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Ninja Ranger ~A shinobi super hero's story~   
About: Ninja Ranger Claims the storyline of a legendary shadow ninja--Ray, the shadow ninja punishes evil and save the globe. In the release you will test a ninja superhero and war versus evil aggressors. The release uses a realistic pixel style, bringing you back to the 8-bit, 16-bit pixel release era; the release is also using the classic 2D platform action gameplay, this is an action release with a refreshing impact. If you are an action release user, please see the detailed description below. 1 Gameplay: Classic 2D platform action release, the super ninja superhero can walk, jump, climb and attack the aggressor on different terrain platforms; the shadow ninja is not only an killer, but also a kung fu master. 2 Weapon system: Contains main weapons, such as samurai sword, chain sickle, hook claw, and ninjutsu sub-weapons, such as shuriken, wind blade, fire blade, amulet fire; 3 Lvl ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: Ninja Ranger Game Studio [email protected] undefined
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Ninja Ranger ~A shinobi super hero's story~ Reviews and Comments:

~ Game Lounge
great release
~ A Google user
nice release
~ A Google user
Cool ninja release...
~ Deady Edy
~ امید پ
~ yimyuzulu aier
cool release
~ Dorian Sanders
nice ni ja gaden
~ ali rezai
imi aduce aminte de copilărie
~ DooM Day
vbbnvbhgJ(code lets break)
~ G.P Katare
The up down left right controls are poor.I can't transport smoothly.Also no checkpoints before facing the boss.Only revival through dollars which is useless if i don't have any coins.Overall Gameplay is very terrible.Even terrible than Ninja Gaiden Rebirth 👎👎👎
~ piyal das
cool release remainds me of ninja gaiden
~ Darrell Price
great gaiden clone
~ mike dunning
Finest Rip-off, even better than the Ninja Gaiden from Test shop
~ Gonț Bogdan
it wus relly fon
~ Gaming time aie
i like this release
~ Punch Prasad
Kind of hard
~ Three Natural Folks
This release is a lot like ninja gaiden, but much better in my opinion. It has a nostalgic feel to it, which reminds me of my childhood. Its a nice release!!!
~ James Wright
There are still some troubles with the release likes you can't jump over the boss without taking dmg, some aggressors have guns but just for present,control is a tiny stiff, overall a decent release btw the opening is dumb and awkward
~ Xx Quân xX
Nice retro release with nice classic song. The only trouble is the controls can be a bit cumbersome and can obtain in the idea of some things on the screen. Another than that if you like releases like Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden or even the newest retro release The Messenger, I highly suggest this one.
~ Kazemaru05
I like the aliens there could be more lvls
~ Suzanne Roland
it is a fun copy of ninjia guyden and it can be maybe a nice speedrun geme
~ George Symeou
Great is all i can claim well done!!!!
~ Jessica Collins
it really reminds me of th older NES Ninja Gaiden video releases, and thats a nice thing bc to me those where some fun yet challenging releases
~ Jay Hall
Fun release. The weapon selection is fun. the lvl designs are nice. Cool release. I hope to see more lvls in a later modernization.
~ Kenny Martinez
Its nice,like a retro throw-back ,but better!!! My opinion,we need more like this sidescroller without 3-d but with today's graphics...1 to 10 rating= 10+!!!!!
~ Timothy Hubbard
nice release. nostalgic for ninja gaiden lovers from the NES era. controls are very responsive, graphics are nice, soundtrack is nice. just not a large fan of the lack of storyline
~ Noe Ruiz