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About: Find dragon legends, magic, quests, and a secret land of entertainment and mystery in the globe of Merge Dragons! where you can combine everything into better and more potent equipment for your travel. In a mystical globe hidden among the clouds, the vale of Dragonia flourished. Then evil Zomblins cast a void across the vale. The only hope to heal the land rests in YOUR magical power to MATCH ANYTHING -- dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical monsters. Match eggs to hatch useful dragons, then evolve them to search more potent dragons! Encounter and solve challenging puzzle lvls: match the Gaia statues to victory, then bring rewards back to your Camp to accumulate and grow. Match even more with everyday quests and rewards with Kala. Take part in brand newest themes each two weeks with a cool puzzle for you to complete- can you match and accumula ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 94MB Developer: Gram Games Limited
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Merge Dragons! Reviews and Comments:

VERY addicting release! I search I'll waste hours testing this. My only trouble is you need purple gems for basically everything, but it's so hard to come by them. Also, some of the lvls need a lot of chalices, and it can be annoying to have to wait until 7 have refilled before testing other lvl. *edit* Love the merge 5 meetings they have in camp! I usualy hate meetings because it takes forever to obtain anything without sending gems. but the in camp meetings just go along with what I'm already doing.
~ Jaclyn M
It's not nice, but it isn't poor either. My largest trouble with the release is the dragons. Specifically in camp. A lot of recipients (me included) would probably benefit greatly from the option to turn off dragon autonomy. I can't claim you how many times they've screwed me up because they just do whatever they wish unless you directly create them do something else.
~ Jo Croom
when i first downloaded the release i wasnt really into it. once i got the hang of it i got hooked lol. its a very addicting release but the only thing is that you need is gems for everything. to launch each treasure box, to skip an meeting. just doesnt seem fair that i have to buy gems instead of finding them or giving some out. i have been debating if i could just delete this release for the same reason. im done spending dollars on this release.
~ Diana Martinon
hi my name's Debbie. your release is nice. I have over fifteen million points on my hubby's device. I got a newest device, and it locked up on me. got other replacement device. actually it's not even getting me in the release. it's locking up while loading up. actually what am I supposed to do?
~ Debbie Lyde
i love this release to death, but i have an trouble, i hold losing dragons for no reason, usually happens to rare/meeting dragons, i lost both of my blaze whelps recently, despite getting the egg nest, i lost the blaze whelp you victory from the merge 5 meeting, i lost a butterfly whelp a while ago from a challange, and i lost other one recently from the meeting. i've lost others that i can't quite recall. it's taxing on my dragon power and irritating me. please look into this trouble
~ Ashton Saulnier
fun release, BUT... you should go days without earning gems - which you need to unblock many of the chests & informations... you can buy them, but are very expensive! Example - approx 3,000 gems for $50; some chests are 10-15 gems but many chests & actions are 50-100 every. Receive average of 30 to 60 uses for $50, or avg $1 per use @ 50 uses.. ouch! Dragons' energy lvls drop super speedy & you wind up spend most time in camp waiting - unless you spend gems to speed things up or to buy equipment you need...
~ Shanna Harris
I love the release and the graphics, but I have encountered too many frustrating troubles when I test to connect to the cloud to save my progress. I tried to reinstall, to see if that would fix the trouble, and actually I can't obtain my old release back because of the same connection trouble. I won't spend any more time on this release. I'll look for a related release elsewhere.
~ Peta Worrell
I played this release for over a year and spent countless hours and quite a bit of dollars on gems, meeting gifts, etc. naturally i had my release synced via the cloud but with my newest device all progress in the release is lost and the cloud sync option is not working just giving me a connection error. I have contacted customer help via correspondence as well as in release chat information and have received NO HELP! ive missed almost 2 weeks of collecting everyday dragon gems WHICH I PAID FOR! Plus missing 2 meetings...
~ Andrew Powers
i give it this because, you could be able to obtain the royal egg bank for nonpaid, the dragon ai is terrible, bugged and won't allow me do a trick to obtain things done quicker by making sure your dragons are basically all on the another side of the map, then you will call them over to the thing you wish harvested.
~ Michael Larsen
It's a nice release. But I managed to lose all my dragons somehow. My details, healed lands and purchases stayed at least. But it stinks to have lost all of my limited edition ones and have to run from scratch on my collection and the dragon power I had. It's going to take months to fix.
~ Katie B.
I modernized to the newest ver and lost everything! years of testing all wiped out. and no one has gotten back to me about this. an auto msg replied to my message days later and still no one now talking to me about it. if i had known tbe modernization was going to wipe out my release i would have never done it💔
~ April Schindler
I recently reviewed this release with 4 runs but im changing my mind. I lost a 9 days worth of progress on this release both in my camp and on the lvls. I allow the developer know and no one has ever gotten back to me and its been almost 3 days. I got one automated response asking for basically the same thing that i place in my original message to them. Im uninstalling this release because im not gonna go back and spent days getting back to were i was before. Cloud save is a joke doesnt work at all.
~ Keele Mitchell
I would give it 5 stars as it's a wonderful release..but I am really annoyed that if you are kicked out of a release and it's in progress you have to spend chalices to obtain back into it...I have already paid for it so why do I need to pay again? it's very frustrating and I have also lost 50 chalices after the release froze and kicked me out.
~ Helen Gomes
Love this release, replaying all the lvls to obtain 3 stars. Needs more lvls, shouldn't have to use more chalice to continue testing a release you are halfway through (sometimes you need to close due to true life getting in the idea) I like the mini side releases but want it didn't take so long to clear 1/4 of the field.
~ Jenny Peters
I had this release previously and saved it to Fb, I redownloaded it this morning, and synced with Fb again to regain my progress. It gave me an error message and deleted my file. That was probably a couple months of work, and I'm cute mad about it. I wanted to enjoy this release again, and actually I can't.
~ Frey
I enjoy the release when I am able to test, but when it takes 4 weeks (original correspondence sent on May 3, it is actually May 30!) to obtain some customer service, you have a trouble. To add insult to injury, they DID send a message requesting more stats, but despite the fact that I provided that stats within a several hours of their message, I STILL haven't gotten a respond!UPDATE: I finally heard from someone after waiting a month, and I STILL didn't obtain my trouble resolved! Just ANOTHER generic response.
~ Kristina Murphy
I love this release! There is one trouble that keeps happening tho. At the challange lvls, the timer runs right then you enter the lvl and it doesn't pause when the timer is on, so you loose a several seconds that might be important. This is the only trouble that has happened to me and I would appreciate if it will be fixed. Thank you for reading
~ Madalina Termure
hate how eveything is so touchy. I spent all my purple gems by accident due to only have a tiny X button to exit out of choice to spend the purple gems or not. you all could obtain it to where you have to confirm to spend those gems. 152 spent just because i was trying to exit out of a option to buy something that popped up. Then while in testing mode in a challenge a info popped up in the middle of my screen and I went to check it, came back to my release to continue and it didnt allow me!
~ Joy chavez
I so enjoy this release because it is designed to be played on somewhat of a time limit. This means that I can test intensely for about 15 mins then go do something productive and return later for other challenge. I want there was a idea to pick how to test a lvl such as timed versus merging to make the final such as the flower of life or the statue of Gia. The reward should be a dragon gem based on how speedy the user completes the lvl.
~ Diane Harris
I am giving 3 stars only because I do enjoy testing. That being claimed there are few troubles I have with the release. Product closes unexpectedly. Lost equipment and dragon gems. Emailed devs was claimed to use in release help, had to copy and paste my correspondence because it wouldnt allow me kind in help. No support from help, contacted them multiple days ago, i am guessing the trouble was closed out as I can no longer see the chat, which was never responded to....
~ Stephanie Glass
It's a struggle when you have a lot of Dragons and only wish them to harvest from certain things and they literally harvest everything you don't wish them to. And they're usually in the idea. It would also be great if you either got rid of the camp meeting and made the another meeting each week or extended the meetings for at least other day. I can usually complete the camp meeting but the another meeting is harder to do because you only have 2 dragons through most of it so you don't obtain near as much done.
~ Jaime Tenhaeff
Would have given 5 stars as I was enjoying testing this release, however I cannot test the globe map releases any more, I got up to fjord 11 on globe map but after the first 3 moves there is not any moves possible, I have tried each idea possible but there is only 3 possible moves, it would be ok if I should skip like you can skip the challenges but you cannot do this, I can actually only test the camp release which gets boring after a while, no response from help squad so thinking of uninstalling,
~ Linda Suter
the release is quite enjoyable, but don't bother spending any dollars on it. I purchased the 30 day gem box and it worked fine for about a week, but then it suddenly it started going wrong. I noticed the gems started disappearing the next day and it stated I missed a day of claiming the gems. it continued to do this each day. I asked for support from help and they didn't even bother to reply. this experience has left a terrible impression on me and diminished my desire to test this otherwise fun release
~ Richard Wilcox
I love this release it's so addictive and also relaxing. The release itself is fab then there are the bonus challenges ranging in difficulty, then bonus premium meeting releases each week or so all of which add to bonus equipment for your camp. I cannot fault the release at all. However I do want that gems were easier to accumulate and in larger number. The in release purchases are quite frankly extortionate! most releases run at around 89p for gems etc .. but £9.99?! please lower the cost...recipients will buy more!!
~ Elizabeth Parnell
The mechanisms of the release itself are fun but the release itself is terrible. As you probably already suspect, the release pushes true life purchases. Everything has a timer on it so you can either pay with gems (cost true $) or wait. The wait isnt worth it because the payoff is so tiny. Ive been testing for 3 hours at this target and the release gave me 4 gems and 50% of time Ive been waiting for things to time out or watching banners just to access the next lvl.
~ Kayla Tabaldi
So unhappy!! After months and months of seeing the banner for this release pop up, I finally decided to install it. I was really loving it!! I played this afternoon just fine and actually, when I go into it, everything I've done is fully gone!! The release restart itself back to the beginning.....like I'd never played it before!! Is there any idea this can be fixed??? I'm so bummed. 😞
~ Joanna Haney
I surprisingly enjoyed this release more than I thought I would. There are usually newest item sets to search and test with, and the outcomes are surprising in their own idea. There are often meetings going on that create it more fun to test. However, you need to unblock the nest chests found in your camp with gems, which cost dollars. It's really disheartening when you search a shiny chest only to not be able to launch it. If you should place timers on them like lvl chests, then it would be more fun to test
~ Nicole Strömberg
Im addicted it is a fun release, but i lost gems that i paid for with true dollars and almost a week and nothing from customer service... I would have given 5 stars, but i wont... Its reallt crappy if you need them you will NEVER hear from them... I WON'T be spending any more true dollars on this release!!
~ Heather Geiser
It's a nice release, but has teo major flaws: 1) energy takes too much to replenish and the full never improves. I'm not that far in the release and I have to wait three hours to test ONE scene. 2) if while testing a scene, I accidentally press the back button, I leave the scene (without any type of confirmation being requested). Then the release allows me to continue the scene where I left it... IF I SPEND THE ENERGY ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! 3) the chances of earning gems is far too weak and they are expensive
~ Javier Fernandez
My husband got me into testing this release and I became addicted. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I did place a chunk of dollars into here and there for crystal to upgrade once in a blue moon...but then it happened, I stopped testing for a month or two, and when I came back my camp had been restart. all the ground i had uncovered was lost. I emailed the help squad about a week or so ago and got a response a several days later that the case will be looked into. I'm sorry I have spent a lot of time, and honestly a nice chunk of true globe dollars, on this release( which was & is my ignorance I understand ) to still have my complaint not responded to or looked into further. At least I do not know if it has been further investigated or not, seeing as not newest correspondence has come in about any upgrades or needing any further investigation/ stats. If this cannot be rectified I expect a full refund for all the dollars I wasted on this release, and if proof is required I can happily send proof of the dollars spent! Before this though, it was a very fun release and I loved to test. I hope this can be fixed!
~ breanna graham
Customer service squad are a bunch of idiots but the release is fun. Just don't have any troubles where you have to contact them. Reading another reviews this seems to be a common theme. Inactivity or rude response from help so they don't have to fix anything or compensate with any nonpaid gems. PLAYER/BUYER BEWARE!!! This company seems to be shady...
~ Sylvia K
The release is enjoyable however it does erase your time. I have gotten the magic gem of life 2 separate times. It's worth 25K of currency in the release. And both times the leftover dollars has been erased out of my camp. I thought I accidentally deleted it the first time and I was bonus careful not to accidentally delete it a second time (it takes a long time to merge into the final form especially by 5's). It is gone out of my camp and I AM PISSED.
~ Monique Carter
One word-AMAZING. This release is my first "merge three" release experience and I can not trust how much I enjoy this release. Not only can the release be enjoyed offline but you dont have to create legit purchases to transport up in the release. With a tiny patience and time you can upgrade your dragons, your camp, and hold expanding. The only downside is the chalices take far to long aquire and that is why I decided 4 stars was more appropriate then 5 but either idea, this release is nice!
~ Annie Hoisington
I have been testing less than a month and really enjoy the release, however, it does have glitches. If it closes out you may lose equipment from recently opened chests and sometimes when you sell a chest for coins, something else will disappear instead of the chest. I lost an epic fountain I used gems to obtain and then a glowing midas tree. Actually with the newest modernization I can't obtain the release to load at all. They need to fix the modernization or have a idea to undo the modernization!
~ Rhonda King
The release is nice overall, but one trouble I have that some recipients can probably relate to is the merging sensor. seriously, I feel like the release knows that I'm close to getting a newest thing and when I test to merge things, it finds a idea to screw me over. I hope there can be a option for like "merge 5 only" which will prevent you from merging 3 and let merges of 5 or higher. I think it would really support!
~ Tapu Komo-o
I. Love. This. Product. It has confiscated my life. It's too damn addicting. I love all the equipment, and how they evolve. I love the rewards system. The lvls are so fun, timed lvls are challenging. I spend most of my time in camp, evolving my land. The dragons are so adorable and cute! Regular chests, and lots of loot to obtain. I've not had to pay true dollars to enjoy it. A+, would suggest.
~ Amanda Milholm
I would give this 5 stars but I have knocked it to 3 stars. I'm not sure why I cant sell things at my camp anymore, or throw anything away. I cant even throw anything away while doing the quests. I ran out of room the last quest I tried to do. I ran out of room, couldnt bring any dragons, and all the zomblins came out at the same time. 1 dragon versus 4 zomblins? Okay, recipients. Until you fix this, I'm not testing anymore. Toodles!
~ Dakotah Bryant
It's a nice release, you can spend hours upon hours on it. But like many another 1star reviews I have just lost about 12-36 hours worth of release test. I have lost land, dragons, dragon power and general progress within the release. I am a bit worried from another reviews that this is won't be resolved. I am connected to Fb Cloud have emailed and Fb messaged their squad (31.05.2019). I have also made in-release purchases so would be very upset if this was not sorted.
~ India Harley
I've stopped testing the release after few years. Sad because I used love this release and played everyday. But then the release developers made half my progress disappear, including rare dragons I had, lvls i had finished, ground I had cleared, chests I had opened, things I had purchased. Essentially a year or more worth of time and work plus dollars gone. Stolen. When emailed repeatedly about it, I got a run around. They asked for receipts for proof of payments. Sent that and was claimed it wasnt enough
~ Amy Raymond
Screw You. I have an trouble. The support keeps closing my newest complaint claiming that they answered me on the first interaction even though my last complaint was just that I can NOT access that. Customer Service sucks. I am NOT spending any more dollars on this release. Do NOT give them true dollars. It will disappear and they will refuse to even respond you.
~ Rita Hollingsworth