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About: Mind Products is a nice collection of releases based in part on principles derived from cognitive tasks to support you practice different mental skills. This release contains nearly 3 dozen of Mindwares brain training releases (some of which let you to test 3 times and require updating to test more). All releases contain your score history and graph of your progress. The releases list shows a summary of your finest releases and todays scores on all releases. Using some principles from standardized playing, your scores are also converted to a comparison scale so that you can see where you need work and excel. You might also be able to notice the results of different lifestyle factors on your performance through the score history. Mind Products is also actually available on iPhone/iPad and Windows. Languages available: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russi ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: Mindware Consulting, Inc
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Similar Games Like Hexagon Dungeon Alternatives
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About: * Simple but enjoyable puzzles! - If you connect more than 3 hexagon monster blocks, the blocks are combined and level up - Combine 7 level monster blocks to clear 1 block together. - The higher the score, the more gold you can earn at the end of the game! - Take advantage of 4 skills to get through the difficulties. * An increasingly advanced dungeon affects the puzzle game! - Fill the empty dungeons with various traps and structures! - Every time you build a building, vario...

Developer: Bleor Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Eat Up--Puzzle game Alternatives
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About: switch rabbit to up, down ,right and left let rabbit eat carrot in the maze only way to win : eat all carrot up very funny and relaxing puzzle game over 100+ level easy to handle ,but not easy to skilled...

Developer: Little Gamer Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Escape Games: Freedom  Alternatives
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About: Escape Games: Freedom Find your freedom from the confinement or the cell in which you are locked up as a convict. Optimize the objects and look for hidden clues that you can hatch a plan to escape. Be clever enough that you dont get caught. Work carefully to win your freedom. Have fun! Features: -Attractive graphics. -Engrossing puzzles. -100% free escape game app. -Wonderful game play. Download the game now for free and enjoy solving puzzles....

Developer: Odd1 Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Search Free App Alternatives
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About: If you start a news game then every time you will get a random list of new words to search. Also you can switch the language in the game if you want to learn new words in another language. Our Word Search is a very good pastime...

Developer: Marco Meyer [email protected]

Similar Games Like Evolution Clicker Alternatives
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About: In Evolution Clicker, you can discover evolution of the world in a fun way! With this idle game, you can through all the stages by evolutionary simulation, mixing different creatures: from a single-celled to a modern man. It is an amazingly relaxing game! The new breeds are created by combine two animals from the same kind. Lets play with genetics and enjoy the result! You can also buy crystals to accelerate the evolution. Players task is to create new intelligent creatures by go through...

Developer: Glowing Star Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Search: Sausage Go  Alternatives
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About: Search and Identify the hidden words then swipe up, down, left, and right to mark them, running away from being eaten by the sandwich. It helps to verify your vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills, and its also important to find the right word/words in the shortest possible time. Each second matters for the round as time you have is very very limited. Here's what you will enjoy: - Easy words in common use - Suitable for families with kids for words learning - Cute and relaxing gra...

Developer: Word Puzzle Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Fill Up 3D Alternatives
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About: Fill Up 3D is unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE! HOW TO PLAY: Swipe up, down and all around to roll the colorful roller ball splat through the maze , fill it up and pass the level. FEATURES - Free to play - Suitable for all ages - Fun and relaxing - Colorful and vibrant...

Developer: Time and Space [email protected]


Similar Games Like Glitter Color by Number - Relaxing Coloring Pages Alternatives
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About: Enjoy the best shining glitter color by number pictures and make your own glitter color by number book.Lets be an artist and color the pictures of different shades with the help of number colors given in the pattern.Color your own favorite art and see how it looks like after glittering it. Let's bring out your art talent and create new styles of sparkly animal mandalas.Fill the pictures with different shades of glitters according to the given color pattern number or make your own glitter patt...

Developer: Coloring by Number - Pixel Art Games : Next Tech [email protected]

Similar Games Like Free New Escape Games 54-51 Doors Rescue Escape  Alternatives
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About: Here we are going to give a great challenge for you. We are pleased to present you the brand new point and click doors rescue escape games -51 in 1 New escape games 2019. Please find all the required items to unlock doors and rescue the girl. 51 Levels Doors Escape Games, is a adventures type of escape games for all the escape game lovers. In this Games contains 51 levels of New free escape games. Each level contains some challenge, puzzle escape games, rooms Escape, rescue escape games, fores...

Developer: TTN Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Stickman Hello Stars 2  Alternatives
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About: Stickman Hello Stars 2 The job of each level is to guide a bomb from a predetermined start point so that it touches all of the stars placed on the level. The bomb and nearly all objects on the screen are affected by gravity. The first few levels are almost too easy, but as the difficulty increases you'll be thankful that you were able to practice the fundamentals of draw. As the game progresses, you'll have to use all sorts of theory to figure out a solution for each puzzle. The Game F...

Developer: Dengamedevxxx [email protected]

Similar Games Like Farm Maze Alternatives
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About: Farm Maze is a free original puzzle game in which you will need to draw paths for each animal to follow to their food, but be careful! They are highly unstable and will explode on contact! Features: 1. 80 unique puzzles with more to come! 2. Addicting and satisfying game-play. 3. Beautiful hand drawn tiles based maps. 4. 3 animals with different behaviour. 5. Accessible to anyone, but increasingly challenging....

Developer: AntigoBer [email protected]

Similar Games Like LOL Dolls Surprise Alternatives
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About: Do you love LOL dolls games? these fashion dolls are in need of your great help, because their LOL Surprise maidservant is leaving. Yesterday the dolls throw a party to her friends. So their dream house is in a messy condition. The big LOL need your help. So clean the room spick and span. All you have to do is clean the waste items and place them in the garbage. You will be praised for helping the desperate LOL Surprise pets. Wipe the floor if it is required. Rearrange things and place them w...

Developer: Steve Sterling [email protected]

Similar Games Like Hunt The Wumpus Alternatives
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About: TCKSOFT Retro Series #6 Original version C 1980 Kevin Kenney, this version is C 2013 Andrew Pointon Enter the caves of the Wumpus with your single arrow. Track him down and fire it into his heart. Avoid troublesome bats who will carry you away. Try not to stumble into the lair of the Wumpus, or fall into a bottomless pits of slime. Why are you even hunting the dreaded Wumpus? The elders say he has stalked your village in the past, but it has not been in your life time. Is it a rig...

Developer: TCKSOFT [email protected]

Similar Games Like Panopticon: Path of Reflection Alternatives
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About: Enter a world in which the border between reality and illusion is paper thin and the answer to a mystery will test the limits of human understanding! Guide Senior Inspector John Perry as he sets out to find magician Andy Fox and his assistant, who vanished into thin air while using a new machine during one of Perry's performances. Explore far off locations in which the unexpected is expected, scour alternate dimensions for clues and hidden objects, and employ your skills as a virtual sleuth t...

Developer: Alawar Entertainment, Inc. [email protected]


Similar Games Like Matched! Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: "Matched!" is a block puzzle game based on Match-3. Your goal in the game is to earn as much score as you can until no more block can be moved. Match 3 or more of same numbers or colors vertically or horizontally by moving the blocks. The point is that you can earn a high score by adding numbers of last 7! Major function -Match-3 puzzle method which is easy to learn -Infinite life and no time limit -Various themes and shapes provided...

Developer: RiverApps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Shopping Stack  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Have you ever seen a tower in the shape of an animal or a food? For example, a bird? Even a crocodile? As long as you control the dropped items accurately, you can build a tower with a special shape. If you can, I hope the height of this tower is 10,000 meters. what? Not 10,000 meters? That doesn't matter, any kind of prop can help you pile up taller towers. Or not? What about the chance of a resurrection?...

Developer: fange02 [email protected]

Similar Games Like Jewels Match : Gem Collector Alternatives
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About: Jewels Match : Gem Collector Match-3 Puzzle Let's move to match the same 3 or more jewels! and clear 500 ancient remains ! Please enjoy 500 different stage's ancient remains and special Jewels ! [Characteristic] - Easy rules brain match-3 puzzle game - You can play freely as there is no play count limit - You can play even when you are offline - 30MB, you can download it comfortably! - Low capacity game of less than - Tablet PC compatible - Correspon...

Developer: Sblooming [email protected]

Similar Games Like Best Escape Games 174 Wings Angel Escape Alternatives
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About: There was a different town. A wings angel lived in that city. There was a house where the wings angel was staying. One day the wings angel was unexpectedly stuck in a room there. It is your duty to save the wings angel there from there. To help the wings angel get out of there, it will help you find the hidden clues. Find all the hidden clues there and save the wings angel out there and congratulate you to win the game. Though the tricks and puzzles are hard to find, it's anxious to find someh...

Developer: Best Escape Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Kavi Escape Game 549 Fireman Rescue Baby Alternatives
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About: A fireman is living in a town. The fireman is very trivial and playable too. The fireman went to the game one day and got into a palace. It is your duty to save that fireman from there. It will be helpful to find the playing hidden there and save the fireman from there. It will help you to find clues hidden there to save him. Where the hidden clues and puzzles are hard to find, it's anxious to find somehow. This game can easily identify the colors and numbers. Through this game the mind gets pea...

Developer: Kavi Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Best Escape Game 562 Tom Dog Escape Game Alternatives
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About: There were a few houses in a beautiful and magnificent village. The place was beautiful to see. There was a tom dog in that place. One day the tom dog in there are unexpectedly stuck in a house there. It is your duty to save that tom dog from there. It will be helpful to find the tom dog hidden from there and find the hidden clues in there. Find all the tricks and save that tom dog from there and congratulations you win the game. This game is highly desirable. Good luck and have a fun !...

Developer: Best Escape Game [email protected]



Mind Games Reviews and Comments:

A nice release that supports pass the time while waiting (you know we usually search ourselves waiting) surely it supports hold our minds sharp...hopefully! LOL!
~ Darla White
this release is nice ,but not opening again. When I launch it second time all the releases were not comming 😤😤👿👿👎👎👎😠
~ dinesh kumar saxens
This release is nice! So many genres and ideas to expand your mind's potential.
~ Raeleigh Ward
really it supports us to to tiny bit increase the power of the brain.and in this aap lot of different types of puzzle.
~ Mohammad Arsalan
I paid for pro and still obtain banners?? I thought that is what I was paying for, banner nonpaid gameplay!! Not cool!!
~ teresa bolen
I found it very nice to exercise your brain,plenty of mixed releases,and they obtain more hard making them more challenging.
~ petro b
It was really hard to install I deleted all my apps to obtain it and I still cant. I thought it would be nice. Sorry for the no so great respond but i have to be trufull plz change so I can obtain it. (Again sorry if I sounded rude)
~ A Google user
This release is the s*** you should even challenge your dudes to see who gets better score present your dudes who is really the top dog
~ T.r. Crihfield
speedy moving , simple & easy to learn- a nice workout for the brain!
~ Joye Huntley
Great but not for the active and sporty recipients who love the release or not test only. Some trouble in the controls. Stops in between the hard lvls. Otherwise very nice release.
~ A Google user
Makes me glad for my own kind of idea I think and feel that this release makes me glad even tho right actually this day that I'm having is a horrible day just got expelled from school and this release is making me forget about it and feel kinda glad
~ mr. Bubbles
Nice! So glad I've found it. I've installed it to my babes devices too, much better than testing pointless releases, they love it too. Definitely suggest 💙
~ A Google user
It's a very great addicted release for the brain has many genres anyone who wants to enjoy and improve his/her brain just install it.
~ Grace Wallace
~ A Google user
This release is nice.It seems that it is so simple but as quick as it runs,OMG!Then u hve to use ur brain
~ A Google user
I got almost above 90 percentile on most releases list..Are they legit?..Im not subscribed just a nonpaid player.
~ RealRealReal Ako
This is a nice release to hold your mind working. It has different types of releases to challenge you to do better and hold you motivated.
~ Bethany Rogerson
it's a really satisfying release,' And one that can really support to improve faster and efficient brain process' balancing equity release maybe added "recipients" would love it to!
~ A Google user
nice addictive and interactive. Graphics should be better and the directions are a tiny hard to understand.
~ John Magalsky
This release offers multiple fun ideas to train your brain. The spatial awarness is the only one that I search hard.
~ Kevin Mcgregor
I absolutely love this release! It wracks my brain but in a positive idea! I commend the developer.
~ Relyn Opina
It made me create mistakes but it was a nice play but I was paying closer attion then most do so I did see that but worth it to create your self think over equipment nice for the brain meal
~ A Google user
I've just discovered this release. I've done the colour/word play, the one with math symbols and some word quizzes. I'm enjoying them, especially when I obtain really high scores.
~ A Google user
The graphics star rating flashed away before i should give it 5 stars , I search everything nice about this release , it really works your brain & makes you focus . A lot of fun too .
~ Caroline Hossack
it's an nice idea of brain exercising. instead of wasting time on social media apps we can use apps like this.
~ Kulprit Kaur
I've had this release on 3 different devices actually, over 6 years ish. Spatial memory and literacy are my favourites. facial recognition I search less enjoyable but that's because I'm not so nice at it! All part of the fun.
~ Donna Berry
The flow of the release and the releases are challenging but fun. Very great to see where I fall into compare to my age group. The amount of adds gets irritating. But an overall nice release. Home page needs to be simplified and not look so busy.
~ A Google user
Have only been testing it for a while today and it seems fun and simple to navigate. However regarding the scores I'm not sure what some mean. Precision and speed is self explanatory but I don't know what raw and standardized mean? It would be great if there was a part in the menu explaining all of it.
~ Camilla Caney
it's a really great release, the banners are too much though, sometimes you can't pick a release because it has been blocked by an banner.
~ mihlali mpapela
Nice & entertaining release that challenges you to up your skills. Multi- array of tests that cover a lot of zones even for the nonpaid ver. Bravo to developers for delivering what you claim plus not loading lots of banners that interupt. Appreciate it!
~ Sandra Alger
This is one of the most exciting mind releases ever created, since I have started testing it 1 year ago my short term memory has drastically improved.
~ nkateko mahlaule
nice release. well worrh the several bucks. it be great to have a multi player option. but me and frends babes test the releases and still see who can obtain finest. WORTH IT LOL
~ Josh Arvoux
This is a fun release . I liked the fact that this release shows stats about my scores , and compares my scores with recipients .
~ A Google user
after years i still have never had 1 trouble with this release. it truly messes with my head at times ...in a nice idea. Love it !! Its nice ...thanx
~ Kimberly Scott
pagle...,.....,......dhenkdkí jk digitoxin I am just trying but it's a nice weekend and I have to be in touch quick 😞 I have done the finest time for a several years ago you were able you will be failed login may have been working for you are not studying in you and the only idea all the time and I have done it was a nice day because of this message and nothing will change to claim anything to claim anything please allow him enjoy it was the first time in a newest message again and again there's the finest of lu
~ Rizwana Shaikh
Nice release! IDK if its harming my brain or making it stronger. I for sure feel like I am doing exercise for my brain. Would have Loved It if it had more that 1 release for option. It has many releases but you can pick only one release at a time if you haven't subscribed. At the end, definately worth a test!
~ Kiran Soni
Great mind releases
~ Malik Noman
very nice for babes
~ sandy bennett
very nice release. It will be more interesting if we can test a match with dudes like championship.
~ K. Hingole
very nice mind release training, photos an intructions of this release are very clear loves the release. take out 20-30mins a day to test this release.
~ Jim Lei