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About: Murder in the Alps is a release like no another. It is a completely interactive crime novel with nice gameplay informations. Travel back to the 1930s, solve many mysteries and experience the authentic atmosphere of the time. The storyline is set in a hotel tucked away in one of the most pretty territories in the Alps. But things quickly take a turn for the worst. The tale launches when one of the guests goes missing, and it is not long before another strange meetings run to occur. Anna Myers, a journalist from Zurich who is holidaying at the hotel, takes it upon herself to solve the mystery. With every newest day the plot thickens, and Anna gotta decide which one of the ten mysterious characters should be the aggressor. As the release progresses, you will visit many special territories, from the airy beauty of the Alps, to the depths of blood-filled cellars. Experience the immersi ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 97MB Developer: Nordcurrent
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Murder in the Alps Reviews and Comments:

Fun Product with nice graphics but the limited energy you obtain and the tremendous amount needed to complete actions only give you around 5 minutes of test time before you are out. Probably a scheme to obtain recipients to buy more energy with actual dollars. Disappointed as this should be a really fun release if I should test for longer than 5 minutes...
~ Heather Smith
I wish to test this release so terrible, its interesting and the strory seems intriguing. But seriously, testing for 10 mins and then having to wait something like a day just to replenish you energy, and then be allowed to test other 10 mins?? That's just not right. I'm not going to spend gigantic amounts of dollars just to obtain a tiny more test time. This release should be nice, but I see no target in testing it as it is actually
~ Reöna Nkicha
Nice release unfortunately unless you wish to spend a tiny fortune on energy you have to wait over a day for more energy just so you can test for 15 minutes it's to terrible cause it's a nice release also when are the another chapters going to launch up? I have energy but can't continue testing because the another chapters are not launch. Just completed testing chapter 2 of part 2 after waiting few months for it to come out wondering how long it will take to obtain the next chapter, hope it's not as long this time
~ david olson
nice release, nice graphics just one trouble. When in the item find sections if you run out of energy half idea through and leave and come back its runs at the run again. Basically wasting the energy youve saved up and theres no idea to claim if you can completely complete the lvl. And on top of that you cant even pick to watch banners for energy, youre forced to wait for more than a day to obtain your energy back to full. If this trouble was fixed it would be a 5 out of 5 for sure.
Interesting release with nice graphics yet the energy lvls used to test are worse than any release I've ever played. It takes only mins to use up all your energy especially since even video scenes use energy yet it takes more than 24hrs for the energy to renew. Has the potential to be a nice release if the energy was quicker to build up.
~ Joy W
you run out of energy in less then 5 mins. then when your energy recharges it runs you off at a later target then where you ended so you have to use more energy to do something you already did. energy charges so slow it takes a day to be recharge. so unless your planing on spending dollars it takes forever to progress. not worth the time
~ tanya Dvorak
takes too long for energy to fill up, some things use up energy too quickly, if I have to stop testing because I'm out of energy, I go back when my energy is restored & I have to search the things I found already wasting energy I shouldn't have required to use. just actually my device opened an release while I was testing, I went back not 10 seconds later & had to search the things I just found using up more energy. All equipment I found the last time I played. please fix and reduce time for energy to replenish
~ Sue Gresalfi
I like the puzzles and the hidden object scenes, but I hate how after 3 mins all of my energy is gone and it takes almost 24 hours to replenish to full. This horrible pace makes me forget about the release can't rate it any higher if most of the time it's unplayable. Do something about how ridiculous the energy drain is and I'll rethink my rating.
~ Jake Pac
Constantly out of "energy". The release is unplayable. I was hopeful this would be a nice release, but was allow down. I wouldn't mind paying a one time payment to buy the release and be able to finish it, but they're effectively demanding you stream a constant flow of dollars to them if you ever wish to obtain past the first mini release. This is a finished rip off.
~ Brian Rottler
Interesting storyline. Related to another "hidden objects" kind releases. My largest critique of the release is the idea energy is used up. For example, if you're entering a hidden objects release it requires 5 energy for every object you search. If you need to search 15 equipment it will cost you 75 energy (15x5=75) to complete. If you have to stop in the middle of it, you've used up that energy but when you come back to it later, you have to use that energy again because it doesn't save what you've already done.
~ Sean Rivera
The idea energy is used in this release is just plain wrong. Practically fraud. Any time you pick up one of the dozen things in every stage the release asks you to pick up? 10 every. Solving a puzzle? That's 20. All those exposition scenes you have to watch to transport forward? That's 30. I accidentally purchased 2500 energy but decided to go with it rather than war it. By the time I completed a run-of-the-mill lvl, I was down to 325. I'll use what I paid for, but after that I'm uninstalling this piece of s-
~ Pete Considine
don't download!!! nice graphics and acting, but the energy trouble is just absolutely ridiculous. EVERYTHING you do costs energy, and yet you only obtain 1 energy each 8 mins. can't test for more than 2-3 mins each several hours before you run out of energy. you cant even watch banners to obtain more energy. disgustingly dollars hungry, pay to test "nonpaid" release.
~ Mariana Piccione
I really like the release, but the energy component is cute poor. 1⚡ each 8 mins almost fully neutralizes how nice the release is. This is just one example, but it costs 5⚡when you search (and tap) *one* item in a hidden objects stage... idk, I can only speak for me ofc but as much as I like the release, this type of thing is a deal breaker- which is disappointing bc of how interesting the gameplay is. Enjoyed it very much while I should but am uninstalling.
~ Mila Tequila
the release is fun to test but you run out of energy idea too quickly and it seems to take forever to refill!! I'm not sure if I'll continue testing because of that. That's my only complaint and would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that. dropped it to a one star because it won't allow me test past the 2nd chapter!! claims its downloading missing time then freezes!
~ Rebecca Werner
Pretty and gripping release. Thank you to the developers you made nonpaid test possible for this release by allowing users to pick how they gain energy--watching banners or buying in-release. I hope more releases follow suit! Please continue to create this release nonpaid to test with the option to watch banners in-release in exchange for energy! Hold it up!
~ Dalmathia Sevilla
it's a nice release once you obtain going but it take too long to replenish the energy. Took almost 24 hours for full life, just to test again for less than 5 mins because each single transport or decision you create cost energy! Even speaking to recipients cost energy. you guys need to fix this. it would be an nice release if the energy didnt suck so much.
~ Tita Villanueva
The release itself should be nice, but the energy trouble is just absolutely ridiculous. It's not even about not wanting to spend dollars- I'd absolutely be willing to spend to have energy to test- but even if you pay the absolutely absurd price for the gigantic energy box (4000 energy), that would only obtain you around 800 moves to last you through something like 20 puzzles (it's around 150 energy per puzzle). I realised the release also took around 50 energy from me just for reading through a slash stage.
~ Rami Mehio
too long to fill energy. I purchased 300 as a play, it lasted through one stage. That's not going to work. You shouldn't be using energy to read the story in comic ebook form. Adverts? I haven't seen any. This release is destroyed by the energy system. Guess it will take me years to do it. For example, I just had over 20 energy and I clicked on 4 equipment and it's out. No more. How is this normal? How many times will I edit...for the wise ass comments about "just watch the banners", I DON'T HAVE ANY!
~ Hol Ma
It's okay, not loading the finest. Keeps kicking me out of the chapter and back to the main menu. Going back to the last save and doing the same thing. A several days later: I like this release but it really needs work. It will take approximately 26 hours to fully fill up your energy bar. Seriously, wth is up with that. Another releases have banners to watch to regain energy, this doesn't. I probably won't be testing this until it has had some upgrades. Sorry not sorry
~ Macy Grange
too terrible the energy is so badly calculated. too much time to refill and absolutely stupid to use it for each object you search. normally the energy could be counted for each stage and not object. in any topic, too terrible for everything else, graphics, plots and releases, because they are really interesting, but i don't like greed especially in a release. i'm uninstalling it.
~ chriseropian
This release isn't focused on solving the murders, but essentially just requires you to look over a stage and search the 12 hidden equipment over and over again. Nice graphics, and it's great to usually have a support button available. Takes waaaay too much "energy" to do anything at all. Assuming you wish to test more than 5 mins a day, you will either be watching countless banners, or using true dollars to buy energy. Moderately entertaining, but I will not be continuing on to the next releases in the series.
OMG THEY'RE FINALLY BACK!! Nice release, but it takes so many energy to do everything. And it takes sooo long to refill the energy. You gotta watch the banners if you wish to obtain the energy faster. And, please don't search all the equipment all the times if you only need one of them. The story is unpredictable, the graphic is nice, and the voice acting is nice. I can claim that I'm addicted to this release, finest mystery release so far. So, please fix the energy system, BECAUSE IT'S A GREAT GAME!
~ alya novianti
First of all thanks to release originators. What a release, i have ever never played like this mysterious release. Nice characters, well designed, nice graphics, pretty storyline line and much more. I have played all episodes till date. Kindly modernization the release as quick as possible because i am (not me all of your release lovers) waiting for so many days. Hurry up guys 👍👍👍
~ Venkat Pavan
My only grievance with it is the energy. The energy limit versus. how much energy actions costs is ridiculous. I did the math and it takes over 24 hours for the energy to refill completely. But with full energy, it feels like I obtain 10 mins of test if I'm lucky. I hate that if I run out of energy during a puzzle or recipients talking and quit out, I have to redo a lot to obtain back to where I was, costing me the precious energy it took me over a day to obtain back. Honestly at this target it just seems greedy.
~ Katie Thielke
Energy takes WAY too long to replace. This has to be on purpose. No idea in hell does a energy bar not be filled after 24 hours if greedy mindsets from the developers weren't the reason. And where are these short videos that I was reading about? I see none. Maybe they took those away?? Stop trying to be greedy and allow players now test this release. You can barely obtain past a mini release (search objects) without running out of energy!!! After an modernization: voices are muted actually...nice job idiots
~ Stephen Schaffer
Waste of time, unless you are willing to buy and spend long times on easy tasks and useless chats. The release requires "energy" each time you need to do an action, or pick up variety of hidden objects . It takes 8 min to regain "1" energy... and it costs a minimum of "5" for most things. The release drains your battery and you gotta be connected to the internet to test. Older releases by same developer were so much better: less nonsense, less moving around unnecessarily just to hear a dialogue.
~ Lily
Modernized: was 5/5 but after a long time testing: The 1 energy each 8 mins is waaaaay too slow. I search myself returning a day later and energy isn't full. I test less and less because of this which is unfortunate. The energy rate makes me forget the release exists. But, the release is high-quality storyline. I love this release. Some goal spots are too tiny. For example, opening a container takes a several taps. My recommendation is to create completed chapters energy-nonpaid.
~ Ms Bird
Unpaid to test, but pay to victory. It takes forever to replenish the energy and it takes all the fun out of the release if you have to wait a ridiculous long time to wait that you can now test! in total you have 200 energy, for each object that you click it decreases by 5, each slash scence takes 30 energy. Obviously you can't obtain around this so xou either have to pay a gigantic sum of dollars to test or wait days to finish on subchapter. Large turn-off.
~ Claire
I love this release! I don't adopt with some recipients claiming that the energy needed to create determined actions to hold testing is slow to load, I think it's cute fair; but I did noticed some bug (I guess?) during the item finding mini releases that won't allow you save your progress if you quit after a several actions taken, so that after you continue from where you left you have to redo those actions instead. Beside that, it's really intriguing and I fully suggest it if you like mystery releases!
~ Sofia F.
The release itself is nice. Nice storyline line, nice graphics, so much fun. However, ir takes so long to regain energy. You obtain 1 energy each 8 mins. Mostly everything takes at least 5 energy and a lot of newest tasks take 30 energy (once you spend the 30 to enter the task then you run spending 5 on finding objects). I have been in the middle of searching inside one of the 30 energy tasks and run out of energy before I found all the hidden objects and had to wait hours to restart it.
~ Sarah Lopez
Ok. I started the release a couple of days ago and wrote a review claiming that I was liking it. And I do like it....when I now obtain to test it. I fully adopt wuth others who've claimed that it takes WAY TOO LONG TO GET ENERGY and THE ENERGY DOESN'T LAST LONG ENOUGH TO DO HARDLY ANYTHING!!! And that's sad because I would love to sit and test this for awhile, but I'm not going to fork out a bunch of my own dollars to have it wasted like that. So, bummer. Just uninstalled. Not worth it, sadly.
~ Summer Walker
This would be a 5-star release if the energy weren't so poorly balanced. Everything you do costs energy, even reading the narration between scenes, and the regeneration is so slow that you can only manage one testing session per day. The only idea to obtain more energy is to buy it with actual dollars. There are no energy gifts or rewards for viewing banners like there are in related releases. In all another respects this is an awesome release that I would have been willing to pay for; the energy ruins it.
~ Janet Story
first day i gave you 5 stars. the release is interesting and addicting, graphics are nice...but, what's up with energy trouble. i can't test more than 2 to 3 mins then energy is empty. it takes forever to charge up. i am only on chapter 1 and already frustrated. fix it please or I'll search other release. i played related releases on my PC. there is no energy trouble there.
~ Nizar Fanik
it's a nice release, when you can now test it. The energy takes forever to refill. The release recharged all night, & most of the morning. 1 puzzle & 1 conversation, no energy. a several hours later..one more puzzle( a hidden object of about 15 objects) & I'm out again. I'd rather just buy the release. The graphics & story are nice, but because of the energy I am uninstalling. It's a shame all the work you all place into this release and you killed the entire experience with the energy.
~ Shannon Cote
Love the storyline so far but energy takes idea too long to refill, and actions cost too much energy. It's not simple to refill your energy either as the "Watch video" offer never seems to work for me. It's also inconvenient when, claim you're doing a search the objects app and you run out of energy. You can't carry on so you have to exit the release and wait for it to re fill, you come back and you have to do it allover again.
~ Xsara Elland Fleetwood
I've given this release a review before, but is no longer shown. Product itself is nice fun, nice story etc. However, they have changed something and you are no longer able to save and quit halfway through finding clues to wait for more energy, you actually have to restart no matter what. one object left? Reset the whole stage once you obtain energy back. If I was paying dollars for energy this would be a blatant ripoff deliberately having to spend energy to search objects you found previously.
~ Jon Harrison
Having to now listen to the storyline to know what to do next gets a bit frustrating. And i absolutely HATE releases that require you to have to wait for "energy" to replenish to continue testing. I do like the puzzles and searches though. Create a release of JUST those and you'll have a master... UPDATE TO MY FIRST REVIEW: I never read reviews before downloading a release. I prefer to form my own opinion. That being claimed..READ YOUR REVIEWS AND LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS. There is one common sentiment. FIX IT!
~ Unvme Icy
really wanted to like this release. it's got a nice plot and cute much everything I like. however, the time it takes to obtain 1 energy is ridiculous! 8 mins!!! everything reqires energy, but there's never enough. it took an hour to obtain 8 energies and I should only search 1 item before I ran out. nice release if you're planning on spending dollars constantly to buy refills. I'm uninstalling.
~ Jasmine Parker
I really love a lot of things in this release, but the energy system makes it unplayable. I thought it would be fine because you obtain energy from achievements/collectibles, but there are only so many of those until you have to unblock more scenes to search the rest. It's a joke: I didn't test for a nice 3-4 hrs, came back I had only earned 32 energy, which was gone in about 30 sec, not even exaggerating. Why do actions cost 5 energy or more when it takes 40 min to even obtain 5? (8 min every is ridiculous)
~ A Google user
idea to expensive!! I don't mind paying for releases, but this release uses energy, that is too expensive. you will have to pay 10x more than for any another release to be able to complete. no nonpaid banners to be able to generate energy. and the energy regenerates really slowly. Maybe this is a bug, i don't know. I played for 10 mins and used up all the energy. that's insane. after waiting 8 hours I should test for 1 minute that's insane!!
~ Roman Tchoub