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New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game   
About: Roll dice & test Newest YAHTZEE With Buddies! Its a fun board release classic with a reinvented look. Test dice with dudes in this newest multiplayer dice release. Challenge dudes to test this family release for hours of infinite fun! Yahtzee, the #1 dice release, is reimagined in the brand Newest YAHTZEE With Buddies! Puzzle release fan? Then youll love this newest multiplayer dice release! Dont have a clue what YAHTZEE is? Download actually and youll quick search out! Yatzee, yahsee, yatze, yatzy, or whatever words you pick, theres only one Yahtzee! Give it a roll and search out why millions have played this classic family release for over 50 years! Classic & Fun Board Product on the Go Test the #1 dice release officially licensed by Hasbro at home or on the go. Social release meets dice challenge: Roll dice versus another users in epic gameplay. Test dice with dudes: You ... Show more
Genre: Board Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 92MB Developer: Scopely
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New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game Reviews and Comments:

idea better before the newest modernization. cant skip banners, the set up is stupid and it seems as thought they have reduced the number of dice they give out in scarcthers and releases. Was nice before, actually want I should give more like 2.5 stars
~ Uniquley Inhuman
Simply place - addicting. I test when I can break away from work and babes. Fun release, neat graphics, fun to test with dudes and meet newest ones. Just a fun release overall! I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 and it does slow down a small bit with the graphics if it's a lot going on at the same time, but it's very short lived and the fun continues.
~ The Original Kirbi
Something has got to give!!! These banners are absurd!! It's like you roll twice and have a 30 second banner. I obtain the advertising and it's cute much where your dollars comes from but nice Boss it's a bit much!!
~ Sara Koelsch
i have had this Yahtzee for a year amd 1/2 actually. so many changes has been made and I am excited this your Yahtzee is so much fun.I would give it five stars but what I want we had more was better specials on dice deals. and to be able to watch more videos to obtain ready to ask if we're not able to buy them. thank you Yahtzee squad for doing all that you have done to improve this release.
~ Andrea Flanagan
it's fun to test with recipients and plenty of recipients to test with but it crashes for me more than avakin and that release is idea bigger than this one. it shouldn't feel so massive its slow as hell for me and with its size it shouldn't. my device is literally Chinese spyware (Google Blu devices installed with spyware) so its a terrible device but it shouldn't be so slow and ruin so much. also the everyday guessing release most of the time is a guarantee fail on the second turn to create you use dice to hold going.
~ Soul
HUGE Trouble with This Product is you Really Need to Purchase Dice Bundles, if U wish to obtain ALL of the Cool Products & Prizes. The Dice Bundles are WAY TOO Expensive. THEY Could Offer a VIP Mnthly. Pkg. like They do in 1 of Their Another Products, "Wheel of Fortune!" I would probably give this release 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ if that was the topic!
~ Stephanie Wrobleski
I love 2 test this release but it makes me furious sometimes when I feel like they be cheating me sometimes. I was trying to victory these dice not the father dice the before that. They claimed me I had about 5 or 6 days left Which would have giving me plenty time to victory the dice I wanted. The next thing I knew they slash it down to 2 days while I was testing. I was very disappointed couldn't understand why they shorten the days My only guess is they wish me to buy dice to test to support me victory.. Very Disapptd
~ Verna Speights
I will give a 5 star review of Scopely replies with the trouble I have. I was in the coins lobby...went to go back to my reward tab and it picked the 10000 coin box that was under my rewards tab. $99.00!! I do not wish or need these coins. I did not wish to buy anything! I hope they refund my dollars! So players beware when viewing certain things that you dont buy something...it didnt even ask me for a confirmation before buy..it just charged me...not cool scopely...not cool.
this release is fun, and there is no shortage of things to do. But... the dice rolling algorithm is strange. I can't count the number of times I have re-rolled, only to come up with the identical numbers. While it is certainly not impossible, it is statistically improbable that it would happen as frequently as it does.
~ Chris Freeman
i enjoy the release and testing with dudes, BUT... one major flaw with this release is that when you roll your dice or your second and third rolls and often the premium roll, more often than not it gives you the exact same that's what you had already. That's not just on my device but it does this, because my daughter has complained about the same thing to me.
~ Christie Smith
This release is usually doing stupid upgrades. This last modernization is too large for my device and i can't test anymore. Whoever does the upgrades needs to figure out the upgrades before you create everyone do the modernization. I was getting sick of it anyway. I would complete in challenges and either victory or the another person would forfeit but i would never obtain my dice. i think they just wish you to spend dollars to obtain the dice that they're supposed to be giving you.
~ Scott W
its a fun release to pass the time. HOWEVER, i paid 5$ for the golden gift graband nowhere does it claim you only obtain to do the golden everyday only once! i expected it to be unlocked after i purchased it, but no if you wish to use it its 5$ each time. I didnt even victory anything the first time I played it!
~ Alyssa Woodcook
Championships are overly challenging. It takes a lot of time. Since the newest modernization, I can't even test. It freezes when I test to test anything, even trying to test versus my buddies. How are we supposed to victory anything if we can't test? Please fix the troubles causing this!
~ Mousy
Incredibly idiotic release. After the guide, I assumed I was off and running. But no. Even though I didn't connect with a Fb or Google profile, I still thought I was nice to go just testing some random foe the release picked for me. Not so. After one roll, it forced me to "wait in the lounge" while my foe rolled their 1st go. But then I couldn't rejoin the release in progress. This release is seriously messed up. Uninstalling with pleasure.
~ foxopossum
the release test is much more fun than true yahtzee, plus the bonus releases and challenges hold you engaged. however, I search it highly suspicious that when you're going versus the release itself the "foe" conveniently ends up rolling exactly what is required to break ahead in the releases. That, and its fairly frustrating how many times you end up "rolling" the exact number you're trying to change. Seems a tiny rigged to me.
~ Heather McClure
poor! test one round release quits and runs over again! keeps going back to home screen. test a release when done release quits back to run screen! tried everything! doesn't like galaxy s8+ device I guess ! it's none of there business what is on my sd card on my device! piss off to this release.
~ Charles Cooke Jr
don't wast your time doing one of the (Download an release and complete whatever they ask you to do to obtain nonpaid premium spins.) I've done two different ones and I haven't gotten any of my nonpaid premium rolls for completing them. another then that fun release if you like yahtzee.
~ Travis Jensen
~ A Google user
I enjoy the release a lot, however during the championships, I obtain shorted during the yahtzee star championship EVERY time. My combos don't obtain acknowledged and I dont obtain the gifts for them far too often. My another complaint is I should never feedback my user profile to fb because id lose all my rivals with my actual users. Bummer.
~ Patricia H
please do not waste your time or dollars on this. they wish recipients ti spend a fortune and still obtain nowhere. they place pc bots in the release especially the championships and you are guaranteed you wont victory unless you spend spend spend. they have a everyday gift grab which again guaranteed you wont obtain very far and as for gift grab gold unless you are willing to spend all your hard earned dollars dont waste your time or dollars on it. i want i should minus rate this release
~ Jonathan Harbinson
👎 this release is a serious battery drainer. Cross that with the plethora of unending banners, it's ridiculous. i love the release but these factors create it maddening. ive talked to another players with different device and this release does the same to them. Drains the battery and even makes devices obtain excessively warm, it's not just me.
~ Nathaniel Yoder
While it can be an simple idea to waste time procrastinating, the originators have no trouble making you spend bonus rolls but not giving you the opportunity to earn more. Scratchers give nonpaid rolls, but very several and far between. I've saved up to 20 scratchers and received only 1 or 2 at a time. I don't have the dollars to waste buying them either. The newest feast Contest does use a lot of rolls and can test nonpaid only once each 24 hours.
~ Dianna Dalrymple
I love the release. I want the championships either lasted longer or would give you more opportunities to earn points. Been stuck on the same one for months! Also,, on Yahtzee Stars, why is it that sometimes when I create the 3-in-a-row combos, they don't count?
~ Johnnie Harrison
was an nice release until the newest modernization. actually there's an banner you cannot skip each two rolls. i obtain putting banners in but seriously? one a release would be more responsible. not one each two rolls. so annoying. definitely going to uninstall and install dice with dudes again. they had no banners at all.
~ Monica Michalski
very fun. too many territories to pay to test though. would cost allot to pay for it. Also, if you don't pay for premium rolls your foe has a gigantic advantage because tthey purchased a bunch of dice for premium rolls the prices are not to terrible. but you need allot of premium dice to beat those who are named dice masters. how are you a dice master if you pay to roll the dice until you obtain number you need? just claiming
~ Kathy Widener
really like this release apart from a several troubles. after I test a turn in 95% of my turns the release restarts, I think it is trying to test an banner but it glitches and just reloads to the home screen. and I just won a bunch of scratch cards from championships and winning releases but they haven't gone into my inventory. very frustrating.
~ Rebekah Heinrichs
This release is nice because it is so entertaining and fun. I like to have few releases going at the same time with different recipients. This idea I don't have to wait claim the next day to create one transport if I have 7 releases going on, I can create 7 moves at that time. I also like that there are release users that will test a full release if I wish. I also like the setup and design of the release. You can also earn and pick the dice design that you wish. I definitely suggest downloading.
~ Donna Replogle
Its addictive. Trouble is I have been trying to transport up in my leagues for the last month in a half & cant create it to the next league. Very frustrating. I want the ones who cant buy dice can still transport up with points in the tornament. I tend to not obtain the higher points in the tornaments because I cant buy a bunch of dice to enter in many times.
~ Denisia Goings
a nice release with horrible banner placement. a lot of fun with a several variants and the competive test is fun with another users. however, the banners fully crash the experience. they pop up when you test to click a button. so instead of picking an foe to test or rolling the dice, it jumps to an banner that often takes your click as an attempt to install. and if you are testing versus an ai like in dicemaster challenges prepare for your luck to change after every banner as well.5 star release destroyed by banners
~ Marc O'Reilly
it's entertaining and a nice idea to pass time however this release legit tools. it's obvious it's programmed to interfere with how well you test. Showdown users literally obtain the same rolls and yahtzees often. just played one multiple times in a row and every time it rolled the same yahtzee. they're dice options and trying to obtain them is not only unrealistic but most of the time you obtain stuck with duplicates or the ugly ones. release used to be better.
~ Kylie Houx
can't victory championships. can't victory prize boxes. can't pick your dice. all the nonpaid ones are ugly af. can't victory tokens for newest dice. do I need to go on? should really be a fun release if ya'll weren't so GREEDY
~ Booper 343
I love testing yahtzee but I feel that your getting more and more stingy with your prizes. We used to be able to watch more video banners for nonpaid dice and nonpaid scratchers. It was 12 every and actually its down to 4 every. Also another prizes have diminished quite a bit. I'm thinking about checking out another yahzee releases available on line. I do enjoy the family . Family feast prizes diminished though also.
~ Carolan Beal
I like it a lot but at lvl 31 I'm getting bored. it has become super obvious that the dice do not roll randomly..there IS a way to it. I can claim each release if it's going to be a nice or fair release in championships and showdowns. I can claim what dice wont be rolled..I'm very confident the only recipients that can enjoy a full and fun experience are the ones that pay for dice. I hardly obtain dice for anything maybe 4 a day.. about to uninstall it's a shame.
~ Katie Fink
It's fun, but l gotta admit its costly to test. The rewards premium rolls, scratchers and tokens are hard to come by. The developers reward more bonus points which does nothing to advance your winnings. You will struggle with getting help(support)when you have troubles because what you obtain most of the time is an auto- response and rarely focus on the main trouble
~ Gene Kemp
Hope it fixes trouble of sometimes not getting my rewards. also when I test my first release in championship and I finish release and it puts me in second then I test other right away and finish then all of a sudden I'm in 20th or something and everyone above me all of a sudden have roughly 3000 more points, it would be impossible to obtain twice the amount of points for just one release. also I hold looking at the championship and no one is testing then I test all of a sudden everyone is testing. often!
~ Codey Adee
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Product is sooo glitchy, it freezes, usually force closing, sucks up battery really speedy, uses to much memory, you don't earn rewards easily (they lie about that), and the release is rigged! You can earn custom dice. But it's not simple to earn the tokens to be able to obtain it. And when you do, you don't pick the dice you wish. You have to use a stupid claw machine (like the one w/ stuffed animals). You obtain multiples of the same dice. GAME IS RIGGED FOR YOU TO LOSE! Product sucks!
~ Norma Laase
3 stars. i love love love it and can test for hours if it wasn't for the ridiculous amount of banners which pop up at the worst times which then causes me to click on them accidentally followed by ending up on whatever blog. it's annoying! i would give this release 5 stars but it's 100% rigged! I've challenged some of the bosses, and been in the lead up until the last turn seeing that they have already won the section premium so only the rolled amount could be added and yet they victory. not cool!!!
~ Lacee Masters
I'm giving this release 1 star because of few reasons. 1. SERIOUS BATTERY DRAINER - this will literally take your battery from 50% to 25% in a matter of 5 mins. 2. It's so obviously rigged. When you obtain down to needing just single dice numbers, it won't give you that particular number. For example, if you have only 6's that you have left needing, you wont obtain even one six. I've kept track. Also, when you test the pc, the pc almost usually wins! 3. The banners are ridiculous!
~ Gina Washburn
Can't victory ever. Product algorithms cute much create sure you lose consistently. Cute boring waiting for foes to take their turn. Yahtzee is, by its nature, a speedy paced release, so waiting for an foe is a negative. Championships seem designed to steal whatever gifts you've accumulated. I want I should give negative stars.
~ Lorna Thomas
It's now quite funny how rigged this release is. The Showdown tools a lot. You can be winning, and then they'll beat you in the end. Gives them scores and gifts before they even test. You'll barely have 200 and they'll have over 300 points. They obtain a Yahtzee or 2 each release. Gives you the match of the day and recipients usually decline. Why be on the release if you don't wanna test? Could not need a million premium rolls to test a release. And the scratchers are the largest joke of all. I had 20 scratc
~ Ericka Cane-Carson