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About: Please read the section "Important Notes" before buying or using this release. Returns or credit cannot be granted after buy. This release has absolutely no in-release purchases! The Globe of Creature Hunter Stories In a globe where gigantic creatures roam, and recipients everywhere create a living hunting, there's a remote village of recipients who follow a different set of customs. They are the Creature Riders, a recipients who don't hunt but instead form bonds with creatures. Unlike hunters, they raise and live in harmony with creatures, forming inseparable bonds with them using mysterious artifacts known as Kinship Stones. The creatures that form kinships with Riders, known as "Monsties," possess wonderful powers. By becoming a Rider, you too can befriend countless Monsties, riding them as you search a vast, exciting globe. Join the journey and "Ride On!" Product I ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 85MB Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
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Monster Hunter Stories Reviews and Comments:

I paid 20 dollars for a nice release and after sweating profusely about saving my progress I found out you can do so by going to your house. Lots of fun on a small device, (Be ready to be constantly connected to your power source ).
~ Freddie Spencer
So I enjoy the release very much, I mean I have place more than ten hours into the release. t The reason I'm only giving 3 stars though is that the release makes my device ruin, like each hour or so, which is frustrating due to the fact it doesn't have save option in menu. I mean there are save points but a save option would support me hold eggs i really wish. The auto save supports but not by much since you have to enter a main zone. Other frustrating part is after the ruin it turns offy wifi on my device.
~ Charles Johnson
The release is nice but there is one major trouble I've encountered... I can't load backup time saved to my google test profile... Claims "Cannot load backup time." This is so wrong if there is such a information that doesn't work for a completely paid release. Please I need to transfer my time to my newest device (Oppo F9) from my old device(Samsung J7 Pro). I've tried saving from the normal save and autosave then logging out then back in again to no avail. Am really waiting for a respond on this.
~ Matsu Inokuma
Product is very nice overall but the extremely terrible help with backing up save time unfortunately bring it down to 3stars. Need to test more but restarting my 40hour release is a no for me and feels like I'll be wasting my dollars if I can't restore my release time. very disappointing service for a very nice small release...
~ leonalchemist
If any small release is worth 20$ it's this one. Not only one of the finest small, but one of the finest releases ive ever played period. Highly suggest!!
~ Poké Master enzek
I've played slot of Creature Hunter releases. Especially the one that was on the psp, it's grown over the years with newest challenges and newest creatures to war and even like. This release though a bit silly at times has a cute nice storyline and it's interesting with it's almost Pokemon/Digimon style test. With turn bases walkthrough that makes sure you are paying attention this release is cute fun.
~ BlackMaskGaming
wonderful release. worth the dollars. nice graphics, content, smooth gameplay, with plenty of captivating customization and worthy tricks for nice and stronger monsties. BUT, can anyone support me figure out how to transfer my content from my Galaxy S10 to my newest iPad without having to buy the release twice??
~ Eric Elliott
I was rather reluctant upon seeing the price mark, seeing as it's quite expensive for such a release, however after testing it for a while (mainly to slay time at work) I am very glad with my purcase and I've barely made it to the first castle (assuming there's more than one) in 15 hours. It's an impressive time for a small release and I want small releases were more like this and less like the rest of the releases.
~ Kevin Vaillancourt
Very rarely do i ever write an actual review for a release, much less willingly. The release didnt send me here. I downloaded the demo(although i didnt know this at the time) and fell in love with this release. I test it on my Galaxy note 8 and have absolutely no troubles with it. I've never played the 3ds ver so i can't create a comparison, but what i can claim is this. When i found out i was testing the demo, i co pleted all the quests and everything and then happily payed 20 bucks for the full release and consider it dollars well spent. Do your self a favor, test the demo, fall in love with the release or don't, but if you do, the 20 bucks is worth it. Sorry for the text wall.
~ Damion WhiseeEnant
so worth the $20 bucks for a completely functional release. no crappy micro transactions. honestly it's nice enough for a hand held title, maybe even console. this is honestly the finest release I have ever seen on small. all developer's need to take a page from you guy's.
~ Jessie Harp
The indisputable finest small release out there. Everything about this release is top-notch. Definitely a gotta-have for Creature Hunter lovers or even RPG enthusiasts in general. Price may be a tiny high but it's definitely worth each penny.
~ kenneth chan
Nice release! Worth the dollars! Its been a long time since the last time i played release like this. No stamina BS, and not P2W release. I lost time when i started testing this release for the very first time. The storyline, graphic, gameplay, all just nice! I just hope this release can transfer the time to different OS, since i use both mobile and ios devices.
~ Andry Tadeus
nice release but network war is not matching for me. but there is a trouble, online war doesn't match up with anyone it waits and claims test later. i hope you guys create a bot tool to war if no online users are available and hence your user base has already moved on to another releases it'll support newest users.
~ Sathiz Kumar
PROS & CONS: PROS= Graphics: very great, Storyline: Nice, Lots of quests, side quests and premium hard quests, Can steal creature eggs, hatch them and name your creature, can ride your creatures and feed them, can even manipulate their dna to give the premium abilities one one to other, ever wish an Ice dragon that breathed ice and fire, acid, poison, water, etc actually you can. Gear: you can buy gear or hunt creatures to have smithy create u newest gear. HUGE CON: NO WIFI CONTROLLER SUPPORT!!? ADD THIS!
~ ceavers blue
I love this release, I played Creature hunter freedom unite it's like the old days haha but the only trouble here is we cannot ride all the creatures...when can we ride rajang, teoster, and daora? I love to ride those creatures and one more thing why some quest are not shown in my mobile? this DLC ZELDA thing i cant search it. and the superhero sword, I cant search it...what's happening? it's very unfair, we purchased this release, why in another ver of MHS they should obtain those elder dragon?
~ Christiaan Klein Koh
Nice release, was able to finish the storyline before my cloud saves stopped working for no reason. Actually all my progress are lost. I can't even upload newest backups anymore so I maybe the cloud server for backups were shutdown or idk. Cloud saves and backups no longer work.
~ Ed Pacson
This release is extremely nice. You guys have outdone yourselves. the graphics were marvelous and the gameplay was flawless. i know there are only 4 monsties you can have but this was a nice release and i had a unbelievable experience. therefore i purchased the full ver today, so thank you.
~ Hayate Itsumi
Is a nice release , but really needs a fix for Network Wars , I have been trying to search a war for over 2 hours actually and I just can't search someone . My suggestion would be to create rooms like for Creature Hunter 4 Ultimate or something like that . Thanks for reading and have a unbelievable day .
~ Jose
Fun but Clunky Inventory/Quests. the creatures and fighting is a blast but the release needs a more efficient menu to navigate inventory, quests and creatures. There could be filters (preferably that save for next time), when sorting it could have the better scores at the top where you are currently looking rather than the bottom and Quests could be filterable by territory, reward, objective and the like. Increased to 5 stars as I hope to search other release like it.
~ David Tidwell
Nice release. 4/5 I bought the release but had a several concerns: 1. I bought the release during the version. But there is a need to connect to the internet before i can run testing? This would be nice if we should test offline, especially during long travels where the internet is not available. 2. Is there any modernization for newest creatures? Its been a while from the version of the release but no newest upgrades from the developers. 3. I cannot search any foes in network war. Kindly fix this. Please
~ jeff rubio
Worth the dollars! Nice and long storyline, I'm testing it for a month and still far from the end. Well made graphics, nice control, no bugs, no IAP. This is the finest RPG release so far, classic JRPG with modern polish. If you testing the nonpaid ver, that just 1% of the release, you could test the full ver! The cons: Gotta connect to the internet when you run it, or it won't run (sometimes can). My device really hot if I didn't turn off my wifi when testing this release.
~ Kristianus Kurnia
Id give it a 5 but for some reason my hero is gone and there was no idea for me to retrieve it. I had made a back up but thats gone aswell. I had place hours in the release and it was well for nothing... please test and create it so that our hero and release time is linked to our Google profile
~ Mike Villanueva
i rarely give 5*, and there aren't very many small apps/releases that i would pay $20 for. I'm giving this release 5* and i consider that $20 well spent. nice ui, movement, story, graphics, etc... there is nothing that i don't like about this release. if you wish to test it for nonpaid, look up mhst the journey launches. remember to back up your progress so you can import it when you run the full ver.
~ Lätham Woodling
Nice release. However, the load backup information doesn't seem to work. Unless you have the nonpaid trail release still downloaded so that it can retrieve your trail save, which I thankfully had, you won't be able to load your backup. Gameplay itself is very fun. Controls a tiny wonky at times when riding monsties.
~ Victor Gutsu
i would love to give this release a better review. the nonpaid demo is nice and plays fine. the paid ver crashes constantly, especially when going into combat. this troubles seems to have been around for awhile actually and hasnt been fixed. the release also has a no refund policies.
~ robert brittain
I have yet to test any another Creature Hunter release, but this seems like a nice run for me. I have usually been searching for creature collecting releases on the test shop and most of them are a allow down or just don't keep my attention. This however is not a dollars grabbing release, it truly is a full blown release to enjoy. If you got the dollars to spare this is a release to test.
~ Daniel Bryant
Very nice release. I gave four stars because of one trouble. My device gets hot true speedy! I am testing from a OnePlus 6 running mobile pie 128 gig 8 gig ram Snapdragon 845 model. I think it could be able to handle releases like this without getting so hot. If you (developer) can send an modernization to fix this trouble I would love that. Otherwise the release is really nice. Its just sad that I can't test it as long as I would like because of the overheating trouble I currently face. Please support!
~ Joel Haye
First of all, I did not expect this or Creature Hunter Freedom Unite to be added to small devices! While the price seemed ludicrous, it is SO worth it! Secondly, I do want this release had Rajang, Teostra, Kushala Daora, and Glavenus, and that rumored Agnaktor monstie. If anyone sees this review I hope we can obtain an modernization with those monsties added. All in all I love this release, but I do want we have the aforementioned creatures as hatchable monsties :( Please consider a future modernization for us all! :)
~ TeamDinosauria21
the release is nice but i cannot my load my back up file.. i bought this release so i can save and load my back up file but it's nonsense.. i hope the devoloper can handle it asap... and please modernization it.. so we can test even without time.. if there's no internet it becomes error
~ christian abenojar
One of the finest releases on small. the only reason it doesn't obtain 5 stars is that it needs battery optimization. The release obliterates my battery. It takes my battery from 100% to 0% in 2 hours so I cant really test it on the go if I wish my battery to last all day. But it's a nice release, plays flawlessly, has lovely graphics and is well worth the download 😉
~ Ed Richardson
The release is nice and the graphics and controls are nice. The only downside is that it needs an internet connection to run the release, this is a pain when trying to test the release in some territories as there is no connection available. I hate it when recipients who have bought a release are penalised. If this release was pirated then this would be the first thing that they would remove so pirates would obtain a better experience than a paying customer. This can create it unplayable on a device unless there is a WiFi connection available, which isn't the topic the majority of the time when you are small.
~ Marc Russell
There are only two complaints I would have with this release: 1. I want we had the DLC monsties that were only released in Japan, alongside the bonus endgame content. 2. Controller help would go a long idea to create it more comfortable, especially extended test sessions. Besides that however, its a nice release to spend over a hundred hours with on your device!
~ Wilfredo MH
nice release and better resolution with sharper photos compared to the 3ds ver. shame that you have to have an internet connection initially run the release for a Licence check. was hoping to be able to test this on a plane.
~ Alan
By far the finest release on the shop. Nice Jrpg combat, nice graphics, fun storyline, variety of creatures to train, and insane amount of content. Finest of all NO filthy small p2w monetization schemes. An absolute gotta buy. (just create sure your device is potent enough, it is quite demanding)
~ Derrick Hayden
It's an nice Capcom made and the modified controls fit very well for the small platform. It may not be like the core releases, but I really like how different it is. I only have ONE complaint: this ver doesn't have the modernization the original 3ds ver got. It's frustrating to see the 3ds users have elder dragons like kushala or teostra on their squads when the small users are stuck with the basics like the kirins and the championship given elder dragon. I'm no expert, but it could be there
~ Queen Jewel
This release could be playable when I am offline, but it is definitely not. I've paid 20 bucks for something that requires license checking often I run the release. Appreciate for the gameplay, but the license checking really sucks. I hope you developer will deliever me with solution. Thanks.
~ Anjas Jati Kesuma
Nice release and found it very entertaining but I have some troubles with it: * Backup information doesn't work if you come from Mobile Oreo to Mobile Pie. Sadly you gotta run again. *Annoying need of internet connection to test all the time. Yes, you can't test it offline you need usually to stay connected.
~ A Google user
I truly enjoyed the release. I have spent a total of 552 hours in-release. I have created a total of 83 special monsties in storage. The rest contained monsties with rare genes ready to be inherited. I want I should experiment more but I eventually reached the 200 box zone limit; all of my 83 monsties already have 9 genes placed with optimal bingos and I don't wish to discard monsties with rare gene just to create zone. I really want the modernization to arrive which increases zone to 400 and more monsties.
~ Leonardo Prayogo
Honestly once of the finest releases I've played recently. With the surge of freemium small releases, $20 for a full release where you unblock everything is no less than nice. If you played the demo and enjoyed it, the full ver is worth each penny if not more. I honestly want more developers would switch to full releases at a price like this.
~ Shane Bond
Do not obtain my rating wrong, this is a wonderful release worth each penny and 5 stars. But honestly. Why punish everyone who now spent full price on your release by forcing an online license check for a 99% offline release? This would be the great release for long trips with no internet connection. Surely there is some better way of piracy security that doesn't needlessly inconvenience your real customers. There is probably a hacked ver out there that the pirates will test...so why? Just why?
~ Tallon Allen