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About: Target Counter Attack FPS is the speedy paced first person shooter where you test as a risky agent on a task to complete all the missions. In this release you will have to take down multiple goals with , assassinate all the goals from the top of a helicopter and much more. These tasks just hold getting harder and harder and the aggressors are increasing in each lvl. Can you maintain your cool and come out as the top shot? Use high tech long range weapons to sniff out the aggressor and hit them. Upgrade to higher guns to make gigantic hurt with a single bullet. Bored of the sniper mode? Do not worry, we also have a gigantic arsenal of assault rifles to hold the heat high. Auto reload, crouch, jump and smooth scope controls wih minimal recoil create Target Counter Attack FPS the finest shooter gaming experience on small. Use the mini map to watch out for the aggressor that approachi ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 42MB Developer: Timuz Games
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Mission Counter Attack Reviews and Comments:

very terrible shooting release dont download it
~ naveen rawat
I really like this release. the only troubles I have had with it is the helicopters and the release thinking you hit a wall while shooting. will change to 5 if these two things are fixed.
~ Chet 261
At run its nice tho when we got this helicopter thing... thisngs becomes hectic. moreover the guns am using; angle of goal has no target of intersection. u cannot easily snipe an aggressor at a distance.. however; its a nice release and quite enjoyable. Thanks to the Developers
~ Emacklence Muhavi
it was so nice like whoever made this I appreciate them so much is so cool thank you this release is nice and all of that nice equipment but I just wish to give you a nice cry out all right because I'm just trying to allow y'all know this release is so far but I was like so into this release I was on it for like 6 hours and I haven't gone to the bathroom like for 9 hours 9 hours do you know I would have felt to me I was like on lvl for something like that but I just wanted y'all to know this is a true
~ A Google user
no reload, no bullet showing options, worst sensitivity , scope in sensitivity is too much which makes too much recoil that is unabe to control, sensitivity option is the but its only for direction of first person , it will no result ir recoil control. At last i gave one star only for nice graphics in less size of the release
~ A Google user
I was having so much fun testing this release and i have fulfilled lvl (7) and it won't allow me to proceed on the next lvl which is lvl (8) and i have played lvl (7) about 3 or 4 times and nothing happen. 😎🤐
~ ScopeGaming
even though I was going to ask for the day so we can go ahead of you on that one will ever obtain a chance to talk about the information of the e you can we expect when you obtain a chance please allow me know either correspondence me back if you are enjoying reading a week or weekend except correspondence me the stats regarding registration and I will obtain back to you regarding my profile ihhsjsnskauyuussjs I am not sure how much it would w I am going to have a nice day and thank goodness we smoke biscuit recipe and I wiljju
~ A Google user
Finest Product, add more missions
~ Desire khumalo
it is an one of the finest shooting release.
~ Nija Leon
there are so many missions but target 6 never ends not even after completing the target I killed all the aggressors but after that nothing is happening I am left with the gun but no aggressor is coming and the target is also not ending . This release is such a scrap . Real solution please dont install this release in your release its just a waste.
~ Achyut Daga
Very very terrible banners are showing repeatly....
~ Tekken Shwe
nice but not like pubg or nonpaid fire
~ Kalindi Mishra
I like this release very much
~ aaradhya andhare
the worst release I have ever seen or played
~ Ishika Singh
nice but the sensutivity is very terrible
~ Mayank Saini
it sucks, even t sieries is better than that, believe me it is horrible it blows you up with the banners, yeah I'm fine with them I'm a youtuber. but what's the target of it each 5 seconds, I hate it so much it keeps doing pop up banners and I have the release off it, sucks, sierieosly don't download, plus it lags like crazy, it sucks, like its now worse than Logan Paul. don't download. plus you have to rate it if you wish to test the release so I deleted it, so I have used it so learn mistakenoget release
I love this release a lot and i was searching for a release without time and this was the release i was looking for . Thank you for making this release . please download this release if you like shooting releases, but the only trouble is that , we can only walk slowly otherwise i would have give 5 stars for this release.no any another troubles.
~ Joan Joseph
Very slow and laggy. The aggressor knows where you are at all times. Superhero does not run speedy at all, and the aggressor can shoot through the buildings. The buildings that you are not supposed to go into, you can glitch into. The adds pop up out of nowhere and when I hit the "X" button it took me to the release like I was buying it. Very terrible release. Does not even deserve a 1 star rating. Do NOT buy.
~ pizza lord
its so slow in movement and i dont like this release its so terrible
~ Nitumoni Hazorika
this so terrible release in the globe i see
~ Rajani Preman
disappointed! can't test without payment! stupid!!!!!!!!
~ em_em mariano
this release is cool but it's hard
~ Ida Ruiz
Nice release. Need more lvls though
~ Rion Rademeyer
i slay each one in 12th lvl but doesn't go to next lvl
~ sunny moka
release is nice but the controling could be improved
not opening at all unless u modernization it pls test and do something because this release is intresting
~ Muhammed Jamiu
cool release. still working on the steady parts
~ Pala Maino
Very very terrible release in globe with bugs and lag.
~ Toshika Purohit
guy doesn't wanna transport in release...stuck in one zone
~ Yoman Briesies
Nice graphics and functions and goal achieves simple awesome release.
~ Sony Khan2106
I hate this release.. So many adds.. And i cant skip that adds.
~ ieda fik
weapons are not upgraded. how we will upgrade them?
~ Kajal Goyal
this release is nice but..i wasn't able to shoot helicopters..😂
~ saurabh balodi
its very challenging & simple to test,test it you won't regret yourself.
~ zakhele khumalo
don't install this release. i dont give any run for this release i hate this release
it wouldnt allow me test the release without paying $99.99 to unblock everything. cute lame...
~ Kris Vaughn
it's a great release, but sometimes i slay all the aggressor in a target and the target doesn't obtain finished.
~ Ezinwanne Victory
it's not opening.so we have to pay for the release opening please create it player friendly.not everyone is fine with that.
~ santhoshini lakshmi
after. second. not. suporting. to. obtain. 3d. tools. need. upgrades. why. its. shuking. on. second. step.
~ Rohin Daruwala
1.sometimes even we slay each one they present lvl failed and then u will have to retry it even if u have won it in previous attempt all your labor goes in vain 2.it has only one map 3.aggressor can throw bomb on us but we can not 4.there is no option of changing guns during the war 5.we can not see how many bullets are left 6.there is no option of reloading of gun manually
~ Shreyas mohan