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About: Welcome to My Town: Home. Drop by and visit your neighbors, Search your house to search hidden treasures, check out the newest fashion and even create your own clothing at the fashion shop! Everything is possible in My Town. With lots of fully newest characters, rooms, clothing and cool accessories each day is a newest journey where babes obtain to Test, Search and Imagine. Search Your Town Home Search your newest home and visit your friendly neighbors. Can you search the two baby kittens hiding? Will you fix the leaking water pipe? Travel and fun can be found everywhere in My Town. A Newest Storyline Each Day Mom and Dad are away? It's a nice opportunity to keep a party in the living room. Simply throw the pizza in the oven, turn on the disco ball and allow the song test. With so many rooms and characters, we offer babes infinite options for there very own pretend test release. ... Show more
Genre: Educational Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 61MB Developer: My Town Games Ltd
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Developer: Google LLC

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About: Pixel Art - Animals poly coloring by number is a coloring game with numbering specifically for animal art Pixel Art - Animals poly coloring by number only need to draw colors with the right numbers and you will have a funny work. No need for any skills! Great interesting pictures about the animal world in pixel art games, waiting for you to be accepted! Including: >Save your pixel artwork and share with your friends > Simple and easy to redraw sandboxes > make your image into pixel art...

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Developer: IDZ Digital Private Limited [email protected]kidlo.com

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About: A new modern post has opened in the Hippo town! Do you want to learn more about the profession of the postman? Do you want to turn on a quadcopter and look after delivery of parcels and letters? Or maybe you are interested n the work of policeman on the post, how customs office checks parcels and letters, and what interesting tasks the modern post has? Then let's go together with our beloved Hippy to a new post office. The post is waiting! Today you are a chief postman! Educational profession...

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Developer: THE 3 DREAMS SA [email protected]


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About: Fun and intuitive matching game for your toddler! Baby Phone is an intuitive game for children from 2 to 5 years old, easy learning of numbers! Your baby will be able to study the numbers, learn the voices of animals, repeat combinations of numbers. Features: - Intuitive application with pleasant music and atmosphere. - Study the numbers from 0-9. - Remember the voices of animals - Record your voice. - Mini-game with replays 'Where is the number', 'Where is the pet'. The baby can...

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About: This app is great for making kids want to learn multiplication in a fun way. When the answer is write/wrong the user receives a message from a computer voice. The messages are motivational and funny....

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Developer: bkashley [email protected]



My City : Home Reviews and Comments:

irresponsible and misleading. there is very very tiny to do and there are many doors to click that just advertise the another releases which are all $3 every as well. my four year old is really disappointed.
~ Margot Darko
My release won't work for some reason
~ Kami M.
I love this release worth the dollars
~ Krister Willgren
Love it. My castle is vary cool.
~ Theresa Seeling
love it so much fun to test
~ A Google user
I like this release but the release is wish buy
~ A Google user
finest release I've ever played from you
~ A Google user
It's fun also I love the release its epic😀😀🤗🤗🤗☺☺☺🤩🤩🤩🤩😋😋😋
~ ron haragan
my castle home is have't truble can you please support thank
~ MaryGrace Schramm
~ Brooke Lorde
this release is so fun
~ Cheyne world
I wish a refund.
~ Keasia Roberson
it's nice
~ Portia Wright
I love this!!!!😊😊😊
~ David Campbell
Can you please add a Christmas ver?
~ Chennanoah James
wouldn't refund
~ Jay PZ
Love it so much
~ Sarah Dyhrberg
create them nonpaid and my city all of them
~ Cue Grant
Purchased the my castle series fo my babes and they love it
~ A R
no I don't think you could you have to buy then buy either release nooo
~ Anna fam
I thought it was quite a nice release but when you click on the doors you have to wait like a minute for it just to come as other room.
~ A Google user
I love it I want the another ones where nonpaid and it's about to be chirstimas
~ alexa remean
This release is nice i played for 3 hours straight. But may you please add more characters and school for the babes.
~ Taylor Foxy Gacha
well i can claim that i wish to obtain all the my city releases so i wish to have them for sell for nonpaid thats why i rated 3 stars if you place all the my city releases nonpaid i will give 5 stars
~ Rosalind T
nice my babe loved it she claimed that's she going to dress herself up as them
~ Ann Houlden
It wont stop sending me the same gifs ever day.
~ Emily Radnedge
Like the release but the connection between home and dentist, office, and after school does not work. Home doesn't connect to any of the another releases.
~ Tawana Cobb
It's nice I 💓 it but the bottom apartment needs a crib for the baby and a cat bed and can the top apartment have cool mugs like the bottom one thanks oh and can u please launch up the park and a dentist and a newest apartment and a market and a library please sorry for the amount but can you also do care and baby prams and tiny dolls for the tiny women and Christmas tree too bye thanks hope you obtain them and a doctor's NOT A HOSPITAL A DOCTORS thanks oh and a toy market and a harry potter release
~ Family Crooke
nun off my, my castle gams are workin please fix
~ divaboss tv
My city releases really, but actually I'm just bout to delete all the ones that I have because they don't freaking work.I was just about to create a video using this release for youtube to claim recipients to obtain this release and I was about to do like, go to roleplay and when I was starting my roleplay for this. The territory I was at was my castle dentist visit.upstairs in the house, first thing that messed up was the woman that I was using kept disappearing for some reason, so I was already furious you're lucky I can't e
~ A Google user
As a sims fan this is a great lite globe to search on my device and customize cartoon families and less crashy than MyTown. I would love to see more baby hairstyles, a school, a hospital or clinic, and a beach or pool. Also would be fun to have more customization options for decorating homes. Overall cool time waster and this review is not from a babe but an adult who likes virtual worlds to test with concepts for constructive writing or just to dress up recipients.
~ Laura Gilmour
You guys could create the rest of the releases nonpaid... Because we paid lots of dollars on this release... Also you could have more territories in the 1st release at least create other zone for us to search... Another then this I loved the release and I love all of the another releases hold making more releases!👍👍👍😉 or just one of the another releases nonpaid.
~ A Google user
Nice create them all nonpaid and also add a car
~ Adebola Mesele
I love this series but the furniture truck comes each time I do something so I cant test it . If it was fixed it would be five stars.
~ puggirl 1003
I really like all your releases but the trouble is can you create the releases nonpaid.I like all you my castle releases but can you create more of them?Love the releases and I subscribed to your channel
~ A Google user
I super love this release it's so nice and realistic. I just hate that you have to buy the apps
~ A Google user
the release keeps looping, the truck wont stop delevring th same compuer over and over.
~ game.dreamers
I love this release so much. Can you please add a schools like a Elementary, Middle and high school with school bus. you could create teenagers and pets and cars. please create a regular hospital with a pediatric Center. Thanks😀😀😀
~ Zaaria Danielle
so, l like to watch youtubers like theodd1sout and jaiden animations. it inspired me to create a series where that blonde haired woman is an animator like them and she has lots of crazy realistic like stories. PLZ DOWNLOAD THIS ITS WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Sheena Crant-Vallis
This is a nice release, though I was quite disappointed when I found out you had to buy another releases to unblock another parts. The apartments are very tiny, and some times the create - up doesn't apply on certain recipients. Over all, I would suggest the release to my dudes. A recommendation would be if you should create the releases cheaper or nonpaid, or add more to the release. I enjoyed testing this, on some behalf.
~ M e l l o Y u n i