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Millionaire Trivia: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?   
About: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, actually on your device! Play your knowledge, call on the audience, & build up your squad of experts! Join the laughter, nerves, & nail-biting tension climb the Dollary Tree to become a MILLIONAIRE for FREE today! Who Wants To Be A Millionaires AWESOME Informations: + Unblock NEW CITIES and TRAVEL THE WORLD! + Use CLASSIC LIFELINES such as 50:50 & ASK THE AUDIENCE, & the all newest ASK AN EXPERT! + Build a TEAM OF EXPERTS in each CITY you test in! + Climb to the top of the everyday leaderboard versus your FRIENDS AND FAMILY! + Constant release upgrades! + Test onthego with our OFFLINE MODE and victory anytime and anywhere you wish! THE ULTIMATE MILLIONAIRE EXPERIENCE: Join the thrill in becoming a MILLIONAIRE! Victory BIG REWARDS through cities around the globe from Rome to Brazil! Run testing WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? for FREE and pro ... Show more
Genre: Trivia Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Sony Pictures Television
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Millionaire Trivia: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Reviews and Comments:

My fiance plays too and he recieves many more "gifts" to use than I do (i.e., experts). When i contacted help they claimed me they were trying different prototypes ???? Not fair!
~ Susan Lank
love the release. hate that you can only have 4 boxes. when you have more they could be able to be held somewhere so we can test more! also a guide would be great.
~ tejas dragon
Nice overall, only that the questions are too much from within the western culture and western showbiz (modern equipment) , and less from general culture, like arts, history, literature etc
~ Adrian B
No, you misunderstand developers! Your winnings are NOT usually based on your position on the ladder. Often the random foe goes to the very top of ladder with you, the release claims you "tie" and your winnings are halved! You end up only getting back your stake having burned lifelines to obtain to the top, this isn't fair as the release chooses the foe out of your control.UPDATE: why when an expert is at the MAX lvl do you continue to obtain "updates" for them in mystery boxes? Please fix this.
~ Ronnieboboff
I enjoy keeping my mind sharp by testing Millionaire Trivia and another Trivia releases. I just really like educating myself! I love Trivia!I enjoy Trivia because it supports me hold my mind sharp.
~ A Google user
questions slanted towards British / Australian coloquialisms. Some questions are badly worded and a several answers are wrong but overall enjoyable....if you like having to do something each 4 hours or so to hold testing.
~ Lynnda.David Glen
Very fun release. Lots of questions over many genres. Questions can be very hard but lots of supports and assists. I hate geography, but just like the original, it's nice!
~ Paul Rollins
I enjoy this release. It keeps my mind recent. The draw back is time consuming. But nice release. I am HOOKED!! OMG Finest Trivia Soft Ever.😎 👍👍👍👌
~ Mac McEvoy
nice release to pass the time the only trouble I have is when you beat your foe you could be awarded the amount of the lvl you reached instead of the amount the foe failed on. nice release though. keeps the mind ticking
~ Shabir Ahmed
It is a nice release to test. It gives your brain a thinking exercise. Only trouble I have is maybe create the release so when your doing a lvl maybe allow us use a several hundred coins instead of like 1,000 for London and 8,000 for Sydney. That's ridiculous and also give us 2 chances instead of 1 to obtain the respond right.
~ Nathan Epstein
love it really makes me think, nice exercise for the brain. Most trivia releases obtain too hard too speedy and create you feel stupid. Love having options and being able to gain more tricks. I've also learned a lot of interesting facts when I dont know the respond. 2 thumbs up👍👍🤗
~ danielle scott
I am enjoying the challenges and learning from the questions. I rated this a four because of the extended time to launch chests, over 3 hours of waiting for bronze and 8 hours for silver. I haven't gotten to the gold chests yet, so who knows how long that will be. I do not like spending true dollars on virtual equipment, so I guess I learn to wait more patiently. otherwise I enjoy the rest of the release very much!
~ Cherie Flynn
Fake Enemies! The release is ok, but the foes are all fake. Clear the time and cache for the release and test from scratch and you will search the foes fail on the same question each time!
~ Jon Jones
edit: I have the same impressions but I search myself testing more than I expected and there's less "cheaters" than I initially thought. the trivia is fun and not repetitive. its lame that you "compete" with other person because if they're cheating and you wish to test for fun without looking equipment up you lose your rewards.
~ Louis Lackey
Dreadful!!! Sounded like fun so I downloaded the release. No instructions on how to test (it's NOT like the present). So far I've only been able to test about two releases per day because I don't have enough points to test, and then I'm locked out for three hours or the rest of the day. This really doesn't give me incentive to wish to hold testing. I imagine a lot of recipients uninstall within the first several days. And it's mostly American based questions anyway so for anyone outside of the US, forget it.
~ Jenene Tull
I enjoy answering the questions and learning different things through the questions. Sometimes I am amazed at what I do know and others getting wrong answers when I don't follow gut feelings. Keeps the grey cells active.
~ Nanette Hedley
fun release with some annoyances. why create us wait so long for boxes to launch? also release doesn't seem tuned to a US audience. lots of uk only q's... also I'd rather test versus true recipients in true time. and please fix bug about can't reconnect!
~ L M
I love this release. Really makes you think. And things I didn't know I'm learning. I love this. maybe y'all would think about doing like a squad thing or championship. I learn interesting and sometimes weird facts daily. love this release
~ Linda Hunsinger
Too long to wait for coins to accumulate. And without coins one can't test. Fazit: too boring, deinstalling. One addition: if you are going to respond that I should obtain a box each 4h... Don't bother... So you know, the last box gave me 95 coins and the entrance fee to the lowest release is 1000...
~ scar lett
Been testing for long time and stuck at the same lvl for months, obviously you have to spend lots of dollars to obtain any further. Did enjoy it in the beginning, actually its going to trash, your decision, I'm not wasting anymore time and certainly any dollars on this release.
~ Scott Smith
the release is nice and it can be a lot of fun to test, there are many aspects to enjoy. but could you have any troubles at all and reach out to customer service they will do nothing for you, typically send you a copy and paste respond that doesn't support with your question and do nothing to create things right. i found two questions already that were wrong - their attitude is 'tough luck'. had a trouble not being awarded something - you have to be on WiFi. claim them i am, i obtain other excuse. pathetic!
~ Liz P.
I think the system of testing someone else during a quiz instead of reaching protected points for answering questions correctly is stupid. You don't even test versus someone in true time, it just matches you with how someone previously performed the same quiz. You also can't walk away to hold your dollars unless you surpass the "foe". Dumbest of all, if you tie it's half the winnings, and you can be paired with one who won the million. So even if you respond them all right, a tie means only half..
~ Colin Ackley
So far I am enjoying this release,it doesn't let you to stop unless it puts you back at the zone where your foe lost. how do I stop before reaching a million so I can hold my winnings??you never answered this question. how do you stop without losing all you've won?? ?
~ Patricia Welcome
LOVE testing, but the focus on British contemporary arts, entertainment and sports seems misplaced for US users. I've also found few incorrect answers that have "lost" the release for me.
~ Sandra Blake
Nice release!!! Lots of fun!!! Interesting genres, varied lvls of difficulty, and exciting gifts!!! Would definitely suggest this release to everyone! Love this release!!!
~ Alicia Ramos
would be a nice concept to version the newest lvl well in time. Lvl 250 CapeTown, was released when many of us were close to Lvl 300. Played Lvl 250.onwards with over 130 releases for every lvl. also bring the double bill.
~ Ranjit Singh BORAR
I really like the release but even though the modernization was done in December, it still freezes up and I have to reboot the release, losing all my progress. Frustrating. I would give it a run or 5 star otherwise.
~ Tonja Bilyk
The release has all the elements to be nice but it has glitches that have lost me variety of gems and the release's currency. Help is fully worthless and just makes excuses but NEVER gives back what I lost due to THEIR glitches. Also there are tricks to obtain us to use up diamonds not realizing until it is too late. Lastly, Chris Ye the owner of Uken does NOT care about players. He claimed he would support and then ignored my messages fully.
~ Elaine Shuel
Very fun release just want the rounds didnt cost as much per release and want the prizes for winning were better. Doesnt equal out nice. Also it's too simple to accidentally hit the bonus life button after you obtain the question wrong. Even when you didn't wish to use it. Other trouble are some of the answers to the questions can work, but you still obtain the respond wrong, but if you go to look it up to see if you're right it claims it can be correct too. I don't think they could use questions like that.
~ Laura Yeager
I recently got the 2019 modernized ver that's more like the present but for me as a retired person the ver that I currently have I hope there will be a newest one for because it keeps my mind sharp and you obtain to test versus another recipients which I really really like thank you so much I will probably be sending the ver that's more like the present back because I like the one I have and hope you'll be upgrading it thanks again Joe Cooper
~ Joe Cooper
The release is itself what the title suggests, however don't expect to obtain far without paying an ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNT OF MONEY TO BUY the diamonds needed to launch the winners boxes instantly or else you gotta wait between 3 and 12 HOURS! 1 EXTRA LIFE: 140 diamonds(£1.80 for 150) but nearly £20 of diamonds is enough for 15 bonus lives, and for what? To stay in the release and victory a box? You then need more diamonds to launch the damn thing! Fully geared to fleece as much dollars out of you as possible
~ Dave Davies
Its a nice trivia release. There is a glitch in it tho. I can be testing on my Mobile device and if an automatic modernization of other release runs I obtain kicked out and lose the dollars for that round. Its happened more than once.
~ Dave Martin
i like the release a lot! I'm not very nice at trivia but i learn a lot from testing. one complaint is that at times when the option to obtain double jewels from completing a round is an option through watching a video, the video doesn't usually test and i can't obtain the double prize option. it's happened a several times. not a gigantic deal. hasn't stopped me from testing.
~ A Google user
Tests your brilliance and knowledge at random. Advantages are allowed to be used such as ask the audience. This release is badically the same as the programme Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and i love it. i it really addicting!
~ Maya Twinkle
Love this release! Learning as I test. The questions range between simple and very hard. Nice idea to hold your mind active. I'm a millionaire! So much fun. I learn something newest each day. More fun than a nap or an enema! Still testing and still loving it.
~ A Google user
i have won the Million question but the points /coins never showed up on my score and my lvl on the leader board now went down. have also lost gems and boxes because of this. do have a question...if you test off line like it claims you can do you still victory the coins and lvls if you victory versus your foe?
~ Rose Neihardt
I hooped and hollered BIG TIME the first time I won a million. Unlike another quiz releases, this one is really challenging. The supports along the idea with "ask the audience, experts, or 50/50" support wins, but it's really satisfying when you can intersperse those supports with your own knowledge and sometimes lucky guesses. I love this release!
~ Grayling Holmes
the most pathetic pos 😠 release of all time .....as quick as i purchased gems .....my experts that were awarded for opening up bronze and silver boxes ...... fully stop being credited ..... went from 36 to 12 in three days ......and thats after opening at least 30-40 boxes .... ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE COMPANY..... SAID OH NO .... SOMETHING WRONG HAPPENED ....WENT TO WEBSITE IT TOLD ME TO .....HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME ON PLAY STORE .... JUST A COMPLETE JOKE !!! GIVE MONEY
~ chris caldwell
nice release. it's great to hold the mind sharp! trying to remember all the questions and answers is a challenge.. and it's fun to usually test another users rather than a.i... only fault is sometimes it's simple to hit the life like e button when you dont need them... a tad frustrating
~ Andrew Cox
Lose a target each time the release forces me to review it! there are some questions that are "simple" that only someone living in America should possibly respond. One example was "which of these candies is multicoloured?" followed by a list of equipment that have NEVER appeared in the uk ( or on any television present or video that i have seen). this was the $100 question. I'm sure American users would complain if the question was about British sweets that they hadn't heard of.
~ A Google user