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About: My Unpaid Farm 2 Make your own Farm! Experience the colourful globe of My Unpaid Farm 2. Cultivate your fields, hold and care for cuddly animals and process your farm recent produce into all kinds of unbelievable hand-crafted products. The possibilities are limitless! Allow yourself be enchanted by this extraordinary farm release and search My Unpaid Farm 2! Incredible Farm Product Occasions! My Unpaid Farm offers you an impressive 3D farm setting. Decorate your farm with pretty decorations, build all kinds of production buildings, create virtual dudes with your fellow users and dive into a lovingly detailed globe. Zoom in close to admire the stunning information on your plants and animal and search each corner of your farm property. Create use of countless farm release informations: Grow variety of crops Hold and care for adorable animals Manufacture fabulous farm goo ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 87MB Developer: upjers GmbH [email protected]
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My Free Farm 2 Reviews and Comments:

is a preety cool release (o゚ω゚o)
~ Jessica anna
it was nice and it was nice when I started because it claimed me what to do and I did not obtain stuck
~ A Google user
i got this release in order to obtain Amino coins lel, but i like the idea of this release, and the arrtstyle is nice, not the finest, but nice looking release
~ A Google user
Very enjoyable and now playable without having to buy things! This is the only release that's gotten me hooked!
~ C T
download this release for credit on other release and it wont even go past the main screen...
~ Stephanie Stallings
Difficult to earn Diamonds and too nice an increase in step-up of diamonds required e.g. 1st lvl up is 2 then 2nd lvl up jumps clear to 10-20 needed slow progression that idea.
~ Tina Flanders-Biery
having loading troubles. device is nice your another releases load can't rate what I can't obtain.
~ A Google user
you cant create enough to transport on. stuck on lvl 8 cause if it. not worth the download
~ A Google user
nice for users with patience. takes time to create progress between lvls.
~ tere troche
fun ... so far fun release and don't have to spend dollars to test.. very slow moving release thou.
~ Krissy Peterson
I just started but so far it looks like a keeper. I will rate it again quick. Hold up the nice work.
~ Kathreen Gilbert
Spent a nice several hours on this release yesterday. Gone back on today and it's fully wiped and restarted and can't access my original release. Think you need to work on a better idea of saving. Uninstalled.
~ Fay Clark
So much fun to test on my device!
~ M Chambers
I origonally downloaded this to obtain Avacoins on Avakin Life, but I ended up really enjoying it!!!
~ Gacha Girl
Just got it for the avacoins
~ The Queen Of Awkwardness
The graphics are fun, and the animals are beautiful! I think it progresses at a cute nice speed, even in the beginning and I like that decorations drop upgrade materials for buildings
~ Jenny Zinski
i love this fun release i now saved Easter picture
~ Alex Clancy
i like this release its a nice release very cool
~ Raymond Holley
Hey! or shall I claim "HAY",All of you musicians could obtain in on this!! Slide guitar on babe releases!! **yeah...i am still a babe @heart!! Nice for my memory too!!😘😲🏰🇬🇧😪
~ Christine Todd
wont launch actually. I was enjoying the release but actually it wont launch as of today.... modernization up and working after their maintenance. Thank you Upjers!
~ AR
Occasionally annoying when you can't perform certain tasks, like actually for example...how am I supposed tovplant catskins when it asks me to modernization first, yet the release gives no such possibility. Otherwise quite fun and addicting
~ Draženka Šeović
extremely overpriced annoying how stupid the ai is
~ A Google user
Nice release for the short time I have been testing. Needs more guide at the beginning. Having fun except for when it keeps dropping out, which is half the time.
~ Sandra Jorgensen
classic farm release keeps you busy, I like it
~ Brenda Mathiason
just like any another farm release but still fun
~ Tabatha Mcgahey
The release stop uploading when you reach a certain lvl. Actually January 14, 2019, still having the same troubles. January 16, 2019 the release got a message about a modernization and send me to the test shop, but there is no modernization.
~ A Google user
Takes forever to obtain coins and gems i hate releases like this
~ Zella B
I'm a Window PC guy and use an emulator to test the release so the words and numbers are much larger than on my Mobile device. I'm sure that when I obtain an Mobile desktop pc, my ratings for the release will elevate. I'm aware of the blog ver but it doesn't suit me, primarily because the picture is too tiny and I would have to learn a newest idea to control the view size and angle.
~ Russell Hank
nice release simple to test and fun. I love the graphics.
~ Michael Willstein
super terrible release release in lvl 1 u can do a lot of things not suggested for you 😝😧😡😡😡
~ Aylin Gonzalez
This is the one of the finest release what I have ever seen ;)
~ Elfy Comment
im giving it 3 Stars because im having problem with the release and its freezing up.
~ imCrazyLove love
fun release, type of a pain that it keeps stopping and having to reconnect.
~ Pathways to Happiness
Nothing nonpaid about it, i just started & am already out of coins & gems. Most decorations need gems to buy & no matter how many things you sell you dont end up with enough coins to transport on!
~ Tracey Courage
~ Penny Jones-Forsythe
So far this is cute nice and I'm enjoying myself. In the early stages of the release will modernization review when I've gotten to higher lvls.
~ Yvonne Amoh
~ Metria Pinson
I enjoy this release, wait time for production is nice, beautiful story, no troubles, thanks!
~ Racheal Hinds
I really enjoy this release and the graphics are nice! Crops grow speedy too and producing equipment doesn't take forever. Not a speedy paced release and that's what I like about it. You just take your time and it is very relaxing.
~ Pam Gooch
Level 45 been testing for a while. Nice release if you're a patient person as acquiring diamonds without paying for them takes a while. Not having simple access to diamonds does however increase the longevity of the release if you're patient enough to wait to earn them.
~ A Google user