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About: Test as the Gabbit with odditude, Munch, and his side-kick, Abe, as they lead a revolution versus the conniving, corporate clods of Oddworld. Munch has been captured, poked, probed and generally violated by the greedy corporate sickos, the Vickers, and actually it's time for him and Abe to turn the tables. Power up with Vendo Machines, use psychic powers to possess aggressors and machines, arm yourself with oddball Vendo weapons, and rally Oddworld's wacked-out inhabitants (via GameSpeak) to stick it to the Vickers and save the day. C'mon. The fate of Oddworld is in your hands. ** PLEASE NOTE: Broadcom and Amlogic devices NOT SUPPORTED! Older Rockchip may not help video playback. Requires at least a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU, 1 GB RAM with Adreno 220, Nvidia Tegra 3, ARM Mali 400-MP, PowerVR SGX 543MP, Intel HD Graphics or Vivante GC1000 GPU. First time on App! Experience the cla ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 16MB Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants Inc
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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Reviews and Comments:

i love the oddworld releases, it plays incredibly smooth for small I really like the graphics nice release
~ Ahimsa Torrey
One of the finest releases I ever played since I was a babe , It brought back the nice old times of Oddworld releases .
~ Gabriel Mazariegos
I'm glad the trilogy is on small actually.Im able to test releases from my childhood I thought I would never test them again.
~ TreyGoldy 598
usually loved this release. so glad i can test it on my device, with such a nice port
~ Mitchell Huggins
Love the release. When i was tiny i played it on the original xbox and it was my favoured release. Worth the dollars and worth the time💯
~ Cody Sinclair
Controls and camera are a bit tricky on a device but still a nice challenging release that was very well thought out.
~ A Google user
even better than I remember, one of my favored childhood releases somehow improved, very well done
~ A Google user
Love how you bringing these classic releases back i was wondering if ABE's oddessy and ABE's Exoddus is coming to small also? So i can buy the entire oddworld series for small 🔥🔥🔥 now proud to claim i am a large fan of your guys releases since the 90s ^_^
played this as a babe, just as nice as before. thanks for bringing an old memory back for us!
~ 真夜中Alone
usually loved this release as a babe!!!! glad to see it on a modern platform!!!!!
~ Mitchel Swafford
release was nice played it when it first came out had 2 hands then release is still nice release beat it with only 1 hand release does freeze each once each 3 or 4 lvls but not for to long love the release love the storyline
~ David Sutton
Looks cute terrible, the controls are some of the worst I've had, and I seem to have encountered an unsinkable case near the run of the release where I'm stuck in a hole.
~ Jamie Russell
First time I tried to install it, it wouldn't install I got an error message. Thankfully the second time I tried installing it worked. I was scared of losing my dollars. I love this release so much.
~ Google User
I cant trust they made were able to transfer this release to video, i played this release as a babe back on the old Xbox and i love it💕💕💕 it brings back a lot of old memories, nice ones lots of nostalgia
~ Acidic Polo
I loved this release as a babe on the original xbox, that still hasn't changed. looks nice.
So far so nice.. I honesty thought it wasn't gonna work on my device but I was wrong. Not only is it running with no lag but it's now perfectly paired with my wireless controller and a nice release.
~ Russell LeBlanc
It's just like I remember.. runs nice on my s9+.. better than it did on the original xbox. The controls aren't unplayable on touch screen, but obviously physical controller is the finest idea to test this.
~ Richard Harvey
The controls of the release is great, all the controls is where they could be. it does bring back some memories from the original xbox.
~ leon scott
Oddworld Inhabitants Inc nice release I love it & Tengra nice it's alot fun testing you test As two characters like abe & Munch in different paths & different abilitys nice remind of old School release I played R.E but not same formet but close of the two paths in the release nice Also played oddworld stranger wraith also nice release give you a thumbs up also give Yourself a pad on your back Oddworld Inhabitants Inc.
~ A Google user
i played this on playstation 3 for the first time 4 years ago and i loved it. I love it still to this day and am very glad its on small!!! 5 pretty Stars
~ Jeremy Kile
Great port, I remember testing this back on my xbox and having it on a device and reliving those memories from when I played back then is priceless. Also the controls are responsive and simple to obtain used to, whoever is a fan of Oddworld I would suggest this.
~ mono kuma
Great, testing on my Mobile enabled Chromebook with an Xbox 360 controller and it's just like the original.
~ Kevin Bailey
Nice Port and works unbelievable with Bluetooth as well as micro USB gamepads. The graphics are a tiny dated, but I don't think an HD ver of the release would test well on Mobile. I definitely suggest this release, but would recommend you at least test Newest N tasty first because half the fun of the oddworld releases is the storyline.
~ Thomas MacDonald
nice release, finest dollars I ever spent on an release($2.99 for this release is a wonderful bargain)Nice graphics and smooth release test,lots of equipment to do and a fun story.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
~ Tim Weatherholtz
Realising this release is this price compared to how much on other platform it was a no brainer! obviously not as intuitive as having a controller but full release and in my pocket makes up for it
~ James Ross
was very excited to test. but release glitches like crazy. freezes. sound keeps testing if i close out. very disapointed. want i hadnt spent dollars on it.
~ Colin Curry
never played on console,but this is so nice I doubt it lost anything being ported 2 mobile. I love this & Stranger,never played abe's oddesy releases on console but so glad i can actually👍😎 I went out & purchased an Xbox 1 controller £40 just 2play this the idea it was intended.dont regret getting it,cause lots releases are controller supported actually..
~ Ali Rennie
Very close to pc graphics. I loved Abes storyline and the gameplay ideas in the pc releases, and they did well to implement related controls into this release, despite the limited amount of zone on q device screen. 5\5 Will test again
~ Triston Brandon
Played this release on the original xbox, and was my most prized possession, I missed it, and when I found out it was on device, I had to have. AMAZING GAME. Brings back nice memories
~ BuyGalaxy GT
I have had abes oddysee since its version on ps1. Loved it and abes exodus after that and was looking forward to the rest of the promised quintology. Sadly, it moved to xbox for the third installment. at least I can actually test this and abes oddysee on my galaxy s4. Is abes exodus going to create it to mobile or is the release to large? Loving testing this release!!!
~ Renee W
Freaking nice release. Played it 3 times in a row. I just did not wish it to end. Graphics are stunning. Characters are adoring. Lvls are challenging. Incredible work you guys! Ty so much. I love Oddworld! You guys rock! Xoxo
~ Rachel Miller
Just like the X-Box. The gamespeak works a tiny better because you can now look at the commands. Run Walk is actually a button because we have no analog stick. They thought this release out, it wasn't just thrown together for profit. Nice job!
~ marshall giampocaro
got this release because i thought i remembered it, but gotta have been a different one. releases not the finest, but its not that terrible either. thats why its middle graded.
~ Phucker McPhucked
This is a nice port of the original Xbox release that has improved graphics. you will need a device with a nice CPU/GPU and if you wish to test on your TV the Nvidia Shield plays the release very well. I would suggest a wireless controller like one from 8bitdo to test the release whether on your device or TV.
~ GalaxyWolf 489
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee is the third release in the Oddworld series. Made in 2001, this HD Revamp is okay at finest. At worse, the release is clunky and unamusing. Oddworld is not meant to be a 3-D release in my opinion, and others seem to adopt. While this title is certainly catching in terms of cinematics, the gameplay is subpar and the landscapes are as cute as infected acne. However, the storyline is great and the cinematics pretty, however, nice cutscenes don't create release. I do not suggest this.
~ Danke
This is a hard release to review. Do I review the quality of the port? If so then I rate it 5 stars. The release itself, however, is terrible. Munch's Oddysee should have been the release to sway me from the PS2 to the Xbox. When I finally played it, I was shocked by how terrible it was compared to the innovative Oddworld releases before. It seems as though it had a troubled development; as Strangers Wrath was nice. But to rate this 5 for the quality of the port would be disingenuous.
~ Gary Watts
Great port - I remember the original Oddworld release from when I was younger, never played this before, it stayed faithful to the themes of the original entries in the series. Arguably the puzzles aren't varied enough as the release wears on but the story and interactivity between the characters more than makes up for that. Really enjoying this! BTW... Its Vykkers, not Vickers!
~ Peter Clegg
This was the very first release I ever played at the age of 5 years old. This is a release I spent hours testing on Xbox and actually that I'm older testing this on my device is one of the finest expiriences of my life. Its so nostalgic and exciting I seriously reccomend this release to anybody looking for a cool journey release. The oddworld series is nice and this release is a nice run.
~ Chris Walter
took me on a trip down memory lane which i enjoyed thoroughly. it was an nice release first time around but equally as enjoyable a second time. controls are a tiny frustrating at times but that's the same to be claimed about any small device release its just the nature of touch screen its never gonna be as it is with a proper controller however its not so annoying as to spoil the fun & gameplay. I can't rate this release enough. download it & enjoy it be that for the first time or 2nd time around. 🙂
~ matthew alden
honestly i didnt expect much from this release because its a device release and most device releases of this kind have horrible controls. but these controls were absolutely nice for a device release. the run load time is type of annoying it takes a while to load for me at least. another than that its a fabulous release and just like the original. maybe even a tiny more detail. absolutely unbelievable guys nice job ❤️
~ Jj Kitty