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Nimian Legends : BrightRidge   
About: EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL, HAND-CRAFTED OPEN WORLD RPG FANTASY WILDERNESS Run, swim and fly through glistening waterfalls and rivers, overgrown forests, sky-high mountains and ancient dungeons. Shape change into potent dragons, soaring eagles, speedy-footed deer and more. Download BrightRidge today. Minimum requirements are about a 4-core 2ghz CPU, and at least 2gb of RAM. I am truly grateful to the Mobile community for supporting my unknown release grow. Thank you for all of your help and encouragement. I am a solo indie developer working on BrightRidge and it is a release from my heart. I enjoyed creating this globe and I hope you enjoy exploring it:) EXPLORE AND STORY MODES Ready for journey? The Ballad of BrightRidge and Love & Tin are two magical journeys in Storyline Mode. Or pick Search mode and experience BrightRidge without quests or aggressors. Can you search the ancient ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: Protopop Games
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Nimian Legends : BrightRidge Reviews and Comments:

I was able to just leave the zone during the first quest (while you're still invincible) and search. Wow. I only want there was a teleport button to place you back in the quest zone. I have nothing else AT ALL to complain about. This is an indie masterpiece!
~ Jacob Lysinger
I am in love with the release and i can't trust it was all made possible by one person. Kudos to you for doing this. After a hard day at work this is like the goto release for me to sit back snd relax. Really enjoy how you can become a gaint or the fact that you can be different animals and see things from their perspective.Also you as a person really do inspire me a lot! Hold going:)
~ Neeraj V
Absolutely pretty release. Usually unexpected, pleasant surprises in the Explorateur mode. The exploration is infinite, you feel like someone just dropped you off in a newest globe to test to your heart's content. Storylines are thoughtful, personal and engaging. Definitely the finest release I've ever played on small. Stunning, nuanced and impossible to walk away from.
~ Natalie Blackbeard
Nice release so many options test any idea you wish
~ Stephen Rackley
Nice release. Bit dark. Any concept what my display settings could be on?
~ paul may
Magnificent. I enjoy just wandering around and relaxing. Please hold up the nice work. 🤘
~ Chris Via
nice release .just one trouble the grafic settings restart each time when leaving the release witch is a tiny annoying
~ SASMAC Droid
Works greatwith my s7 edge. Love that I can use my xbox controller. Nice graphics. ❤
~ Octavia Hill
This is a nice release. You can claim the passion and dedication this person place into their release.
~ Joel M Agurcia
what a pretty release . this release is one of a type . i hope the developers run with this idea .
~ stealthop
There isn't a lot of direct and 1st 2 episodes are short but the release and the graphics are nice!
~ Randall Elder
A masterpiece of the release for small devices just one realy annoying trouble the graphic settibgs wont save after release gets restarted
~ Rudolfs Daugulis
Hi I love this release and I hope u create more releases like this and hold up the nice work this release is worth downloading/you could download it know 😁😄😀
~ progamerz 15
Well, all I must claim is that those large shot companies could learn from you on how to create a release.
~ Pranjal Pranshu
at first i thought it was terrible graphics. after awhile of testing i found the resolution and quality setting, wow what a difference, nice release.
~ colin poellot
I purchased this by accident and it doesnt even work on my device, I cant obtain past the loading screen. It looked cool... kinda want it woulda worked.
~ R H
An absolutely brilliant experience. Literally brought me to tears. Bravo, sir. Can't wait for Vandgels, and beyond!
~ Danny Paul
Got my refund. Thanks bro. Nice exp on release but nothing much happens. Nkt terrible on graphics. But camera view even changing on options still kinda confusing resulting on dizziness. Anyways, more to develop in this release i guess.
~ Jose Karlo Robles
I dont obtain why recipients are complaing so much the release runs fine i have a Samsung S8 and it was running fine well the optimization can usually be better for any release and dude you dont have to test and fix the gameplay or anything if someone is complaing that this is a journey release thats there fault because it clearly claims that this is a journey release not an fps Your doing nice dude hold it up and on what another releases are you working on right actually if any because i would like to check them out
~ Necromanta
the controls are quite hard at some points. *SPOILER* for example, flying the butterfly. I kept on flying lower and lower despite me piont upwards. I had to change the camera to not auto focus. It was just a tiny thing that bugs me. However, that does not take away the overall experience of this unbelievable release. it has that Zelda vibe to it where I really really enjoy. Scenery looks breath taking. I completed the entire story and I was glad about everything. I dont regret anything.
~ Hnubqubci Yang
I search it hard to trust that a single person made this. it's made by a tiny entity but looks like it's made by a billion dollar gaming corporation. basically claiming it is surprisingly nice.
~ Vincent Ravikanth
Superb!! AAA release! The storyline is wonderful, makes you feel like hearing/watching a storyline. Graphics are indeed breathtaking. Hold it up lad!
~ Luis Amaya
Graphic is nice but this not stable for any mobile devices, and easyly to boring this release cause gameplay not interested please modernization any informations in release like a online, npc so feeling dead not emotional, the castle/village feeling so dead cause not anymore npc for life for village in the release, please add more npc and modernization any informations in this release, control not stable and gameplay so so boring okay for five mins or thirty mins it's worth it but for more time not worth it
~ Kurnia Raihan Ardila
visually a really nice looking release. Not sure why though, it seems to be in interlaced mode, making it look worse on larger screen devices. I'm guessing the mode is used to save or resource use.
~ Roy Tide
it's kinda choppy somehow in another devices i've tried, I'd hope you create some upgrades on this because this release is wonderful probably add more quests and create it more adventurous. overall I'd love it. It just need some upgrades
~ Kenneth Blac
one of the finest releases I've come across. The detail and options are nice. Controls are simple to use and decent. For this to be an indie release is awe inspiring. Works seamlessly on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. Price is well worth it for what you obtain. Thank you to the developer(s).
~ Jimmy Cassell
Superb. Definitely the prettiest graphics I've seen on a small release. The stories are short, but very beautiful and special. I love the creativity and work place into this. 100% worth the dollars! Nice job to the developer! :)
~ Heather Johnson
Heartfelt Advetnure with wonderful visuals. definately worth my time and dollars and everyone elses, Recipients/companies dont create releases with this much love anymore. Developer I want you the finest of luck in your future in release development. 10/10
~ John Arscott
this release so far is really fun! nice graphics, i know this release is a tiny old actually but even in 2019 i have enjoyed testing so far! only thing is, some of the graphic options are locked? they are dimmed and wont allow me click on them. i really wanted to activate the depth of field but it wont allow me 😥
~ TriRule
A superb work of art... a short but suprisingly immersive experience filled with emotion ,a pretty storyline ,interesting mechanics ,pretty soundtrack...its clear a lot of love went into this project...despite its several flaws its more than worth the time and dollars(what...a dollar...?) you invest in it...even more impressive when you factor in the fact that its a solo project... i cant praise this enough
~ wokeUPstranded
Launch pretty globe, it looks so wondrous. Nice work for an indie solo developer, I can see the care taken to craft it. Going to love exploring each bit and marveling at the settings and monsters. I'm only a couple hours in, but I'll share more as I continue. Thank you so much for crafting this gem. I was in awe at points! I also love all the graphical options you've made available, and that there's no banners or microtransactions. I never buy apps, but this one was well worth it!
~ Hector Martinez
This release is cute neat and I enjoyed it, but if I may create a suggestion, once you finish the story it just gets monotonous and boring you search Brightridge numerous times, perhaps you should add the another regions mentioned? I think not only would it create the release more interesting but also having an launch globe feel like continuing on with taking down the remaining turrets or what not.
~ Cassie Williams
This release is truly wonderful! Both journeys are rather short but very immersive and the stories that are played out really create you sad. The strongest target though is that there are mechanics for few human, animal and creature characters with flying, swimming, jumping and fighting capabilities plus premium abilities such as breathing flame etc. Add to all that a generous amount of platforming, puzzle solving, rpg elements, dialogue and minor tasks and you will definitely be impressed.
~ Αντώνης Τσιαμπούρης
Ok so I am a maker/user of video releases and your sitting on a nice mine this is nice but the human characters need a lot of work to look more realistic like the rest of the release. you need a idea to test with dudes. the storyline mode is very nice it's recent and newest all the another rpg fantasy releases have the same storyline as runescape. overall this release should be a gigantic hit just needs some more work. I love tiny one lad projects they ussaly create the finest releases
~ WillDan Pubg Mobile
This is a pretty release, nice storyline. I have a trouble on my Mi Mix 3, there is a black bar on the right side, no matter what resolution I pick. - EDIT: I went to settings in my device and apparently there is a 'fullscreen apps' section where BrightRidge had been disabled, so trouble solved :) Thanks for the respond, looking forward to Vandgels!
~ SPvGaming
since the invention of tablets, i have purchased a combined total of around 15 dollars of any kind of release purchases. but I highly respect your dedication and hardwork of making a graphically intense, pretty, (i think storyline driven release?) by yourself. I havent even read much about the release except that its an launch globe and that it was created by a solo dev. you deserve each single penny. Gladly, here's my 5 dollars. although 30 percent of that goes to google. what a shame.
~ Noir Bear
Great! The graphics are breathtaking and the storyline seems to be nice although I am not yet that far in, certainly worth each penny I've spent, I now feel like I've pirated this release cause I got it on discount sale which only cost about a dollar. You don't need to rush things, quality is important, also hold up the wonderful work, Robert!
~ ᴀsᴘʜΥχɪᴀ最强
I honestly thought this release was going to disappoint me, but it really astounded me with brilliant graphics, a pretty storyline, and an launch globe to test around with after you finish the storyline. This release is like an all in one simulator+rpg+journey release, and it delivers exquisitely in every category. Although the release can be a bit buggy and the dialogue should use some work, I understand one person made this, it can't be great. Overall, this release was definitely worth the dollar I paid for it.
~ Quota
Pretty release! Only one question, I've been on Google Test for about 6 years or so. Why doesn't Google showcase these releases? I've just seen it for the first time today, and the developer uploaded this in 2017? At any rate, nice job Robert on a remarkable solo project! This developer is very modest. This release is just as nice as any "triple A" release I've ever played. I wish to thank you for sharing this release with us, it brings hours of enjoyment to our lives. Joined ur beta tool!
~ Tom Beaudry
This is an outstanding piece of work for a solo developer. An interesting and emotionally affecting storyline. Has a very gigantic and pretty launch globe landscape to search. Gameplay is mostly exploration based with easy puzzle solving. Some combat is present but it is also very easy. I very much enjoyed the ability to shapeshift in different animals to test as those. Not a long release, I think I've spent about 3 hours total and have finished all of the storyline, but there is still plenty more exploration to do I think I've only seen about 20% of the landscape. Zero IAP, Zero Adverts, awesome pieces of work.
~ Brent Morris