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About: Join your dudes in a brand newest 5v5 MOBA showdown versus true human foes, App Legends: Bang Bang! Select your favoured heroes and build the great squad with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute fights. Laning, jungling, turret rushing, squad fights, all the fun of PC MOBAs and action releases in the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit! App Legends: Bang Bang, 2017s brand newest small eSports masterpiece. Shatter your foes with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of strongest Challenger! Your device thirsts for war! Informations: 1. Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Wars True-time 5v5 fights versus true foes. War over 3 lanes to take the aggressors turret. 4 jungle zones. 18 defense turrets. 2 Wild Bosses. Complete reproductions of classic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human versus. Human fights. A triumphant return to genuine MOBA gameplay. 2. Vic ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: Moonton
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Reviews and Comments:

Great release overall, but i'll have to give it 3 stars because JESUS! you need to be a millionaire just to obtain skins. Also users are toxic as F even though you're doing your finest to victory the release. Also can you count push into kda system since you could not obtain MVP when you're just going out there killing recipients, MOBA is a squad release and is a release about destroying your aggressor's turrets and their main building. And create your own original heroes and add more consumables to market please.
~ banana cake
This is hereby one of the finest releases I've ever played. I started to like it a lot but when i got Master. Almost everyone in my squad is a feeder and 3 of them went AFK!!!! I got 34 kills and 2 deaths but my squad has 41 deaths in Total!!! They comepletely fee the aggressor then they went AFK!. Pls create this fair for everyone so pls create like a diamond fine or a temporary ban for like 3-5 days for users Like That!!!
~ ThE GaMiNg SOR_CeReR
This release is nothing more than just a timepass. Full of lagging troubles and the system claims that I have gone afk and do what they wish. I was treated like this many times. this is a nice to test release but the lag will surely create you hate it as the worst release and it is. They add heroes ,skins, claim that fixes bugs but can't they see the largest trouble of lagging. I prefer whoever read this dont install this release this release is just a junk of your device's ram. I hate this release until they fix that.
~ Monisankar Daimary
The release itself is nice. You should claim it includes alot of pop culture refrances oooor you can claim it rips it off. (So claim me - is your glass half full?) So anyway. I have had this release for like 3 days. Got into a match with someone toxic and basically was "super great" to them. (them: your trash me: you see my real colorsss~ shinning.) Got locked out of que for "feeding". Only slightly furious. Edit: Ok. There is no idea to question why you got "points" deducted even if it was just a terrible release.
~ gumbo rule
there's a Bug in survival mode. when the survival mode was loading, the release restart instantly and then it reconnect but as it reaches 46% it would restart again. i waited untill the match is over, for about an hour. Actually it keeps on reconnecting to the survival mode arter reaching main castle. ps : 35mbps net speed 4Gb RAM
~ Allen Walker
Pls can u make a personal chat room for those who wants to claim inappropriate words. Pls for the love of God. I can't suggest this release to young stars because of the terrible words. Sex talk nd all. Pls those that wish to have fun could be given a different platform to talk freely nd exchanges pleasantries nd so on. Am looking forward to it. Thanks
~ emerald queen
Before i run,I just wish to claim that MLBB is a nice release.So here's why i hate the release: -The wifi connection is usually laggy -Users dont wish to listen to teammates -Babes testing will purposely AFK and be negative the wholegame. -The banning system is terrible.(really terrible) -Users hold trolling(in epic and below rank) Improvements: -Create the banning more strict like LoL. -Create a system where u can pick what role u wish so u obtain arrange with another roles -Don't choke my wifi bcuz u use alot.
~ U alright fam?
I just started testing the release today at noon. I got past the guide and played a several matches, and won all of them too. But, when I entered the release in the evening, I discovered that someone has reported versus me claiming that "I was disconnected from the release for a long time which disrupted the squad performance." And so, the authorities banned me as a punishment. I was thunderstruck! What type of release is this? They are so merciless to the newest users without reason! NOT PLAYING AGAIN.
~ Samiul RU
You are don't worth rating. Developer don't care about users who test nonpaid you will usually obtain skilled aggressors users and in your squad you will obtain feeder and within several minutes aggressor reach full level and they will slay you like nothing in one shot you killed. I talked so many times on this subject in support and help often you will have same answers from developer no sry from bots developer never talk with you never solve your troubles. This release is for users are rich for freeplayers its unfair
~ Vedang Suthar
the release is fun but it is not when own server have all the crappy users and having a losing streak of 9 matches. Is it fair to obtain all the crappy users in one server? please change the server style because it is dumb when you lost more than 5 times in a row even with a trio. please do something about it before i think this release is rigged and more one-sided.
~ Safinah Sumsuri
It's OK, the graphics are nice, the action is nice. There's just some informations that I think would create this better specially for newest recipients as I am. We often buy heroes that we don't know the skills and strengths of and we end up not liking it. So if there was a information wherein the heroes can be sold, it would be a lot better for us newbies to buy heroes we've seen and know the strengths of.
~ Kim Miaoto
Need to create switching accounts much for easier than having to delete cache and all that. Why not just have sign in and sign out? I've been having troubles regardless of having it bound to this or that. It's getting annoying as I can't obtain back to my main profile that I have invested dollars in on. I'm definitely not investing into my smurfs profile and about to go search a different release to test. Smh.
~ Empress Sky
Im a solo quene user and I have reached mythic for quite some time actually. Pls dont allow epic and legend users in mythic rank releases. Because whenever I have a teammate who is not in mythic tier I usually obtain lost because they dont know the proper rotation in this release. Its making me crazy and they feed so much.
~ Jhiemar John Mata
I'm not giving it full stars until you fix matchmaking. I'm getting users bellow my skill lvl on my squad while the aggressor squad is much better than my teammates. It's just not fair for solo users to rank up because there are a lot of terrible users that need carrying from us. Please improve the matchmaking and hopefully create it more enjoyable for us, who have the same experience as I am.
~ joshua jaeger
The Finest MoBa! true time and brain aggressor! ahaha! although there are some undecent users just nevermind them. Usually modernization and fix troubles. Im having a hard time when it closes automatically while testing. Sometimes PING is so questionable and i think this is because of the VPN troubles. Create it fair to those who are not spending dollars. Emblems is the true large deal! so far so nice! thank you for creating a release like this! more power!
~ Hiroyuki Loreto
I was all okay about the afk punishment at first. But this is where it crossed the line... I mean I'm a busy lad and the last thing I wish is other thing to worry about. I only use my very tiny spare time to test this release its nice but most of the time I do afk because of emergencies and I obtain punished so much for that. My one request is to remove the afk punishment because Its a pain in the ass to worry about work, babes and ml all at the same time. So Im asking this politely.
~ Taga-Ilog Rizal
Report system sucks! I just got mass reported and my 101 credit scrore went down to 91. I was accused by the aggressors using VPN which I do not. I do not need VPN, why would I use that!? I have speedy internet and I have never used a VPN before. Please return my hard earned points, especially this time that we will obtain emote at 110points. This is very frustrating! Mass report does not mean it's already valid! That's just so wrong! FIX IT!!!
~ Dominick Cervantes
1.plz just fix sound system error in redmi5 and another mobile devices. i can hear from another users but i can not speak another users. 2.plz buff for estes and another supporters.May i wish to recommend and see finest supporters like diggie and angela. newest spells and newest informations. 3. I think diggie's premium skin is very expensive and another expensive skins could drop diamonds. 4.I test help and tank types. I am waiting diggie' star light member skin.
~ Thura Pyae Sone
I was in the middle of the match in survival mode while suddenly I got "unknown error" and exiting the release. It took a lot of time to back into the match. And my superhero got died already. Where will I go to complain about this? Moontoon could give us facilities to send complain if we obtain troubles, and so far, I still hard to search this. Too terrible. 😥
~ Hedwig Andry Lesmana
I love the release, a bit laggy at times, but still fun. One trouble I would like to report (but it doesn't reduct my rating) is that you do not look into the trouble that is reported. I got banned for 3 min for "feeding" (I had to look it up). I was never sacrificing myself to give the aggressor xp or dollars. The key word in feeding is "without fighting back" which I kept on doing, even though, yes, I died a lot. I would want that this would not happen again to anyone else, and that you would look into it.
~ Danzig Laughlin
I had bought diamonds and already claimed recharge rewards. However, in the middle of continuing my reward claiming, the release got destroyed, around 12:00 AM, PST, only to search out that the release was modernized and under maintenance. When I was trying to log on to my profile this morning, it was still destroyed and I had to uninstall and install it again. My diamonds are back to zero and I checked the recharge rewards and saw that I have not claimed yet even if I already claimed last night.
~ Nicole Galilee
why when I was at blog there was no lag, but why did the release time lag, then when I wanted to go back it didn't work and finally AFK, but why was my profile affected by my credit score down even though it was a mistake on the part of moonton not even me, dude I, my squad, even the aggressor squad, can I know because the effects of the matches of my squad and the aggressor squad are the same, and it is not possible at the same time,so I beg to repair the network so that it doesn't happen like this
~ Hanifah Chandra
Why do we still obtain our stars deducted when a match is invalid??! Isn't the purpose of an invalid release is to compensate for AFK users?! And you need to place more harsh punishments for AFK users, especially in Legend or Mythic ranks, in the late release to be more exact.
~ Generic Fire Dude
This is a nice release because it resembles a known release that I used to test before, however, what I hate in this release is the matchmaking process wherein there's an imbalance. I would recommend that in the matchmaking for rank releases, only the same rank should compete to every another.
~ Rian Jacobe
This is the worst release ever i will just create you rage all the time when your teammate go AFK like you could lower their credit score after that much more because -5 credit score?! create it 10 so they cant go rank and obtain what they could obtain after AFK on mid release and why cant i create a newest profile i hate my old profile?! another than that very terrible rating and does not deserve a star😡😡
~ jonny jonasjr.
i give it 4 stars. its a nice release but, too many bugs, hopefully they fix it quick. and a newest trouble came again, its about the network and the servers all mixed up, whst i mean is that, its too laggy, even if you have a powerful internet, you'll still be lagging. hopefully it gets better quick
~ Gilby Clarke Dasmariñas
I love the release but ever since the newest modernization the release become trash, the release stuck during the loading screen and i had to refresh the release few times. By the time i got back in it was too late, the release detected me for afk-ing and i no longer should return to the match anymore. And as expected many recipients reported me and i went from 110 credit scores and dropped down to aroung 80 (but i dont blame them for it) i am actually banned from rank. I checked my internet and it was just fine.pls fix the
~ Mei Ching Forng
Nice Product but... you have to improve matchmaking, because most of the time I am in a squad where I am the one with the highest rank but in the another squad they are all higher ranks than us. Also at Superhero selection, when there is too much of the same kind, instead os claiming "there is too much", for bid a user and force them to change. That idea the squad is balanced.
~ Trikx
App Legends is a nice release with perfectly crafted heroes. The graphics are nice and gameplay itself is fun. However, the rate of AFK is really high in my server, even in ranked matches. They had edited the credit score system to be more effective but it is not effective enough. Recipients are still going AFK and most of them go AFK because they are pissed off or salty not because they are busy. App Legends could contain permenant banning or maybe even a diamond fine system for the AFK community 🙃.
~ Khant Kyaw
SUGGESTIONS: 1. pls require everybody to have an expert status with at least 1 superhero for each class before they can test draft picks. these single class players are destroying the release for those who can ACTUALLY PLAY. 2. trigger an invalid match if anybody goes AFK at ANY POINT of the match. not just the run. I've experienced this A LOT. Testing a what could have been an invalid match but the user returns just before we can surrender, only to go AFK moments later. it's destroying the release.
~ NoyyB
Skins in this release are stupid expensive, the average price for a skin is around $50 - $60. Fun release but developer doesn't really do much to penalize intentional feeders, leavers, etc. The release has some serious delays, delay sending/receiving msgs, lags in release. With all that dollars they create you would think the release would run smoothly.
~ Hung Ngo
The GM are fully useless. Points got deducted without any investigation. When your teammates just wish to be heroes and wish to obtain the fame for being the finest, but the release does not goes well, you got to be blamed and got reported. Ended up being banned. Why those who hold using vulgar words in different language during the release are not being banned? Those type of users makes the gaming experience worst and eventually losing interest to continue with the release.
~ Fievel Yap
Please kindly check the report before deducting recipients credit score. Just because multiple recipients report, doesn't mean it's real. Was trying to out a newest superhero in classic ( I test couple of times in practice and custom matches already) and I just got reported for testing poorly but i wasn't the worst user in the squad and i wasn't feeding. I got two offenses at the same time. My dudes had such experiences as well, their customer service is also useless, didn't even obtain a respond.
~ Samantha Aw
I love MLBB. There's one thing that makes me hate it. The ability to report abusive user is nice, but it's very unfair to be reported "feeding", when it was a genuine terrible test skill or laggy connection. "terrible testing" is skill similar, and ones finest may not be nice enough for certain release foe. "feeding" is an intentional factor. seriously, how do you judge other person's intention? it's unfair to be deducted 5 credit points after trying so hard to hold it above 100.
~ Antonius Susanto
useless, not fun at all. its really unfair. the matchmaking process sucks. you're either usually paired with the noobest squad or the proest squad. the chances of being matchmaked with the pro squad is less than 50%. this release is just a waste of time. users are hacking and there are trash talking so much. reporting another users does nothing at all. losing so many ranked releases made me cry. this release sucks and could be banned. i swear. do not download it unless they have fixed the matchmaking.
~ Gregory James
I've been experiencing AFK users all the time. This could be more a babe-friendly but why don't you create those AFK users have a 3 day ban instead of temporary bans only? This is a nice release but i don't know why all the punishment is not worth the claimed punishment. AFK gotta have a 3 day ban! I can't stand to lose because of those AFK users and carrying my another teammates as i had to. I would like to add that this release doesn't even know how to properly do it. What a joke release.
~ Audacious Ghostmori24
Lots of negative users out there and reporting them seems useless. And connection wise, if you're caught up with a terrible connectivity during a release, you'll instantly be penalized. They claim they review the actions, can't that be a part of the review? If it is already, could a user really needs to be penalized for something they dont also wish?
~ Matthew Caesar
I love this release but as time passes by a lot of babes testing it too. The target is babes dont know how to test it properly. Some of them goes afk, some of them are feeding, some of them are just farming and they never contribute at squad wars. Deducting the credit points is not enough punishment. I hope you'll search a finest punishment for them. And also when the newest patch is downloaded, it becomes very lag.
~ Marjohn Mejia
Worst release ever. There are too many hackers and afk users. These type of users could be given a 1 week ban so that they would not afk or use tools again. Apart from that, I don't like the emblem system. You could remove the emblem system. By doing so, it makes the release fair as each user can compete equally with their teammates and versus their foes, regardless of what rank they are from. If you can do that, then I will stop rating your release 1 star.
~ Azhar Johari
Trash release, pay to victory, hacking, and many others that i can't list it one by one. But for sure this release from 2016 it was the finest release in the globe without toxic users, nonpaid lagging, fair match. Just focus on test to victory. But this year, im so depressed with this thing so much for me. Nothing to claim. Just banned from this Test Market right away. You guys didn't fix at all since last year. I had mentioned it before that you gotta need to fix but actually, what did you guys create it?!. Is it worth it?
~ Feel Zetty