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About: Google Test Unique Offer - Receive over 80% off for a limited time only! The graphics are absolutely nice (Eurogamer.es) It pushes the small platform to its utmost limits and doesnt even break a sweat (Capsule Computers) **GAME ALERT** Test The Simpsons: Tapped Out. THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN! Make your own living, breathing Springfield for nonpaid! Buckle up, hit the gas and keep on tight; youre in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals and outdrive your dudes in the most risky Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted? **Need for Speed Most Wanted is an immersive, high-quality release. Please note that it requires a 550MB+ download and roughly 1,900MB+ nonpaid zone on your device. To speed things up, we suggest connecting to WiFi.** MAKE TROUBLE, GET WANTED Evade a relentless police force while you clash with way racers. Race ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 19MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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About: If you love all things of patrick stars monster trucks, Then you will love this game! Patrick Racing Car is a Monster Trucks racing game for you and your family! Simple controls to drive the monster trucks along the course. the truck never flips ensuring everyone always gets to the finish line! Patrick Racing Star is Race against time, Which slow down when they are ahead, to give you the best chance of winning each race! Fun big buttons to Jump, Beep the horn and change the music track ...

Developer: Patrick Lovers

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Developer: Car Builder & Racing Games for Kids

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Developer: Gamers Hive

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Developer: Norman Studios

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Developer: UnicornSol

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About: Race against time and collect as many points as you can without bumping in to other cars. Each stage you get a diffrent car ande scene with temporary upgrades ( bombs, shield, freeze time, and extend time). Drift around other cars and have fun...

Developer: Musicjackpot.ga


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Developer: StarsPlay

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Developer: edge gaming zone studio

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Developer: Wow Studio

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Developer: RaceGame19

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About: Galaxy Race Wars Gaming e98c25cac1...

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Developer: Bocilabs

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About: Off-Road 4x4 SUV Hill Climb , 4x4 ! , . Off-Road 4x4 SUV Hill Climb , ...

Developer: Steel Games


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About: The worlds most powerful motorsport now comes to your portable device! Build your tractor and compete with others online to claim the bragging rights. Upgrade your tractor and move through several classes and tracks to be a champion. Bore out your engine add a stroker crank, upgrade your turbo, intake, or chassis to compete at a higher level. Tune your tire pressure, adjust your weight and find the perfect setup for each track. This game is made by pullers for pulling fans and pull...

Developer: Carl A. Muller

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About: IF YOUR HERE BECAUSE YOUR SAW OUR T-SHIRTS AT KINGS LYNN PLEASE LET ME KNOW :) Bangers Unlimited Pro is a crash and bash racing game where you will race your way through the grades and hopefully to go on and win six different championships. Banger Unlimited Pro has the following changes in it:- No Ads Easier Career Mode (You dont go back a grade) Chase View is given away when you win your first title The game saves progress if you quit the app Crazy race added with twice as many car...

Developer: Madcowie Productions

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About: Stunt Moto Racing is the coolest Moto Racing game ever, ride your furious Moto, wipe all the obstacles away. Start a Moto Tour, prove yourself an Moto Racing Conqueror! Easy controls, concentrate on your racing, leave those levels behind you. Take control of your love Moto, speeding, Jumping, and dodging obstacles. Also enjoy the scenery of country road, seacoast, forest wonderland etc. As you get familiar with gameplay modes, you will fall in love with it extremely! Stunt Moto Racing ...

Developer: Enjoysports

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About: In this game it is possible to drive every car in the traffic, to go pub, parfume shop, private home where your wife always waits you. You have map, which directs you where to go. There is a park, where you can have a walk. * Traffic system * Fantastic Graphic * Beautiful cars * Grand streets * Divercity of people * Reality of human's physics * Moto ride...

Developer: leisure games

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About: Fast Racing Car Simulator is a physics engine drift auto game. If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it. Smooth controls, realistic auto physics. Test your real drift skills. ***FEATURES*** * Easy controller * Realistic driving experience and feelings * Beautiful Graphics * Realistic sound environment * Realistic physics * Tablet support and FULL HD support * FULL HD graphics with high quality...

Developer: Bucka Games



Need for Speed Most Wanted Reviews and Comments:

no progress recovery. do not lose the release or test and switch devices. progress is not saved.
~ nick egedy
Horrible controls steering wheel is like the driver is having convulsions on any sensitivity, tilt controls aren't as erratic but too annoying. Moga release hasn't been available on test shop for awhile and makes device too hot for such a sub par release.
~ Pause Repeat
I played a lot of EA releases I like them but this need for speed most wanted isn't like the true one I am going to test to reload it again.
~ Tim Henson
Like the release a lot. Would like to see more control options. Maybe another gamepads(I own a gamesir gamepad not a moga) and maybe contain the same control alternatives as need for speed no limits
~ Andrés J. Silva De León
played this release for years. they took away the origins sign in so newest device and all the time and dollars spent is gone. EA, I dont know what happen to you guys but you changed....
~ Lord James Mckan IV
Played first on S4 device, did well just got hot. Actually on note 9 & everything handles really well with no troubles at all.
~ A Google user
Nice Product, I use my Moga Pro controller with my device. Nice response, no lapse and wonderful graphics. My addiction release.
~ Mark Procopio
Nice release, only want the races lasted a tiny longer. Graphics are really nice for a small release. Very nice car options. You will definitely have fun testing this release.
~ Michael Ramirez
having troubles opening the release... often i test to launch it would go to the pop up screen "checking license" then shuts down, i used to test this release daily..
~ John Lloadz
do not buy!!!!! I place true dollars into this release download it and I don't even have the things I purchased
This isn't need for speed most wanted... either of them. I truly have not one clue what the thought process for this release was when being made. The console ver is okay but this is a joke.
~ Bubbles the Destroyer
I'm truly disappointed that I have downloaded this release on each device I have bought. And actually here I have the S10plus. And I can't even test it because it keeps destroying. Please fix! We spent our dollars and this is what we obtain in return?
~ V H
Deceitful, in that it's NOTHING AT ALL like the original need for speed most wanted. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! This is a worse than cheap knockoff and shamefully lame. If you can't build it, don't sell it.
~ Adam Whatley
Nice release no need for refund this is one of the finest thank you very much for your time on making and developing this unbelievable release for Mobile device this is one of the finest I've played in a while thank you
~ Jason Smith
Keeps destroying. Worked nice once before and was a nice release too. Once it's fixed maybe I'll give it 5 stars again
~ Richard Rivera
Really great and fun racing release. Just want that EA would port it over to Mobile TV devices (Ex: Nvidia Shield) so it can be played on the large screen with a bluetooth gamepad.
~ Christian Schingh-Laniel
After owning all the cars then my device took a dive. I found I can't restore my purchases. I have correspondence the developers. They never replied. I'm thinking they might have the concept since I'm in America and they are not, it doesnt matter. Yet they all wish to come here. I hope they do. I would like to kick their ass.
~ A Google user
This is the first driving release that I have played that I did not like AND the first time I have felt it essential to write a review to warn recipients. The graphics are not very nice, the controls suck and the cops are fully unrealistic only going after you. Avoid this release and certainly don't pay any dollars for it!
~ NoGo Idme
Great gameplay and very smooth. But a gigantic downside is there's literally no idea to save your progress. Not in cloud, test services or even in EA origin profile is supported. You change device, clear/factory restart device or uninstall & reinstall release > everything's gone forever. Even in-release true-dollars purchases gone. Hope they fix it.
~ Mahmudul Hassan Hasib
this release is nice and I love the idea the controls are, they made a really nice release. From playstation to iPad this was astounding release all the graphics are nice and the car simulation is nice this release is the finest
~ A Google user
The worst controls in any video release in modern history. You touch the right side of the screen to turn, but the car only goes right and there's a gigantic delay. Touch the left side of the screen and instead of mapping it to go left, it's mapped to brake/reverse! Who designed this!? No acceleration button or virtual joystick. A total disaster I couldn't obtain through the opening sequence of forced gameplay. Not worth 10 cents.
~ Chris Firby
Attempting to break activates nitrous. You are supposed to keep on the left side of the screen to break. But since nitrous is activated on either side of the screen by swiping (even ever so slightly, apparently), if you are turning or not holding perfectly still while you are breaking it is very simple to have the intended control activated. This makes hot ride missions basically unplayable. The steering control, drifting, and graphics are nice. But not enough to negate the nitrous breaking.
~ Ray Holden
I expected it to be just like the nfs most wanted 2012 console ver. I spent 5 bucks just to obtain a pointless racing release that hardly has any obstacles and is idea to simple. The graphics I have to claim are very very impressive but I don't test for graphics I test to have fun. Variety of another racing releases out there just like this that you can obtain for nonpaid. There was no idea for me to claim if it was the same release as on console. I thought it would be but it wasn't. That needs fixed. In the end $5 waste
~ AdenSkates24
The things I don't like are; Cops seem to ONLY wish to hit you and slow you down, and there isn't any kind of Multiplayer another than Scoreboards. Another than that Product is nice, song is okay but, you can substitute that with your own song in the background testing from your Sound User. My device is a Budget Tablet and the release plays smoothly (except when my device run to obtain hot). But, I give it a 4 outta 5 from the only ver lacking Multiplayer.
~ Antoine Baker
I love it. To be honest, I like this release alot more than Need For Speed No Limits, however they stopped upgrading it, meaning it is far out of date.
~ Bobby Sue
Not Need for Speed Most Wanted. Diluted small ver of a console release. Garbage release and I want I should obtain my dollars back. Doesn't even work with my controller, like each another small release I have.
~ Conner Fuson
actually i give it 5 stars it was my device that sucked and wasnt compatible with the release. i actually have the razer device 2 and it runs beautifully, 120hrtz refresh rate woohoo.
~ James Sinnett
I first played this release back 2013 when I first opened the release started downloading all of the releases resources and back then the release assists used 3 Gbs. actually when I installed in on my newest device the resources were not there in the release's time file but it's obb file there was a 500 MB obb. when I started the release on my newest device within 20 sec I saw a error the gas cap had a black box around it and I am sure that it results all most all of the machines. so can the devs up date the obb or obbs.
~ A Google user
I paid for this release with hard earned dollars. Some body I don't care who better obtain it back up and running. or refund me my dollars. or its gonna be a trouble.
~ What
the release eliminates the finest parts of the original- the launch globe, having to outrun and lose the cops, and the custom paint jobs. a waste of 5 dollars
~ Patrick Covert
It doesn't create sense why these developers can create True Racing 3 have over 1000 cars but this release can only have 55 cars and 10 out of 50 songs from the true release. And if that isn't terrible enough, the gameplay is speedy-paced but horrible! the graphics are nice but the AI and the mechanics suck! AI usually follow a racing line and they never change their direction! The true Most Wanted was unstoppable problem and destructive chaos but then you came along to create it all "protected". Your ver is terrible.
~ TLM10's Gaming
DDPE!!! Nice races on castle ways. Challange from racers and police who are both serious about not seeing you create it to the finish line. Did i mention police pit manuevers and roadblocks? Graohics are great. Decent controls makes drifting only ok. Legit forgot about this release until NFS:No Limits went wack so not worth keeping installed. Updates to this release would zone this even better than No Limits when it was nice. At less than 1G this can not be slept on if you even remotely love racing!
~ Freq1c KnockStar
Solid controls, graphics, and gameplay. In release purchases are fully optional. No blueprints or shards, pay in-release currency and you obtain it. No fuss, no buts, no coconuts. A solid release by EA, and in my opinion, better than No Limits. Any fan of racing releases will enjoy.
~ Thermal
It was all fine till 2 Weeks ago on my ZenFone Zoom. NOW IT KEEPS ON CRASHING. please fix your release. if that ever happens then i will rate it 5 stars because it is a fun release, it just stoped working for me.
~ Austin Versteeg
love this release but it won't launch on my past two devices including my Samsung a70 that I'm using actually. (Nice device btw) Gets to checking license screen and crashes literally each time. Please fix this release is so nice. I paid full price when it came out.
~ Jonathan Berry
My son LOVES N4S releases. I do also at almost 40 years old. We love the N4S releases on the consoles (Xbox, PlayStation)! My son BEGGED me for the $5 for this release for 2 weeks. Finally I gave in after asking him to really think about it. NOT EVEN 5 mins after installing it, my son UNINSTALLED it. He's 10 and started testing video releases at 3 yrs old. This release was such a disappointment (especially since he loves the Xbox 360 ver of Most Wanted) and waste of dollars!! No Unpaid Roam like on Xbox 360
~ Jamie Connell
Gameplay was nice, graphics were cute decent. Trouble is the lack of substantial content for 2019 and judging by newest reviews, not to sure it will work on my actual device... Has typical EA microtransactions in a paid release... small release at that. Buyer Beware, not poor, not ideal. I would just test No Limits and place your dollars into that. Much more and more to do.
~ Austin King
the release is nice but should you add button controls and create it compatible with chromebooks because it it's not working on it .also not have to use a moga controllers on chromebooks. cool cars!😁😲😠 for recipients who don't like spending long time to obtain release dollars this one is very simple to earn! it's a tiny expensive but for a device it's nice!
~ Mario Saborio
The release runs directly in a race, and blocks access to the release's main menu until you complete this race. At first I figured the release was just malfunctioning. I docked 1 star for this. As with most racing releases you can unblock newest equipment with fake ingame dollars earned from races, but the this release also allows paying with true dollars. The entire target of paid releases is to avoid IAP and banners so I've docked other star for that. Graphics are nice, and release seems decent. This is merely a 1st impression.
~ A Google user
This release lacks realism,how does a Ford escape police machine able to hold up with and destroy my actual car, a Audi R8,that's not possible. Please add everyday rewards and the realism of running away from the cops and the cops attacking another machines besides the user. This release is based in a fantasy land. The company that makes this release can do so much better. I can't trust I was stupid enough to pay dollars for this release.
~ The Punisher