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About: My OldBoy! is a full-featured and super-speedy emulator to run Product Lad and Product Lad Color releases on the broadest range of Mobile devices, from very weak-end devices to modern devices. It emulates accurately almost each aspect of the true hardware. Unique informations including feedback cable, rumble, and tilt sensor are also supported. You can also create your GB releases colourful by choosing a custom palette. Of course it does not just emulate the hardware. Thanks to the save state system, you can save progress at any time and return back to it immediately. And while enabling speedy-forward in release, you can quickly skip to the part of the release you are mostly interested in. Fastest emulation using ARM assembly code. Easy obtain to 60 FPS without frame skips even on very weak-end devices. Very nice release compatibility. Saves your battery as much as possible. ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Fast Emulator
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My OldBoy! - GBC Emulator Reviews and Comments:

im ok buying this and to help the developers and unblock the camera function.
~ A Google user
Tetris have a bug. When I hit run to pause, and resume, the next piece display sometimes disappeared..
~ Fai†h Z.Q. Lim
it works nice but when I test after a while the screen then runs blinking Edit: And actually it just runs blinking whenever I run the release
~ Pillar Sphinx
it works perfectly. I test my old pokemon releases when i obtain bored.
~ Wesley Cote
bought the full ver for no reason. expected Google drive sync, just like on MyBoy. very dissapointed. contain this functionality and will raise to 5 star.
~ Joseph Ayers
No Google drive help??? This information has been available for a long time with My Lad! Advance
~ Christopher Hartley
nice release, as is myboy itself. would pay 3 quid for a super ver with cloud save like myboy.
~ George Styles
Trying to feedback 2 devices through Bluetooth, but release is claiming that we need to have the same release files in order to feedback. Trying to test Pokemon Red, another device testing Pokemon Blue. This is confusing for something advertised as easy.
~ Jacob Tamez
I have bought this but can no longer download it to my device. I have had it downloaded to this exact device many times but actually I am unable to download it. Any another release on the shop downloads within 5 seconds, this release just claims installing forever.
~ mitchell swafford-cobb
A major bug. When testing the emulator sometimes it goes back to the load rom screen, effectively erasing all my progress unless I happened to save. Would give it a 5/5 if not. Fix this ASAP.
~ itsyaboii don
Unbelievable emulator. I've tried others but the interface and ease of use is a plus for me
~ Remington Christopher Yi Sprader
Nice ulator, has each information I should ask for. Paired with a Bluetooth controller its just like testing the original releases
~ Patrick Sullivan
Nice emulator, but I have to manually find for a release every time; it won't automatically detect any roms. Also, I have to exit the release and run it every time to pick other release.
~ Joseph Drew
It's a nice emulator that syncs well with the bluetooth controller I have. The ability to bind speedy save, speedy load and and button to adjust the speed of the release is a nice information.
~ Justin Denton
This is nice. Can test all my gameboy releases that i played as a babe finally. Plus you can also use gameshark tool codes for when you obtain stuck and frusterated lol
~ saab garage
It's awsome but I have one trouble when I press speedy forward on the release I am testing,the release song and sound goes away and when I turn off speedy forward the sound comes back.
~ Maverick McEntire
is there a decent blog to download roms to test each where I go it's either the release is no longer available or when I go to launch the file it claims there's nothing that can run it on my device and to launch the shop to search an release that will yet brings me back to this same release. So far it seems pointless to have paid for this release
~ bj fuller
Solid emulator overall just not what i was looking for sadly I wish to do GameBoy camera equipment and it only uses the front facing camera and i havent found a idea to swap to the rear camera basically making it unusable for taking anything but selfies with.
~ A Google user
This is one of the beat emulators I've ever used. there are very several things i would change or add and they are just aesthetic changes.
~ Michael Woods
GB Palette option literally does nothing. I only purchased this so I should easily do gameboy camera pictures with the classic green color scheme. But the option to now have to original green color literally has no result no matter what color I change to. I'll gladly give it a 5 star when this trouble is fixed.
~ Alex James
Honestly, Bomb! One thing I am not able to do is Card Pop on PTCG - Pokemon Trading Card Product or Url up Properly in any idea with a dude. Also learned that this is not the newest ver.
~ James De Vane
I really like this emulator because its so easy to use and it let you to also use the camera for the gameboy camera a information which all emulator are missing but this one is the finest its worth the dollars
~ omar guerrero
I liked the nonpaid so much I purchased it. Normally I used VBA on my PC, but for Mobile this is the finest. Better even than VBA, in some ideas, like saving naturally instead of save states, and simple multiplayer.
~ James Phillips
TOO EXPENSIVE! It's nice, but the only thing I wanted was GB Camera and Printer help. $4 for that is steep when there are another options that I prefer overall, some of which are fully nonpaid. Also hasn't been modernized IN OVER TWO YEARS!
~ Richard Craig
Allow me run off by claiming I'm loving the release only one thing I've found wong is "local feedback" doesn't seem to be working (testing Pokemon Yellow trading to Blue but I've also tried Blue to Red and Red to Yellow with no luck) and it just crashes the second instance fix this and I'll give it the 5/5 it deserves
~ Zhirpcip
I really like this, it's nice nostalgia to test these releases again, such nice memories. Also what's the release that's in the pics?
~ Gogetic1
Love both your gameboy and the gameboy advanced emulator and paid for them for no another reason but to help your work. Would be 5 stars but im currently getting a glitch where ever so often the screen flinkers horribly and i have to restart my device to fix it. Should you fix this trouble please.
~ Arran Airlie
I got this to enjoy the original Pokémon red & blue again. Plays really well and all the nice glitches of gen 1 are still exploitable. However the only the thing stopping me from giving this a 5 star is the local feedback function... It crashes the emulator without fail having two releases up and linked them. So no Pokémon trades and fortunately.
~ bedsidetable
It's a great replica of the old Gameboy! Been testing Pokémon Yellow and excatly the same idea feel like testing old school retro like I have on me my old Gameboy. 5* would definitely suggest to anyone who's wanting to test old school Gameboy releases! (Just want they were more explanatory about how to install or receive the Gameboy release files) as I spent nearly 30 mins tryna work out how to receive a Gameboy release file onto my emulator but had support from a dude eventually so all nice!
~ Chalky White
I love My OldBoy! because I can relieve my favoured Pokémon releases at any time without worrying about AA batteries or lugging my laptop around. I've never had any troubles with it not working, and I've been using it for years. All my releases run nice.
~ Artemis Shepard
I got this for the pokemon releases. Works very well. You can trade pokemon just need the nonpaid one on other device and have all the same pokemon roms. And you can feedback up from red to blue or crystal to gold or what ever color you wish. Thank you for this release. Hold up the nice work!!!!
~ Patrick Mark
honestly the finest GB emulator I've used on a device. plus it costs as much as a soda so if it wasn't nice i wouldn't care. one thing that annoys me is that the GB and GBA arw not the same emulator like most of the others
~ caleb seegrist
I was shot and killed by a swat squad for pirating 20 year old releases. Worth it. In all seriousness this release is nice, definitely worth the $3.99 ($4.99? I can't even remember how much it costs). The controls layout being customizable is a gigantic plus, and the "tool" code system is easy and simple to use. I hear its it's possible to do local online multiplayer, which I'm definitely going to have to test out asap.
~ polarknight 537
Why is it asking me to buy the release when I already paid for it!? I'm just trying to download the release to my device because I broke my device. I love the release, it lets me test releases from when I was in elementary. It's a nice release, but, I'm not buying the same release twice!!
~ Pyro Tha Don
It is a great emulator that I've been using for long time but I noticed that My Lad has a sync with cloud function and My OldBoy doesn't have it. I've lost an whole Pokemon release save today and I was looking a idea to hold it protected on a cloud in someway. Would be great to have that option here as well.
~ Juan Lau
Finally, a GB(C) emulator that also emulated all of the missing functions others don't have, such as the camera, printer, wireless "feedback cable", rumble pak and tilt motion help. However, you left behind the ability to switch between front and rear cameras, as well as the infrared port.
~ Eduardo Gonzalez
Just copied this from GBA review i did. I've had this release for a several years & never had any troubles. I'm not sure how much of a playing I give it but it runs any releases I've tried to use. The feedback emulator works with no troubles & its all really simple to use after watching a short YouTube video. I've used it with a Galaxy S7 & S8. Would suggest.
~ Joe cooper
Nice emulator. One trouble with it though. My battery saving mode will change my screen resolution, and whenever that changes all my button layouts obtain restart. Reverting the resultion does not restore the layouts. Chromecast help would be nice, too.
~ andrew rivard
I purchased this because I thought "Wi-Fi (Server)" would allow me host a server for anybody to join. Because that would create sense. But it only lets you host a local wi-fi server for recipients on the same network. Why can't I use my device's IP instead of my local one and host a server anybody from anywhere can join? Extremely misleading. I paid dollars on the BASIS that I would be able to host an online server. I feel I was scammed.
~ Jesse Sails
the emulation is nice, but i have an trouble; it burns the still photo of the controllers, on my screen, so actually i see them after im done testing. if developer should do something to prevent this, like an option to create the collors of all the controllers cycle continually, or something else, this would be a nice.
~ 666khaymanxxx