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About: Introducing Mini Racing Travels, possibly the finest nonpaid to download realtime multiplayer, 3D infinite side scrolling physics based racing journey release ever created! Meet Martin Nitro Minimo, or MnM for short. Actually short in stature he may be but underneath that facade lies a nice large heart with large dreams to fulfill. Support Martin in his quest to become the record holder as the finest endurance racer of his time and overcome his shadowy rival Omini Speedario that is in relentless pursuit. Mini Racing Travels challenges you to unblock our collection of 26 special machines every with their own feel, to travel across the farthest reaches of 12 adventurous stages. Race into action as you pick your favoured Buggy cars, ATV, Trial Motor Cycle, and even Truck to climb the highest hill, dirt tracks, snowy mountains, and another beautifully designed stages. Maximize your ma ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 64MB Developer: Minimo
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About: POLICE STUNTS Simulator is an Awesome Police Stunts Simulator Game !!!...

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About: The racing driver's favorite street racing game takes the hot driving experience to a whole new level! Race with racers from various countries in the world. The most realistic car, asphalt drift, speed racing, nitrogen trigger, bring the most Shocking driving experience, become the god of racing. Race in multiple real-life races, improve your driving skills, and compete with your friends...

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Mini Racing Adventures Reviews and Comments:

Very great release,I'm testing from last 4 years
~ shashank nandanwar
nice release could be able to upgrade the machines though
~ John Doe
crashes on loading. use to work fine.
~ Michael Shepherd
fun release but i want thet you can test with more then just 2 playrs...
~ yin non
wow!. most interesting releases .. like some much ....√|||✓
~ Gowtham BL
very addictive very challenging. nice release.
~ paul colton
Entertaining and challenging. Nice idea to waste time.
~ Anthony Quinn
LOVE this release!! Am glued to it!! Really super and very challenging!!
~ Leigh Kirsten
why is it when i obtain to race versus the swap buggy does it freeze at the run of the race. its only when i race the swap buggy. please fix this.
~ Michael Bongaarts
finest release to test with your boyfriend if you're in a long distance relationship you'll definitely love it 💖 so beautiful & funny also addictive & challenging
~ Nilufar Khursida
only one word for this release supercalifragilisticexpialiodocious 👍👍👍👍
~ Asad Alvi
need modernization,this ver is too old,it will be abandoned release
~ LNa Ralte
Such a easy release but the faster you obtain the harder it becomes ...addictive
~ john thompson
most addictive release I think I've ever played.. lol
~ Dalton Terrell
the release is nice however it needs more options on the machine youve using.
~ A Google user
awesome graphics and control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!!
~ claud miller
Nice release, I just want you guys should fix the google test profile sync because i cant sign in
~ Ian Ter Haar
I mean it's fun but it's a waste of zone when u can obtain hill climb 1-2
~ A Google user
I love the release. it's funny And not to hard to test..
~ Evelyn Newton
i love this release its fun but why did ya hafta add the banners i usually played this release olayed it on and off for years even if i would delete it id redownload it again eventually but the banners suck ass why with the banners
i like the release test an graphics. they create see that there is so much more to this release to come, in the forms of updates.😁
~ Patrick Crawford
I'm probably too old to be testing this release but I love it and my girlfriend now loves it to fun fun
~ Justin Morse
unsure why my live mp race stopped. i was behind with plenty of gas and the release ended and claimed I lost.
~ Idaho River House
this release is the finest, nice idea to pas the time. love it!
~ Philip Lewis
you have to buy the cars so you guys just wish dollars for them well your not gonna obtain my dollars
~ A Google user
I like this release but when the newest modernization will come I wish newest zone, newest car and newest updates of old cars Please create sure you will do ii😔👍
~ A Google user
wheels hold getting stuck on landing ramp forcing me to sit until runs out of gas or i just quit(glitches) another than that its ok.
~ Chris Gray
wow I like it because it has nice grapics but can you adjust the difficulty of the war mode thank you for your cooperation god bless you!
~ A Google user
loved release and brilliant brillant grafficsx quick as i opened release my 73 year old another half thinks its the finest release to happen to devices and in lucky to see my device as shes playingg !!!!! gameing is ageless xxxx
~ Andy Allen
fun release to test only one bug so far on one course when i hit a jump it freezes for a second so i can't do any tricks doesn't bother me and has very tiny affect overall worth the download
~ Bill Berger
ok so i downloaded this release and it was an nice release, i loved it so much than i went into the release one day and all my progress and cars and everything was gone?!?! i dont know what happened but i was not glad!😡😡
~ Hollie Paul Lennox
This racing release is very addictive with many different machines and course's but it doesn't have checkpoints, so if you ruin you have to run from the run again.
~ Debbie Dillon
love the graphics and the fun side too. The only trouble is that when you land your car on the ground or ramp the car gets stuck like half in and half out..
~ John Sowton
Nice release. It's like "HILL CLIMB RACING". But better graphics, better machines, better controls, better tracks...
~ Aaron Grenier
All in all, one of the finest off line nonpaid releases. You don't have to spend dollars to test. Adds almost never inless you wish $ 500. Nice job ! ! !
~ Jesse Dobos
guys stop cheating of the system..3-4 times i upgraded the fuel tank n increase the machine speed ,but system still doesn't recognize the increase fuel limit n machine speed.. kindly look into this..
~ Klaudzie Dcruz
Nice release ... a lot of fun with many tracks, cars, buggies, and trucks. Also and very important the customer service is outstanding.
~ Steve
Finest Racing Ever! I can change the settings so its challenging for the babes (toddlers) or change it for me (experienced user). Only want you should downgrade a machine after buying the upgrade (some lvls require more/less speed, etc).
~ Nathan Haefer
great release.. nice machine physics...loved it so much..even bought a several trucks but when I bought the 5 million coins which was in-release buy, I was charged with 150 Indian Rupees but never got the coins at all. The dollars got deducted from my bank profile though. please look into this and support.
~ sandeep bhandarkar
PROS: A nice successor to Fingersoft's Hill Climb Racer. (Fingersoft's own HCR2 is a punishing dollars-grab that could be avoided.) Has the same gameplay and physics as HCR, but with a 3D view. (Prime Peaks is also nice in that respect.) Being 3D doesn't support actual gameplay, but is more immersive. The "Mario Cart" playful vibe is fun. I also like the funny 3D-rendered 2D "scenery", e.g. barns and trees, as if someone in that globe made them out of plywood and placed them next to the tack. Terrain seems infinitely procedurally generated, like HCR, which is a plus. CONS: The constant head-decapitation structures are pointless, unnecessary, and annoying. Overall, too simple to die--decapitation, flip, endo, obtain stuck, compared to another releases in the category; -1 star for that. Mandatory video banners are very terrible form, -1 star for that too. With more detail, the view distances are very short, so the globe feels "smaller" than Prime Peaks, or even HCR1-2. (Even though those worlds have "fake" 2D backgrounds, they feel larger.)
~ Jim Collier