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About: Modern Strike Online: First Person Shooter! Are you a fan of the nice FPS releases? Looking for a S.W.A.T. versus Terrorists release? Heres some news for you: Were ready to change the face of online Mobile multiplayer GPS gaming. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization, even on weak-performing devices. Take part in the vanguard on the battlefield of Modern Strike Online! Confront your aggressor its time to blitz the goal! Product informations: 8 war modes for solo and squad matches! Clans! Custom releases where you make your own terms! 14 maps to test different walkthroughs and search your aggressors low spots! 70 types of weapons: guns, pistols, snipers, tommy-guns, shotgun, grenades, rockets and body armors! Weapon Skins! Excellent optimization, even on low devices! Pretty graphics! Simple and intuitive control! Product modes: Squad Deathmatch: Sq ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
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Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS! Reviews and Comments:

nice graphics, lots of fun. chat button needs moved wish allow me transport it in custom screen setup. constantly pops up when i obtain close to someone. and screen Occasionly doubles and tripples across so you can't test anymore.
~ Randy Johnson
Nice release but need nice graphics because when I saw a user when he reloding the gun,the gun is not in his hand. So,I think it needs some more graphics. And need more maps and guns
~ Prashant 290 gaming
it is so cool, you can buy weapons such as knifes, grenades, guns with gold and dollars, fake dollars from the release, and you can buy your shoes, shades or helmets, and bullet proof vests!!! You can test online and test with users ALL over the globe that have this release! You can ALSO upgrade your weapons, you can detail your guns! Atach a laser pointer on your guns, different kinds of supperesors, scopes and holosights. And the lasers have different colors and a really bright flashlight!!!See ya!
~ A Google user
You know, I usually thought that recipients who claimed "I want I should leave this at -5 stars" were stupid, but actually I realize that this release is one of those -5 stars one. the release usually crashes , you usually obtain paired with recipients who have better equipment, you don't need ANY skills to test this release it auto aims AND auto shoots, the movement is just stupid like it just goes so slow and I hold bumping into equipment, also snipers are so annoying EVERYBODY literally just camps. don't waste dollars.
the release is cute nice with the graphics but the trouble is the matchmaking .. you can't match someone who have weak-lvl weapon with other used scout +15 .. matchmaking could be considered fair and square accordimg to their lvl .. fix that and thank you ..
~ Azzim Syafiq
please please add a different button to crouch and jump . And also we can configure a controls as we wish in the screen . this could also be there .
~ Sonic Payeng
Since the last modernization this release is nice. But these dollars hungry originators advertising there own products between releases suck!!
~ Owen Bales
release is nice and i got addicted to it, graphics is nice but the war crates is rigged(from my opinion) I kept getting five gold when i tried to launch the crates with 10 gold. Plz create the crates properly work, release's nice and all but the trouble for me is the crates
~ benton chin
wow hands down the finest fps experience on small. pubg small after that. seriously download the release it is a ton of fun. nice progression system. you dont have to spend dollars you can just grind contracts and watch banners daily and you will obtain the gold you need eventually. finest ranking system in this kind of release ever.
~ Alex Erwin
ADD MORE MAPS AND A STORY LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
the release is nice. I love to test it but the thing is autofiring is not so cool. We wish this to do it on our own. If there is a firing button then it'll be more interesting to test!
nice release but it keeps quitting on its own I love to test the release but I cant finish a single release I dont last a 5 minute release because It quits on its own because I have no stable connection see im a user and im gonna uninstall this release because It keeps disappointing me seriously I love the release but you guys can fix the trouble I will test and suggest this release to my fellow user dudes hope you guys fix the automatic quitting on the release
~ Cyril Malupangue
The matching system sucks, it is a pay to victory release. There is no fair test option for players not interested in shelling dollars for weapons and updates. Uninstalling after this review.
~ Divaker Bhardwaj
The release is nice! One trouble is i think weapon hurt could be decreased in some weapons. As quick as im in the release, a user(aggressor) comes from a corner and i die immediately like it bothers me. So hurt reduction will be better.
~ Issa Alexxx
This release is very great, it reminds me the release counter strike which I played in my notebook. But, I think if you wish to test this release without disturbance you gotta have a speedy net connection {4g}. This release is not for 2g or 3g speed.
Love the release would give 5 star ratings but the chest openings are soooo rigged i just opened like 30 in a row using gold and its rigged to land on either grenades, and health regens which i dont use or gold but never any weopons thats messed up I grind for gold and chest and i test to unblock newest weopons but chest is rigged but yea another than that love the release Edit: i swear i just dropped few 100's of gold on gold chest i never obtain anything but explosives and first aid equipment i swear ill rate0
~ that dude
extremely fun release. you can upgrade armor an your choice of weapon. every weapon has there own skill set you can upgrade. Alot of recipients usually online having fun chatting an going to war. THIS IS NOT A MONEY GAME, so if you think it's an simple release just buying your idea NOPE not here this requires skill so if yah wonna war us merks bring it on American server.
~ Cory Foxworth
really like this release but it's becoming a joke actually, I obtain that far in the release and then it claims war error timed out, don't you have a large enough server or something, I'm going to uninstall quick too much memory if I'm not going to use the release, PLEASE FIX ISSUE
~ Connor Larkin
this release has a nice release test plateform. but is a waste of your time. because its consists of no more than 10 seconds of test. And you losing because you test versus users that search it exciting to obliverate you with inferior weapons. Whats the target of testing a release that is not competitive.
~ JustChuck Fallis
I am at the 29th lvl and the release returns to main menu after testing the round for just 1 min. no customer help where this can be reported. I even re downloaded the release again but the same trouble. also very hard to obtain nice guns you have to buy it
~ Rahul Bhandari
just pay n victory. if u pay INR-1400 U obtain the gun with 3700 hurt otherwise 800-1000 and if u wanna upgrade it they have very terrible upgrade system. the only release where upgrade gets failed. i m very mad. i just empty full mag and still the another one is alive and he takes 2 shots on me and i m dead
~ Ansari Tech
quite fun in the beginning, great rotation of maps and a fair testing ground. once you run leveling up you obtain place with recipients who have ridiculously powerful guns. not fair. very pay to victory. if they divided up the gun lvls into different genres it would be fine but this isn't fun any more. uninstalling.
~ Joshua Behrens
I have a trouble when ever i click on nonpaid upgrade or nonpaid gold it claims "advertising error 40: ". It was going all well before like it gave me a nonpaid updates each day but actually its not working. Please support me out guys.
~ Talha Saqib
love this release. nice release, simple controls, not too many banners but a decent amount, unless you are trying to test offline you obtain like no lag. two troubles though. so many hackers! once i was testing and across the map through walls someone killed me. and the beginner shotgun needs faster shooting and maybe more mag size for each gun. just fix these things and the release will be 5 star
~ the first wendigo
Auto aim is very powerful (your aim is pulled to aggressors automatically and sticks to them) and your gun fires automatically once the crosshairs touch an aggressor. Because of this, skill means nothing, since the release plays itself for you. The graphics and performance are very nice, but the gameplay is horrible and favors buying overpowered guns with true dollars over being a nice user.
~ Liselsie
I purchased a crusader red skull helmet this morning when I got on this afternoon it was gone. So I purchased it again and actually it's off the option screen for helmets and lost it again. So I lost like 5000 gold. user 2819778
~ Todd Bladecki
This release is unbelievable but there are some issuses including: 1: $65 for a damn crossbow...why though? 2: Lower lvls have no chance versus higher lvls some have 150 health and others have 250 3: With higher health the knives seem almost piontless. you have almost no chance to use them. 4: Some things create sense like higher lvl guns you spend a decent chunk of dollars but the fact that we have to wait for the reward crates to launch for 3 hours is type of stupid 5: the guns seem expensive
~ Noobish_ A
The pictures of the release are really! They gave me that feel of "CSGO small" You know .... but once i played the release for the first time i didnt really feel it, its not that nice gameplay style ... its has nice graphics but it has really slow release test mechanics, i give it a one stare just because it has nice graphics, another than that release sucks
~ Kareem Abdellatif
please don't download this idiotic release not even tried to develop by those idiots. Waste of time. I had given this a one star because I need to post a review (just allowed to post a review after a selection of a star) otherwise it will deserve less than 0 star.
~ sathya balan
Some recipients sit in the corner but now arent there, ill be halfway across the map, and it will claim im being shot by the person who is crouched in the corner, then when i go to shoot them it deals 0 hurt, these "ghost users" still dont really obtain as much kills as me, but what if they were now nice? it would be a entire another storyline
~ Jack Archuleta
i had purchased the ak12 before the price increase and im testing actually after a 1 year gap,when i log in actually all my details are there except for the fact that my ak12 is missing tho in my details it shows 1000kills it claims my most used is berreta a pistol pls give me my gun back as i had spend literally 1 year watching banners for the gun,scope,sights everything
~ Adarsh Ajit
At first, I really like this release then this release create me very mad. I have been collecting gold for days actually and i have about 1200+ gold! suddenly it disappeared after i finish a match, and i left with only 565 of gold! I didn't even buy a thing, i was saving that gold for a newest weapon! I don't even know where it went, no newest weapon, loot box, etc., it just gone like that! after that i just spend all of my dollars and gold and i will never test this release ever again!!! Buggy as hell!
~ Ryan Faker
I love this release and I insist everyone to download it but there is a trouble. In this release there is a shotgun called as (The) KSG and it is too overpowered, so whenever anybody plays a match, almost 80℅ of the recipients are using it and it becomes too hard to survive or to use any another weapon. So please developers, if you are reading this review please nerf that damn weapon. Nevertheless it is a nice release.
~ Sabita Nayak
It's really a nice experience with FPS. Love to test this release but from last several days I am facing some troubles. 1st day before yesterday I lost may gold coins, I didn't purchased anything in the release and it just happened to deduct 500 gold coins. And 2nd trouble I am facing when I am performing well in the release, after several meetings I face this error "war connection timeout". I even tried to explain my trouble to help Correspondence address. But till actually no response. I have no another choice rather to leav.
~ Motasim Masood
its a really nice release. as far as release first shooter cell device releases go it is the finest. it has a lot of bugs that need worked out. i quit spend dollars on it didnt feel right to spend dollars on a release that at times doesnt work right or has hackers flooding it....
~ Travis Taylor
i used to love this release, and i still do, but as u transport foward after like 2 or 3 rounds everyone will have a better gun than u and its super unfair, pls fix this, i still have a lot of love for this release but it's slowly going away because of how unfair it is, pls PLS create a change!
~ the lord of gaming and music
it is a very nice online shooting release ... but in my opinion there is 4 stars becuase everything is nice in the release but some things are there which I like but can't claim very great ,, like there is not a jumping option and there could be a option because it's a online shooting release ,, etc . So that's why ...) Else this a awesome release ....)
~ Gamers Gaming
Installed release for the third time, but unfortunately it doesn't wish to load, it either goes to a black screen or it automatically takes me back to my apps menu! Might have to uninstall! Had the release for months and loved it until this started happening! Soooooo disappointing!
~ Kyle Bruner
+5 stars for being a cute fun release, with no forced banners. -4 stars for being pay to victory. they place you versus bots and noobs so you feel nice at first, they obtain a 5 star review out of you. Then they place you versus everyone, all the recipients who pay dollars to have the maxed out armor and weapons.
~ Joey C
I love this release it's like Call Of Duty but small and the graphics are nice, the gameplay is nice. If there was a idea to stream it on twitch I would stream it for like 2 hours a day. Upon ranking up you unblock newest guns, updates, earn release dollars, and gold which is used for higher teir equipment/guns. I also like that there is clans and you can add dudes. It also has equipment that you can buy with true dollars via credit/debit card. I highly suggest you give it a test. ENJOY THE GAME👍👍
~ William Maples