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About: Experience the over-the-top, visceral fighting of MORTAL KOMBAT X! Bring the power of next-gen gaming to your small and device device with this visually groundbreaking fighting and card collection release. Assemble an elite squad of Mortal Kombat fighters and prove yourself in the finest fighting championship on World. BRUTAL 3 v 3 KOMBAT Make your own squad of Mortal Kombat combatants and lead them into war to earn experience, newest premium attacks, and potent artifacts. MASSIVE ROSTER OF FIGHTERS Accumulate Mortal Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others. Find the latest additions to Mortal Kombat such as the insect-like DVorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Khan, and the mysterious Kung Jin. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERS Customization comes to Mortal Kombat X App! Complete tasks through gameplay to unblock hero ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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MORTAL KOMBAT X Reviews and Comments:

I'm reducing my rating due to the fact a several upgrades back the ability to test offline and the ability to buy characters in the shop was taken away, so actually that I've made it to the netherealm quests they are unplayable since you have to be fusion level5! and there's no idea to obtain to that lvl I've waited over 3 months trying to upgrade inferno scorpion but not once has his card came up for sale, and the card boxes sold are a scam i purchased Many of the so named diamond boxes, & got neither card
~ A Google user
Just obtain a ROM. This WAS a nice release. BUT I went to log into my old profile which had many gold characters etc I signed in with my correspondence and password and then it claimed that my newest profile which I had used to do the guide because it forces you had been associated with that profile meaning I had lost hours and hours of work. Oh this is NOT the same release at all, I'm sorry Neatherelm, it's like you are turning into EA for dollars whilst the shop is like fortnite's which is poor but 100% real.
~ Ice gamer 27
It is a nice release, I have consecutively played for 71 days. There is a trouble when opening Feats of Strengths reward, it usually claims Launch Fail and got stuck there until I can't test the release. It claims there is a trouble connecting with a server, is there a maintenance or something? Please support to check what's going on, thanks.
~ Jason Yew Yuen Wai
Before the 2.0 modernization, this was an simple five stars. Product was great (except for hackers lol) Actually, the release sucks. The shop forces us to pick random characters, some that aren't even GOLD. Faction Fights is pathetically simple. Product has truckooads of bugs, and is horrifically laggy. Then, with the 2.0.1 modernization, the only thing you guys did was... create us earn less souls from the Netherrealm Quests?!?! Unfortunately, this release is turning into Injustice 2 App. Hopefully, we obtain our old release back.
~ Joseph Stewart
garbage! newest modernization sucks! oh and their anniversary dimond box has a higher chance of getting bronze cards. total garbage you only have 3 combatants to buy from each 12 hours once you visit the shop and they have challenges that require a fighter but you cant buy them because they are not one of the three to pick from. the old ver would allow you buy the war for the challenge or at least have a card box that has a higher chance of getting the fighter you need. so my 5 star is actually a 1 star.
~ William Cotts
well this was unexpected. i was very excited to test MK on my device. started out really fun...then...it had abrubtly stopped and quit while testing!! i was thinking there was too much release cache memory, so i had been going in and manually deleting the release cache storage. however, it continued doing this! quitting abruptly!!! what is going on??? luckily the details and everyrhing i gained was not lost, but still it is getting annoying as hell!!!
~ Ramon Fernandez
Nice release, simple to test, simple to understand. The only terrible thing about it is the idea to aquire characters where you have to spend super currency to obtain gold characters which is simple enough to obtain even without paying, but you have such a weak chance of getting that same hero again to hold ranking it up. It would be better if they had it so if you already had the hero and you wish to rank it up all you would have to do is go to the hero card and buy other with soul coins.
~ nathan wallace
I am a Mortal Kombat fan sins I were a tiny lad. Thank you so much for this release on small. I just wish to ask if the producers can create a option so that we can war with dude directly. The faction fights is cool, but me and my dudes and father wish to use a option to war every another with our combatants, like through Bluetooth or wifi direct. This modernization should create it a super release please.
~ Tristan Steyn
absolutely dreadful modernization, destroyed the release fully there are countless troubles. faction fights isn't a challenge any more you can victory each match without even looking. you can't fuse characters any more apart from randomly picked ones in the shop. how the hell can you call that a diamond box when it's full of gold characters. loved this release before and fully hate it actually. carried on testing after I first posted this a month ago and its still just as terrible I'm not going to test again
~ Carl Bourne
each single foe gets the death shield in faction fights,mine never works. Some characters are immune to any kind of attack,what are the release developers doing to this release? I can barely victory a single match in faction fights because of these factors,this release is going downhill speedy and if they don't sort out all the bugs it's going to lose users all over the zone. Lets not forget the fact that you can't complete the everyday rewards ,please read and obtain it fixed asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ John Hale
Nice release, really enjoyable! Love trying to place together the ultimate squads. If I had to be critical the newest shop is sub par at finest. I've been saving up souls and to only be able to buy a particular hero once instead of maxing him out is junk. And only 3 to pick from each 12 hours! Give me a break!
~ Matthew Warburton
As I expected, this release rigged when you attempt the final scene in the challenges. Attacks dont register when you obtain a lead on the aggressor squad. your hero just stands there while you're tapping, trying to obtain the last hits on the final aggressor. I don't know why the devs do this, because it doesn't create them more dollars. The recovery speed from an Xray doubles for an aggressor when you have a health advantage and they immediately come back with a 5 hit attack. which makes no sence. XP stops at random
Great gameplay, addictive formula for fun. Not as gory as claim console X and 11. But relys heavily on microtransactions. These are understandable for a release of this size and complexity with the development costs. But the currency in release costs so much true globe dollars. Would be better if the prices of microtransactions were tuned down. Still a nice test, download it.
~ Ned Noodle
I've only recently played this release and my first impression of the release was that it's the same as the another cheap fighting releases But the more I played the more addictive it became. Unlike the characters in another fighting releases. The characters have their own special abilities and costumes. With pretty graphics and nice characters this release is in my opinion the finest 3v3 fighting release. However its very hard to obtain characters that you really wish.
~ Win Kham luri
Nice release. I've been testing this release for almost 2/3 years and the developers are still adding newest content to the release which is very impressive for a small release. The gameplay is nice, the controls are easy and simple and the newest graphics modernization is simply nice (even though after the modernization the release lagged occasionally however the developers fixed it almost instantly which I highy appreciate.)
~ Snarps
Used to be a large fan of this and was finally able to come back. Not only is my profile gone and I have to run from scratch but the developer fully destroyed the release with its overhaul modernization. You used to be able to pick what characters and skills you wanted to buy from a gigantic list. Can't do that anymore so actually you're stuck in a total grindfest release than it originally was or having to shell out true dollars on release boxes that are basically gambling on what you obtain. Sell outs.
~ Akkadiuz C
After the newest modernization, the release just got destroyed. The graphics are poor than before, the release lags too much, and the rearrangement is confusing. Why can't I buy whatever hero I wish or infuse any hero as I pick, actually I have to wait under a timer with 3 random to see. I might unstall this because I'm very disappointed on how it turned out. 🤬🤬😠
~ Garrett Gomez
The release is fully broken. Whenever I load the release, it is stuck showing a feat of strength box and it claims it failed to connect to the server and can't launch the box. And when I press okay, it just glitches out and shows other causing it to be stuck in a loop. FIX THIS! I'M TRYING TO COMPLETE CHALLENGES, SO HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT WHEN THE GAME IS BEYOND GLITCHY! THE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE RIGHT NOW AND IF I DON'T GET A COMPENSATION FOR HOW TRASH THIS GAME IS, I'M GOING TO BE PISSED.
~ NewInformation
this release will eat your dollars. you'll test to but boxes to victory. if you obtain sting enough to beat your aggressors to early you'll run experiencing release glitches. your release will freeze and your purchases will disappear till the meeting is over. then they'll be back like nothing happened. don't expect any support from the development squad either. they will laugh at you and pretend like it's player error.
~ Jeffrey Jenkins
Very cool! Getting the MK11 characters are hard.... but when you do obtain them it's a nice card. I enjoyed the early days of this release with the allies which I thought were cool. Still rated it 5 stars because faction fights modernization with the card boxes. Also, the newest quests are cute nice ideas to obtain nonpaid equipment but you have to wait. Anyways besides all the things I wish back the release is really nice.
~ Homie Wolf
this release is a nice release, i fully love it but not anymore because actually i am forced to stay online the whole time, i don't have wifi at my house and not everyone can hold on buying time to test, can you please change it again or claim me if its just for a while that it need internet access because ive been testing it for a while and it still needs internet connection 😪, please, i really wish to test this release again, i had it before but i deleted it by accident and i should test offline then
~ Gaming Creed
graphics are nice. but the release is not so nice. tap to hit? boring. here too, the "card summoning" plague has struck. "we swear it's not gambling!" yeah right. create sure your babes stay AWAY from this release, and all "card summoning" releases. it's gambling in disguise. since they overworked and treated their employees I feel like I'm contributing to sweatshop culture by testing this.
~ Angel Davi Mau
I love this release! it's not like typical Mortal Kombat releases but I've played each Mortal Kombat back when the first one came out on the Sega Genesis I'm a gigantic fan of most of all the MK releases. and for a device release this one is wonderful! if you are a MK fan test this one. I do kinda hate that you dont obtain more Kharacters Kards! I'd much rather have more recipients that attack updates. but still give it 5 stars! thanks guys for a fun release
~ Casey Guthrie
The release just has gotten worse after the february modernization. Characters cannot be purchased on need basis anymore. The gameplay has gotten slow. Exit:After completing all turrets in Relic hunt , the characters I used in last turret still shows as 'In relic hu t' and I am unable to use them in faction fights.
~ Sane_Red liner
Progress not being saved correctly. Very frustrating to place in alot of time and effort only to have it not save. It is a nice release, but its getting buggier instead of better. Can't believe the saves anymore. Edit- down to 1 star for their anniversary box in the newest crappy shop. 55% chance to obtain a silver or BRONZE card for 200 souls?!??? ridiculous. Almost ready to demand a refund as this is NOT the same release i spent dollars on
~ Daryl McClendon
The release graphics are definitely a set-back but we knew that would happen. Another than that, I deeply enjoy the release. The controls are very easy, and the feeling of achievement when you unblock that gold card box is very great. I highly suggest you test this release. Who knows, with the online mode, we might just run into eachother. My username is oideku. So join the war!
~ Tyler Green
Brilliant release. I've been reading the another reviews and i have to claim Faction fights it's not that simple for me (sometimes, allow's claim 1 in 3 matches is very hard). The release freezes a bit right after a match is over but only for 3-5 seconds. It's a bit harder to obtain souls actually. I liked the shop better before, but it doesn't bother me actually that is 3 random characters that change after 12 hours. I'm gonna claim again that this is a brilliant release, and i don't think i will ever obtain bored with it.
~ Magde Angelovska
As much as I wish to enjoy this release, as I log in with my WBID nothing from my profile loads. The release claims I have nothing (despite the fact I still have my squad of 3 gold cards). If I test to recharge claimed gold cards, it asks me to buy more souls, even though whatever I had on my newest profile transferred to my WBID. This would be a five, but until this is fixed this will remain a 3 for me. Hopefully I'm not the only on experiencing this.
~ trollzeyz
Nice despite too many bells and whistles. This release is fun I downloaded it 4 years ago. It is currency massive but you can obtain equipment without having too pay, if you will grind. There have been a lot of changes since then. I think each time they add a newest currency, they take a step back. There is waaaaayyyy too much nonsense to hold up with actually. They have also gone crazy with the amount of release modes.
~ A Google user
The release becomes very "pay to victory" very quickly. After a couple hours of test, you'll need better characters than you're given to hold going. Which you pay to obtain a random better one, then hold testing. Until you reach the next obstacle that will require a higher hero, and so on. It's a disappointing dollars suck honestly. I'm trapped where I am after having spent dollars because I refuse to spend any more.
~ Michael the Deep Thinker
Since the modernization on 12 April 2019, I haven't been able to finish the everyday objectives as only 11 out of 12 are available to be finished, which means missing out on an bonus 3 souls per day (which adds up if I complete the dailies each day). Unsure if I am the only one experiencing this trouble. The release otherwise is nice. Would like to also see the drop rates for Gold and Diamond a tiny higher considering the amount of souls required per box
~ Mark Benitez
I paid dollars but I can't test anymore, I was opening a box, and it came up "fail to launch, unable to contact server" actually I can't test it at all as it's stuck on opening the box, I've uninstalled it and deleted time and cleared cache, this worked for the release until I loaded my WB profile and it went back to doing the same thing, I'm very annoyed cos I'm missing the meetings and I really like this release please support me.
~ Craig Peach
Used to be a nice release. 5 star rating, but after having to uninstall and reinstall the release at least 10 times and then having to upgrade to newest device the release still barely works. Crashes, freezes up and won't load. No help or replies for support ever. Played everyday for over 450 days. Even purchased Mortal Kombat 11. Just so sick of it not working properly. The newest style of buying characters makes it nearly impossible to buy and fuse characters. Forced to buy ridiculous newest 400 soul boxes. Destroyed.
~ Darren McHugh
What is wrong with this release??? It was just great before, but actually, after the modernization I lost all my characters, cards, souls, coins, everything, as if I have never played it. Although I loged in through the WB profile, everything is wiped!!! Actually I have to run everything from the beginning, it is so irresponsible of you, dear MK. Other trouble is that it lags nds stops each five mins while testing. Actually imagine when I am at Faction Fights mode, the release freezes, I lost the whole war!!!!!
~ Ramiz Julfayev
I trust I've found me, my newest favoured small release on Mobile. I know it's been out for awhile actually, and I'm finally giving it a chance, due to the fact, that MK11 is out in shops. It's much easier than the console MK releases. I do love how there is absolutely no input-delay! In another words, the controls are very, very responsive. It's very speedy-paced (which is how I like my releases). I'm a noob so I cannot currently honestly claim, if the release IS in fact challenging. Anyways, nice job dev's!
I was going to do this earlier, but MK went under maintenance. I figured they'd solve the trouble. They didn't. I modernized the release and even deleted it/reinstalled it. Nothing. Anytime I log into my profile, everything disappears. the challenges are gone, the shop is empty, and my profile is unchanged. Whatever random name I created remains instead. I'm tired of starting over, doing the unskippable sequences and missing the challenges. the worst part is that it claims it retrieved my profile. 👎👎
~ Robert Forbes
I have yet to place a cent in this release and I'm having the full experience. It's a grind but you can still have a lot of fun without paying anything. Also, you don't obtain bombarded with adds like most nonpaid apps. I suggest to anyone, but it's a gotta have for MK lovers. If your favoured kharacter is not in the main release (MKX, MK11, or even MK12 😉), they will most likely be here, eventually.
~ Najib Sowma
One of the things I don't obtain is why you can pick diamond box (for example) and end up with something fully different while paying a higher "price" than if I had just gone to obtain the silver box, outworld box or what have you. Even with the anniversary box at 200souls, I obtain the same thing as with any of the another boxes that I should have chosen. i cant support but feel cheated each time i buy one of those. just got a Saurian after making that buy. it's ridiculous.
~ Dee Dee
Very fun, HOWEVER, newest changes have come to present that WB and NRS are trying their finest to take your time and dollars. The newest anniversary "appreciation" box for 200 buyable (or slowly earnable) souls is a spit in the face of lovers of the series and lovers of this release. I have a lot of fun with the release, regardless, but it's moves like these that will never obtain dollars out of me, and it shouldn't out of you either.
~ Matt Larou
Its nice i like testing it (3 stars for that), but i'm disappointed for only one reason, that this release has very less number of 'fatalities' which are seen only on some of the final fights of some turrets with the single bosses, i mean they could add more fatalities for almost each match , just like in consoles. If this release gets an modernization of more fatalities then it will be a 100% complete mortal combat for me, and not only me but for many of us......
~ Abdul Bari