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About: Welcome to My Home, a zone that you can create your dream come real! Test this fun addictive match 3 release and create your dream home-design FOR FREE! From a condo to a mansion or even a villa, you can design and decorate everything on your device by your fingertips! Enjoy the release that fuses colourful matching puzzle lvls with a home you restore, remake and decorate. Many nonpaid styles and furniture combinations await you in-release! Don't forget to stop by your landlord or finest dude's house to catch up and talk about your dream! Come and download to design your home for nonpaid actually! Product informations: * House Design: Launch-ended addictive puzzle gameplay. Different styles at your disposal! Remake and restore your houses all by yourself! * Exciting match 3 lvls: Hundreds of challenging match-3 lvls with many nice boosters. More matching challenging means ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 79MB Developer: Zentertain
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My Home - Design Dreams Reviews and Comments:

This release gets frusrtating at times. It just took me 38 times to beat one lvl. Thats crazy. Its shouldnt be THAT hard to pass one lvl. Another then it taking forever to pass a lvl. Designing the rooms is fun.
~ Amo A
is this a release or "dollars" releases? well, we need to wait 30 mins to obtain 1 live. and whenever i obtain such nonpaid lives to test from dudes on fb, THEY MAKE A LIMIT, that i can use my nonpaid lives from dudes only 3 times? omg lollll, what. HAHAHAHA i guess that they limit my dudes to give me lives too. like, only 7 lives to test.
~ dina amalia
i love this release. Very interesting and challenging. currently i reached to lvl 592 but somehow it is so hard to pass it. Overall i like it.
~ Syaz Wani
I got in here because I love to decorate. You create it a most impossible as the release goes on to do so. You are making the releases to hard. I'm about ready to uninstall
~ Karen Wonfor
not just a home design release it is so fun idea more than i expected 10/10 love love love this release ! nice quality too! super realistic LOVE THIS!!!! download it actually ya'll. #bestgameeva
~ Joanne Goodloe
Addictive, Relaxing and very Enjoyable to test for hours and you don't even realize you've been testing for hours. only want there was another ideas to obtain more in release softwares also at least a tiny more frequent.
~ Avis Acquafredda
i like it you can obtain constructive and you can test releases but i do want you should accumulate more coins at one time and i also want there were more than just one release to test but over all the release is really a nice release i would test all the time.
~ Malea Stingley
Nice release!!!! I love it and I love all the furniture designs. Lvls are simple to pass and love the transition. It isn't a typical matching release. Love it!
~ Rio Roque
I liked the release and played it a lot, great graphics, but I got stuck on lvl 39 for five days. You can only test 5 releases at a time to beat the lvl. I had to delete the release because I was testing the same lvl over and over so I wasn't able to progress and continue decorating.
~ Tina Williams
I don't like the fact that U wish me to clear 80 carpet peace but Only give Me 30 moves??? I had to lose All I had built Up, plus test the same bored 10 Times!!! Just to obtain an opportunity To Victory, and this wasn't even A Difficult lvl!!! Well it was for me....I love this release!!! I'm just disappointed in the mind set that every board, Gives you less than half of the Moves to beat it!On top of that, the tile pieces plus the spoons are two hit take Out!!! I don't know ware Yal buy this high furniture!!
~ Gwentona Sylve
Glitchy! Test a round, victory like 600 coins, it freezes up. By the time you're able to obtain back to buy a newest room item, the coins have just 'disappeared' and you have to run all over. Causes the device to freeze. I had to uninstall it.
~ Joleigh Grey
The finest release ever.I really love it.It is really a great release for babes too.The furniture is so nice.It is the coolest and finest release i ever test.But if you test matching releases and the time is up 😭😭.This release is the finest.Download it everybody.DOWNLOAD IT.IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER?!
~ Firdaus Chung
It's so fun you I can't obtain any better this to me this is at 5 star release I hope that you loveless release If you read this don't look at the another the another ratings and you will love it!
~ Oh Julia
nice release except when it's not working properly and you report the trouble, no one fixes it, no one contacts you....nothing happens! you might as well claim it to your dog, the same thing will happen....nothing! we used to love testing this, actually we are looking for something else. -modernization- if you complain alot apparently they penalize you by booting you out at key moments so your lvls obtain much harder to clear, if you can obtain all your plays! so sad.😕
~ brian hines
Lvl 105. the stuffed animals that im needed to remove from the lvl arent counting when i obtain them to the bottom. So for example some of them that i eliminate wont present up on the side. 4 animals are needed and ive finished the objective at least 7 times and even got up to 6 , it would still present as if i only got 2 in . its lagging .
~ Liza Scorps
it's not what I expected. I test it each day. some of the board's are challenging and it takes awhile to complete a room. I'd like more ideas to obtain rockets and bombs
~ A Google user
Hours of nice fun. I love this release. I am at lvl 105 13/4/2019. I have had no trouble or banners interfering during my release. Thank you. still the most played release on my device. 5 stars are nice. I'm still going powerful please hold making your users glad and hold giving freebies. It's going well still glad 😊.
~ A Google user
i like this release but a couple of things need addressing like when i obtain an meeting room basket it usually takes 6 hours before you can take other stroll perhaps create it a tiny less like 4 hours, for some reason my basket is not re filling so will not allow me test, im finding this frustrating as i cannot carry on, if you can rectify this then i will give it 5 stars.!!!
~ Shaz The Boss
you are the finest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ AJ The fire mincrart Akin
the longer you test the less points you obtain, the more furniture costs and the harder lvls obtain without bought gifts. Tried to ignore constant alerts to buy the release but it gets to a target where you have to spend dollars to progress or you'll be stuck on the same lvl until you obtain lucky, some gifts will also create you lose.
~ Ceelie Fox
I wanted a design release but I rarely obtain to now decorate. Product lvls become too hard and don't pay enough. After the first room design elements become too expensive. I wanted to design, not test releases.
~ Jennifer Gibson
this is a nice release it is very neat and fun.it is very simple,but can be hard.it is not special but still very soothing.it is a nice gameif your just trying to relax and if u like to just create houses look nice. it is a nice release.its nice if you like to design houses.and it supports you dream on what you wish your to look like when u obtain a house.it is a nice release so !ake sure i test the release please just test it.
~ Aiden Andstedt
This release wants your dollars! Lost interest by 2nd room that you can't complete without buying a piece of furniture for a 1000 in-release dollars and you only run out with 50. Will stick to another releases that let for slow test for those who don't wish to spend dollars. Second star for cute graphics but not worth it. Dollary pit uninstalled.
~ Diana Monzon
I like the idea and the release test. I do not like is how hard it is to gain enough stars to decorate. and with each lvl it costs more and more. I do not spend dollars to test, therefore I deal with the banners, but even that is starting to obtain ridiculous as they testing anytime you switch screens to a room or from a match release.. You create dollars on the banners, but pass nothing on. You suck at design too. Then if you do offer better design it will cost me! UNINSTALLING
~ Doreen Ballard
Furniture etc is too expensive , release lvls are so hard it takes weeks to obtain enough dollars to now but anything. When you finally earn enough the decorating options are pitiful. 3 choices of furniture that took you friggin weeks to receive. Create release lvls easier . Give more decorating options. And it will be more enjoyable for users and your ratings will go up. Nice design releases are in demand , listen to your users and create it better. No one wants to spend dollars on a nonpaid release.
~ LaLa Puddle
Like this release but why even have the suburban stroll if it is impossible to do! I obtain up to about 11 and inevitably run out of moves. Ridiculous! I can use 6 moves in the first 5 releases every and yet still end up with none by release 11. I'm done being cheated.
~ Kyla Briggs
Fun and Challenging. I love this release alot its very fun and challenging. To really be honest I love all of the releases where I have to work to obtain things for a house or a hotel. Its all nice. Anyone who has not downloaded it I recommend you do because I dont normall rate releases.
~ Alianna Petgrave
seems to be an okay release. I've only just began and so I can not claim to much about it just yet. I will test some more and co.e back to modernization my review for you all. Sometimes we all just need something to hold our minds busy on something besides the gigantic amounts of stress in each day life.
~ Nikki Mears-Crader
It is a nice release. I am not going to stop testing anytime quick. One criticisms is that the release pushes you to buy assistance to obtain through the higher you reach in lvls. I found the releases much more interesting and doable than #Homescape and the design choices much better.
~ Michelle Hartley
I loved this release... Very interesting and fun release, it will definately reduce your stress. Now I am very much addicted towards this release. I tried very hard that I'll not test till my board exams but i cant stop myself. So much addicted towards this release. The fault is only that there are some lvls which are really very hard and take much time to cmplt so I request u to create some changes in this. But after much efforts I have finished lvl 425. Sincerely I appereciate this release...
~ Vaishnavi Nagothkar
love the release but idea too expensive unless you spend dollars for boosters! Sometimes i replayed a lvl 30 times before i pass it and lets claim i spend a 1.00$ on the release and when you go to test the lvl you've been trying to beat for so long you finally pass it because its easy to pass after i buy boosters to me thats not fair gaming at all! The dev's really need to come up with another ideas of passing lvls and having fun instead of getting frustrated and then uninstalling it
~ Melissa Sprinkle
1. the number of receiving energy from dudes is limited (5 times at most per day only) 2. some stages are very hard to break even though they are not the hardest one, which is annoying to hold testing. 3. the price of every item in a room is somewhat expensive 4. the reward of every scene except the hard one is too less to gather until the coins become the certain amounts to buy and launch one item. to conclude, it is far behind the another related kind of releases, just making players annoyed.
~ 한유미
Idea idea WAY too much emphasis on super currency. I fully understand the reasoning behind it for a couple of equipment per room, but when you slog away to earn enough tokens to unblock an item to search that you need super currency to access all the options it's a bit soul crushing. Of course this isn't so much of a trouble at the run of the release, but the further in you obtain, the less you design the rooms to your personal style without feeling the need to pay (Or wait weeks to earn enough)
~ Jimi Croker
Challenging and Enjoyable!!! Should test for hours!!! l like the choices of updates! I test each day!!! It may take a tiny time to obtain from one lvl to the next, but that in itself is very satisfying.
~ A Google user
I am having troubles with the release freezing up on me after the newest modernization. I am on lvl 106. It is freezing Usually I test to test! I give up! Sorry! Cause I really was enjoying the release. Its really disappointing! Everything Else is just Nice! I will hopefully obtain a respond to the trouble. Thanks
~ Nina Grayson
It's beautiful and fun! My one criticism is that you need coins AND dollars to unblock equipment. Coins are simple to accumulate, but of course dollars are more hard. But that's ok, I'll do what I can using the coins and enjoy the beautiful characters and great furniture options!
~ Chelsea Holmes
ok, to expensive. 23 times to clear one lvl because I don't have the dollars to buy their boosters, there is only one idea to obtain the "dollars" to finish your room and thats to buy it. Its was fun in the beginning, but actually not so much. I just uninstalled the release. To hard to test without dollars and I don't have any. Reading the another negative reviews cute much claims the same thing.
~ Robyn Owen
nice release! very addictive! lots of fun lvls full of fun challenges. I love testing this release whenever I have time to slay. I love that you can pick different decorations and decorations. when I run out of lives I can still have fun decorating my house while my lives regenerate. the developers are very responsive and useful. I love that it is not only a nice release but that it also has great and useful recipients behind it.
~ Shanna Broussard
Honestly, it's one of my go to releases since I've started testing around December. I was drawn in by the beautiful graphics and I was sold on the puzzle release that it is since I love these puzzle kind walkthrough releases. They also have holidays like meetings too so that's usually fun.
~ Cynthia Lei
Not many recipients will adopt but alot will adopt with this... Challenges on this are sometimes hard when timers are only short! I suggest this release isn't better than Design Home. It's still nice but I wish an modernization quick! The 'Regular Rewards' are nice! My "Regular Reward" is on Day 2 I haven't had this release for a long time. I'd claim I would have this release for 5 more days then uninstall this release for more apps♡♡♡ ♡By Brooke♡
~ Arielle Plays Gacha Life