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Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game   
About: OVER 860 MILLION PLAYERS GLOBALLY! Race with the Minions in the award-winning, fan-favoured runner, Minion Rush! Run as speedy as you can while jumping, dodging, rolling and knocking Minions off the track in despicably action-packed lvls. Rush to accumulate Bananas and test exciting Unique Missions to increase your score as you enjoy unexpected Minion moments. ALL THE FUN OF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES IN THE OFFICIAL GAME! Race as DAVE, CARL OR JERRY -- and straight out of the Despicable Me 3 video, MEL! Wear incredibly UNIQUE COSTUMES, such as Lucy, the Surfer or the Ninja Minion. Speed through ICONIC LOCATIONS inspired by the Despicable Me videos, like Bratt's Lair, the Anti-Villain League and ancient Egyptian temples in The Pyramids. Power up your Minions by riding the FLUFFY UNICORN or GRU'S ROCKET. Test SPECIAL MISSIONS to search newest content and newest Costume ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Gameloft
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Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game Reviews and Comments:

cant unblock the fluffy unicorn and I'm rank 6 so getting very fexted with the release as I cant advance without it? anyone any support, iv looked up you tube n Google and cant obtain an respond, theres tools but iv nowhere to place them, I'm testing on a device. if I should resolve this the release would definitely be a 5/5 love it another than them troubles
~ Joanne Harris
The modernized ver is beautiful but I like the old ver more in regards of the ongoing (more challenging) missions rather than stopping right at the initial target, I miss fighting off the villains, and I enjoyed when the missions were lvl by lvl. The old ver was easy and smooth. Bring the old one back please lol
~ Kianna Johnson
I don't usually like releases but I love this one. I test daily. I love testing this with my babes and my 3 year old loves to watch me test. finest release release ever. the newest ver is even cooler than the original.
When is the next modernization 's date, and can you guys bring back the original ver after the "Dru's Market " premium target ? Also I had unlocked the Superhero minion too. He is the coolest costume ever. There shouldn't be a future modernization,instead Minion Rush could continue as a continution release forever.
~ hola It's. A button dude!
too addictive!! I gave it a 4 as sometimes after testing revive banners it Claims you the banner was stopped or no connection and doeen't revive you and you have to restart the release. otherwise so far it's a very cool release.
~ Fata Morgana
I miss the old release with the despicable me scores and the bananas maxing out the weapons, still getting used to this newest modernization not terrible but still doesn't beat the old release.. not glad about all my old scores and equipment gone either, but what can I do, still fun to test.
~ Jessica Shannon
the upgrades are fully different from the original. I lost my million bananas. I lost my minions that I paid for. no warning on what's gonna happen with the upgrades. so basically, recipients who has been testing for a long time has been ripped off.
~ Meven Zabat
Thus release is highly addictive 😅. i have an trouble though... the release does not restart itself i.e. the timer when you close the release, even if you switch off your device for the day. i hope the modernization takes that into profile. otherwise I am very glad.
~ Laetitia Valerie Lako
car the modernization it feels like evrryone has lost out. yes you got some tokens and costume cards but they are in no idea comparable to where recipients were originally up to. additionally you have to run from scratch. this feels like a dollars making scheme as there are variety of ads to buy costume cards
~ Nicola Hamnett
I love the release, been testing 5 or so years actually, but since the newest modernization it's been harassing me to rate it. I would have rated it 5 stars if I had happened to notice that I hadn't. Modernization: it continues to harass, so i lowered my rating to 1 star
~ Sean Laxton
Any time I test the newest ver I hate it a tiny bit more. I am still very unhappy that I lost all my equipment and coin and bananas and was claimed when the newest ver run oh all your equipment is there but it is not and it is harder and harder to obtain rewards and pay 20x more for up grades like 3000 coin for a card not the costume don't waste your time release use to be fun and you got some where actually it's just waste time barely entertaining
~ David Farmer
this is a fun release, but when I test to use my tickets from an meeting, it decreases my amount and doesn't give me the item. Also, when I'm opening the prize pods, after 4 or 5, it won't test the video. I have to go out, close the release, and go back in. otherwise, it is a nice release!
~ s barker
I used to absolutely love this release, but it has changed, and not for the better. It might be because I just started the release, but I don't like it much actually. I love the graphics, but it stops you after the target is done, so you can't really do as much. For example, a newest target of mine was to jump over five objects. 30 seconds in, I junp five times and it kicks me out. You can't really challenge yourself as much. I recommend testing Temple Run or Subway Surfers instead. Same concept but more fun.
~ Super Reader
I LOVE this release. Minions is one of the very finest. There is a couple of things I'd like to see change because not everyone is nice at near misses. Deliever the option to pick other challenge if you fail, hold failing the actual challenge. Also. developers, PLEASE OPEN another Minions for Rocket and the Moon. I had nearly each Minion in the previous ver so a tiny frustrating to never obtain the cards to obtain Minions for bonus rocket and moon. Regardeless, this release is LOTS of everyday fun.
~ Elizabeth Syberg-Schmitt
Used to test this release and I can claim It've changed a lot since i've last played it... to the bright side😀. All this animation is super beautiful, relieves stress😰. How much work has been done. Hold on producing nice releases. I love you, Gameloft💛
~ Itty Bitty
If you are that type of a person that gets bored easily, this is the release for you. It is super addictive and once you run testing, you can't stop. I bet you are thinking "I don't obtain addicted that easily, I can stop whenever I wish." Well THINK AGAIN! Its like the release has control over your mind. Whoever created this release is a real GENIUS!
~ Bontle Tlhomelang
Older ver had alot more informations, however the newest ver has a better layout. if you obtain stuck on one task, you can test other and come back to it when you wish to test again. I love the updates for the outfits, it is easier to obtain nonpaid equipment, and has a larger tons of territories and tasks. I obtain why there are so many ads, but wow, it gets tiring after a while when all ads are 30 seconds long.
~ Haylie Ross
Minion rush was such a fun release until you took away the infinite mode. Without infinite running the release is actually very pointless to test. If infinite mode comes back I am quite certain many recipients will love to test this release again and maybe attract some newest comers. Bring back the 2014 ver of minion rush.
~ Robert Bonds
I have gotten this before! It is really addictive! I mean yeah there's subway surfers but it's even better here! You can unblock many things! My son finds this addictive and we both love to test together. I TOTALLY RECCOMEND THIS! 1 star reviews, you screwed up.
~ DatYoutuberWhatsHisName
I had this release before and I liked it. It has 'modernized' and actually each single lvl I test to test all I obtain is 'You need to download content'. There is a ridiculous amount of time and if I downloaded all of it I would need about three devices to fit it all in. Actually none of the lvls will work and I will just delete the entire thing. Rubbish.
~ Joanne Cumner
overall my experience on this release has been nice from the different stages to the minions the release is outstanding and definitely one of the funest and visually stunning releases i have played thankyou for creating this minion globe for us all to love and enjoy for all ages, i personally think that this release showed the cheeky, funny, and cool side to the minions of despicable me. thankyou
~ A Google user
I used to test this release all the time where you should just run for as long as you wanted to until you died. actually there are these dumb missions that mess up literally everything. you're just testing and it stops and Claims you that all the goals have been reached and it takes me out. why can't it be without missions????? why??????
~ Vlad Kushnarenko
it is hard to test becouse everg release i need to change my user...it is so poor..i love the old ver..each user just have one power only...if they ask to become mega minions i gotta pick Baker.. if i not do that it so hard to victory. and the another thing the bananas the we accumulate is unusefull for me. nothing to buy. if it is can upgrade the power or the user. nevermine..but if we bananas accumulate the bananas and do nothing...just create the spin or roller release to accumulate the card
~ Nzakwan Nafis
newest modernization made it even worse! Actually when I log in it kicks me out in about two seconds it use to be about one min. It just keeps getting worse and worse. I have not deleted it yet in hopes that they will fix it I have been testing this release for about a long as it has been out. Very disappointed
~ Christina Duncan
the newest modernization is poor! i was at lvl like, 50, which took me years to obtain there, and im 10 and it started me all the idea at the begining! the lvls are gone and we have ranks, super confusing, and a crappy map. They only allow you run until you hit the 3rd star and give you a handful of bananas. We dont even have jelly anymore! fix it.i like the old ver better. I give it 0 stars i just had to place 1 star cause it wouldnt allow me place 0. please change it back!
~ Jenna Hart
I love this release, however.. with this last modernization it made me do(this morning), it hasn't worked since. Just keeps claiming its loading and claiming me to connect to release soft servers. The error isnt on my end, I have verified and confirmed this. Hopefully this will obtain situated quick because it's a fun release and nice time aggressor..would hate to have to delete it.
~ Lynken Weber
There are both pros and cons to the newest ver. I like the newest ver because it is easier to earn tokens. The old ver didn't have as many lags. In the release, there is an banner that stops a second before it claims it will stop (toy brick crush or something like that), making you either press it to go to the test shop, or close minion rush and have to wait three mins to obtain back in the release, and that banner usually pops up when you press "watch banner to revive". I will rate 5 stars when it is fixed.
~ Lukey Determan
This release is nice. I love it. But I would like to have a change. The auto revive option: It would be better if the nonpaid revive is used as per our want. If I wish to revive in a particular run then I would click the option yes and the run will continue. Please remove the auto revive option.
~ A Google user
I used to test this release back in 2016 and enviably I got bored of testing it and unstalled it, so a several years later I came across it in the test shop and decided to test it again and when I came back I was SHOCKED.. THE GRAPHICS HAVE BEEN UPDATED (I think), YOU CAN GET THE MINION COSTUMES EASIER AND MOVE AROUND GRUS LAB WAYY WAY MORE BETTER THAN IT WAS some recipients may hate it but I LOVE it! I'm really really glad that I came back! five stars! ~☆☆☆☆☆~
~ iiixStormFire
This release is fun and addictive, the ONLY release release I have never uninstalled! I love the graphics, so colourful and HD quality! This is by far the funnest release I've ever user, and will hold! I'm glad you hold putting newest and interesting scenarios to test, makes it loads of fun!
~ Debbie Ramirez
The characters are minion known funny only there are so many more of them showcased throughout the release. It's a very competitive driven release that does challenge the user. Then again .. What do I know?! My 3 yr old grandson fully gets into testing it.. (maybe more for how funny it is to watch the different characters ruin.. Lol) 🤣
~ Gwenn H
I think that the release is cute nice. It has different minion that you can obtain by running in the factory with the another minions. You aren't making a mistake by downloading it. I promise. The only thing that is terrible is I had to modernization it in order to hold testing, which I couldn't do because my device was messed up. Despite that, the release is really nice! You will love it! Nice!
~ Sharon McDowell
The past troubles I had have been addressed and fixed. The only trouble I have actually is that at certain times in every room, the screen goes all wibbly-wobbly. Like in the shower at the prison. That is the only trouble I have. I am very impressed with the newest upgrade. The 3-D is much clearer and the change of having recommendations for costumes is a nice concept. Thanks for keeping up the nice work!
~ Jeanne Nawrocki
I'm sorry but my progress wasn't hold at all, Only my name and two of my minions were kept, also, I was in a really high lvl, i have already passed Funnyland, the Macho's liar, and I was already in the way where Gru lives, besides, i have already unlocked lots of power ups, and nothing of that was kept, I really didn't like the modernization and I don't like the release anymore :-(
~ Laura Garcia Mendes
The former release was nice but the newest ver is a mess! I was very excited but actually I am depressed that such a great release was rued! THEY DELETED HALF OF THE FEATURES, like the multiplier and the jelly, they even wrote a map that is poor, and I am 100% sure others feel the same idea too And what's the bananas worth and where can we modernization our power ups and why did the split the two, why did they change the format it was fine no I will not like this release until they version a newest release, old forma
~ Amori van der Berg
This last modernization removed the premium bananas, the option to see a video in exchange for 25 tokens is gone too as it was merged with the videos from the shop, it takes at least TWICE as long to load between lvls, overall things got more expensive. Great idea to crash the experience to someone who began testing a month ago. Considering to transport on, greedy developers create me sick.
~ Rui
Finest release there ever was, even better than Sbway surfers. i mean, there's even better equipment here, and the release itself is a challenge. I Suggest This Product To Everyone, especially those who are and are not reading this right actually. 🍌 Have a nice day!!! and thanks 4 Invent ing this nice and adddictive release !!!
~ Mohamed Marikkar
I miss the old ver where you should run from one zone to the another. This entire target business is not doing it. Minion Rush was nice when your largest achievement was how long you should run. The release was fun when you were allowed to buy costumes not this entire having a minion with a different costume. Please bring back the old idea of testing, just make more lvls to run to.
~ oreabetswe Mogorosi
I really like this release. It's fun and has many territories where you can run.It is a great release for babes (and grown-ups!) who like releases like 'Subway -Surfers' . The only thing that I don’t like about this release is how long it takes to load when you wish to test it. PLEASE FIX! Also, after I modernized it I lost all of my bananas !! (NOT COOL) Another than that, it's a nice release!I highly suggest this release. By the idea, NEVER listen to the negative reviews as they are WRONG! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!
~ Pierre Joubert
You destroyed the release with upgrades taking away more than half of it's original charm. And can't I go anywhere without the red head nagging me with guides and equipment I already know? Just teach us the controls and leave the rest for the user to figure out. Taking the map and jelly away was a gigantic mistake. It's actually just replaced with floors and it's idea too simple to progress the release via rank. The map at least ensured I got finished all the lvls to progress. Not coming back until this is fixed.
~ smiling pizza roll