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About: Famous arcade release METAL SLUG is back as an IDLE RPG! Wars with special characters and combat machines are actually at your fingertips! All the characters and Slugs from the Metal Slug franchise are here! - MARCO, TARMA, ERI, and FIO from previous Metal Slug releases - Defend versus waves of Rebels, Guerrillas, Aliens, Mummies, and Zombies. - Don't forget about P.O.W. He will repay you with potent weapons if you save them! The original release's sound and visual results have been faithfully recreated! - Spray and pray with a massive machine gun, slay aggressors in one shot with a shotgun. - Cover the skies with AA missiles and attack with aliens' ancient stone devices. - Experience nice battlefields littered with bullets and bombs. - You can even catch aggressor army slacking off on the sly. - All these informations from the original release are nowhere. A casual RP ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 74MB Developer: ekkorr [email protected] undefined
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Metal Slug Infinity : Idle Game Reviews and Comments:

Oof. I know it's an idle release, but the release got to the first restart without me updating a thing. You keep and upgrade something a 100 lvls, but do you notice a difference? Nope. The release floods you with pointlessness. Edit: I never even mentioned the guide. Great copy-paste response there.
~ Frulgut Snarglebank
This release is AWESOME! It takes me. ack to when I played the arcade ver with my dad as a babe. The release itself is easy and to the target, you obtain what it claims. You obtain an idle metal slug rpg jampacked with nostalgia. 11/10
~ Some2 guy
Need to know the truth about this release? Then read this. Of course if you dislike idle releases you'll dislike this, but if you enjoy idle releases then give this one a chance. The terrible ratings it has been given were given based on how it used to run upon run or by recipients who dislike idle releases. The release itself is a bit slow to run, takes a bit to understand what exactly is going on and how everything works but once you obtain the hang of it - it will become one of your favoured idle releases.
~ Joshua Printup
Finest idle release I've played. Nice graphics, now plays itself when logged out, simple to farm and upgrade army and slugs. just a fun release and captures the feeling of Metal Slug in a newest idea.
~ Mark Powers
This release requires no skill or brain power whatsoever. literally, the characters war and do everything FOR you and never lose health, all you do is click on their icons to lvl up. I don't see how anyone can search this interesting and fun to "test". Very disappointing and not worth the wait.
~ Brandon Archer
I was type of excited to test this but I just can't stick with entirely idle, idle releases where you just keep down the upgrade button. Maybe if it was like Marimo League or just Metal Slug where the user has some type of an active role I would've stayed. In addition, I'm not fond of unskippable dialogue! I hope to come back in the future!
~ Ryan Alaan
I dont have too much experience with Idle-RPG's, but this has been a fun experience. I search myself logging in throughout the day when I have a several mins to slay and just lvl equipment up. The progression is easy, the dungeons are fairly simple, and the crafting easy and simple. It takes a tiny bit to figure it out, but once you do you'll have no troubles leveling or advancing. It has its troubles here and there, but it's a solid enough release.
~ Brandon Dechene
only true trouble so far is that the idea to upgrade a lot very quickly by holding the upgrade button is not very intuitive, and may need to either be claimed to the user, or needs to be expressed in the UI somewhere. and the entire process of buying troop pieces is a bit too close to exploitative loot-box mechanics, but im ok with what it is right actually. otherwise, love the release so much. oh, one more thing. i would die for an offline mode.
~ Madame Muffin
Loved it , it brings me back so many memories when i would test my finest to not die and seeing each hero i encountered along the idea, lad y'all did an nice job , hold it up 👍👍.
~ Kyan Duplantis
Its not that this isn't a nice release. It can be fun at times and interesting but here's my trouble with it. When I first saw this release I figured it was finally going to be other war cats kind of release where you bring a team and just talk them to send them out. Cute much like metal slug attack and equipment but starting recent. I was cute disappointed when I found out it was 100% auto and you dont send units out you level them up only to restart and run back at 1. This just isn't the release for me.
~ Colin Greenway
One of the finest Metal Slug releases on the release shop that I have come across. My only complaint is the fact that you are forced to return at specific moments of test. What if I don't wish to return at that moment? It's not the fact that it Claims you to return, it's just the fact that it basically locks you into returning and gives you no choice to back out. Don't obtain me wrong, this release is still enjoyable. I just want there was a choice when it pops up instead of being forced to approve the prompt.
~ RoamingCharge
My first idle release and I am having lots of fun. However you do have to spend some time to understand the release mechanic. Some QoL recommendation: one button to lvl up all unit. Information to sort by highest attack/ heath/ shield under unit/ depoy selection.
~ Sunny L
Nice idle fun. The great idle release imo. It doesn't push you to buy anything, you can full your characters and leave the release, come back, and profit. I like to check throughout my work day. Very nostalgic and a decent homage to a classic. Some things are a tiny confusing such as learning how to do specific things, but otherwise, it's cute straightforward. Hold up the nice work.
~ Niko CL
I installed. Opened the release and didnt like the amount of time it took to load up the opening sequence, then 2 orange boxes come up that claim "text" written under some another language, i press 1 and it tries to launch a feedback in my internet browser, I pressed the second box and the screen turned blank and froze. i force closed the release, restarted then waited on that loading screen for legit 5 and 10 mins then exited the release. Too many troubles already that I do not feel like dealing with.
~ #KnicksTape Numbah 5
This is the finest release by ekkorr so far, I can feel the nostalgia from testing this. It may be a different release, but the models and soundtrack used in it earned themselves a 5★ review. Fully suggest you to atleast test it.
~ World's Discomfort
Its a fun release, not addicting tho, as each idle, it runs extremely speedy and then slow tremendously. It plays on your nostalgia having all the hero from the original metal slug, and even if its a different type of test, still nice.
~ Luca Cammarota
it has a bit of everything in it. from idle releases to idle tappers to idle merge releases. also the fact that its Metal Slug makes it even better!! mynonly trouble is with the quests. can we please have a button to full out the quests? having to keep your finger on every one till it reaches its full lvl is exhausting and takes away from another release informations
~ BW Productions
I really love this F2P model they chose for Metal Slug Infinity. While you have the choice of buying equipment to boost your experience, the base release alone is more than enough content to hold you occupied. If you do not want to use true dollars, you have the option of earning in-release currency by picking to watch banners. Just reached Commander lvl 5 as I warped from lvl 500 and will continue testing this release!
~ Arthur Kannibal
It is overall different from MSA and MSD but the only similarity is that both are turret defense releases. But this release has different mechanics, such as characters hopping into machines and leveling up your characters is different because it only requires dollars to lvl up not a by bulking it. It's overall a nostalgic release, with it adding all the ORIGINAL characters another than adding waifus and very op characters thag probably has no role in the storyline line what so ever. I Love The Product Its Fun.
~ Josh Nayve
so for day 1 im enjoying it, its fun to watch and leave launch. a lot of things to upgrade and hold track of for returning and doing it all over again. for a idle based release i must claim for it bei g licensed it has a lot of potential and should be really nice and obtain better over time
~ Carny Scrub
Love the release, large fan of "Infinite Frontier" and I know most who enjoy that release will love this too! I understand it was just released so of course there is a several flaws to fix but hey! It started powerful, can wait to see the final effects.
~ King Modestly
Lots of bugs after last modernization! Number of golden medals won reduced by 33% (witch wasn't that nice). It use to be a nice release not nice, actually it's a terrible release.
~ Filippe Santos
So far the release looks and reacts nice... but it wont allow me use the return button that i was supposed to obtain after scene 30. It seems that if you pass that target before you obtain to the "quest" it kinda locks up. Nice release, please fix!!!!
~ Austin Short
This is by far one of the finest Idle releases I have played. However, there are bugs like parts of the release being locked even tho I have done the requirements. But to fix that I did just close the release and then re launch it. It does also need an option to upgrade 10 more lvls for characters and stores. The release does have cool combat and really fun characters with different abilities. I can't wait for the release to progress and for more characters and machines to be added
~ Ben Arthur
If you know Metal Slug, this will bring back memories. It's not the same gameplay but the same nice graphics. He release is well balanced for F2P, enough banners to watch to obtain the updates for nonpaid. Would definitely suggest this release!
~ J. Beijersbergen van Henegouwen
I love infinite frontier and after testing that for so long this is a great change of pace.
~ Michael Koch
well, the one thing i can claim i really am enjoy this release. even though it idle, it still has potential in certain zone that i trust can be changed around. it really reminds me of infinite frontier, buuuut metal slug ver. so you can see how i can obtain for enjoyment out of the release due to the fact i played infinite. i adopt though, it can be rather tedious at times but glad theres PVP. oh, speaking pvp, its not working for me right actually! claims preparing rewards. PLZZ FIX! Then it will be boring.
~ Anthony Arias
It's a decent idle release to pass time, great graphics and song. only trouble is when I obtain into the release after being offline overnight, I don't obtain the coins I'm supposed to obtain. Apparently I gained 13i coins but it was stuck at 340h coins which was what I had last night. It's happened a dozen times actually and doesn't matter if I leave the release in the background or close it properly.
~ ValkA
The releases not terrible for an idle release but why in all that is sacred can I not skip text? Not meaning to brag, but I read at over 700 wpm... I've completed reading the text as quick as it finishes loading. Having to sit for 5-10 seconds each message scroll is annoying as all hell. Literally the first release I've ever seen this trouble with. If it's not fixed quick I'll most definitely quit testing. Once it's fixed I may give you more stars -_-
~ Alive out of Habbit
The release, as far as idle RPGs go, is fine. You micromanage, it's infinite, etc. But idle RPGs and Metal Slug just don't mix. I had fun with Metal Slug Defend and (to a lesser degree) MS Attack; this is not the finest use of the Metal Slug IP. I would have preferred a more hands-on approach. You watch your characters war, over and over and over, usually the same idea. You don't test, you just watch... Not my type of release, sorry.
~ Arturo Merino
The release is really nice and all that equipment but the only thing ot is missing are the troops and slugs from previous releases. I mean theat the original series has like hundreds of different foes but this release has only 30-40
~ Diego Miranda Iglesias
Nice release by ekkor im glad they released something related to Infinite Frontier. Still a several bugs here and there like I cant change my login at all but otherwise solid release. F2P still and dont see the need to spend dollars unless you really wanna speed things up but just enjoying it as I go. Please add an all level up button for units!
~ Ryan McInnis
probably the finest idle role testing release that i played in my life its so cool to see your favoured release as a babe is revamped and place in with an idle rpg mechanics i know this release will hold being better and better becuse you feel that the devs really care about thier release and thier couminity wich is really helpfull i expect alot of upgrades in this release and it could obtain in the top 1 for idle releases in my opinion . large thanks to all the devs that worked on this release i really loved it :)
~ Minou Lamine
Finest adaptation ive ever seen. nice work guys. sorry for my earlier, uneducated review. this release is probably the finest of its type out there!
~ Jesse Walker
This has become one of my favoured idle releases. I would easily five star this release, but my large concern is the learning curve: while the actual release is cute impressive and great looking (Values of the original releases and its cute fun to watch the animations) and overall most of the growth system is cute generic, my major complaint is that there is no wiki or articles or anything that can support you (so far)...the release only gives you very primary stats. Solve that and you will obtain your bonus star
~ EuphonicBeats
So fun! Never really had the patience or skill to complete many of the original Metal Slug releases. They're fun but hard af!! This release is more laid back since it puts you in the role of PG (Platoon Walkthrough), which is like a squad manager for all those non-military minded recipients. There's a lot to do, so you won't obtain bored. You can fully spend a ton of dollars, but you don't need to. There are a several nice subscription (30 days) purchases in the market that will give you a several top notch perks. Suggest!!
~ Jacob Lapic
Interface is a bit clunky but a quality ekkorr release nonetheless. Long time infinite frontier user so I can comfortably claim that if you like that, you'll know how this plays.
~ Chris Herrera
release is strictly a dollars grab. super buggy. PVP is super broken, states only based off commander lvl while you obtain smoked by recipients 20 lvls below you with beyond low troops/details/skills. rewards for rank have a target requirement, to shaft you on rewards. Only top 3 meet (1500pts) requirements for top 50 ranks rewards. So shafted on rewards. Also the AI when starting PVP is super jacked, have the jet that destroys turret in self destruct one go, test same walkthrough never works. Dollary grab 100%
~ J Parms
ok so it's a fine release what annoys me to no end is the shock/stun status. if you obtain more then one aggressor that does this status your characters can obtain locked in a status loop with no chance of escape. at higher lvls it gets even more annoying when a bunch of these aggressors can spawn together. It feels like even buffer troops that lower the length of negative status results are pointless. please fix.
~ Azure Neko
This is a nice time waster for any Metal Slug fan. The sound results and even the slightly chibi sprites are extremely faithful to the releases. My largest gripe however is the constant slowdowns and destroying while switching between all the different menus to manage your Troops and Slugs away from the action. It is my hope that the devs will fix these troubles very quick.
~ Eric Baker