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Max - My Fitness Dog   
About: Meet Full, your fluffy and very own personal fitness coach for your Mobile Wear device! As lads finest dude, your virtual dog only wants the finest for you: with his support, you will become more active and stay fit at your own pace. Full keeps you motivated and makes following a healthy lifestyle simple. Simply connect your release to Google Fit and track your sleep rhythm, count your steps and measure your heart rate. Take Full for a walk and test to cover longer distances over time! Sprint with him and break your speed record! You obtain fitness quests according to your fitness lvl. By completing them, you can unblock newest equipment to share with your pet! All this exercise makes your furry dude hungry. Feed him yummy snacks, test with him, wash his fur and brush his teeth to hold your puppy glad! Grab the leash and search the city: go digging together to search hidden treasures! ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: HandyGames
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Max - My Fitness Dog Reviews and Comments:

Only 20 lvls
~ Devon Houston
Doesn't work with heart rate monitor. Or save progress!
~ Sam Spicer
You have to hold the release launch in order for it to record your steps. The GPS never worked for me.
~ Ashley Spurlock
It's nice and a fun release but I don't know how to create my dog go to sleep so its energy is usually down
~ Brittany Berumen
But as far as I can see this release is going to be nice!! Would be nice if it would have an usually on information as I went for a run and it didn't recognise it but that might just be me.
~ Julia Quinlan
Very beautiful!
~ Andrea Silverman
Ok but a bit tedious
~ Edward Auterii
Not as funtional.... only working with google fit.
~ Frank Chang
Should you add help so that it uses your watches accelerometer instead of the devices for the app: sprint.
~ Casen
My dog has been on lvl 20 for days is this as high as it goes. I search the GPS never connects so can't dig for treasure.
~ Jeanette Foster
I can't seem to check my heart rate using my Asus Zenwatch
~ Sean Love
I like it so far, but I want there was a idea to turn off vibration.
~ Katie Tomaszewski
Never tracks sleeps! Full is usually tired! Please fix and going straight to five stars!
~ Luke Heisler
No matter how much I test it just don't sleep and it is usually tired on my lg g watch :( fix it speedy please I don't wish to spend it for nothing and this release is nice just need a several more improvement...hope you can fix it asap thanks...
~ Aron Tan
Pretty app! A several troubles though, no sleep tracking, and unable to do heart rate. I use the LG Urbane paired with my Samsung Galaxy 5.
~ Melinda DeMoss
This is such a beautiful app but it eats the battery like crazy. I'm still checking it out; getting to know how it works. I hope that it runs in the background as far as picking up walking steps and such.
~ Elizabeth Rosenberry
So when you dig for treasure it uses gps. It use to work and actually it doesn't. Keeps claiming please enable gps. Wnen it is.
~ Lucinda Taylot
It is linked with Google fit. I never tracks my steps, it won't take my heart rate and the sprint releases usually Claims me to go outside when I am already outside. I am so frustrated! I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the same troubles!
~ Dawn Grimm
It's a nice concept with a several quirks. If I restart my watch or discharge the battery and then charge it up again, Full's details are all 0. Also I've found that the heart with lightning bolt stat will never go up no matter what I give him or how much I walk. I could also claim that I never Sprint so that might be why. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
~ Bobby Pinard
Today all the equipment i had disappeared and i only see 1 target/target. It was working fine earlier. What gives? ORIGINAL REVIEW: Why did I lose all my progress with the modernization? :-/ heartbeat sensor is usually idea off. 166bpm and I'd be dead. This modernization not only restart all my time and my lvl 10 dog was gone but I actually also cannot accumulate xp for sprinting or treasure hunting or heartbeat. Just 300 steps. What happened?!
~ Evan Case
He's too beautiful.
~ Jennifer Guthrie
Not simple to use???
~ Silvia Flores
Can't use lokation releases. Sprint doesnt Work - claims 4 km PR hour when sitting in couch and 0 km when running. Even driving car at 70 km PR hour doesn't work.. (was playing If it worked at all.
~ Eva Justesen
omg love it so much. But how far away do I have to go to dig in a newest territory? can I adopt multiple pets on one release someday?? Thanks!
~ Catherine Campbell
the release runs soooo slow on my fossil Q Explorist, I dont understand why
~ P3cMkr H
So beautiful and fun. Like GPS Tamagachi!
~ Karen Graebe