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About: Search unlimite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Test in constructive mode with infinite resources or mine deep into the globe in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off risky mobs. Make, search and survive alone or with dudes on small devices or Windows 10. EXPAND YOUR GAME: Marketplace - Find the newest community creations in the marketplace! Receive special maps, skins, and texture boxes from your favoured originators. Cut commands - Tweak how the release plays: you can give equipment away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more. Add-Ons - Customize your experience even further with nonpaid Add-Ons! If you're more tech-inclined, you can modify time-driven behaviors in the release to make newest resource boxes. MULTIPLAYER Realms - Test with up to 10 dudes cross-platform, anytime, anywhere on Realms, ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Mojang
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Games Like Minecraft :
Similar Games Like Haunted Scooby Dog Scared Mystery Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Haunted Scooby Dog Scared Mystery Adventure Just Came Out with a new amazing gameplay in creepy castle! Our Scooby The Doog Game is full of adventure of zoinks for the subway fun game adventure with scooby doo games is running dog! Fun in the scary dark castle and present of the christmas its scooby and shag running doggy love with doggy and run dog with the dooby man in run subway with dog running. Shag Probably one of the dog running to dog run. most addictive games developed so far shag fa...

Developer: Gamilation [email protected]

Similar Games Like Rhythm Cube Alternatives
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About: Just a single move of your finger clicking on the screen to complete steerings, avoid obstacle, space jumps and many other exciting actions, in addition to the provisions of the route there are many other hidden routes waiting for you to find them. 1. Full of three-dimensional checkpoints 2. Rich game scenes. 3. Challenge your reaction limit. 4. New routes to be discovered. 5. A perfect experience of Rhythm and music....

Developer: ZCKS [email protected]

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About: If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulate sky fire shooting, so Space shooter: Infinity Shooting is game for you. One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of space intruders and the alien shooter. They destroyed all of squad . You are last hero of galaxy and will be faced an alien shooter . Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the galaxy from its alien shooter Galaxy Shooter: Infinity Shooting game puts you at the forefront of a battle with ...

Developer: Green Moon Team [email protected]

Similar Games Like Shawn Mendes Piano Game Alternatives
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About: Shawn Mendes Piano Game game is appear in piano game with exactly beats of Shawn Mendes songs. Tap to screen and feel the music Ever had a dream of being an cool pianist surrounded by friends and family? Ever dreamed of playing Piano Tiles with your idol songs? Shawn Mendes piano songs? This is a super fun Piano game and highly great game for everyone. No special skills needed for Shawn Mendes Piano Game, all is tap to screen! Shawn Mendes Piano Game game features: 1.Speed challenge piano...

Developer: Lionel Light [email protected]

Similar Games Like Shopkins: Cutie Cars Alternatives
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About: Beep! Beep! The Cutie Cars have arrived in their first official game! It's life in the express lane! Join Cupcake Cruiser, Choc Chip Racer, Motor Melon, Donut Express and all their friends on their wheelie fun rides. With 20 Cutie Cars to collect, and more coming soon, the fun doesn't take a brake in Shopkins: Cutie Cars! We ...

Developer: Mighty Kingdom [email protected]

Similar Games Like Waking Mars  Alternatives
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About: Praise for Waking Mars: "One of the most satisfying gaming experiences I've had on this platform." - TouchArcade, 2012 Game of the Year, 5/5 The most interesting story I've seen in [a mobile] game - Joystiq "Superb controls; unique gameplay" - Slide To Play, 4/4 "Must have" "Thousands of video games ask you to take life, but very few ask you to create it." - Paste Magazine, 9.1/10 Nominated - Best Mobile Game and Excellence in Audio, 2012 IGF ----------------------------...

Developer: Tiger Style [email protected]

Similar Games Like Alpha Wave  Alternatives
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About: Do you have 10-15 minutes to kill? Alpha Wave was made for just such an occasion! A well polished, high-speed, intense arcade space shooter with it's roots firmly planted in the old-school arcade classics such as AstroSmash, Galaga and Asteroids. Plenty of non-stop, progressive, survival action with over 65 waves spread across 3 levels featuring a huge variety of different enemies each with their own unique behaviors along with final bosses to bring it all to an explosive finish. Coupled ...

Developer: Hardline Studios [email protected]


Similar Games Like Furrball Island Alternatives
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About: Fun for all ages, explore Furrball Island's volcanoes, caves, and beaches to find hidden treasures while avoiding the prehistoric creatures lurking around every corner. Run, jump, and eat delicious fruit to gain strength and credits which can be used for special powers to help you survive. Tap either character to choose your player. Find all the treasures to unlock and save your furry friend and see the Furrball's happy dance....

Developer: Bandercomm [email protected]

Similar Games Like Horror Fuzion Scary Game  Alternatives
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About: Merge and fuse creepy monsters to get even scarier beasts! Welcome to the edge of the nightmare! Night terrors from nightmare dreams are lurking here you just need to tap and merge to get them all! Spooky and sinister creatures are dwelling inside! Feel the fear and terror looking upon beasts, demons and ghouls, affected by blight and lunacy! Possessed dead nurse, unforgiven sinner, grotesque zombie, genetic anomaly, stitched corpse monster and many others! This horror game invites you to ...

Developer: ���� pick games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Break The Targets Alternatives
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About: Break the Targets is a unique time-trial platformer game with simple controls featuring hundreds of levels and an online leaderboard for competitive placing. CONTENT: - 140 Increasingly challenging levels to be completed under 30 seconds - 25 SSBM Tribute Stages with online leaderboards - Level Editor - Create and share levels with the Community - Hundreds of Community Levels - 2 Characters with unique properties, attacks, and unlockable special attacks - TOP 500 Leaderboard available i...

Developer: Q'Prod [email protected]

Similar Games Like Dunk Hot  Alternatives
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About: Tap to start and score as many dunk as possible before time out. How many airballs and buzzers can you shot? We offer many skins of nation theme, and some other special skins. And different game mode are waiting for you. - Classic mode: endless time, shot as many as you can. - Season mode: fight with 30 basketnall teams in limited time. - PVP: fight with real palyers!...

Developer: Broken Reality [email protected]

Similar Games Like Punching Machine 3d  Alternatives
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About: Have good time with 3d punching machine game.Collect power,set the hit position and hit the boxing machine.Hit to machine,earn money,buy new boxing gloves and raise your power.Take your place at leaderboard. 3d games 3d punching machine punching boxing punch boxer box box machine boxing machine sports sports games punch machine...

Developer: kAPPtan [email protected]

Similar Games Like Flippy Skate Alternatives
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About: Brand new super cool skate board game! Tap and hold in order to perform flips. Try to reach the sky! More than 20 skates available Challenging gameplay Dynamic progression...

Developer: Ketchapp [email protected]

Similar Games Like Baldi Archer vs Stickman Granny  Alternatives
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About: Do you like in Baldi's Basics ? Baldi Archer vs Stickman Granny is a free baldi's man archer VS stickman Granny Warriors and 2D game. Do you like Baldi Archer vs Stickman Granny? Baldi archer is a character captured from a game Education baldy's basics learning ... in this game Baldi throws the stickman Archer to the arrow and eliminate it Features: - Kill time and addictive game - Use arrow physics How to play: Aiming and shooting in Granny stickman. Drag and drop your finger for ta...

Developer: Tomson Ink [email protected]


Similar Games Like Tasty Chef - Cooking Fast in a Crazy Kitchen Alternatives
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About: Tasty Chef: A Fun Cooking Game in a Crazy Fast Kitchen. Prepare food for the customers and become the best Chef of the world . Cook and serve to make your clients happy ! The new wave in cooking games has come. Fix food and become a crazy chef opening new restaurants in a variety of countries . The kitchen is waiting the best chef in this cooking game. Will you be able to cook fast enough to serve your tasty dishes to all your customers? Challenge ...

Developer: Revolx Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Classic Centipede Alternatives
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About: Classic Centipede is a game faithful to the classics of the arcade machines of the 80s. You must stop the plague of the centipedes. The mushrooms will hinder the way. Main features: - Two different screen pad configurations, to play easier and confortable. - Support Google Games, leaderboard and achievements. - Simulation of old CRT screens like the arcades of the 80s. - Extra life every 12,000 points. If you like arcade games, you'll enjoy Classic Centipede a lot. (C) 2018 Classic Ma...

Developer: Classic Mania Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like All is Lost Alternatives
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About: In the distant future, mankind is scattered across a vast and dangerous universe. The crews of massive space stations live in a constant struggle for survival. How many can you save? ----------- FEATURES - explore a variety of spacecraft as you rescue crew members from certain doom - intuitively control your character and the environment as you navigate a path to safety - experience gorgeous visuals in a variety of cosmic environments - no in-app purchases and no ads - achievements ...

Developer: Foursaken Media [email protected]

Similar Games Like War Plane: Airplane Free Games Missile Air Strike Alternatives
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About: Let the fun begin!!! If you like playing airplane and rocket games then you are in luck, coz we are back yet with another simple, fun, and addictive air strike game. War Plane: Airplane Free Games Missile Air Strike is the latest addition in airplane mode games. It is an exciting skill-based game so that you will be not just enjoying this airplane simulator 2018 game but also enhancing your decision making and focus. Highlights of War Plane: Airplane Games Free Missile Air Strike: Fl...

Developer: Content Arcade Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Capsule Commander VR Alternatives
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About: Take control of a planetary lander and guide it safely to it's destination. Use the daydream controller to fire the engines and tilt the craft but be careful not to land too hard or run out of fuel. Surprises await as the challenges get tougher!...

Developer: Duncan Roberts [email protected]

Similar Games Like Mega Jump Infinite Alternatives
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About: Get ready for infinite fun: the newest installment of the #1 jumping series is here! Join Redford and his forest friends as you jump your way to the top, grabbing tons of treasure, power-ups, and prizes along the way! Simple swipe or tilt controls make swerving around enemies and catching moving coins a breeze, so theres no better time to jump in! AMAZING FEATURES: Jump, boost, bounce, and smash your way through dozens of colorful environments! Play as over 15 characters from Peppe...

Developer: PopReach Incorporated [email protected]



Minecraft Reviews and Comments:

I love the release, mc is nice I have it on my laptop and my ps3 as well, the only reason it's not a five star is because of the shear/ride/tame/feed controls, often I'll accidently punch the animal I'm trying to breed, so please test to fix that. I go back and forth between the beta and the normal release too so I often know whats coming next. If I even see it being worked on I'll fix to five star, another than that, the release is nice, had mc since 2014, finest release download it recipients or youll miss out
~ Emily Fleming
Love it. Only trouble is when I used command block repeat usually active the /summon TNT did not drill anymore. Still nice gameplay and I love it. Also create dragon eggs hatchable. It would be REALLY cool. Or add newest. ores doesn't matter. I test this release alot and thanks for fixing the memory leak. I give 4 stars. This is a very known release. Also 1 question. Can you still create end portals?
~ Rachel Wilson
Ever since I modernized it doesn't allow me test the release. I run the release up and it loads like usual but then the screen just goes pink and black and it's just stuck like that so I have to close the release. The only solution I've found was to clear the release's storage on my settings which means I've lost all in-release time, maps etc. Any progress I create in the release is lost because of me fixing this bug. This takes away the purpose of testing the release so please fix this!
~ George
Notch, you're nice!!! You are the originator of minecraft and create nice upgrades!!! Your release is nice!!! You deserve five stars for all of that hard work!!! If there was any such thing i would give a million of a trillion of a quintillion of stars!!! (FIVE STARS FOR YOU!!!)
~ Missy P
EPIC, I HAVE TONS OF FUN!!! tho all my dudes claim I'm a looser/noob, test fortnite instead it needs more user's. my respond, Minecraft can be the exact same as fortnite the user can create it that idea. plus Minecraft was one of the first couple of releases that dad last one standing wins. So there for I am staying with Minecraft for as long as I live, also I have been testing since the very beginning of Minecraft pe, I remember the boat modernization, I remember the fishing modernization I remember the villages.
~ Marshall Thomas
I've been testing this release for 6 years already and with this newest modernization, it's wonderful! By the idea, I think Minecraft could add more informations like a castle village and with a guard villager, abandoned village, more ruines and structures, newest boss mobs and could probably add dogs since cats were added. Finest release ever!!
~ Xx Uzern xX
Will not launch. Tried so many times but I have finally given up. I have used different devices but it still will not launch after a couple of days. Fix it because I'm starting to regret the decision of buying this release.
~ Joshua Drury
Nice, smooth running ver of Minecraft on Mobile. Glad that this release is one of the several that is similar to Xbox One, and it adds my achievements and gamerscore to my profile! The Mobile ver has the same achievements (I think) as the Xbox One ver of the release, but they are counted seperate. So you unblock them twice, and obtain rewarded for any duplicate the same as yoy would any another! Your achievement part of your profile will have "Minecraft on Mobile" VS OG "Minecraft"
~ Serious Gaming
I personaly love this release because of all the constructive expirence and how you can switch gamemodes easily. So, some feedback is that, I know lots of recipients have been waiting for capes in the release. Also adding more animals (mobs), more weapons, more armour, and a premium request that I have is to add the under globe as in equipment under bedrock like newest materials and mobs. In addition to things that can break bedrock. MINECRAFT FOREVER!!!!!!!
~ Melissa Bailey
It insists on startup on reading out to me that I've a screen reader and would I like to enable it. The buttons don't work very well to turn off (have to press multiple times to clear). When off is picked and checking the settings are off, it still insist on reading out options for screen reading each startup.
~ Neil Gooding
OMG, this is the finest release in the universe. My family plays Minecraft, and my bff, and I think there is no better release than this. Minecraft has no banners! I especially loved the aquatic modernization and also the newest modernization that made villagers less boring. For the next modernization, modernization the End or the Nether! Also, I think the tundra needs a MAJOR modernization. Something to create it less boring. I'm not claiming this release is boring, there's usually something to do, it's just that I am suggesting some cool upgrades.
~ Moni Nugget
Please add Snowstorms in each biome but deserts and swamps. Also please create it so villagers can slay creatures. It would also be cool if villagers should build shelter when mobs are 50 blocks away from the villager. Thank you and have a nice time upgrading!☺
~ MegaFortniteBeast 123
OMG! Usually i launch the freaking release it shuts me off and takes me to my home screen! I wasted my dollars on this release! When i first got is it allow me test it actually it just shuts me off!!! ugh if anyone knows how to obtain dollars back..i wanna know!!
~ Hope Hall
Great release. You can test for a long time. Only error with release is that if you are testing and don't touch the screen in a timely manner, your screen goes blank into your device's sleep mode. When you bring it back up, the release runs shaking and some another weird equipment. You then have to log out and then back in and it works nice agsin.
~ Terry Autrey
I loved Minecraft since I was 8 years old. I played Minecraft 5 years ago and the ver of it was easy but enjoyable. I still test Minecraft today and im already 14 years old (time flies so speedy ;-;) and I still cant obtain over testing this release. Lastly, Thank You Minecraft for being one of my childhood releases and its a strike in the heart whenever I test it. Thank You for everything Mc❤💖
~ A Google user
minecraft is like the finest release in the entire globe. me and my brother love it. we create worlds each day to build and survvive in. we love building structures citys and cities. minecraft rocks. oh and heres a hint if you've been trying to connect with another users in mincraft. first all users have to be connected to the internet. next one person has to obtain into one of there worlds. or they should create a newest one. then another users have to press the dudes button at the top middle of screen.
~ Sophia Trapp
Can't test. Just paid for this release, but it won't allow me test. I can set up a globe, but launching it effects in a ruin to home. Each time. I don't wish to give the release a terrible rating (I know it's nice), but not being able to test it makes me want I hadn't just spent my dollars on it. Not sure how to correct the trouble. Any solution would be appreciated. I don't wish a refund, but I really wish to test. I'm testing on a Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro, btw. Edit : Uninstalled for the time being.
~ Adam Paradise
I love minecraft, and usually have, but I have been having problem with signing into my XBox Live profile with this release. I would click into the sign-in option in the release, but then it would go to a blank page and I wouldn't be able to continue on with the sign-in. If there is any idea I would be able to sign-in through this release, I would be glad to hear so.
~ hohoitsacow
I've already racked up over 150 hours so far. An nice release with infinite replay value. And the fact that you can test with almost everyone else thanks to the Bedrock Edition, means that you can test with all your dudes. No matter the platform. At $7, I have roughly spent about 5 cents per hour of enjoyment. That's insane. And what's even better, is that I'm not foreseeing quitting any time quick. A definite gotta-buy!
~ Pieterjan Deraes
I really love Minecraft and it's cute much my favoured release ever since years ago, but testing it on small just does it wrong, super wrong, but still a solid release like the fact that you're testing on small doesn't create the release terrible, it's just the touch control, it's a nice and very polished touch control, but can not compete at all to a mouse&keyboard or a controller, still for what it is (minecraft on your device) it's very worth buying despite not being the definitive idea to test
~ doriko
This release, (Minecraft) is a cool release. I like how you obtain to journey and build cool things. Its a very fun release to test when your bored and like on a way trip. It also don't need wifi. You can create trap houses for your dudes but you have to have wifi to test with a dude. You can also join servers and Minecraft has nice qualities. ~Sierra's opionion
~ Sierra Blevins
This is the finest release ever. For starters, it dosent spam banners or throw surrport right back at you. You can unleash your imagination by yourself or with dudes. It has lots of costom made content, such as the ten years map. I cant place into words how glad I am that you made this release. You can do whatever you wish, whether its glorious or plain crazy (Tnt Cannons lol). Survival constructive and multiplayer. You dont have to pay to create your own skins. Worth the dollars. Just other, thank you mojang
~ A Google user
Minecraft is the finest release in existance because it is so launch. You can do anything. Need to relax and just build? You can do that. Need to war large bosses like a dragon? You can do it. Need to go a tiny in between? You can do it. The possibilities are almost infinite. Theres just a glitch for my device that when it logs into my microsoft profile, it crashes. They fixed it a while ago, but it's back.
~ Samurai Guy
Mojang, I'll give you one word for this release. Increadible. The idea this release has no terms, and you can just do what you wish, REALLY makes this release special. My school uses Minecraft for education! Also, recipients use Minecraft to change the globe. Just making a minrcraft marketplace map makes a large difference. Minecraft is constructive, and just eases my worries away. So if you are reading this review, buy this release. Sure, it's $7. I can create $10 vacuming! So Mojang, don't stop making Minecraft nice.
~ Rex Osborn
Wow....! This release is really cool! I love it! But theres still a several bugs in the release... Well maybe MOJANG will fix it right? I enjoy testing the release! Im addicted to this release! But i'd love it if MOJANG fix the bugs :( because i can't scroll down my worlds and i have a globe that i didn't made! And i can't click the skin! Please fix the bugs! I'd be thank you if MOJANG fix the bugs. I can't test the release because my release is destroying too! I dont know what happened :( MOJANG please fix it
~ A Google user
This release is nice with the campfires and more! I have been testing this release since I was in first grade and I have nether gotten bored, mojang, thank you very much for making this release, this has been the finest experience in my life, each one could know about this release. I suggest this to each one around the globe
~ Gomi Games
Nice! I have been testing this release for YEARS actually. You guys usually hold bringing better, and better upgrades! Even if I see a bug, it's still nice, but I do have a recommendation like the others do. Here it is: I want there should be a mod mode, installing another apps fo just inserting a easy mod waste time, so it would be better if there is a mod mode, and that the pc mods can be inserted too. If this can't be done, is alright. Sincerely, VickyCool12384 (A Minecraft User)
~ Eclīpsĕ Stăr
Minecraft, step up your release, indie developers and another companies runs to obtain ahead of you, example of this is the mini globe, has many mobs and bosses and also worlds and you can customize the release with multiplayer help for each individual, also they have npc functions and another developer only softwares present in their release making them more better than minecraft, please improve more and add allow modders "add" rather than replacing equipment
~ AlSt Bond
can you create it to where you can keep a torch on the off hand? and create it to where it glows while holding it in the off hand? it would be great for mining and for dark horror releases. any ideas love the unlimite lasting fun release! I would love to claim my dudes about it!
~ fazbear gaming
nice to test when im bored and after im done with my work in school (im in 7th grade) and also i hope that they will add ( koala's, giraffes, elephants, kangaroos, monkeys, penguins, dragons, snakes) and also some weapons and furniture like (guns, samurai swords, swords, bombs, etc.) and furniture is like (couches, fridgerators, chairs, tables, lamps, television's, etc.) and some decor equipment and cars like (tanks, trucks, cars, motorcycles etc.) and yeah thata all lol o hope that they will addthese xoxo
~ Gacha Blue_berrypawz
Nice job, the newest modernization is outstanding. I used to think that since its owned by microsoft, minecraft is a dead release but after searching for more stats about the upgrades and the gameplay, its not terrible at all, it made me wish to test this release again thanks for the modernization! :)
~ Fact Swift
Ever since the modernization from today recently minecraft has been doing well wacky equipment. I was in my survival globe in the ocean and the globe qouldnt even load. I was just in a zone of blank and couldn't claim where I was going. After that I saved and quit and then closed my release and restarted my device. Waited about five to ten mins and opened minecraft back up. Actually minecraft wont even load. Just shows Minecraft with the loading bar under it and goes to my homescreen. I hope you guys fix this.
~ HipHop Head
I love this release! Currently testing in the realms thing with a bunch of dudes and family, and I love that it's hosted on Microsofts servers. Only gripe is there's a glitch with underwater visibility. Sometimes when I log in, I can't see underwater at all. I have to log out and then back in, to fix it. Otherwise, this is one of my top 3 favoured releases!
~ Nicholas Micko
I love the release ive been testing even before they had wolfs and the release has managed to inspire me and just create my life better. I do have some requests though because minecraft I think could add a several newest things. 1. Eggs, I think there could be some more uses for eggs. Like being able to create meal like scrambled eggs. 2. Dimensions, Instead of just the 3 old overwold, nether, and end, I think there could be a cloud globe like mario. The nether is the underworld and cloud is heaven.
~ Command Craft
I love this release soooooo much. For those who already test minecraft, this is nice because you are able to test on the go. It connects to your Microsoft profile (xbox), so that is a plus. If you only test PC, this is still nice because like I claimed before, you can test on the go. If you DON'T already test minecraft, then allow me explain. You are able to build whatever you wish in constructive, or you can work to survive and search in survival. In my opinion, this is my favoured small release.
~ Mooba
Minecraft PE is something I've been considering getting for some time actually. Recently, I watched a several dudes test the life out of the PS4 release, and being an almost exclusively Mobile user, I finally decided to create the transport. And MAN am I NOT disappointed. Graphics, informations, replay value & just ALONE the fact that this IS small gaming at it's finest, makes me excited for the future of on-the-go gaming. I will claim, though, I can claim they tried hard with the controls, but they def need work.
~ Daniel Reed
This is an nice release.. I love all the upgrades that you hold bringing. Minecraft is constantly being modernized and if there's any troubles, they fix it quickly. Minecraft is the most nice release there is to test. But I have a several recommendations: can you plz create it so that we can zone the item frames on the ground and if we should create our own custom swords, axes ect. that would be nice thx.
~ kyle louw
I now played this release but i feel jealous of the java edition that have shields. I was hoping that it'll be added in the pe ver. I quit this release for a while with a hope that shield will be added in this release. And, guess what? MY DREAMS COME TRUE! Thank you Mojang. You know how to create Minecraft's users glad. Hold up the nice work guys!
~ Syahmi Nuqman
This is a lovely release! The charm of it is unfathomable! It's so quaint- I enjoy testing it! But actually I am incapable of opening it up. I press on the app, I see the loading screen, then I return to the home page.I have restart my device countless times, scanned for destroying apps in my settings, and the only thing I haven't done is uninstall and reinstall it. I am scared I may need to buy it again if I risk unistalling it. I would be obliged if I recieved some adivce. Thank you!
~ Starcatcher Cross
Minecraft is a really cool release! I usually enjoy testing on my globe and can invite dudes from Xbox! Even though we're far away from every another... And can also join clubs, realms, servers, parties, and many more! What's cool too is that there are lots of cool equipment! And can build and do things from what we imagine... We should do anything we wish! And the developers keeps adding nice things on the next modernization! And usually suprises the lovers of MC... And I've been testing Minecraft since 2011!☺️
~ Zarchkee