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About: Receive our Google Test Spring Deal: 50% Off! Walkthrough a mother and her babe as they embark on a travel through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delicious puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry. Sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand newest journey set in a pretty and impossible globe. Support Ro as she teaches her babe about the mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to walkthrough them on their idea. ==== Subtly more sophisticated than its predecessor - WIRED Tiny vignettes of a surreal globe that works its socks off to create me glad - POLYGON One of the finest gaming experiences available on any device, allow alone small - POCKETGAMER I was enraptured by everything I saw and heard - DESTRUCTOID ===== A STANDALONE ADVEN ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 33MB Developer: ustwo games
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About: Neurotest - Brain It On! is an exclusive skill game where the player must accurately follow a path traced on the screen. The player's nerves are tested at the limit, as this path must be fulfilled in a given time, without deviating from the proposed route. Neurotest - Brain It On! will also contribute to the training of your abilities like attention, perception, reasoning, memory, speed, motor coordination and more. Main features of the Neurotest - Brain It On!: - Fun and exclusive game...

Developer: Droidigital [email protected]

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Developer: Game Guide Stuido [email protected]

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About: Description This is a free funny puzzle game! Put various type of blocks in a limited space. When a row or line is full, it gets eliminated. You must prevent blocks filling in all space. Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay. Pleasurable game for all age. FEATURES ? NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy wood puzzle anytime, anywhere! ? FREE TO PLAY & Suitable for all ages. ? NO penalties & time limits; You can enjoy Block Puzzle at your own pace! NOTES Fun and new 3D Wood Block Com...

Developer: Block Puzzle - Puzzle Game 2018 [email protected]

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About: Cross Stitch: Coloring art is an amazing color by letters pixel art game for family - it's a brand new variant of a coloring book. Cross Stitch: Coloring art helps practice concentration and also have a great time! Start to color the stitches and test your attention, wits, and creativity right now. Tons of amazing cross stitch pictures where you can find the perfect pattern, just choose and start stitches. An easy way to play without threading a needle or risking a pricked finger! Just tap on...

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About: escape roomMansion I Woke up and found ittoo late.My friend asked me to have dinner together.I have to hurry to get out. Specials It is totally FREE Automatically saving progress Hints will help you out if there's a deadlock It is the best choice for you during your leisure time Abundant puzzles Fancy scenes Challenging puzzles Elegant music effect Strategies To tap anywhere in the screen To observe items carefully To pay attention to suspicious place...

Developer: Flag Entertainment [email protected]

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About: Be the Best in the Brick Break world! Power booster will help you! Brick Breaker: Blocks n Balls is a Brick Breaker game. Easy to pick up but difficult to master. HOW TO PLAY Tap and Swipe the balls to break all bricks. Use power booster when you are stuck in! Easy to play' game for all ages! FEATURED NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy brick breaker anytime, anywhere! FREE & EASY ...

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About: Block Puzzle is a simple puzzle game of matching and eliminating horizontal and/or vertical lines. Drag the newly generated blocks and match horizontal and/or vertical lines so that the screen does not get filled up with blocks. Log in via Google Play to compete with friends or top rankers around the world. Challenge the simple but in-depth puzzles to become the world's best player....

Developer: Paleblue [email protected]


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About: This is a simple puzzle game of matching and eliminating horizontal or vertical lines. Drag the newly generated blocks and match horizontal or vertical lines so that the screen does not get filled up with blocks. [Game Features] - easy and simple - do not need wifi - supports classic mode and level mode - supports leader board, achievement function. - supports tablet devices....

Developer: Paleblue [email protected]

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About: Lyfoes are funny creatures who were recovered from a local science lab. Each family lives inside their own beaker home and watch with curious interest, peering out at the wonders of the world around; until one evening, when a laboratory scientists nephew made his way inside and shuffled all the Lyfoes into random beakers. These little creatures have become super nervous without their relatives and need your help getting them back together. Complete all levels with the maximum number of stars...

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About: Enjoy various patterns and difficulty! And train yourself. Five types of gems and various objects are prepared for you. All jewelry gems can be removed at once if you choose gems wisely. [How to play] - Remove two or more blocks by simply pressing them! - Use bombs as much as you get your scores. - More blocks you break, get higher scores. - Various items like Hammers, swords, sides, magic wands will help you to clear the level. [Features] - A game for everyone, easily accessible an...

Developer: mobirix [email protected]

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About: Does she really love him? Or has she been in loved with other people? There are 20 stories waiting for your participation. In these stories, you can experience the fun of finding clues. Where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images. FEATURES Find 5 clues in a limited time! 20 stories to be resolved and continuous update! Over 1000+ different and puzzles! Use the hint option to provide a clue! Full Color images! Free to play! ...

Developer: 10P STUDIO [email protected]

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About: [Block! Art Puzzle] Discover your new addiction! "Drag & Drop blocks to make wonderful Art made by shiny glass like stained glass" Block! Art Puzzle is a block puzzle game. 'Easy to play' game for all ages. Simple Mission : Move blocks to fill up the board and wake up your brain! HOW TO PLAY - Drag the blocks and try to fit them in the board. - Blocks cant be rotated. - There is No time limit or move limit. - Hint helps you to play game. FEATURES - No WIFI? No PROBLEM! Enjoy...

Developer: BitMango [email protected]

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About: In a beautiful small village there were some homes and people. The villagers lived very happy. A brute creature lives in that village. Those people were so afraid of the brute creature. But that brute creature was so sinful. The people who did not know this were hiding in a house where the brute creature was. It is your duty to save that brute creature from there. That brute creature will help you find all the trunks that are hidden there to save you from there. The hare where all the clues tha...

Developer: Best Escape Game [email protected]


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About: Addicting block game is coming! This time we add many attractive stuff to make the game more exciting and fun. Try to fit them all in the row or column. Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapes below the grid. New obstacles and props are coming. It will take you back to your childhood. Top Features - Easy to play but hard to master - Delicate block graphics and sound effects - Classic square dragging gameplay - More amazing game levels - Various of color blocks in our...

Developer: Kerun Games [email protected]

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About: Experience the ultimate brick breaker, Swipe Brick Blast! Swipe, Shoot, and let the Bricks Blast! [How to play Swipe Brick Blast] - Swipe the ball to find best position and angle. - Break bricks till the number drops to 0. - If any bricks come all the way to the bottom, you lose. [The Features of Swipe Brick Blast] - Easy one hand control! - Offline gameplay support. - Tons of blasting stages. - Free to play...

Developer: Adiscope [email protected]

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About: This is a good that children and adults can enjoy fun. [How to play] - select the color boxes with matching numbers - pinch with two fingers to zoom a picture till boxes with numbers appear - use long tap to paint faster...

Developer: Paleblue [email protected]

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About: Chad Wild Clay Puzzle Game is a Free game for train your brain, imagination and creativity while having fun. Increased your intelligence easier than ever With Free game Puzzle - Chad Wild Clay . In this puzzle You can know a lot About Chad Wild Clay and it contains Photos Chad Wild Clay ,and a lot more. Puzzle For Chad Wild Clay is a challenging logic game for all who ove Chad Wild Clay Jigsaw Puzzle and / or teenagers of all ages, imagination and creativity while having fun, completing the...

Developer: Myrna Spagnoloculver [email protected]

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About: Tired of waiting in queues or bored during those long journey to home travelling in the subway? We all need some fun in life when there is nothing to do. Rather than just sitting and scrolling through apps and monotonous games, simply gamify your gallery pics in an exciting new way with our addictive game: Puzzles & Jigsaw Best free family adult games. Easy and simple to play, yet provides the best relaxing pastime in an awesome addictive way by breaking down your beloved gallery photos in...

Developer: Ran Games - best jigsaw puzzles for mobile devices [email protected]



Monument Valley 2 Reviews and Comments:

3 ½ stars in fact : first release was magnificent and challenging. Second is even more pretty but I found it simple... Too much simple and that also made it a very short release :( Love it but can't rate it much higher because of that
~ João Reis
As epic as its predecessor, Monument Valley II reaches the highest lvl of visualizing both the role of our beloved mothers in our lives and how we as babes grow up and face our paths on our own.
~ Random Gemini Guy
Words can't describe this masterpiece. Both, Monuments Valley 1&2 are impossibly pretty. My heart fully melts when the mother and babe hug every another. I hope there's more to come. Thank you for the release.
~ Deepak
What a pretty thing that humans sometimes pull off. I'm watching that orange-haired buffoon displaying, as i write this, the worst side of us on a everyday basis. Our US Shhitt-Present contrasted by something that is quite easy in comparison to a lot yet, so much more thoughtful than that orange haired Aass-clown should ever comprehend. Nice job developers✌
~ Erik Perkins
I would like to thank you from my heart for that release. I was very emotional when i test it. The storyline was very emotional but fortunately the ending was spectacular. The sound results and the song was awesome. I am waiting for the next project. Please forgive me for my English, iam trying to improve them.
~ Meletis Papaefstathiou
Phenomenal release! Recipients claim it's too short, but I think the length is cute decent. I really enjoyed the coming-of-age storyline as I played along, and the aesthetics is just as pretty as MV1 (and I obtain to create my own geometry!). The only thing I'd nitpick about is the puzzles are not really that newest or more hard from the first release. Overall, nice buy.
~ Henry Huynh
Since the first installment, I tried many releases inspired by MV aesthetic and gameplay. Currently, none were able to match it. Hopefully this second chapter is the true deal. Even more pretty graphically! And the storyline is touching. It only falls short on the length: being quite a casual release, it's too simple to rush through it, leaving the user craving for more. It felt idea shorter and easier than the original.
~ Ruby J. Scheme
When magic meets emotions! If you are looking for something that will hold you entertained for hours and will have infinite replay possibilities then don't buy it. If you are searching for a magical and emotional storyline with a decent (not too hard though) challenge, obtain it!
~ A Google user
Nice release but I paid £5 for very several lvls. This is the first release I have ever payed for and all my nonpaid releases have loads of lvls to test. Want I had know this before I paid.
~ Charlotte Wood
I loved the first Monument Valley and decided to give the second one a test. However this one left me wanting me more. Which in itself is somewhat of a nice thing, but for the price I would rather not have bought. If you can obtain over the price for what you are given, then it's a nice release. The graphics are nice and the release test is a nice brain workout.
~ Danelle J
There's something to the newest "improved" graphics that in my opinion detracts from the experience of the first release. It may as well be that the novelty result of the first release is inevitably not part of this second one. Another than that, I found it slightly more challenging than the first one and I enjoyed it slightly less. Nonetheless a pretty couple of hours of soothing entertainment... still 5 stars!
~ Fabri Ba
Nice. Just like the previous ver, this release plays with perspective, sounds and logic. It is incredibly fun and simple to test. This newest ver goes a step further by introducing her daughter. It takes unexpected turns. Being a parent, it brought to me many feelings while testing. Well deserved 5 stars.
~ Juan Pablo Atiaga
you took 5.49euro from me with this joke? for a 2 hour gameplay with zero replayability? i test maybe 1 release per year,actually i have just downloaded this because of the christmas holidays so i have a release to test with,and i finish it in 2 hours XDD i cant trust it :D i am deeply disappointed.... by the idea, great storyline,great grapics, interesting concept and fun puzzles (but they are very predictable,so you dont have to think too much). you should create them more challenging and more lvls...
~ Zsolti Bitter
A wonderfully beutiful experiance. one of, if not the finest moble release of my lifetime. my only trouble is that in the forgotten shores lvl 7, at some points, the graphics on the background brake, specifically when you turn the structure when water is in it. thak you for such a release. ( edit: sorry I thought this was the first one. the second has no flaws and is stunning.)
~ Psuedonym Anonymous
Absalutly nice release and completely worth the price. •Mind playing •Creativity And •Imagination boosting. Couldn't of got better with the release test. Love how mysterious every lvl is. There all the same But yet all fully different. Wanting this release for ages and gotten quite lately. Couldn't be more glad with it. 5 star for sure.
~ Flamingo b
When I think of a generic small release, I think of a puzzle release. One with simplistic designs. However, this release is both of those and yet not even close to the same. The animations are extraordinary. The art is the finest simplistic style I've ever seen. The gameplay is so varied throughout your whole journey... Its simply pretty. The entire thing is just a nice experience.
~ Sp3eDaH
I love these releases so much! They are intriguing, challenging, pretty, and addictive. My only complaint is that both are short releases with tiny replay value. I waited years watching for this sequal. I now purposefully didn't test at times so the experience would last longer. I do understand that every lvl gotta have taken a serious amount of time to make and then tool. Maybe UsTwo needs to hire MORE geniuses???
~ Karen Blawn
Very easy yet mesmerising! Fell in love with design and idea of the first release. But this took it to other lvl. The storyline is absolutely pretty, its like a pretty storyline getting unfold extremely mesmerising. Very easy yet very effective. Glad there is a sequel and would love for other one. Well done developer a most brilliant and awesome release.
~ Shehryar Hussain
It's okay. Not as nice as the original. The newest storyline really gets in the idea. Imagine the first release but after each lvl they throw a bunch of fortune cookie fortunes at you and create you read them in unskippable cutscenes. No Bueno.
~ A Google user
It's pretty
~ Roma Bondalovskiy
nice and minimalist storyline
~ sam
the only thing terrible about this release is there isn't enough of it
~ John Leith
Nice, but fully not worth $5.
~ Grant Newland
Sequel to the finest release I've ever purchased
~ Ninjabadg3r
one of the finest puzzle releases...gotta have
~ shabbirene
Pretty aesthetics + song. A unbelievable experience to test.
~ Paul R. Long III
Just one word "AMAZING". As cool as the previous ver.
~ Liew Giew Fung
Love this release so much n completed all lvls in 2 days. Please create more like this. 🙂🙂🙂🙂
~ Gargi Kundu
This was a really fun release to test, the only downfall was that I completed it in one day and was hoping there would have been many more lvls for how much I paid.
~ Katie Benson
Didnt know it was possible but MV2 happened to have surpassed expectations. It is the finest release ive ever played in my whole life.
~ Shireen Dhar
This release is nice. Provides a grrat combination of thinking ability, with being a beutiful and vibrant release. One of my favoured small releases.
~ Josiah Cuda
Looks great, lacks the complexity of the first release. All over in a several hours and nothing really challenging. First release is far better.
~ Simon Colby
What a rip off! Expected a lot more for the super price. Product is nice but the amount of content is a joke. Also a lot less challenging than the first, was hoping to be tested more, but every lvl in this is really primary, obvious, and easy. Very disappointing.
~ joseph connor
this release was absolutely nice, Pretty and like no another ever created. please, PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A THIRD IN THE MAKING PLEASE!!!!! i suffer from a serious and excruciatingly painful neurological illness and this was the first & only distracting release ive been able to enjoy in Hospital!!!!
~ Silver Tress
The finest small release I've ever played, period. Several releases give you a feeling of magic, discovery, or emotion, but this release does all of that. Highly suggest.
~ Forest Skilbred
Easier than the first release and still very short, but the art design is even more wonderful and the storyline is surprisingly poignant. One of the finest gaming experiences you can have on a device.
~ John Robinson
Was looking for related gameplay that Monument Valley 1 provided and lad, did this release deliever. Grpahics are on target once again and the story is cute nifty. Had a lot of fun testing this release and I hope that ustwo releases applications a 3rd ver :p Would suggest to a dude 10/10.
~ Bryan Mah
Brilliant fully absorbing. Really enjoyed solving all the puzzles. Nice design + graphics. Cant wait for No 3. Thanks
I enjoyed the first release very much so this was an obvious buy, it's still fun but the puzzles don't seem as challenging. I'd still suggest this to dudes.
~ Carlos Munoz
As with the first part, an wonderful globe and release design. Again, when you finish the release you feel sad. I revisited after a year and did all the lvls again. Nice experience.
~ Javier Casares