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Metal Force: War Modern Tanks   
About: Receive ready for an exciting journey in the globe of multiplayer tank fights Invite your dudes and test together ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! DEFEND THE HONOR OF YOUR COUNTRY War for your country! Face foes from the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Germany and many another nations. EXCITING GAME MODES Select your war mode! Crazy mayhem in the nonpaid mode or coordinated attacks in group fights? Communicate with users from many countries in the general and castle chats! YOUR TANK YOUR RULES You will have different combat machines in your war arsenal. Every tank represents a special walkthrough, a special warfare style. Use a light tank for recon missions on the aggressor zone and hit-and-run walkthroughs! Pick a massive and potent tank to obtain the blow on your potent armor and strike back! TANKS UPGRADES SYSTEM Unblock newest tanks and upgrade them according to yo ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 46MB Developer: Extreme Developers [email protected]
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Metal Force: War Modern Tanks Reviews and Comments:

I love this release so much. I got addicted actually. Thanks guys!
~ A Google user
Graphics Is Nice But The Controls Os Lill Bit Difficult...Rotation Of Tank Head Is Lill Bit Difficult...Check To Improve That Fr Nxt Modernization
~ Sai Sanath
prettty nice, and you can dodge the shoots instead of some another releases of the same style
~ Ruan David
I really love the graphics and the fighting I really can't take my hands of it it's really the finest worldwide multiplayer release I have ever played
~ A Google user
i wish to claim that release is so nice but the downloading takes too much time in starting of release..plz create some changes in downloading
~ Raman Sharma
Need to fix the connection trouble on all your releases if you don't your server lost will be server lost of users
~ Sexy Cajun
what the hell of this control, iam not takumi initial d drive a car with one hand, i just apreciate you ,with five star,
~ Musik Kota Ini
machine drives well, just can't aim the cannon, very slow to transport. Deleted!
~ paul s
if releases were to be rated backwardly this release will top all adds on google test . with -100 stars just wasted my time. guys don't waste your time
~ A Google user
DONT INSTALL. controls are miss leading ex: tried to aim and went to moving the car. plz fix this then I'll test again.
~ meat squid213
i think graphics can improve it school like PUBG , so it be can happen i think it will top release. Because in pubg there is no warr vechicals. thanks for asking my opnion🙂😊
~ A Google user
hi im regi the release is nice but why there is no aircraft even helecopters can you add it pls and create it even better than another release pls that will be nice
~ regi Tan
Chat Moderators are messing up the release being banned from chat for no reason on all ex devs releases because they can't handle Truth .. Extreme developers need to look into the matter! ASAP
~ Russell Dunbar
~ yt Xbillgaming
Downloaded the release, went to test, claimed release not responding. Tried later, had to download over 200 meg, after I did that, had to pick server, Asia or Europe, after 15 mins of waiting deleted the release. Never got the chance to test, the idea it was acting reminded too much of Chillingo Iron Force.....just figured they have their hand in this release too
~ Douglas Wood
Nice release, played the first segment and nice so far. somewhat like my another release Fight Machines, but graphics are not as nice.
~ Fred G
Fix camera turning. Add massive metal song. Create weapons bigger or more animated and better cannon sounds. Create it simple for recipients to chat or claim hello either by adding emojies and voice to text chatting. Or Just voice chat. Add motar rounds. Weapon customization. Regular log in insensitives. Weather would add a great touch. Fog of fight environmental results and such.
hey i have a trouble the aggressor has 0 health bar but it did not die also my teamates they slay me with 1 blast even though i was the stronger tank (APC) also the server kicks me if i killed an aggressor or if saw one of my aggressor and friendly tank (APC) has a 0 Health bar that is still moving or alive it kicks me claiming no internet connection but our wifi is very powerful like this it can download this like only 20 second please fix it
~ gabriel mancenido
This release has been nice. It somehow helped me cope up to armoured war releases since the unexpected uninstallment of my Tank Force. The gameplay is great, the controls are type of hard better fix that quick, and I had fun killing another recipients's cars.
~ A Google user
I did have a terrible impression of this release.. But.. Actually.. After now testing for a several hours and "discovering" all these bugs... I can claim this... Do not waste your time... You're just going to test a target.. Victory it... And the the release will claim you that you abandoned it and lose all the rewards... Nice concept of a release but 99.99% full of bugs!
~ Mihai Rogojina
nice graphics no lag awesome
~ VJRC v
I love this release.
~ Jackson Ford
finest release ever
~ xmen morning
love this release
~ samina azar
its an nice release
~ Chris Spencer
i like this release
~ ender boy
this present 40mb and wants 201mb
~ Shiva Viplove
lacks of connection server..
~ Mark Perez
I like this release this release is a nice
~ humayun kabir
wont launch after the modernization,fix please
~ Charles Walston
fun to test but my steering is type of hard it might be because i am testing on a tablet Galaxy
~ Eddie G.
nice but controls are lag and each time server is connecting message jscomming please repair it
~ joshua pushparaj
It's fun to test. Nice Graphics!!
~ Samantha Kantola
its nice! its nice for fights! its cool!
~ Victor Galolo
constantly screws you for Rewards by claiming you fled the war after you are the highest scoring user.
~ Colin O'Shea
Uninstalled, can't test or complete a single match as server lost keeps popping up in the middle of each match.
~ chirag moolya
I love it but it is a tiny hard on small devices so and other thing you shouldn't create like a war pass I don't know Connor like another releases like nonpaid pass war pass
~ streak 200 2006
all in all nice release..the graphics should be a tiny crisper
~ Wendell Johnson
i think its a nice release overall.the graphcs should be a tiny better,but its still nice.
~ Robert Kuhaneck
Don't waste your time to download and test this release. You will usually be disconnected on the server, the controls are very terrible, and most of the time you will test with bots not true user. Other thing when you upgraded your tanks at completely lvl and hold using it you will end up fighting with bunch of powerful super over power bots that can slay you in 2 or 1 shot.
~ Ian Kuh