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About: Form your squad and war for win! Capture, train, and evolve to become the champion in one of the largest creature battling RPGs! Neo Creatures is an addictive walkthrough RPG that informations epic 4v4 fights between two squads of up to 16 creatures. The special turn-based war system allows you to come up with potent chain walkthroughs by combining hundreds of abilities. Hunt down the strongest creatures and harness their power, then take the war online to dominate in exciting PvP fights and leagues! Are you ready to take the challenge? Informations: Build your Creature Collection Capture and evolve over 1000 completely animated creatures! Train your creatures and unleash their deadly potential. Accumulate evolution ingredients to make the ultimate power! Form a War Walkthrough Build the ultimate squad of up to 16 creatures. Conquer your foes in epic turn-based 4 ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 94MB Developer: NTT Resonant Inc.
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Neo Monsters Reviews and Comments:

really fun and addicting but I want the sprites now moved instead of gliding and rotating
~ Dylan Hobbs
idk what everyone has versus this literally 50 cents for a release with more monsters than pokemon!? and u can catch all of them no pay to victory etc
~ A random Fox
its a nice release but i am over it when it kicks me from the release all the time
~ Trent Thompson
i gave release 5 stars but after last modernization the downloading bar is not at all moving stuck on a single target HELP ME
~ Deepanshu Madhok
really enjoying the pace and the nice tons of creatures.
~ Cyberse Wizard
Usually getting epic creatures superepic is rare and forget about legendary and mythical creatures starting to suck
~ Varun Shivattaya
it's a nice release.. please hold it up and create it even better
~ Kelsey Cooley
This release is super fun and has alot of journeys and action this release also has alot of grinding. Even though it has alot of grinding it makes the release even better.
~ 1234 Perillo
been testing for about a year actually, thoroughly enjoying it.
~ Daniel Dries
fun and adventurous. seems a tiny pay to advance but overall for a entire 99 cents its wonderful
~ Clay Lawrence
great release hold more upgrades create more storyline or stages thank you i rate 4 star because i wish to buy gems but i think too expensive
~ Joemar Sanchez
Nice time aggressor simple to test. ^-^ So glad there are NO banners! XD WOOT!
~ smw12192
i got hooked unto this release right away. love the graphics and the creatures.
~ William Myers
Nice release love this release don't have to pay to victory nice release have been testing for 3years and won't ever claim this release sucks
~ SakkieMotto Appelgryn
not as nice as dragon island blue or hunter island but itll do till i obtain my hands on s used i device
~ ShadowWing66
nice pokemon spin off a tad bit better in some zones just as nice as nexomon!
~ EvelynnOfTheUnderworld
Each recipients's have some one of the legendary. but I didn't getting why.but it is nice release. I like this release for testing.
~ Shankar singh Maurya
this is the first small release that I have now enjoyed!!
~ Cameron Koons
Loved this release but I lost my old profile. Can you guys maybe support me please!
~ Rubern Verster
Awfully fun and addicting turn-based creature collecting release. Great test on the Pokemon-esque category. For a dollar it's really worth it!
~ zachery garner
overall release is nice but users use alot of cristals only to obtain copy of older creatures and it can be anoying sometimes thats my only complain
~ Aaron Bennett
Please add the option to skip the guide parts in the beginning of the release, like catching Zapcat, then fighting the very first trainer and then the training.
~ Anirban Bhar
I haven't been testing long but I love the idea and the gameplay and all the monsters and characters
~ Zac Zaring
decent release. related to pokemon but with a several twists. overall fun to pass the time :-)
~ Alvin Galyon
nice release, got 4 legendaries my first 10 days in. But it crashes all the time and allways at the worst moments. lost 50 tickets one ruin, iv lost super rare creatures and loads of keys. Just really starting to obtain under my skin. overall i give this release a 4/10
~ Derek Halldorson
Definitely reminiscent of older titles that this was inspired by. Smooth combat, nice creature designs, and over all fun.
~ NykoMeyers
very nice release but it's so hard to earn some gems pls add some target or challenge to obtain some gems and btw this is the finest release i ever played
~ extinction gaming
really love the release nice art and fun idea only want the function used to transport around was the virtual analog rather then tap to transport but another then that dollar well spent
~ Kyle Feola
First, I thought that this release may be same as Pokemon. But it's wrong. it's fascinating and special
~ Witwisit Prasarnmit
release is solid, creatures are beautiful. but i had an trouble using the shop. i bought the 7.99 bundle and it never gave me my gems and equipment. otherwise, its a fine release.
~ Veska Thalzin
Honestly, this release is nice. Similiar to Pokemon but different. I test it off and on to slay time. I've restarted a several times after getting true large just for the hell of it.
~ Travis
~ polett hilton
Since the chances of getting legendary and mythic creatures were altered, this release has become a dollars black hole. Constant disappointment and frustration. Avoid.
~ Martin Graham
If you wish to test casually, you'll obtain quite a several hours out of it. But then there gets a target where each quest is a grind, and to beat it you have to invest a decent chunk of time working your squad around the fights, for me this was more infuriating than anything.
~ Adam Saylor
why not run putting servers for neo creatures... newest users experience as per release is nice but as a multiplayer everyone aims to be on top... wouldnt it be better if there is a newest server for newest users so that everyone has a fair chance ... old users has a very large gap to newest ones since they have sets of maxed out creatures... please consider this..
~ Reaven Guadalupe
I loved dragon island blue back in the day due to the interesting creatures. i dont obtain the same feeling with this release, probably because you just made too many to focus on making them interesting. I dont like the idea you have to train either. This is just other gatcha release.
~ Semystic
Yeah, so the release destroyed and claimed me to uninstall then reinstall the release, but I know if I uninstall the release I would need to input that code. This would be no trouble if the release would load to the starting screen. But it won't. While loading it doesn't let me to tap on the restore code to reveal it. And yes I have waited for to load, 20 minites or more. Please support this is my third profile and it has the finest squad so far.
~ Hello There
AMAZING GAME. Unlike pokemon- neo creatures requires insane amounts of walkthrough and a tiny bit of luck in the egg draws. where pokemon is just over lvl somebody with a nice transport and maybe throw in a swords dance as a tactical transport. neo creatures has an nice story and the online section is nice as well. what i would change is obtain keys faster, obtain gems easier, gems cost less in shop (1$ for 1!?) and matchmaking for pvp needs to be more balanced. Thanks for making this release!
~ Tiago Petta
wow used 200 gems and got not even one legendary egg. not even one!!!!! they changed from guaranted one legendary to none. dont waste your dollars on the release. u wont obtain any high lvl moneters. just middle class creatures that wont stand a chance versus the computers legendary creatures that are high powered. to place it into perspective. one egg equals 4 gems. and ten eggs 10 = 40 gems. i hatched 50 eggs. ans none were ever legendary. not even one! all but weak lvl creatures ans middle lvl.
~ A Google user
Can you create the cost of hatching decreased to 3 so it will be more cool and more ratings and create the rewarding 50 gems in episodes,can you create the hatching cost 3
~ A Google user