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About: > It plays as nice as it looks. IGN > Amps everything up to the next lvl. 148Apps > Sharp controls, impressive graphics. Pocket User Fight has evolved, and so has the finest online FPS on small! Step onto the battlefield and respond the call with the title that raised the bar for first person shooter releases with its nice graphics, high-powered guns and intense online multiplayer action. Make a team from 9 classes, add your dudes for squad test and play your skills in dynamic warfare versus online rivals from around the globe! Prefer to work alone? Then feel nonpaid to step into the thrilling solo test campaign as you shoot your idea through one dire case after other to save the globe as you run an attack versus a lunatics apocalyptic plans. You wont search more first person shooter fun in a nonpaid release anywhere! 9 CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS > Customize an ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 59MB Developer: Gameloft
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Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS Reviews and Comments:

To be honest the more i test the more nice i am but one subject i wish to touch is when some 100+lvl users join a match that's filled with 15+ lvl users. It is very unfair, we easily obtain killed and we wish developers to rebalanced the lvls of a multilayer match.
~ Izz Fakhrullah
graphics is really great except the controls and the energy bar. For those who can watch add and pay true dollars can enjoy the release well.It takes away 4 energy bars for just a single gameplay remain 3 left.Which means we can test maybe one release once till the energy bar gets full . This is where pugb is getting better.
~ jinu jacob
Decent shooter. I'm not sure why some recipients in versus seem indestructable when I obtain hit by 3 bullets and die. I swear i can stand behind someone to play my weapon and empty a clip on them and they just turn around an pop me twice with a pistol and i'm dead. I wish those tools whatever they are.
~ Kevin Bailey
controls are slow!!! sensitivity is terrible!!! if your using on mobile dont waste your time. takes forever to be competitive, you are versus another users that are above and beyond your league getting killed alot. just not a nice release!!!!
~ Chad Fowler
I like this release, lots of action, but there are some lvls that just are raly hard and probably could have been place in later and some leavals that should have gone in earlyer. othere than that the release is quite nice and is lots of fun to test. I realy like how there is a campang and an online war mode to. You could also add the abillaty to cusamise the controls, i usually press the run button or the shoot button when i don't mean to.
~ Hayden May
I think you could create the campaign much longer it is a nice release fun to test but it would be great if you would do something premium for the snipers we are left out why do you not considerate what your customers ask???? we obtain no love
~ Keith Parker
does it Really take forever to finally test the release?this release is 60 or more days on my device but until actually even with nice connection I have waited an hour it still not completed with checking/verifying/downloading..is that already part of the release?checking the files???
~ Adrian Elic
please add something newest in the release some newest and bigger maps , i have been testing this release long enough actually and getting bored add something newest and please do something about the trouble in this release why the hell are recipients shooting me through the wall?? i see and aggressor hide behind it and i am alrdy hit the guy fired after i hit behind the wall do something about it
~ Mohammed __
Newest modernization but still have stupid hackers running around like furious dogs shooting and killing happily using marauder class..i think 90 percent of the users is hackers..it seems that u guys gameloft cant obtain rid of these hackers..nice release but hackers crash everything..
~ Rock Zaliboy
i waited for the download ,ok , reqires internet , then the download inside the release ,ok ,then verifing the files then decom pressing then loading .... after alll that it needed an modernization .😡😡😡😡 , im sick of it it took me about 2 hours and i couldnt even test it .
~ Youcef Boutaghane
theres an banner after anything you click, the release rolled back my experience and equipment out of nowhere, and customer service does not reply. there are banners even when the release runs and you have to just stand there vulnerable in the launch until the banner finishes. ridiculous.
~ WillyWeedz 710
nice controls, high device graphics and a fun addictive release, I'm at rank 76 at the moment and dont plan on stopping. there is nice action in the campaign and it is a nice length. if you like first person shooter releases this is NOT going to allow you down.
~ Scott Vejnar
keeps destroying. Can you imagine your testing online and a sudden ad appears on your screen! what a joke! besides the sounds might disappear or appear accidentally and the release freezes , hackers, are ;however manipulating the release . So, for sure will uninstall it.
~ Jamil Kanaan
it is a very nice release I like graphics nice storyline mode also but you have to wait until it refill . multiplayer is also not terrible I like melee weapon most but you can met 120 lvl user after you reach 18 lvl you can met 120 lvl user very easily so if they come in your match you will become mad . developer plz create if your lvl is 10 then 20 lvl user only come. 10 high lvl user then us will not give trouble. so it is a very terrible thing about this release but release is very nice
~ Rahul Kumar
overall the release was nice.The graphics and gameplay are cute nice too. The only trouble I had with this release is that the matchmaking in online, I am a level 40 gold rating and everyone in the opposing squad are level 100 and above!!! how can I enjoy the if I obtain one shoted often I respawn and it takes a thousand shot for me to slay them. please fix the matchmaking!!
~ Beelze Balilis
i still love this release. But actually it crashes. But I do not trust it is your fault. each single release i test on my shoddy Lg K20 crashes. It upsets me to test such a nice release and it crashes. To have a device like this is an insult to the small gaming community. Lg could be ashamed.
~ JoshuaMallalieu
this is my all time favoured gaming release, there is this glitch though where the users seem to teleport right out of your sight, i dont know if that is supposed to happen but it sucks and it gives users that seem to have an already massive arsenal an unfair advantage, pleeeeeease fix this!!!!!!!
~ The Gideon
i want you should customize the controls more(transport and enlarge buttons) the super users have a gigantic advantage and since there is no squad power balancing system you can have five of these a'holes on one squad. please create it so that you have like five knives per release because recipients just run around and stab you, they dont shoot their gun, and its really annoying to obtain killed by that guy that killed you five times in a row. otherwise the releases fun i guess
Nice Product! You got nice graphics, smooth and even convenient controls with a customizable HUD, nice servers, lots of gameplay options from classes to release modes and even a campaign with true voice actors(something most small releases dont have)! You have meetings that still come and go and function like they could, the VIP system is done in a idea you won't even regret using true dollars to buy equipment or credits. The gameplay simply blew me away, The classes and their special strengths are cool too!
~ Eragon LIP
i dont like it. you have to wait for energy and it loads slow as shyt. then instead of using one per release; its 2 energy to test. so literally ypu only obtain 5 releases til you have to wait. co trols are shyt too. zone equipment out on the screen. waste of time using a phoe if you going to test this b.s.
~ Aaron Mays
I absolutely hate this releases customer help I have sent over 3 correspondences it had been over 2 days and I never got a response maybe I did something wrong. I couldn't even search my device model on the list I honestly only wish a feedback code sent to my correspondence so I can reconnect to my old lost profile I have a receipt ready to prove its mine and I will not remove this 1 star until I obtain a response. this isn't customer care or how it could be at all.
~ G.O. A.E
Nice to launch with as quick as you obtain into the multi-user all you see is pay to victory. Everybody is running round with maraurders and 140-150% health. Weapons are garbage unless you have one of the premium classes (that cost true dollars) or buy weapon boxes with credits (that cost true dollars) even to advance through the storyline you guessed it costs (true dollars).
~ Shalom Cannonier
at first... it's nice. but as you progress you will really have to pay to victory. like many of the foes you war will be somebody who is twice higher than your lvl (100- 140)and cute much one shot you while you shoot him 10 times in the head and is never going down. pls fix the lvl balance of the release
~ WinDiMoZ
Frustrating!! I have been testing this release for so so long , i am a known veteren in the release. And Gameloft ban my profile despite me never using any means to tool in this release. Following up with customer care and upon asking why i was banned , they are giving generic answers ! What is this BS!? I see true hackers all the time and face harassement by many users on global/ messages . Instead of banning them , genuine users obtain banned. Waiting on getting unbanned for something i didnt do.
~ Jay Ssyngh
the modernization is useless . each time I test one release there is sure to be a trouble and it'll automatically stop by it self and I lose all my release target . I won't be testing this release till you producer fix this trouble. 😠😠😠
~ Yik Choon Chan
for the third time can you please fix the modern combat 5 I'mit's not allowing me to download the content with my small time you shouldn't have to use Wi-Fi all the damn time can you fix this trouble please I'd rather use my time like when you run the release to download the content of the release to test it please and thank y ou and next modernization.
~ Christopher Faust
The release is nice but there's a trouble though.I just started testing this release but in multi-user I have to compete with users much more experienced, heavily armed with weapons I can't even imagine that I will have one day and are at much higher lvl than me like 50 or 60 lvl higher. The release is also not balanced I mean 3 VS 5, 4 VS 6.Thats why I gave it 3 stars if these troubles are solved then you'll obtain 5 from me of course.
~ I am joking
I can't download the bonus file. I'm a regular user of MC5. Actually I changed my device and downloaded the release.But when I'm opening the release, it's downloading bonus files. But anyhow, Imthe download isn't complete. Showing network trouble. But there is no network trouble at all. Please support me to obtain out from this case.
~ fa
The Product has Graphics and Gameplay i approve. You guys are claiming hold calm and friendly but can u imagine a war between lvl 5 and lvl 140.Each time i join the release i war versus diamond league and i am just a silver starter.Even there is no sheilding result for spawners that i die in the very run. So as to hold calm and friendly i am uninstalling this release and rating it 1 star. Guys if u wish an equality prevailing gameplay dont install...
Would give 5 stars, but the graphics aren't the finest, the campaign multiplayer matching is fully wrecked, like, level 33 v full level 140 wrecked. I mean, this release's 5 years old, compared to a one to two year gap between the previous releases in this franchise. The graphics aren't that nice, there are a lot of bugs relating to movement. Optimize controls, graphics, add movement controls, like jumping . The release just cant do what you wish it to. MC Vs just doesn't slash it, never did, never will.
~ Joshua Tollefson
Changes to improve general stability around crashes? NO WAY! this release hold destroying each time my connection obtain weak! And my graphics looks so STUPID no war royal and controls are very hard to master... please gameloft fix this... ASAP
~ A Google user
Sometimes multiplayer lvls and some campaign missions doesn't run, a dialogue box claiming that multiplayer time need to be downloaded appears that doesn't progress but after some time or restatrting the release few times the trouble resolves otherwise the release is great and time aggressor. Only if gameloft fix this trouble the release is worth 5 stars.
~ Talha Butt
My only trouble is that war Royale is not available in all devices...i cant test it while my dudes can. Even after the modernization i still dont have war royale. The worst thing is the multiplayer matches will create you go up versus pros who have been testing for years even if you are just a starter. It is so annoying
~ Varun Doshi
Brings old school combat back but this time with idea more equipment than you should possibly imagine. Much improved graphics I'll claim. Maps are all nice well most them. Like rooftop usually ticks me off because it needs an elevator more steps and few more stories. Multiplayer highly addictive. Is it possible to have more users in a match? Large maps are nice but.. I love that it's in my pocket lad. Anyhow I thought I'd stop by and give my review. I love it and think you could test it too!
~ Christopher Medina
nice release.. but sometime i regret this release, ive upgraded some nice gun n armour into prestige but no use enimy shoot in one or two bullets but my prestige gun have to shoot d enimies with one megazines so how this possible one with lot of bullets its like a cheating. so plz equal with fair test. iwould b glad if itll b fair test..
~ paul singh
Only for recipients with dollars. I just played a week and got to lvl 40. Actually all it does it match me with recipients like lvl 100-120, who have insane weapons which I can never beat. Normal gameplay needs energy which after a several lvls is irritating because lvls are very tough and I just have to wait for such a long time.
~ Abhishek Chaudhary
This release is nice, but in multiplayer match sometimes some users can jump from one zone to other.There was one time as I was shooting the another user, he disappear from my aim and appear behind me and stab me. I don't know if this release is mod or what but this thing happened and it really suck out the fun in testing this release.Please do something about this.
~ Solomon Makri
I just downloaded, but can't rate my experience. Why? Because your modernization that's supposed to fix the possible trouble causing the release to ruin isn't working. It keeps destroying, no matter how much I test to run it. So that Claims me that you, the developers, fully missed the trouble causing it to ruin in the first zone. One star from me because the ruin is all I have to go on until it's fixed and I can now test the release. For actually, I'm uninstalling.
~ Jordan Belander
I install this release back after 1 and half year. And I am really unhappy to see the reward system. Only Diamond dust and it's really hard to obtain credits. But back to the old days almost every and each match reward was credit. So I decided to uninstall this release because I am not a paid user. Really disappointed how they turn a nonpaid release into pay to victory. Bye Mc5 forever .
~ S匕丹尺 TM
its a nice release with limited possibilites . u can learn how to test in 3 days multiplayer in 7 days and obtain urself in nice position in 1 month or so . but the question is how far u can go with this release ? there is not lot much scope to test ...limited scenarios tiny zones and limited movement (no jumps at all) . all in all its nice but can be much better and yes i do not test pubg 😉
~ Shyam Goswami