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About: - [Walkthrough - Fail to Login] The players who use Mobile OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or the higher ver, all the permissions have to be changed to "Let" after the release installed. [Release Management> MiniMotorWRT> Permissions] - Description : If error code 600 appeared, please delete the release and re-download it again. Mini Motor Racing WRT is the sequel to the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning Mini Motor Racing, and while Mini Motor Racing WRT informations the same speedy paced, top-down arcade fun, it takes the action to a entire newest lvl. The gameplay is more engaging than ever thanks to a rich RPG-style career mode that lets you build a fleet of special machines and assemble the finest hand-picked racing squad in your quest to become the Globe Racing Championship champion. And if that's not enough, take the challenge to the true globe by forming a Race Club wi ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Infraware Inc.
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Mini Motor Racing WRT Reviews and Comments:

my profile all my progress was deleted have to run all over and they stole $5.00 from me
~ Derrick Hoon
I downloaded the release each time I tried to test it gave an error code 5101 and it would allow me test the release
~ Sonny Hidalgo
No longer loads. just comes up with a same error claiming it failed to login.
~ Steven Bremner
Just installed. Errors as quick as release tried to load. "Failed to login".
~ Matt Knouff
loved the release when I should test actually I'm getting error 5105 please claim me how to fix it so I can test again
~ Daniel Aamold
i havent even played the release yet it has slow loading and why do you have to have so much loading i hate it please fix it
~ Daryl Smiley
Failed to log in. Error code 5105. No concept what that means apart from the fact that I can't obtain this release to load.
~ rick moore
I can't test either. Usually I tap test actually, it come up with error 5105. Even when I retry.
~ Andrew Fitzlaff
Looks like it would be fun. Haven't been able to access the release since I downloaded a week ago. Finally uninstalled.
~ Skooby HD
The release would be 5 stars. However, the release does not let me to log in, and therefore cannot test the release. I have tried to delete and redownload the release, didn't work. If anyone has recommendations to fix, please inform because the release is nice, if you are able to test it.
~ Christopher Latimore
Can't claim the release is nice or it sucks. It won't go past the first loading screen.
~ T L
Installed the release multiple times. It kept giving me a login failure, error 5105.
~ keith rife
I'm at a lost for words the only thing I would change is that you could alow lvl 1 star cars to evolve and create evolving easier
~ Christopher Davis
Will not work even after uninstall/reinstall. Claims: Failed to login, error code: 5105
~ Steve Montgomery
I assume it's a nice release, only I couldn't log in it gave me a error every time I tried, so I uninstalled it....
~ Anthony bargo
Can't run it, error code 5105. Will change the rating if the release runs working.
~ Richard Markert
I played it last year, and loved it, but actually i install it and i have an error. Fix this!
~ Jurek Łopuszański
well done infraware they have sorted the error code on loading the release it runs fine actually this release had loads of bugs but most seem to be got rid of so well done the release is nice plenty on here to occupy you you can join a club too glad this release has been fixed :-)
~ Mark Rees
after trying reinstall it was still claiming error code 5101 I had it before no trouble allow me test it. I hope you like my review
~ Jack McCordick
Ive downloaded numerous times....test to test and it keeps giving me failed to login error code 5105. All these nice reviews??...i dont see how cause i cant even obtain it to work!! 🤬
this release just does not work and hasnt for a while, what type of developers are you guys? never seen a developer just abandon a release like this
~ Dan Edgar
Used to test this release. WAS nice but actually cant test. Anytime i load the release i just obtain a message claiming "Failed to Login" followed by "Error Code : 5105" Fix this please.
~ xVIPER41x
No offline help! Not even for the single user informations. Automatic F!!! Nowhere in the description does it claim online only!
~ Sir Charles
I tried getting into the release but something popped up claiming that there was an error plz fix that cuz i really wish to test this release
~ A Google user
Product looks super dope!!!! However I cant obtain past the login screen! It keeps throwing up a error when logging in!!! Please fix asap
~ OG RuThLeZz
Upon first download I got an error staring cannot login with an error code. I emailed the devs with the error code/screenshot as well as tried deleting the release and redownloading it. It has been almost a week and no response from the devs. Guess I just won't be testing this release.
~ Momo Smudja
does these release no longer exist??? I down loaded it a several times...and its keeps claiming error code 5105...cant test the release..
~ matt rasso
I can't even test the release, when it first runs on the touch to test screen when it runs to load it claims failed to log in error 5201
~ Corey Strong
Failed to log in error code 5105. Couldn't even run. I can't really give more than 1 star right.. Uninstall.
~ D Castro
it is stupid and absolutely ridiculous I don't even obtain to test the release because it claims it failed to login I mean why waste your time on clicking the button on and on and on again so I recommend you check it out and see if it's the release or it's my device
~ Taylor Rutz
Want I should give 0 stars. Installed it, claims touch screen, so i do, 2 seconds later, claims login failed. Took wifi off and used my time, same trouble. Cleared time and cache and still not working. Thank you for making simple to uninstall. And don't claim its my device, its running oreo on my mobile with the 835 Qualcomm soc.
~ Stephen Bivona
release doesnt even work, only obtain to the first screen and it keeps giving me an error code 5105, even tried uninstalling the release and reinstalling it still not working
~ devinn stender
Literally can't test. All I obtain is a fake load and a "failed to login" followed by an error code. Pls fix, because it looks like it should be a nice release, but I can't experience it my self. - Sana Kira
~ It Ain't gay So no homo
Getting pushed around by each car on the track gets old speedy. The costs are ridiculous, the rewards are none existent, had this release for a month and still can't obtain nonpaid trophies, getting caught on random corners, pvp and squad match ups are off balance. I should on all day.
~ Lunar Nature
To fix the failed to login errorcode:5105 you have to go to setting then apps then look for Mini Motor Racing WRT and then go to permissions and let all those permissions and then your release could run working
~ Walter Hernandez
seems like a nice release an do sorta like it but once you obtain past the run several days you obtain matched with recipients that have been testing for much longer an go from starting users to impossible no chance races really needs better balancing. that also doesn't go into the sad control interface of releases much better like early gta releases of this style gta london etc
~ Brawler Arm
Error login like everyone else. This could not be on the shop for download. What chance do the developers think I would download any of there another apps?
~ minime2282 Andy
I opened all of the permissions after downloading andnnow the login error is gone. Xontrols a tiny touchy, screen cuts out sometimes, but this is still one of my favoured releases because I can do multi-user over Bluetooth. Finest information EVER. Thank you for a dun release.
~ Takouhie Jensen
If u guys cant obtain the release working then read this. go to settings and search this release and let all permissions for better effects. if not working then message developer to fix the error.
~ janaro slimegamer
I don't know where to run with this release. The graphics are, for a small release, nice. The beautiful cars take you back to the toy r/c cars you played with all day. The release has a cartoony adorableness to it, but a sense of realism with some cars being better at certain tracks than others. The controls are easy to use, yet challenging to master. There is a wide selection of cars to buy. Theres enough content to hold you coming back for more without bore. This release just does everything right.
~ Cobalt Storm