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About: Welcome to My Singing Creatures! Breed them, feed them, listen to them sing! Raise a creature pet, then feed your musical creature to support them grow. Take care of a collection of fun creature characters in this nonpaid musical release for the entire family! Make an island full of Singing Creatures, then watch your song evolve as you breed and upgrade glad creature pets. Design and build special decorations to create your globe look just the idea you wish, then share your creation with dudes! Youll love exploring the unbelievable fantasy land of the Creature Globe! Download My Singing Creatures today Satisfied Monstering! FEATURES: Accumulate and lvl up over 150 beautiful and funny creatures dragons are so last year. Customize your islands with cool decorations and catchy song Enjoy nice graphics and hero animation Test with dudes around the globe Find newest ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 71MB Developer: Big Blue Bubble
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My Singing Monsters Reviews and Comments:

Less than one star. This release tested my patience from the run, but actually it goes into an banner load automatically when I test to launch the release... except it won't load, just sits and spins. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, actually cannot recover release save. I've already wasted enough time on this dragged-out release to do it all over. Done.
~ EllyAnna
I downloaded this release again recently after not testing it for years. I forgot about it for a long time until it started trending again recently (memes). And I forgot how nice this release really is. Everything you do Is worth it to hear that sweet song. I love these songs, and I love these tiny dudes. I'm gonna 100% this release also subscribe to busbenchofficial on YouTube
~ Busbenchofficial
I like the release and all but when you first obtain on the release banners pop up. This needs to obtain fixed a.s.a.p it's annoying and no I'm not going to pay dollars to obtain rid of the banners..
~ Courtney Shewmaker
I'm annoyed because when I beat the 6 Memory release lvls I have literally never gotten anything better than 200 coins. Receive rid of this prize!!!
~ Den Bob
I love this release because it's so cool like it's not a challenge and it doesn't create me rage so I'm cool with it I love this release five star from me differently
~ Angela Williams
I'd Honestly Give A 5 Star, But The Reason For Only 4 Is, ITS.PAY.TO.WIN. Its Just Annoying To Have To Pay For Gems, Then Use More, Then More, Then EVEN MORE! WAYY TOO MUCH IS THIS PROBLEM! FIX IT!!!
~ Mudkip Fazbear
Its a cute nice release with nice song and its exciting to add a creature and hear more sounds! But I wouldn't recommend it to someone without patience because without it this release seems harsh.
~ Jadecraft 4
So fun and relaxing! I love it, its not to hard but its not to simple. And some of the creatures are adorable! I also like how you obtain to decide whether your creature lvls up or not, and if so, you obtain to decide what lvl they lvl up to.
~ Charlene Currence
It's so much fun, and highly addictive! The higher creatures take a while to breed and it can obtain a bit frustrating at times when it doesn't turn out to be th rdd creature you wanted, but it perfectly balances out well with the many another things you can do.
~ Gibbet
awsome release! everything in this is so much fun! but i want their was a chat where you should talk to another users. another than that, nice release!
~ Chanelle Reid
Finest release ever I've test,d this release before and I love it! altho I had to uninstall it last time because I muted my creatures before I left the release and each time I came back they would not sing but I'm sure that's PROBOBLY fix,d actually😸
~ Kristy Kennedy
Wait times become excessive cute early into the release, and it's apparent that they wish you to spend dollars to decrease the waits with the option to spend gems being available on nearly each thing in the release. Nice if you're not looking to now test a release but rather check in on a release each actually and then.
~ Daniel Jones
i love my singing creatures because...it can teach you a bunch of song equipment.Also,my song teacher claimed me about this.
~ K Ayukawa
I got this when it first came out and I loved it I check in on it each actually and again. each time I come back to check the release keeps getting better and better #1best release
~ Paradot Cut 5 XL 8
unless you are musically inclined or artisticly talented this release is not for you. i personally dont have an ounce of musicianal talent in a single fiber of my being, however thoae that are present off phenomenally. i love going to the top islands and listen to the songs. this release is nice fun but it still lags cute terrible. i suggest for those who just like to slay time
~ Michael Sanders
i have not played it for a long time and actually im reaching higher lvls! THIS IS TOO MUCH FUN! and also, you have just the right amount of banners! thank you for creating this release!
~ Nadia Ron
I love it. Whats annoying is that there is so much banners and I am not paying to obtain rid of them. Usually an banner finishes, it takes me straight to the release shop to that release
~ MemeTube
it would be MUCH better if you didn't have to wait so long to obtain creatures. I bred to obtain an entbrat and actually I have to wait 2 days to obtain it. REALLY. JUST REALLY. add a structure you should buy for like 150-500 diamonds that just skips the wait entirely. actually THAT would be genius. Also please add it to where you can change your fb connection to the release. I made a newest facebook and actually it thinks I'm someone else because someone is using my old number. also stop replying with bots you stupid lazy dev
~ Sage Samurai
i love it . it has a lot of different mosters and you can create actual song's! you could test it out . tho sometimes is does present adds but not very many. I'd suggest it ...
~ Leah Oak
The Google globe is a horrible zone. They wish access to all of your personal files, pictures, videos, documents and each thing else. They offer you nonpaid equipment by you downloading more releases and getting to a certain lvl. I often obtain offered a nonpaid spin for watching the same video for the thousand time. What really gets my dander up is when I wait for the video and then obtain a "no video available for you at this time." I miss the old days when corporations didnot run my life.
~ George Gleason
I LOVE this release. first of all, when the wublins are awakened there song aint half terrible. PLUS we can create our own song? WHAAAT?!? I LOVE IT! i would give 10 out of 5 if possible.
~ Anavictoria Baxter
hey busterd XD i like it alot thx blue bubble for makeing this release of you didnt each babe would think creatures are scary well some still do but...not..trying to claim that i like it. what My singing creature stand for Creature are nice.......i dont have any time to do a entire thingey magigey XD bye bye bye bye bye bye XD
~ Raul Padron
I love this release there's so many creatures with different sounds and different Islands in the release so much to search and by composer island you can create any song you like though it would be nice if there were more Islands and creatures still it's a nice release ^_^ I think it would be cool if it was on another things like notebook and ps4 xbox
~ A Google user
this release is so much fun, it really supports pass the time. as a musician that reads bass cleff, it makes it really hard for me to compose since i was never trained in treble. i hope that u might add a choice between composing in bass cleff and treble cleff
~ Milinium YT
Love this release!!! I recomend! Its fun and newest things are usually around the corner!!! I just want there was a idea to communicate with everyone in your tribe. -Mister Jessis
~ A Google user
Love the release! Very Musical but I a recommendation. you could be able to record the castle, werdos, the creatures on gold, wublin, and celestial, structures on wublin and celestial island( specifically time machine), and When you record, it could record for the whole song.
~ TheSupaCannonRaid 2131
it's a nice release over all but when you go to the activity board to obtain diamonds it send you to blogs that claim to be giving you 1000 dollar gift cards etc. they also claim you to fill out a survey and in the end you don't even obtain the diamonds . I just feel a release rated so highly would not send you to false blogs
~ A Google user
this release is not only really fun, but simple to test!! the guide goes through the entire release claiming you what to do at the time you need it, not 50 lvls ago. I personally enjoy this release a lot I reckon y'all could download
~ Faye Jones
I love the creativity! It gives me time to spend well on creating with my imagination! If I had babes, they'd love it. My 8 year old nephew can place his gigantic imagination into it. Highly reccommend this to everyone reading the ratings!
~ tammy harton
I love this release soooooo much! keeps me busy and im really addicted actually. gives me something to look forward to when i obtain home, and makes me glad. Although, you have to wait a really long gime for eggs AND then it goes to incubation... but i dont mind, i just watch a billion adds 😂😂 👌👌👌
~ Sketchy Bubbles
its a really fun release to test. its great for recipients who like to create song but dont have the equipment to do so! The thing is that i want that you should exchange dollars for diamonds and that daily you test youd obtain an award. Like diamonds or dollars. That would create the release even more exiting!
~ Maddy J
A superior, high quality release with frequent regulary occurring specials to test for. It's highly rewarding. Definitely a release I can test for years to come - and with no pay essential to advance, although I did spend $2.99 to remove banners and that came with a very generous starter box.
~ Alice Archer
this release is super fun! you obtain to create ur own song, and breed cool creature! You even obtain to see your dudes creature island!!! please obtain this release, it's fun, but I'm not forcing you to, just search a release you like! it doesn't have to be "My singing Creatures".
~ Reagan Day
it's a fun release, but there are just so many banners. i will just finish with one banner to just launch the release, and I'm attacked with other banner. it really is a hassle because when it finishes the banner it takes me to the release shop and brings me to the release it just advertised. I really don't like that it does this.
i have played this release many times before and have lost all my progress due to my correspondence being gmail and not acceptable during that time. which, im fine with since i connected my Fb to this newest island. what is making me hate this release actually, is that i missed all the applications of the rares. i am a collector kind, and since i missed the applications of all of those rares, i cannot obtain those rares back. i cannot even launch to obtain ANY of those rares because i started my islands later than them.
~ Infinity Forever
The release is nice everything works, but the banner watching thingy so you can like speed up thingsies, doesnt work (FIX PLEASE) And then scratching. It never lets me use it. It just claims that "You have already used scratch this week. Do you wish to use 10 diamonds to scratch?" Even though i have used my scratch a week ago (FIX) Nothing else (Except that its hard to obtain anything in the brain release than relics (1) meal (200) or coins (75, 000) or sometimes diamonds (2)
~ KasseGoo
I'd give this five stars if the release didn't occasionally ruin. I love this release and all but dang it's really irritating when it crashes each actually and then. You have to close the release fully then reopen it for it to run working again. Adverts each actually and then can be annoying too but I don't mind them as I understand you probably need those to hold the release up on the release shop. I love this release otherwise. <3
~ vampyyspacebat
Really nice release and fun to test. My one request though is if diamonds should be made easier to recived. I know they are supposed to be rare and everything, but some creatures cost quite alot, and I have no concept on how to obtain my hands on lots without buying them :/. Another than that it's a relaxing release to occasionally pop into and back out.
~ Eliza Newton
I love the release, it's tike consuming and if you love song like me, deffinetly a nice release. But the only trouble is that I can't log back into my main profile.. I just re-downloaded the release today after a couple years and I tried both my correspondences. I was cute far in the release and I had a lot of currency. I remember my player name and my password, but I'm not sure about the correspondence.. So it is kinda discouraging having to run over when I was decently far in the release, but another than that, nice release.
~ -Onzeker소년
This release is AMAZING. I was able to dude my dad and my mom and my brothers. I was able to obtain variety of islands and this is actually my newest favoured release. Thank you for making this. I cannot wait for the newest rare fire creatures! The modernized spin wheel is so fun! Can you add the g'joob and yawstritch to small? That would be fun. Satisfied monstering to everyone!!!!!
~ The one named me