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Merge Plane - Click & Idle Tycoon   
About: Merge & Develope Your Airline! Ever wanted to be an captain? Ever wanted to be an air giant? Take control of your very own parking apron and air line. Purchase, merge and manage your planes so you can create them fly to earn dollars! Run your airline empire today!
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 41MB Developer: Merger Games
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Merge Plane - Click & Idle Tycoon Reviews and Comments:

all I can claim is I have been really sick lately and this release has gotten my mind off of it even though I just got it to day. I passed 4 hours alone at home until my parents came home it went by in 5 mins.
~ Celestial_Star
finest release in the wor you can never know how much nice this release is you could probably download it and obtain to testing 32 cuz that's what testing I'm at finest release in the entire globe by it up sdownload the release it's nice it's just nice if you obtain to like the most highest plane tweet me on Twitter 😂 Deez nuts
~ AmericaCrystal Molina
really cool release, you obtain the dollars easily, I suggest this release no glitches, there's banners but not a lot, everybody who rates this release could give it 5 star.
~ Angela Barroso
This is a nice release it supports slay time but for some reason as quick as I turn the release off it stops collecting coins it only works when the release is launch. That's why only 3 stars it would be 5 if they should fix this trouble
~ arcy velez
this release it the Finest release I've ever played and i ❤️ how when i obtain the bonus planes from the tiny presents and I think the release should not obtain any better and i have been testing the release seans i got it but ya the release is the BEST release ever and its a nice time aggressor and simple to use and nice that u cand use it like when someone is in the car and u have a long car ride u can test it because u can use it without WiFi and its a true true true GOOD release and u could obtain it and true nice graphics!!!!!
~ wolf gocha
This is a very cleverly disguised Advertisement Distribution release. I mean, you can sure enough progress without ever watching an banner, but you're incentivized to watch banners to progress faster. If you don't mind watching lots of banners to create progress, go for it. Otherwise, it's a very plain lvl progression release with hardly any depth.
~ Alexander Goulet
oh wow! I'm fully gonna pay $6 a week to be a member! that's fully not overpriced! seriously though, everything in this release is overpriced. and it has the most annoying guide. it lasts forever. I'm lvl 15 and I'm still getting guide messages. plus the banners are absolutely ridiculous. I'm uninstalling.
~ Heather Gibson
ok it's somewhat addicting but I have seen this release over and over and yes it's addicting like each idle tycoon release it's not that special there are multiple releases with this information like merge army also GET CREATIVE WITH THE ADS it gets annoying seeing a random YouTube and a cringy trashnite user and its labeled noob and pro
~ Brandon Ott
Uninstalled. Allow's not even mention the modernization since it was trash and everyone else here has mentioned it. Allow's talk about the fact of how hard you guys have made the endgame. I'm rank 235 and the amount of time it takes to obtain to the next ship is fully rediculas. You guys could have focused on watching banners to progress instead of buying ingame gems, you would've made alot more dollars.
~ Nicholas Feaser
I think it's a nice release. It passes time really quickly and it's cool to see what will the next plane look like. once I got on at 1:00 then when I looked back to see the time It was 3: 36. I was on for a tiny over 2 hours and It didn't even feel like It. Thats how fun it is you can test for hours and not realize It. I would recommend you download this fun time passing time release.
~ Animelover 268
I wished this release had the legal rights to use true planes designs, wouldn't it be cool to use true or video designs. Plus using limited designs in a premium championship for badges and/or currency. The only thing I don't like is exiting the market just to obtain an banner, you'd most likely to be watching banners when the UFO comes by or to spin the wheel 3 times or even getting a plane. Why gotta I obtain an banner after leaving the market? Another than that 5 stars, you're lucky it isn't lower.
~ Emmanuel Belgrave
They have perfectly engineered their walkthrough to obtain you to click on mind numbing banners each 5 seconds, 24 hours a day. & when you're not clicking banners on purpose for rewards, they shove *more* banners down your throat for no reason beyond their own profit. You’ll become an airplane fiend, as hooked as any meth adict. There are better ideas to spend your life. Still 5 stars, I drank the koolaid, I’m stuck with this creature of a release.
~ Zebulon Virginia
The chimmy changas were a tiny burnt but the tacos were great. The only complaint I have is when the waitress cursed. I asked to talk to the manager, but when he came out, he slapped my babe 4 times. The worst part is, it was my childs fourth birthday, and neither the manager, nor the waitress got in problem. In fact, the manager got a bonus, and a plaque was hung up dedicating half of the resturaunt to the waitress for being the finest employee of the millennia. -Elijah Frohman
~ Kane Frohman
Was an interesting release, kept the mind occupied on the train or during some quiet time, but taking away offline earnings? who ever thought that up needs their heads merged! oh well place it to sleep n see if anyone comes to their senses... maybe once abvertising revenue plumets 🤷‍♂️
~ Richard McEwen
I like it I like merge plane the release because it's like really simple to do equipment and you don't have to like do this do that it's really simple you could download it. I love this release it could be illegal to not have this release on your device cuz it's seriously addictive like I've been on this release for like 3 years and and this isn't even the only release on my device I mean my mom's device it's a cool release you can't blame me for liking it!! what are you waiting for download this release!!
~ Pamela Peterson
it's fun but the system cheating alot can't transport time from one device to other and can't save back up time and lvls and don't go up and give you wrong airplanes but it's not terrible. i been testing this release for at least several years. if they create a fix for me that will nice snd i will you 5 star 🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐ review back
~ Muzhar Farid
How on world can you charge so much yet, when there is a trouble, you don't even address it with your paying customers! The offline earner has stopped working and you are yet to even indicate you are even aware of the trouble
~ Aut Hack
Its not THAT nice, but I was claimed to rate it five stars and i'll obtain 10 diamonds. Dont they know that that's BRIBARY! They could be reported, like, abnd I didn't even obtain them. It sucks bras, so uckfa pua! This was in pig latin. By bros, UCKFA OUYA ERGEMA ANEPLA!
~ Nicholas Duncan
Bhai and then the next several hours to go back in city this week so we are in city and country club for a several hours ago in city and I don't wish it is not the first time I see your target is to create sure I will test not be a trouble for me and you are the same as those in a while the rest are just going to do this week and a lot to claim it like this one is not a lot to do it in city for me know when you can do the rest are in a bitffhhhh of them and they were going out with me in a while ago but it w.
~ Samuel White
greedy developers. $5/week to remove banners (ha!), watching banners is the only realistic idea to progress, and actually offline earnings removed. why would anyone pay to drag airplanes together banner nauseam? the only thing it had was the casual factor of progressing offline, which is actually gone.
~ Joe Mccombs
The developer has (intentionally or unintentionally) removed offline earnings, so any time spent not testing the release actively, you will not be earning dollars. Destroyed the release.
~ Kyle Turner
Offline earnings isn't working. Product is useless as it is. No target in testing. Fix it and I'll modernization my review! So obviously the removal of offline earnings was intentional as it wasn't fixed during modernization 2 days ago. This release is trash! A third of the releases mechanics focus on offline earnings which actually doesn't exist. Uninstalling this worthless app.
~ Rick Brown
Stoped offline earning. makes me stop testing this release. I had a nice time testing this. but worst upy. all the finest.
~ Amit Parmar
The release work nice sometimes then glitching wont earn any offline dollars!!! also not enough updates to create dollars to buy more planes and they go up in price like crazy. I played many related releases. the concept is very interesting I like it. but the release lvls and upgrades is just junk... go test different release.
~ dan ms
thinking the developer is spamming reviews with fake 5 star ratings. they took the idle time boost out about a month ago. but yet they still have a bunch of newest 5 star ratings. how do we report this to google?
~ Ron Sentz
worst modernization ever, I stopped testing the release after it. stopping offline earnings means letting my device screan on for 3 or 4 hours to obtain dollars. I was testing the release because it was easy and not destroying my time.
~ Ahmed Gaber
This release is extremely a waste of time, if you enjoy a lousy experience, this is the release for you. Each modernization has made the release intolerable, who ever is doing them, just stop.
~ Richard Adams
I adopt with LAVA Creature and the recommendation of Parvati to fix this modernization and reinstall the offline earnings information. It is one of the things that obtain me to test the release at least 3x a day, and until you developers have this rectified, I don't think I'll be testing this release any longer. I'll be checking on the progress of this information daily for about a month. If there is none and the demand regarding the offline earnings is ignored, I will uninstall.
~ Le Monde
It WAS a nice idle release. I had fun testing when time allowed (atleast everyday to obtain spins via banners, speed gifts via multiple banners, and all kinds of UFO banner-based drops). you took away idle cumulative dollars and the multiplier That truely is your everyday user's bread and butter. I don't mind sitting through banners knowing I should advance my airport after.. this release is actually broken (imo). I don't know what you "fixed" in the last modernization. bring back idle $ and the multiplier banner premium. You wrecked it.
~ DC_GNARkill
used to be the finest, the last two upgrades just made the release unplayable for the users at high lvls. Stopped offline accumulation of coins fully! You cant lvl up without it unless you hold the release running 24 hours. The developers mist have suddenly become dollars hungry which has lead tbem to create such a decision as users will have to buy coins from them! shame on you!
~ Eranga Pathirana
Used to love this release. But after realizing if you delete your release time, there is no idea to retrieve your progress. Thank God I never spent dollars on this release, or I woulda just wasted my dollars on nothing. If only this had cloud saving... Months of progress gone. Guess its time to search a newest release.
~ Kevin Green
it was ok to pass time but recently the dev's removed a several nonpaid user informations. the one I'm most concerned about was the ole watch an banner obtain 2x the dollars while you were away. since that information is gone its hard to advance. at the time of this review I'm rank 14 and im no longer going to test. a newest user will still have fun but when I have things taken away I lose interest.
~ Dustin C
have played the release for a while... idea too many banners... throw an banner in each 10 minutes or so would be tolerable but not each aspect of the release requiring an banner view. A positive improvement would let more earnings for actual release test than idle test, actual release test seems to earn less than going idle for 2 hrs and coming back. to earn speed boost, maybe an banner for each ten mins or so (3-5) instead of 15 or more for 30 minutes of speed boost. Just some recommendations to create release test better. thx
~ Matt Peay
The most boring pile of dog turd i've ever had the misfortune of downloading. Other company who believes that it is ok to place out ads that in no idea represent actual gameplay, one advertisement shows a prize machine full of planes that drops planes that you then use in the release, that never happens, in the release, ever. The plane prize machine does not information in the release. Other banner shows planes falling that you then catch in a box, again, that never appears in the release. Unlawfully misleading.
~ Leon Bateman
I enjoyed the release up till I installed the newest modernization on 6/11/19. The modernization removed offline earnings which was the worst thing they should of done. Why remove offline earnings when you can still upgrade your offline earnings in boosters. Hopefully they fix quick or Im done. Will give 5 stars if the now fix offline earnings.
~ Daryl Hart
I am in the top 10 rankings of this release. i have been testing each day for a tiny over a year actually. The most appealing information was the offline earnings. With the most newest modernization, this information is missing, along with periodic nonpaid planes when you buy more than one. Without these important release informations, it's impossible for anyone to catch up to the top 10. Not only that, but another key in-release informations are linked to offline earnings that are actually useless. Including micro transactions.
~ Anthony Salvaty
After the newest modernization, offline rewards are actually gone, resulting in less dollars, less planes and less fun, I'll give it a week and if there's no modernization to rectify then I'll be one less release on my device as well. It was terrible enough when the 2 hour full limit was introduced, actually how can anyone expect to progress without making this release a heavy chore
~ Chris Ross
I love this release so much and it us so addicting! The only thing I have to complane about is that there is so many adds. There is alot of adds in another releases but many in this one. I also know that the owners of this release cant provent that from happening but I would like them to atleast test. Thank you so much for reading this.
~ Kendall Litt
I've been testing the release for a long time actually. And I'd normally wish to give it 5 stars. But after taking away the offline earnings, I guess I'll just stop testing it altogether because there's zero progress as long as I'm not ACTUALLY testing the release and I definitely won't spend my whole day testing it. You killed the fun. And seems like this transport is bothering everyone who used to test this release, not just an individual complaint. I'd advise you to fix it if you wish to hold your users.
~ Sherine El- Geziry
Just modernized a several days ago, release doesn't test like it could. Do you ever do playing before moving upgrades into production? Each modernization claims the same thing. "We modernization the release regularly to create it better for you." The modernization this morning, changed nothing. Nice job. No newest modernization, not newest bugs continue to pop up. These recipients don't know what they're doing.
~ Just Me