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About: War with the ultimate legends and lead them into action in this online walkthrough RPG release! Breed, feed, raise and train Legendary and Epic creatures, then run fighting in the arena. Accumulate Creature Legends to uncover their fighting skills and boost your walkthrough in action packed RPG fights. Build a globe in the release for creatures to live, fill it with habitats and breed newest species! Take your creatures on exciting quests and arena fights full of walkthrough. Only then will you be able to prove yourself a Master of Creature Legends! If youre all about multiplayer releases, youll love Squad Fights, where youll be able to duel another Creature Masters and victory superb rewards and Fight Coins you can use to accumulate the exclusive creatures in the Squad Market. Join your dudes and connect with a Creature Community of over 60 million users. Run today! MONSTE ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Social Point
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Monster Legends - RPG Reviews and Comments:

I am addicted to this release. The squad fights are exciting. It's nice family fun....I would have given 5 stars, but there's been a glitch since the last modernization. It finally froze on me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the release, but the glitch is still there. A black box will appear around offenders, etc. while in releases. The first time this occurred for about 24 hours, and then froze. Please fix, and I will change to 5 stars. Thank you...modernization 5/26/2019: continues to freeze. over this release.
~ Tennille Barrett
Really needs a better find filter to support look for a decent squad to join. The selection it gives me is either a personal squad, needs more creature power than I have to join, not been active (sometimes for a several years!), or the squad is at full capacity, even though the selection screen shows territories are available. The rest of the release is nice enough, with an initial nice selection of creatures to run with.As ever with this kind of release, you either need nice patience or deep pockets to succeed.
~ TeesterX
A very nice release. But I didn't like the graphics very much as much as I like it in dragon castle. This release, coming from the same company, could have a tiny bit more in its graphics. I mean, in dragon castle, the background is full of colours and is bright as well! but here, everything is really dull. the release experience is overall nice, but if it has a tiny more similarity with dragon castle, I'd love the release even more✨ The Trailer is Much brighter than the true release.
~ Nakul Mali
its a nice release and all but it has alot of lag if you use facbook and sometimes it doasnt allow me go into my settings, whenever i test to do that it claims "connection failed". If you guys should fix that i would give it 5 stars. Edit: You guys have fixd it and actually here os your 5 stars. Edit!: you guys meesd it upp again my release is slow again so that means 3 stars.
~ ghost3518 ahmed
Can someone support me because i didn't obtain my 444 gems which i was supposed to obtain today and havent recieved them it took me a nice amt. of time to finish the entire offer so i would be glad if i would recieve my gems. THANK YOU!!!
~ Danizal Tareen
This is one of my favored release. I have been testing it for ages and you will have my full help forever. The only trouble is that you could create more breedable legendary creatures so I will be more fun. Actually it is hard to obtain legendary creatures that is why I suggested to create more breedable legendary creatures.
~ Ahammed Shellu
I use to be a beast at the release, but that was on my old device. When that broke, I forgot about this release. I found it again and am a tiny confused about the fact that I have 333 trophies in multiplayer, and I am in bronze III. But right above me is a bunch of bronze II who are also at 333 trophies. Is this a glitch?
~ RagnarFN
I'm a tiny pissed at the release because they don't hold the word as advertised.The monsterwood section had two different apps where it claimed if you made an in-release buy of .99 minimum it would give you 458 gems on one and I think like 200 something gems on the another within two days and i've yet to see them. And at the time I did the one for 458 they were suppose to double so that's 916. Bulls___!
~ Reggie Abrams
nice. 2 years in and still going. what keeps me interested is the amount of different creatures you can make and have and treat them as if they're young and grow them into ultimate doom monsters. sounds weird the idea I claimed it but you obtain the target. down load this release or you'll miss your chance to harnest the power of INNER CONNECTION. (that's my ninja pandas name)
~ Hippy Hippo FTW
It's enjoying. i test it with my brother's. it had a wide range of creatures and the breeding option is high five. hold invovating. it's getting modernized with time, bringing in perks and excitement. Plus it keeps on adding newest equipment to bind your interest.
~ Aditya Sharma
It is overall a very nice release fine graphics and nice test idea. That being claimed i prefered the old style of the release. Where the islands were now needed and gave creatures and maybe a legendary habitat and not just useless crystals. Please CHANGE it back!
~ Gavin Green
I love the release yes if you dont place no dollars you won't obtain far speedy. but it is not essential. this is by far the only release i feel like you can test and obtain thru witout having to spend dollars. if your patient and lolike pokemon this is very related
~ Carlos Alfredo Munoz
its really nice but..... 1. why does it need wifi? and 2. it is a bit boring with the fights. please create a change with the war token things. create it so that its infinite tokens for fights. thanks so much Social Target!! :)
~ Sarah Shipside
It slows down a bit when you have a lot of gold/meal bubbles pop up at once. I have had it glitch once or twice. Luckily the action didn't register and I just had to restart the release and do it again. Not the only release that has done that on my device, so maybe it's me not you lol. overall I love the release. It's nice for slow progress, instead of a high speed release you have to give a lot of attention to. I check it each actually and then, and highly enjoy it without feeling pressured to devote more time.
~ Nell Enc
it's a complete pay to victory. you can obtain a lot of legendary creatures without using any dollars but it takes forevvvvverrrrrrr. months and months and months. if they sped up the time it takes to breed,hatch eggs, and zone buildings then I would give it a idea higher rating. it literally cost 150$ just to obtain a level 10 rune. and other 150 just to obtain a legendary creature. so that's 300 dollars in total for digital equipment. thanks a bunch creature legends
~ Joshua Muniz
Pay to victory Pokemon creature release. And as i test i feel more and more like the developers hate this release and just wish to milk it for dollars and then shut it down on us all when it runs to fail. Add to few more in release mechanics that makes the release take days, weeks, and months to complete. Please do not feed their dollars hungry ideas. This release is so flawed it's shameful and they just wish to create microtransaction dollars off this shamefully terrible developed release. Absolutely only 1 star.
~ MagicCity Money
It's a really nice release, thanks to Vanossgaming, H20delirious, wildcat, and the another that recommend this release, its is cute nice. Only down side in my opinion is the change of look in the Og Monkey, it's starting to really creepy.
~ Major_Maniac75
i love that you added Vanoss and some of his gang on the release, i love them and i enjoy you alot too. You could place Nogla (DaithiDeNogla), Scotty (fourzeroseven), Panda (BigJigglyPanda), Marcel (BasicalyIDoWrk) and maybe Craig (MiniLadd) in the release aswell because they are also nice! Hold it up!!! 👍😁
~ Anna Greatorex
I like the gameplay yea lad I've got lots of hours spent with the progress of the characters, it's a bit nice better than the wonderful slow progress of brexit. I've been riveted with the news about the brilliantly thought of brexit, the release test not as much fun as brexit, ha!
~ Stephen Carrington
i think preparation day and attack day is toooo long (2 x 24h), maybe you can adjust to (2 x 12h), so in one day (24h) user can complete squad fight (preparation day and attack day) i cant launch "dude menu" on high speed connection, that because "Error, Check your connection", maybe you can solve this but overall i love this release sooooo much,
~ Aditya Firmansyah
As a person who's doesn't pay to test, it is very hard to acquire the gems required for different projects. An example is the breeding tree....50 gems are required, no option to buy with coins. Love the release but I feel stunted since I don't pay.
~ Laura Saari
After the most newest modernization I cannot accumulate any rewards. Ive missed 2 nonpaid diamonds so far from monsterwood. The release is destroying each time it tries to switch from add to release. I can no longer speed up farms either. Please fix this so I can enjoy release again.
~ Robert Matthews
Nice release, I love it so much and I test it each day. But when I obtain back on the release after I wake up in the morning it takes ages to load everything back onto my island's and it freezes while trying to load everything back on. But another then that it's a nice release and I enjoy testing it so much. 👍
~ Ethan_ Bowerman
In my opinion this is a nice release Meetings, race and others create the release better but one thing is that the one day challenge or another challenge related to that is impossible to finish it without spending any gems. I hope that you can fix this and understand what the user wish.
~ Tan Jason
Hey socialpoint. I just wanted to complement you on your release but I think you guys could add more nodes in the journey map. That would add much more action into the release and although it is nice, it does require more journey map nodes. Thank you socialpoint, hold up the nice work.
~ Sp4rky
This release is a joke. It takes about 2 mins to load ontop of other 3 mins of pop up messages, then more pop up messages, then after 6 mins or so you are still only just loading up your globe, then more stupid pop ups that take longer to obtain rid of. Dont even obtain me started on the "pay to victory" aspect of the release because that is all it is further into the release. not worth invsting your time into. Though, should be worse...
~ Horizon6
It,s nice but,I have one recommendation ,you need to create it to where you can breed more like making a nonpaid breeding station apart from the one we currently have cause,it would be nice to breed more than one creature at a time for the recipients who need to breed more but don,t have the gems to.please :) thank you.cheep please!
~ Rock N, Roll
I've been testing this release for quite awhile actually and loved it. But actually, anytime i test to war the release freezes in the middle of the night and i have to quit the release and run it over. please fix this trouble and i will upgrade the rating. UPDATE: I have modernized the release to the most newest ver and actually the release only freezes in the dungeons. AND IT TAKES MY TRIES AWAY WHEN IT FREEZES. I posted this awhile back and still haven't heard anything back. PLEASE contact me.
~ Cue Ball
Its one of my favoured apps due to the diversity and the amount of creatures (over 600 creatures) and nice and satisfying gameplay, but i suggest not buying anything as the buy equipment in this release are almost criminal for a small release. For example, you can spend $25 dollars on a chest that might obtain you a legengary creature that might not even be nice, so before you buy anything in this release i suggest you go to the ML fandom to research your creature to create sure its worth your dollars.
~ airlesscanvas 28
The only small release that's not Shadow War 2 to hook me for so long. With so many creatures to obtain and a plethora of squads you can assemble, this release will have you trying to form the great attack/defense group to hold aggressors at bay. Cute much all the small release characteristics here: wait a day or two for your reward or pay to speed things up. Just the tons alone will obtain you mixing and matching different creatures together. Newest meetings on the reg so you know the devs care. Nice release.
~ jfrank3000
This experience was nice I got to do many things. One example I fought another creatures. I also obtain some nonpaid creatures and raise them as my own pets. We also obtain to name them for example I have seven pets already. Like Rocky, Fire Hazard, Charizard, Electro ,Mimo,Scar, and Po. This experience was nice. I hope you download this release you will not regret it promise.
~ Sabrina Caldera
Ok. So this is a very fun release with nice characters and nice release test. However. You can't breed or receive 75% of the creatures once their "meeting" is over. I played years ago and started back up. I have missed so much and there are so many creatures I would like to obtain but can't. Unless you can somehow obtain cells, you're not getting the creature. It would be more fun if there were ideas to obtain creatures that are gone. Take a page from My Singing Creatures, if you would.
~ Jay Hamlin
Creature Legends has advanced greatly. It has friendly battels that you can test with you dudes, which is an nice information. The mechanics in this release are nice. The idea the developers connect with the users is wonderful. The storyline and the plot of the release is nice also. The only downfall of this release is that it is pay to victory. Which means you pay dollars to advance ahead of another users. Therefore I am giving it 4 stars. Still a very nice addicting release, and I would suggest testing it.
~ Cozmo
Nice release but doesn't work correctly. For example, no item section appears on my release when in war, key part of the release but no option for me. Also, you victory meal and it doesn't usually go into your collection, hit and miss. Product should be nice if all the tiny errors were fixed. Colleague of mine has related troubles and if dealt with it would be worth a long lasting release.
~ Alex Snelling
Love the gameplay. entire family is hooked. but perhaps an modernization that allows you to task your workers in order, so that they can obtain started directly after finishing the previous task. Perhaps add in a card release deal, where the player can trade creatures with dudes (of the same lvl, or at cost) Either idea would be nice!! I'm saving for a super profile. can't wait!!!
~ Nick Bum
"Creature Legend". Ever since I started testing the release i didn't like the release that much but then after some several weeks in my class my class colleague ask me if which lvl i am , and I did not respond to his respond I just ignored it, but then after that I started downloading the release again and I started to be so addicted at the release. And that's how I like this release and I gave it a 5 Star! rating!!! thank you so much creature legend and i hope you continue to do this all the finest!!!
~ Lord Man
I love this release, there's no doubt. The designs, the addiction, even some of the minor cons don't matter. Though, the modernization to the starter creatures still has me upset. They looked welcoming before, which I'm sure was the intended purpose. I understand improving one's style and wanting to fix things, but the idea I see it? The starter creatures shouldn't have changed. also tao tao is finest creature
~ Bee Boy
I recently sent in a complaint about the changes in the Creature Lab. it seems someone gotta have read it, and changed it back to the idea it was. it is actually much, much easier to do things in the lab. extractions, ranking up, and crafting are all back to normal. thank you. I've been testing the release for over 3 years actually, and I like it very much.
~ Steven Carucci
This used to be fun when even terrible folk should obtain nice creatures but actually it's so pay to victory that it's disgusting. it makes recipients not wish to pay for anything or just flat out delete the release out of spite. Social Target, you may wish to fix your priorities and focus more on the release mechanics and less on how much dollars you're making before you lose a fair portion of your paying users and go bankrupt. I used to be a paying user but not anymore. Stop being so greedy.
~ Pyro Gaming Inc
MonsterMaster8070 is sorry for breaking your release. I guess I was supposed to take my time beating journey mode. I really missed out on alot of crystals. Maybe you need to rethink your system. probably not for tiny 'ol me though. :). Hey at least my review isnt as critical as it used to be. And since you ask each time I modernization, would it be too much of YOU to claim ME what you think about my gameplay?
~ Derric me