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About: Support a small robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas. - Relaxing gameplay - Charming robots - Collectible lvl cards - Diorama maker - Tiny install size Test Mekorama for nonpaid for as long as you like. Then pay what you think it's worth. I hope you'll love it :) Kindly, Martin Magni
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: Martin Magni
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About: Hello Bom ! Smart Puzzle game . time to challenged minds and try to find the best solution . a lot of funny puzzles wait you to used your brain and enjoyed with your family . How To Play All you have to do is draw lines or shapes to guide a bomb to blow up all enemy . your mission is the same in each level but there are a lot of ways for solutions . Rules of Play - 15-Second Timer : you have 15 sec after your first move and bomb will blow. - The bomb must be inside screen or you wil...

Developer: MAkids [email protected]

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Developer: Kris Pixton [email protected]

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About: Jojo Siwa Rock Paper Scissor is one of the best jojo siwa Games ! Install Rock Paper Scissor game with jojo siwa and try to win the game . try to win jojo siwa in the game by winning 2 or more rounds . Rock Paper Scissor is a jojo siwa games you can play with your friends. pick one of the game hands Rock , Paper or Scissor and jojo siwa will pick one . The winner is the one who wins more than 2 rounds . Rock Paper Scissor with jojo siwa contains beautiful graphic design with sound ef...

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About: A famous artist lived in a beautiful and famous country. The painter is very scholar and lives up to all of his paintings. That famous painter was unexpectedly stuck in a room in a day. Your duty is to save that famous painter from there. To help save that famous artist from there, it will help you find all the tips that are hidden there. Thank you for the success of the well-known artist who has been able to find all the hidden clues in there and help you win the game. The tricks of the trick ...

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About: GoPlay Little Pony It's an amazing cartoon puzzle of little ponies for kids, it's an exciting game that will help you learn to recognize shapes and complete puzzles by just touching the piece with a finger and put it in the place that correspond This incredible mental and challenging game of images of princesses will drive everyone crazy, they will love it! GoPlay Little Pony It's designed for boys and girls, has simple touch controls, like drag and drop, which are easy for any age, is a ...

Developer: GoPlay. Games [email protected]

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About: Hardly had Tommy broken out of prison when he hit the bricks again! The escape seems to be impossible: upgraded security system, increased concentration of prickles, attentive chief warders and crazy watch bumble-bees don`t give a chance to break out. Tommy will have to struggle his freedom! Every time the escape conditions change. The tasks became more difficult and the pressure is harder. Use your brains and friends all the way! Our hero is waiting for you! Help him! New: - now 180 uniqu...

Developer: RTU Studio [email protected]


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About: SuitSwap is a puzzle game that generates random suits that the player will then have to match. s become s and s become s when you use . This is inspired by the suits puzzle from DELTARUNE. Features: Infinite scaling, fast paced gameplay 5 difficulty settings Leaderboards Achievements Probably(?) doesn't violate copyright...

Developer: eternity labs [email protected] @eternitylabs

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About: There is one way out to reach freedom. Can you escape all of the shapes?...

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Developer: Weather Forecast Radar Channel [email protected]

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About: Amazing game it's all about concentration and being a focus. Certainly, a must have for puzzle lovers that is connect game. It's really awesome game mind blowing time pass game loved it. Wonderful app everyone in your family loves. 3 Packs- basic, advanced and tablet. 1100 different puzzles. 4 different tags to choose from. Clean, colorful graphics. Feel free to use hints if stuck at any level. Fun sound effects. Share the screenshot of completed levels on Wh...

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About: This Bible Trivia quiz game test your knowledge of the Old and New Testaments with over 100 questions! You will get questions from Bible quotes, Bible verses, and the people and events of the bible...

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About: Escape Games 8B 79 : Thanksgiving Green House Escape is a point and click escape game developed by 8BGames. Imagine you came to celebrate thanksgiving to a green house. But unfortunately, you noticed that someone locked the door from outside. Find some hidden object to solve some interesting clues to escape from the thanksgiving green house. Good luckHave fun!...

Developer: 8B Games [email protected]

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About: Fruit Puzzle Game Welcome To Fruit Match Mania: Fruit smasher the Best fruit frenzy game. Hayden Beckman launched this fruit match and splash game because of very demand. Fruit matching puzzle or match 3 fruits is totally free Ellys. This fruit mania game or super splash smash have 2D graphic design with best music. Play this Bird mania and casual match 3 and enjoy the game. Download this game From play store, you will find this game with the name of fruit match mania : Fruit smasher or mat...

Developer: HAYDEN BECKMAN [email protected]



Mekorama Reviews and Comments:

so fun & makes U think 2 obtain beautiful hero around every lvl ...wait a gol dang minute here ... must revise my note cuz even though $$ was paid on our profile & i wrote review, release wont give me tip so I cant obtain past this dumb lvl ,,, hate getting enthusiastic about release just 2 have it dissapoint me
~ cathy woolery
Love it love it. What a pretty release easy controls and stunning graphics. There are no banners and all the developer asks is for you to pay what you think the release IF you feel like it (you dont have to if you dont wish to) and also to leave a review. I really think this developer is in for large things. Please download this release you wont regret it i promise.
~ Oscar James
This release is a nice innovation and I really wish to thank the developer for making such a unbelievable peice of art. This release makes me feel relaxed. The visuals are nice, although sometimes the robo gets out of of the globe to take a walk and I think an upcoming modernization will resolve that trouble too.. Most of the lvls don't require you to think much but some can ruin up your mind, as per my experience. I hope my words will support you to obtain a better picture of the release.. Thanks for reading.
~ Ayush Kumar
great release for a long flight. the release isnt tryin to overreach or anything it is what it is and its just right , one of the several nonpaid releases you now wanna pay for.
~ Siddhant Tewari
"So Pretty and Funny! I love this release, it's challenging and soooo Pretty! I love the puzzles and all of it!! it makes me more constructive and I love it's logic, It's very educational! and nice time aggressor! it's the cutest and the finest puzzle release ever!"
~ A Google user
Straight and pretty design. Simple to test...has different lvls of puzzles. Product is nonpaid to test. But you can pay whatever you wish to appreciate developer's efforts. Cool thing is you can design your own puzzles... a great workout to improve your creativity.
~ Ganesh Chilamakuru
Mr. Martin Magni, I just wanna claim that you've created a wonderful masterpiece and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this to my dudes. If I ever had one. Lol. Anyways, this is the finest puzzle release I've played so far so, nice job.
~ Wut ?
My initial impression was positive, so decided to pay for the release to present my appreciation to the originators. However, when testing later lvls, I became bitterly disappointed as the taps got more and more irresponsive when speedy reactions were essential. Even the pause button doesn't react to taps as it could. My device is OnePlus 5. Also I hate the fixed camera angle and the predefined four angles of view. I regret having made the payment so quickly...
~ A Google user
I love this release. It's so cool that you can design your own lvls! The release design is easy and clean. I enjoy the beautiful tiny robot and feel sorry for him when he falls or gets shocked. Very well done to the originators of the release. It's cean design, simlpe release test and "just tricky enough" mazes makes it a geat distraction on a stressful day. Very addictive.
~ Bianca Falcke
This release is very enjoyable even though it's not very challenging. It's related to Monument Valley, so if you enjoyed that release, you will like this as well. I appreciate the relaxing nature of this release. It functions well and you can claim that the devs place forth a lot of love creating this. Very great job!
~ Tisha Beedle
A pretty puzzle release with stunning graphics. This keeps me engaged for hours on end. Astonishing how this release was developed by a single person, where gigantic corporations have failed to create something this engaging.
~ Prasanta Kr. Sarkar
I only got this release earlier today and I'm already enjoying the puzzles it has to offer. I also like the concept of paying what you think it's worth and that you don't have to if you don't wish to, but anyone who does pay is nice because this is an nice release. Also, I'm constantly running out of storage but this release is tiny enough that anyone should download it.
~ Samara Dennis
Really neat release, three dimensional puzzle aspect is a great switch and provides some nice challenge. Personally got frustrated when another robots started mucking things up, but just a preference for me in test kind. Nothing to knock the release itself for. 5 stars, anyone into puzzles could give this a shot. Those not into challenging puzzles could steer clear.
~ Joshua Colvin
It takes up just 8.01 MB total on my Mobile 6.0, Marshmallow ver device. The graphics are awesome and you can pan and zoom in really close. The song should be better. I'd like to be able to rotate the model on a vertical axis in addition to the horizontal axis already built-in. If it should offer the option to loop your own song track to substitute for the built in soundtrack, that would be a nice information. I donated twice for a total of $3USD.
~ David Perreaux
This is a thinking person's release. The tons of challenges are a nice deal of fun. There are 50 lvls which I have finished. The downside is that when I paid a tiny dollars after completing the all the lvls, I thought I was buying more lvls. NOT! But what I did pay was worth it. Please add more lvls. This is one of the most enjoyable releases ever created.
~ Scott Schaefer
I love the release, finest release I played in a long time. Please create more releases like this and please add a workshop where you can download and test anyone's lvl and rate it, that would create it easier to test dudes lvls but overall GREAT GAME
~ khalil Ahmed Khan
i give u all full star becuase you have pleased my needs, especially building ur own map and posting it in fb and twitter to create test with dudes. i do not have dollars but! i will claim my brother to pay price 6 for this release.. and yea.. he plays this release aloottt, dont claim him that lol. hold up the nice work mister ;)
~ Crowned Diamond32
challenging but love the release. It does obtain harder the more lvls you complete. The idea the release adds the bar codes to access more lvls is also special. very addicting!
~ Lauren Stephens
Love the design, art, and style of the release. Its so cool the idea the camera angles trick you at first and how you run off wondering if its even possible, but end up understanding it all, and appreciating everything about the map. If you havent yet, test this release out NOW.
~ Hayden Stanley
There are a million releases in Test Market. But this one is so premium and special. My dudes often got bored of any releases test. Until this one came along. Its a gotta test for all ages. You will go nuts in somelevel. Fully worth it.
~ Sat
The release is mind numbing with a tiny challenge to it which is nice. Badgering for donations constantly to pay for the release is irritating. Charge for the release or quite asking...the last modernization was in May 2016.
~ B Schofield
Our entire family enjoys this release. it's challenging, and has enough different environments to hold it interesting, yet the idea is easy and the graphics are pretty. Our junior elementary babe is entranced, and engaged with the logical/spacial trouble-solving needed, which is nice. Other premium is how, so far, there aren't any inappropriate ads, which means we don't have to monitor our babe's release test all the time. Well done on a smart and absorbing, beautiful release!
~ Janet Jones
I would rate this release 5 Stars, however I am really starting to obtain annoyed at the constant bombardment of "Pay the developer to support?" messages. I dont mind one or two, and I probably would have donated at some target, but actually that it keeps on popping up with confusing messages to pay the developer, they are actually not getting a penny off of me. The developer clearly designed this to annoy the user, because every message is different. Very unprofessional. But a fun and addictive release nonetheless.
~ Rhys Evans
After trying a several cards as lvls from this release i'm impressed with the mechanics. The performance is speedy and smooth besides being simple to test where all you need to do is use the touch screen for dragging, swiping, and just touching. This is worth the time to test it! :D
~ Thomas Reed
I dont usually give review but this release is really nice with nice graphics and puzzle maps are cool and challenging at some target. it really is a nice release anyone looking for a fun challenging and enjoyable release give it a test.
~ Durgesh Rauniyar
Brilliantly easy. You need to think ahead in order to succeed so it can sometimes take a several tries to complete a lvl. I love this release and it's quirky tiny hero. I only want that whem you zoomed in for more accuracy you weren't restricted to the construct. It's also slightly frustrating that the rotations are fixed as they sometimes leave blind spots. Another than that it's an awesome release.
~ Kelly Hall
I am a 63 year old alzheimers patient that locates and gives feedback of releases to my squad of doctors. The releases gotta be of a challenging nature that peaks the interest of patients with short attention spans. Although this release may not have been developed for this reason, it surely fits . It is an entertaining format that allows every of us to search the outcome of the puzzle at our own pace and then encourages us that we can maybe succeed at the next phase. Motivational and Nice fun, too.
~ A Google user
Lovely release! Lvls are just challenging enough to be fun without being frustrating. I'd love to help the originators financially, but dollars is a tiny tight right actually. :/ That's not to claim the release doesn't deserve it or that I won't do so in the future.
~ Krys Anywhere
this release is wonderful. really smart. I'm suspicious of the audio track but otherwise the release is brilliant! i used to test Playgrounds on iOS which was a learning release for Apple's coding. This is waaay more relaxed! nice job!
~ Andrez Zee Fredericks
I love this release. It's few 3D mazes, built on some fanciful structures, and you walkthrough a beautiful tiny robot through them. The lvl of challenge, and how it ramps up is very well-thought out; after all, things that are too simple are no fun, but things that are too hard become discouraging. I found this keeps me interested, plus the design is so smart and charming.
~ drtmuir
Really fun release that makes you think. Love the visuals (beautiful robots and cool/inventive structures that are the backdrop) and the relaxing song in the background. Only downside is that each several lvls it asks you if you wish to pay, and how much. I feel like it could either be nonpaid or cost something. I'm enjoying the release but then obtain tiny guilt trips for not paying. So each several lvls I end up closing it instead of testing more. May be better than having banners...but still slightly a bummer.
~ Angela Brodine
So, it's ok. I feel like Monument Valley did a much better job and is more fun to test. Sometimes it just seems like you would have to see the puzzle head on instead of at and angle to create sense and test. Overall, it's a tiny too simple and type of boring.
~ lnspotts1
Puzzles are moderately hard, which means I don't feel like a loser, but are hard enough to hold me entertained. graphics lovely, the robot is utterly beautiful and moves as if it was a bit drunk (i know, i know, it's just broken!). Overall - I love it.
~ RaskolnikoffAnna
Its a very nice release...I think it makes me smart and constructive🤣🤣🤣...And also can you add more things like blocks and newest informations.And add more styles for the yellow robot because it looks so beautiful while the another red robots looks risky but its ok😂😂😂.And the last thing I wish to ask for is add more "Challenging" lvls...But never mind because I can only look for them on fb.Thank you for making this release Martin Magni!
~ BluJayGaming YT
this is a cool & fun release. No banners is very nice too. Every release is different and every lvl has a different hardness with every one. lvl #46 drove me crazy. u have to die to victory it, thats all i will claim. i would love to pay for it too but i struggle to create ends meet. if u love it like i did & have the dollars it is WELL WORTH IT!
~ mike Carr
Nice idea to obtain you thinking in different ideas. It gets harder suddenly but 46 out of 50 lvls were really cool and fun. May frustrate at some target though. Its cool how you pay what you wish/think the release is worth instead of only paying to test a tiny for it. Im underage thats why i wrote a review. do you like this paragraph? worrrds. bagels. have a soup. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ok im done
~ David Morel
I absolutely love everything about this release! Graphics are nice. Sound and sounds are unlike anything I've ever experienced. Product lvls become more hard as you go along (which is the idea it could be). Asking users to donate towards the developers is an nice idea. I will definitely be making a payment to help in the near future! I've completed all the lvls but you can obtain more lvls by interacting with their Fb/Twitter pages which is nice! You can make lvls too
~ Lydia Alford
Product makes nice first impression but after a while you will see a lot of flaws. The puzzles are really simple to spot but hard to execute due to flimsy controls, disobedient camera and the physics from hell. I can't count how many times I've had to restart a entire rather long lvl because I pulled the box a bit too hard,or sometimes even the hero falls off randomly for no reason. Nice concept, poor execution. Also while there are no banners, each so often popups hold begging for donations.
~ Cheshire Cynic
All puzzles are so linear they barely qualify as such. Default camera sucks, turn off auto camera to be able to test. Also, I was asked to pay for the release if I wanted to, claimed no, was asked again later, but the second time it was phrased in such a idea as to confuse the reader, so I hit no, and apparently that was the wrong one because it took me to the pay screen. Poor release. And for clarification, I did now suffer through all the puzzles so I should write an accurate review.
~ Sean Robertson
This release is nice. I mean the graphics, controls, everything. I gave this a 3 star because some of the lvls are IMPOSSIBLE. No joke I have tried each idea on every one but none work. if I wish a tip, I have to pay. I also didn't like how you couldn't obtain the camera angle exactly how you wanted it, you should only obtain it a certain position.
~ Shaun O'H