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About: Become an action superhero like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the newest release of modern fight - App Strike! Build a base, control the action, and play your elite units versus aggressors on the battlefield! With cutting-edge assault machines in your arsenal this worldwide MMO release tests your ability to wage a tactical and smart fight. It's not whose arsenal is bigger, it's whose arsenal is finest! Design a customized base to reflect the type of superhero you wish to be. Amass defenses to protect your base, or manufacture an arsenal unrivaled on the battlefield! In real MMO fashion you can join an alliance and bring to bear the benefits of a multilateral force as you dominate the action and become the Head of State in an entirely newest type of action release! Join with millions of users from around the globe Forge potent alliances with elite users versus formidable aggressors ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Epic War
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About: Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash! New Features: Upgrade to the all new Town Hall 12 to have your Town Hall fight back! Use the power of Siege Machines to break through the toughest of defenses Work together with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic Items Classic Features:...

Developer: Supercell

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About: Clash of Kings: Three Kingdoms is Free multiplayer strategy card battle . Youll collect and upgrade :cards. Defend your base from enemies and attack them using your own strategy and skills of the heroes. Join a battle and win to climb the leaderboard, and earn amazing rewards. Join a guild to donate cards and play friendly match with members in guild. Players can play with friends in worldwide . Clash of Kings: Three Kingdoms Features : +Collect cards and upgrade. +1 vs 1...

Developer: SkySteam [email protected]

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About: 5/5 wargamer.com 5/5 strategygamer.com 4/5 pockettactics.com Warbands:Bushido is a miniatures board game online arena with cards, miniatures, dice (i.e. dice random involved) and beautiful terrains to fight on, with both multiplayer battles boardgamers are used to, and challenging single-player scenarios. Game has a isometric, tabletop-style look with miniature-style characters, cards, dice, pre-rendered battlefields and story-mode scenarios. There will be more...

Developer: Red Unit Studios [email protected]

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About: Juego totalmente adaptado para invidentes y deficientes visuales. Con grabaciones de voces reales durante toda la aventura! El juego est basado en la historia original de Luis Montenegro. Si disfrutas de mis juegos, procura agradecerme comprando la versin de donacin. Invasores del reino de Bruma Negra roban la espada sagrada del reino de Azura. Elige tu personaje y lnzate a la aventura! Cudate de los obstculos y de los desalmados enemigos que intentarn detenerte luchando hasta la muert...

Developer: Fabián Arias [email protected]

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About: Axe Red Champ is a axe throwing game Just Tap to throw axe Throw axes through the targets to win Crush those targets and go all out for the best score...

Developer: KIKI ANDRO TN [email protected]

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About: Large-scale space battle! Show everyone who is the master of the cosmos!...

Developer: Евгений Костенко [email protected]

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About: Kophan is special game combine strategy & space shooter. Your misson is protec your planets, conquer other armys & occupied 15 planets. Difficulty of the game will change depending on tactics Characters, weapons, skills, headquarter will be upgrades when you fighting. Persuading new character to your army. One special thing of this game is not shooting too much, every bullet got a power, accurate, speed ... and soul of character so that sometimes got miss or critical damage. And many secre...

Developer: TRAN MAI HAN [email protected]


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About: Start your very own Cafe Business / Coffee Shop today, invite the customers to your store in the most awesome way possible - just tap tap tap to make customers flood your store, Expand your cafe and Become the next Cafe Shop Simulation Tycoon! Opening your own coffee shop / cafe has never been this rewarding! Where have you been all this time? Manage your own Cafe Restaurant and join the cooking game fever. Create new recipes and sell them to your customers! You can even hire employees and c...

Developer: Holy Cow Studio [email protected]

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About: Guide to Dream League Soccer 2019 is one of the best Dream League Soccer Tips & Guide. This application is an informal Dream League Soccer 16 manage just, it is not approved or made by the maker of the diversion. This application purpose is to help people learning Advice Dream League Soccer 19, if there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us directly to discuss it, thanks for you. This application purpose is to help people learn...

Developer: Dream Games Pro [email protected]

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About: Three friends are skipping Halloween this year in order to play a mysterious video game. Unfortunately, it contains more tricks than treats! Theyve been sucked inside of its strange world and only you can help them escape from inside the game. Miniplay presents a completely original adventure. Slip into the role in one of the 3 friends and play the game with their eyes. You will have to solve the puzzles and find the exit for you and your friends. Explore the area, solve the puzzles and avoi...

Developer: Rocketman Studios [email protected]

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About: Modern Alert is a SLG mobile game taking Classic RA as theme and development basis. This game has 4 characteristics: SLG Mode, All-sided Modern Warfare, Multidimensional Free Technology Assistance and Real-time World Alliance. Now the war trumpet has sounded, come and join us! Classic RA Return This game retains all classic RA elements, and it also has original voice ,top-level image and new SLG mode bringing you back to those exciting time with RA. War Strategy, Create RA modern Power C...

Developer: XIFO [email protected]

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About: It is the time of the Hanseatic League: A little gold, an old ship - that's all you have. Can you make it from the unknown merchant to the powerful patrician ? The world is open to you, set sail with historic sailing ships and organize your trade. Whether salt, herring, wheat, wine or spices - which product will bring the success in trade routes between the historic Hanseatic cities? Trust in the guild - here you can hear rumors about the latest prices of all goods of the Baltic region. ...

Developer: WIT Apps [email protected]

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About: ] I]. Galaxy Defense The best Tower Defense game for android ever! This game is very wonderful and special in this Strategy game category! Let's play this TD Game, you'll be a powerful general who making strategy wisely to command cannons and defend the tower against waves of aggressive enemies. This Tower Defense game has diversified mission system with many levels of difficulty waiting for you to ...

Developer: Zonmob Game Studio [email protected]

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About: Jogo de estrategia baseado em turnos!! Para quem j jogou o clssico advance wars do console gba creio que vai gostar desse jogo!! Crditos a P1X!! O cdigo fone est disponivel no Github: ...

Developer: OakCreations JF [email protected]


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About: Kojboy Jump um jogo de estrategia simples desenvolvido pela MadCow Games. Ajude nosso personagem descobrir todos os enigmas desse joguinho super legal e divertido, em breve estaremos postando mais jogos. Jogo totalmente gratuito livre de Anncios ou Compras. MadCow Games Indie Games [email protected]

Developer: APLICATIVO.MOBI [email protected]

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About: In Rise of Factions: Sparta you pick up the mantle left to you by your previous leader who has not long fallen in battle, whilst you are setting up a new camp on an island southeast of Sparta a courier runs up to the walls and demands to see you, delivering the grave news. You then set out to conquer the ancient Greek peninsula in honour of your fallen leader and create the most formidable army to ever have risen from Sparta. RoF:Sparta is a simplified RTS (real time strategy) game for mobil...

Developer: PolyInteractive Games [email protected]

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About: Warm up your fingers and get ready to show your reaction in the new casual arcade / LineTurn! You need to collect all the bricks, driving a rotating line and at the same time avoid the borders of the playing field. However, be careful - with each brick assembled, the line is extended! Looks pretty simple, right? Youll be surprised how hard it is! Enjoy! How to play: Tap to change the point of rotation of the line. Features: Difficult, fascinating and exciting Unique game mech...

Developer: ABS Games [email protected]

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About: test is a hard work...

Developer: Pistole Pedruig [email protected]

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About: Have fun with the troll chests simulator. You can simulate all clash royale chests. Be careful with the Troll letter, if you touch you will have to comply with your punishment! You can open all the chests and get all the cards. Remember to share the troll deck with your friends! Enter the troll ranking! Please Note: This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Su...

Developer: Pity Apps [email protected]

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About: Prepare for battle! Desert Tower Defense is a free strategy game where you defend your base from incoming enemy attacks. The enemy waves will be stronger and more dangerous. Use the best strategy you can think of to defend your base as long as you can. Put yourself into a place of defensive tower commander, defending one of the last humanity outposts in the hostile foreign world. Do your best and face enemy waves. War is unquestionable. There are multiple ways of expanding and improv...

Developer: EveningGames [email protected]



Mobile Strike Reviews and Comments:

a nice release to test with your dudes but by no means it is not a cheap release be ready to spend at least $1,000 or don't even test
~ charles mcintyre sr
usually release troubles nothing tested b4 it version like the seem to banner virus to create u lose things an kicks u out of release often u launch chat to ppl in alliance
~ andrew patching
It was nice at the beginning but actually you half to buy $100 a month just to hold going
~ Dale Maluke
love the release but think there could be large base versus large base challenge. there could also be like a security nuke in a box for 35 and smaller bases. So when a large base strikes we victory for once.
~ Jeffrey Hopkins
You need to modernization your soft. I am having troubles with the release and it has nothing to do with my carrier or operating system. Spent 20 mins with carrier finding out it's a trouble on your end.
~ A Google user
I just modernization small strike and I cannot kind in the alliance chat or post comments on our wall. something is seriously wrong I deleted and reinstalled also to test If that works
~ Zach Mischuk
Idea to expensive, horrible customer service, constant release glitches, unfair advantages for large spenders.
~ David Wade
Everything got so tiny with todays modernization. cant see what I'm typing. I feel like I need a magnifying glass to read anything.
~ Allen Chonko
Receive charged for everything and when you have a trouble, send a ticket to help gang, they only claim you to send them a screenshot and when you obtain the screenshot from the release to send and go back to the ticket you obtain a message that the ticket is closed
~ Winston Walker
this release is all about dollars ,if you don't spend gigantic amount of dollars there's no target in trying to test . dollars pit is what this release is
~ A Google user
nice release. but I'm currently unable to activate my 24 hour shield, and I have 52 of them in stock. Keeps claiming not enough loyalty to buy. if you can fix this trouble I will gladly give five stars.
~ Idrissa Jones
Testing for 4 years release is extremely over priced, 5 newest version each week you need 1000$a week to stay relevant in this release
~ Robert Kuznicki
nice release as long as you don't mind spending large bucks to test, in apps purchases are very high £100s a go to buy and they hold changing each day
~ Brian Martin
been testing this for about 2 years still a nice release. only down side is opening your crates it's opens them but there still there in your equipment :/ plus releases a slowed down actually needs an modernization I think
~ Jamie I
was nice then became pay to test if you wanna progress and also if you obtain him once you end up zeroed losing damn near all units and you need to buy more boxes to recover not worth it
~ William Galbreath
The release is nice. But i can't login into my EW profile. It keeps claiming "server under maintenance". Should you pls fix it?
~ Cody Mortero
Nice release, but it's hard to excel beyond certain points, and it's fully pay to victory.
~ Ash
i have to hold uninstalling the release because it keeps kicking my butt out then it won't allow me back in. plus the $99.99 boxes suck. can't afford them
~ Kim Harvey
Fix the mobile versions chat trouble and I will raise my star review. Ever since the mobile modernization, you can't see what you are typing nor can you send messages to another users inboxes.
~ Daniel Bendure
used to be nice till they got greedy, actually all they wish is dollars...over priced boxes for less and less things your base needs.
~ Travis Rush
junk!!!! cant even use all your speed ups. usually server is under maintenance. it has claimed this for over a year actually
~ Cody Mason
Product is usually broken, something newest doesnt work everyday, poor customer help, response time is weeks while they have no trouble taking 1000s of dollars from every user and cant even produce a working product
~ Flex N Co
how is that possible that when i launch this release, what i see i that i loss everything and i have to run over for no reason. or you give me back my lvl or i deleting my profile and removing this release from my device.
~ maycko zelaya
I really enjoy this release, the only recipients furious are the ones who cant afford to test it. YES its test to victory but nonpaid to download but ALSO it's nonpaid to whine and complain. it's more of a hobby than a release.
~ Jacob Rudd
too expensive and epic fight does Not give nice service . They also screw up the boxes that you gotta buy and they rip you off and won't fix their errors ! Do NOT test this release !
~ Chris Cuddeback
Pay to victory. Literally. You cant lvl your base past lvl 30 unless you pay 100USD. Just a pay to victory dollars grab where you pay to be on the top of the meal chain.
~ vocaloid rocket
A highly dollars extorting release ....at some target they will trap you to buy boxes for everything. if you master something they will introduce thousand newest ideas materials and resources... would suggest testing another walkthrough releases
~ Amitesh Mishra
do not test this release they just rob you blind. you obtain to a certain lvl in the release spending hundreds or thousands and MS decide to change the release. you will be back to square1. the boxes obtain very expensive so you cant afford boxes anymore I hate this release and my time has come to a end due to everything I have just written
~ mufcruledin99
TERRIBLE GAME! If you like nonpaid-to-test releases, this is NOT for you. Unless you spend TONS of true dollars, you're going to obtain slaughtered everyday in and day out.
fun to test but obtain ready to dig deeper into your wallet than ever before. You gotta buy to survive and that means $100 boxes everyday to stay on top, weekly to stay relevant. Finest bet is steer clear from this release.
~ Stephen Bacon
Tech staff Do Not Communicate directly with you when you send in a Problem Shooting request. Their Responses to complaints seem to be Scripted to what they wish, not answering my question. when I claim them I am dissatisfied with response and ask to speak directly with Tech Staff, it Falls on deaf ears. I have submitted a Ticket on troubles. I await Reponse. Nice Product to Test, but expect troubles. A timely response could be made to customer.
~ ISRAEL R. Perez
This release use to be nice back during the "Race for 21" actually it's not worth the time unless you're willing to literally drop $100 each several weeks just for the chance of it getting zeroed.
~ Justin Bailey
Stay away. Pay to victory. Recipients spend thousands! Unpaid test is ok but you'll never advance or do anything more than test Farmville in a fight release. Lots of banners and all boxes are $99 after the $5 box.
~ Maryann Perez
small strike has become ridiculous. gold is useless actually. everything you need actually costs 138$ a box Canadian. have to earn loyalty to buy shields and that you only earn hunderds a day and they cost 30mil for long ones. this release will run you broke if you wish to even think of keeping up with the terrible recipients on this release. it used to be nice with 20$ boxes. use gold to buy shields. better meetings and not just being a farm for recipients who spend THOUSANDS to test
~ Tim Naismith
I would give it zero stars but whatever. if you enjoy pay to victory and no tech help or customer help than enjoy. the release is usually having horrible glitches and no matter how many problem tickets you submit nothing is ever done till atleast 6-8 months later. dont ever expect anything to obtain done from customer service they will only claim you you're the trouble not the release even though you have screen video showing the release glitched. would be a wonderful release if it wasnt run by a bunch of monkeys
~ triggerman prime
Loved the release at first. Actually, if you cant afford to test, dont bother. You're trapped and have to constantly buy the gold boxes to even stay a user. Made few changes to the release that doesn't let you to use your past purchases in the actual release format. The customer service is extremely slow to any concerns.
~ Ryan Johnson
playd for 4 years,modernization is horrible galaxy s8. I lost so much because of the modernization because it doesnt do what you click on,trash complete waste of dollars,shows how terrible the greed of this releases developers is over functionality that they will much rather place out more things an expect recipients to buy it rather than fix there horrible development troubles! I can physically not even test anymore because of this because it's a waste of valuable time and dollars spent. everything including my device is to date
~ M H
The release is dollars based. One can not hold up spending $100 for a box, then a several days later you need to buy other $100 box. They (Epic Fight) modernization with newest informations (cost $100 btw) & also have release troubles which they claim are being addressed but 3+ months later the attack push info still doesn't work. They are more concerened with dollars than fixing troubles.
~ Jeffrey Tinnean
After you have played for a while and now place some true dollars into the release and built up enough gold to now build your units and base up they change the whole economic system to platinum bars rendering all of the gold you have bought useless. They also removed equipment you should buy in the release with gold so you really can't do anything and are back to square one. Don't waste your time or dollars.
~ Black Diamond
I use to love this release when it first came out. Then the community started to obtain very toxic for a moment and I took a bigger break then I intended. Once I got back a several weeks ago, it just isn't the same release I first played. Actually it is a pay to victory release. I hate how the release usually ask me to spend 99 dollars to obtain the things I need to now advance. And those that have advanced by spending dollars are crushing everyone who just can't spend nearly 100 bucks on a release.
~ That Lad