying as eve. Request: (It would be cool to add sushi recipe when you catch fish for a beginner recipe, bread crumbs, fried fish or fried potatos. vegetable oil. Also "rice seeds" so you can create "Rice and beans stew" or "Cooked rice with carrots and green beans stew". )
~ A Google user
Nice take on a nice release, one major trouble. The last modernization destroyed the hand drawn aesthetic which is one of the releases finest strengths and quirks. I would happily 5 star and was set to do so until the newest modernization. If you're going to create special changes can i suggest a solo mode where you spawn as an eve close to your previous eves body upon respawning. Recipients should search the tech tree in solitude without risk of being griefed. Thank you for your time.
~ Frankie Mcgough
Fun release, kinda addictive, but has a learning curve to it. When you think you know everything there is an modernization and more equipment to learn. Which is nice and exciting, but hard to obtain to giving ones lifespan and how speedy villages fail. Griefers are terrible some days and there isnt much you can do about it. Curse system is supposed to support but terrible recipients search ideas to grief, leading bears into cities then trying to act surprised or hiding softwares you need. so on a nice day its nice then others are terrible.
~ A Google user
You could add Emotions, like in the PC ver.
~ Gandalf The Emo
it's a unbelievable release where you as the user makes everything complex or as easy as it can be. it wholes up the idea of 'no lad is an island' and that's what makes it special. being a lone wolf can be depressing in this release and there's bunch of users you can test with - each life makes other storyline and it's worth it's price. hopefully it would be modernized as quick as possibles for newest informations♡
~ luna rane
OHOL is a nice release and is very emotional and has many challenges for you to face. I personally suggest this release to anyone that is reading this. OHOL is very polished at where it's at right actually and has a special GUI. The price is definitely worth it as for the notebook price is $20. This release will in some topics teach you lessons in life and you will feel many emotional from OHOL. Also remember no release with PVP isn't a release, and this release has PVP and PVE. 100/10 fully suggest to all.
~ MarvelousAnimations
Super underrated release! I want more recipients were testing. This is like "don't starve" but with variety of another recipients. You run as a baby, and if you're well taken care of you'll grow and support the civilization (or lack thereof) grow for future generations of true users (or possibly yourself reborn). With so several recipients testing, it is much harder to have a civilization than what I've seen of the pc ver. Still really fun!
~ Claylis Fletcher
keeps sending me back through the tatorial even tho i got out the building multiple times and lost count how much i have.
~ Isaac Estrada
wow it's nice I fully suggest buying this release it's so fun
need more stacking options, 6 carrots 6 territories taken up.
~ hanna buttress
nice release has a learning curve. will you be adding the newest modernization from PC with fishing and shrimp?
~ Brayan Ozuna
i love the release butbthe newest changed biome backrounds are not nice because they create all the equipment stand out and it looks weird
~ Kim Giblon
should use the twin information like PC ver. super special and fun once you obtain the hang of it. no two lives the same
~ Jamie Just
Support, My Book Of Hacks Is Just Black Transparent ???nice release,building,resources, reproduce and become other users babe, challenging but by far the finest release I've played suggest to all 5stars
~ Gemma Morris
Really nice release. Filled with emotions and fun. Nead more tons of building and meal.
~ Hattan Boshah
i love the release but not enough recipients test not there fault also takes a bit to obtain used to controls overal nice release worth the dollars and i spent more time on it than i asumed i would p.s. trash controls honestly
~ thetruegoldenpanda
nice originator could create pc ver cross platform with this one and talk to the originator about that
~ Dab Specticle
Nice Product. I enjoy it alot its a bit of a learning curve to run but unbelievable time.
~ Mike jr
The concept of having a single beginner server is annoying as Europeans have to experience high ping while americans obtain weak ping. We need a European Beginner server
~ Mr. ChilliHead
it has been ported to small nicely. i just want more recipients played as its hard to obtain a village going when you are an eve and have no babes at all.
~ killer2468 wman
So much fun. My only complaint is nebulous because there's a lot of things that don't create since that you need, but also a lot of things that you don't need that makes sense.
~ Martel Cowart
Modernization forever delay, newest design of asian babies are extremly unbearble pluse the weird Asian male certain characteristics looks type offensive.Also background color looks so weird right actually, I really don't understand what happen to their designers. Lately feels like originator cares more on chinese server than anything else, and forgot about user who is been there since square one.
~ Shu-Chiao Wen
hard to learn, fun, but the contols take some getting used to.
~ Garrett Farley
any and i mean any time you build a castle a bear comes and kills everyone and i mean each single time they present up and just slay everyone plus mosquitos atr everywhere even if jungle no where around otherwise i enjoy the release thise are release breaking to me. will change review if fixed
~ Brian Petitt
I love this release, just want more recipients played. Hold the upgrades coming!
~ Michael P
Nice fun experience. Some controls are funny, but otherwise, nice release!
~ NerdyGhostGirl GhostGirl
fun just like one hour one life but there are to many animals to slay you twice in a row I died to a bore hiding behind a tree it got so annoying its not like I cold have done anything not like I can avoid something I cant see.
~ 1256790 654797
Great adaption of the Notebook ver however it is a bit clunky controlling the hero. edit: im not really glad the chronicle information costing dollars considering you have already payed for the release. I've also found the servers extremely laggy and sometimes everything around me freezes. there is not many recipients testing on servers not, not enough too have long lasting civilazations, the longest I have seem was 21 generations. no really glad :/
~ Allo- Rex//
I love this release! We need more users though. Most recipients are nice at working together which is a great change from another releases! Well worth buying. Nice job developers!
~ Tish Hubbard
I search the release very nice and challenging. Its interesting to see all of the different characters and colonies you can make or be born into. I would however like a dude mode where you can test with pick recipients and dudes
~ Isaac Howlton
BEST ONLINE SURVIVAL GAME EVER.The run of the release is just like the notebook and i loved it, the part where i have my own family and we run building houses and when i died i still be back on them as a baby xD,Any one lf you wanted a online survival sandbox release this is for you the only thing i hate is the fact that tiny recipients testing this i mean this release is really cheap and its just soo nice i hope alot users will quick to join us on YOU ARE HOPE
~ ASHLY Tabor
It's super nice and a nice time aggressor. I do recommend 1 thing and that is that u guys could add an isolation tube so that u can do another things without having to die of starvation while u do another things such as meals, showers, chores, etc. and it can be made out of ice and another materials.
~ Vance NC
its a nice release and everything but it is very slow, like it takes so long to pick things up or drop them. This take up so much of your time and when you need to eat you can't because it takes so long and then you're dead. This is the only thing that needs to be fixed but besides that I really do enjoy the release.
~ JustMe
Love how they made it like the actual release so I don't have to download steam and go through that hassle with the Password and everything, releases nice!
~ Kathleen Gator
top notch release. just hold in mind that ultimately you are testing with another users and there are multiple servers to test on. so if you search that users constantly slay you, destroy what youve made, or wont even allow you into their city then test a difreant server. you will search one that you can obtain things done in. also dont curse moms because they abandoned you theyre doing it for a reason of some sort and your curse would be better spent on someone whos destroying your city.
~ zanderphis Mandrake
at first i did not understand but actually i do and i only had 4 stars because after the name changed it took a long time to search since i rage quit and uninstalled and did not know about modernization contents/contents of newest ver, but i eventually found it bc i recognized the screenshots but actually i rlly dont care and i changed rating and review. ( and yes i read description)
~ Dog98k21k98k Studios
Nice release ! lots to do and learn. Only complaint is the US server is mostly recipients who dont speak english, so its hard to talk to them. Want it made recipients test on the correct servers so we should support out newest users. Upgrading actually because the release has undergone many nice changes! They made Korean servers and changed all the background textures of the release. It seems like this release is breaking off from one hour one life and becoming it's own release. Which I think is a gigantic improvement to OHOL.
~ A Google user
Straight,complex, a nice time passer,and the accomplishment of living a full life. Love this releases ideas!! Cant wait for newest things to build with. IF YOU DONT KNOW THE GAME LOOK UP SOME PLAY ON YOUTUBE! Then decide if it is right for you, otherwise nice crafting release.
~ Tyler Barrack
really cool. but, if you test the release you know u can die of starvation. But not thirst. so in the next modernization. i think they could have a thirst modernization to drink to also live. that would be really cool
~ Madisun
i love this release. there is a nice community of users. the primary release is simple to learn, but there is so much more to it. my only complaint is around solo eves... when you are trying to spawn it can take a number of attempts before a user accepts you, or you roll an eve. it can be frustrating and i want the release offered some sort of birth control option for eves who dont wish babes. another than that, this is a fun release.
~ Sara Lynn