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Massive Warfare: Aftermath   
About: This is fight at a heavy scale! Big Warfare: Aftermath is the only multiplayer fight release on small where you can war versus the globe in tanks, ships and helicopters in sync online PvP fights. Fighting takes zone across ground, sea and air. You will live the thrill of the battlefield in a Third Person Shooter experience. This is all about machine versus. machine fighting. Take a tank, warship or helicopter and war your aggressor. Upgrade your fight machine. Appreciate each detail of this simulator in high res 3D. Cause a blitz with your helicopter. Forge your tank with massive iron armour. Optimize your hovercraft and turn it into a destroyer. Dont underestimate your rival. This is a deadly combat and mistakes are mortal. Watch-out for planes bombarding the battlefield. Create sure you go to the war with the right camouflage. Winning is key to progression if you wish to become an ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 89MB Developer: TinyBytes
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Massive Warfare: Aftermath Reviews and Comments:

this is one of the better releases ive played in a long time give this release ago you wont be disappointed 👍👍
~ Trent Waddell
the release is very addictive. love it. however controls are choppy. touching anywhere on the screen fires the weapon, which is very annoying many times, specially when you are aiming at a specific goal among two or more aggressors. the another thing I don't like is that machines can be bought only with gold. also there's no PayPal option in in-release buy in Google Test Market.hope the mwa squad will work on it. else everything is nice.
~ Nongthombam Guneshory
after udate 3D fire rate 120gold and 75 armor just disappeared. thats lots of gold. bs.i dont know if any body even care
~ Aleksey Korotchenko
I love this release truly. However more than 200 times while Im testing a release tanks full the release abuptly stops claiming Im out of gas when my tanks are full. robbing me of my gold my kills my powerups. My fav'rite release but please stop robbing me. It should be a 5 if ????.
~ Zaddy Macdaddi
I'm a critic with few release reviews. I've NEVER given 5 stars. This release war simulator is FANTASTIC. Without paying any dollars I placed number 1 in over 25 fights by updating my tank and employing walkthrough. I am going to pay for updates because this is a nice and fair experience whether you pay or not. Great.
~ Jason Breshears
newest modernization do not waste your dollars on this cheating hacking release they don't care they never will that's my review it'll never change
~ Edwin Rice
You can have quite a several more kills than the next guy and still lose. It's supposed to be who kills the most, NOT WHO SPENDS THE MOST. Why bother if the stated terms don't matter. I'm sure not all releases are screwed up like this.
~ Gerald Sandoval
so far the release is nice. controls handle well, no terrible lag. will modernization after i've played for awhile. Edit: Been testing for a several months. you do run into a several mods but all claimed and done release is nice. Still 5 stars.
~ BayouNinja2
if you test any another warfare release, then you're going to wish to test mwa. this is the most realistic release that you can test on your device. I've been testing this release for five months, and no war has been the same.
~ Fain Lee
The Product is very nice but if the name is Big Warfare then the map could be gigantic like another fight releases....And it is completely vehicular combat whereas in a fight there are lads too who are equipped with guns.....And if anyone wants to test this release usually go for the helicopter 🚁 coz aerial attack is the finest. Nice release again 👍
~ Cool geographical Facts
i liked this release alot at first until this past modernization. i have lost around 10 kills per release n bots steal between 5- 10 kills per release n take alot of pickups n hide constantly or ya obtain shot by 2 or 3 different bots at the same time. im getting to where i dont really wanna test it anymore cuz of these troubles that aggravate me n take the joy ,i used to feel, away. i do like the newest speedy test button after the match n the newer menu setups, but the terrible is out-weighing the nice. hope will fix pl
~ J East
When I started testing this release is so very nice but I was frustrated when I so that we cannot even use our dollars to buy the machines and also there price is not affordable I hope in the next modernization plz create the price of the machines to be affordable because we still need to use are dollars just to buy gold so that we can afford the machines. thats all I hope you can change that
~ ruben macatangay
Great release but still buggy. 1) T2 tank easily killed by T1 tank. ???? Sometimes it take 8 shots (my firepower 296) just to slay a T1 tank (without paints). Mods???. 2) Tank initial spawn right in the middle of the aggressors. 3) Comrade tanks suddenly changed to aggressor tanks at beginning of the release.
~ Chillman MY
hi everyone..2 troubles I have in this release is ...,as a.leader I dont have complete control over name of castle and and emblem..I obtain some who change it ...and the second is can we change the name leader to commander and co leaders to vice commander, it sounds more military, another then that it's a nice release...
~ Franco Ardito
hello squad... i love your release , it's really nice aggressor. but unfortunate I can't load the release actually at this hour. The alliance fight is going on, what might be the trouble... is it the maintenance? moreover i reinstalled the release. after awaiting Long ... its the finest of the finest , thanks again squad
what happen the seeker and khan and each machine is to t5 t4 t3 t2 t1 is decrease the power and supplay why? when aride the t6 is so many trouble and changes this release. you gonna distroy this beatiful release. remove the t6 outworld that machine bot this globe. im disspapoited
~ knight Ofone
The release is nice, it's actually one of my favoured device releases to test and I've only had it 3 days actually. I love it. But, should you please for the love of god.....fix the troubles in release. 1.) Sometimes it will claim someone is an aggressor and you shoot at them, take half their health and all of a sudden they turn Blue. Not only am I wasting my shots and time in release, but, I am also essentially supporting the aggressor squad victory. 2.) Wasting 3 gas. Product runs, I die once and can't spawn or do anything at all.
~ Shane Holzer
I like nearly each aspect of the release. Gold is one of the two release currencies but it is the hardest to aquire and the one that is used the most. VIP, time reduction, Camouflage, newest machines and stickers all cost gold and every provides a significant edge for the victory.
~ John Mittell
It's nice. To expensive tho. Gold is hard to obtain(required if you wish to buy tanks and such)Same price as Fight Machines but you only obtain half the amount. $19.99 for 250 gold. Fight Machines $19.99 and obtain 500 Diamonds.
~ James Sarkis
there is a lot of bugs in this release that need to be fixed urgently. rewards for fight are not nice enough for the time and dollars we place into this release. need to have more battlegrounds and need to create the higher tier machines more accessable. if you dont create the higher tier machines more accessable then you need to create the war matches fair, dont place a tier 1 machine up versus a tier 3 machine who has rapid fire.
~ Jennifer Allen
Finest fight release I've played so far. However, higher up in the League such as Gold III and above bonuses are only for the Top 3 or Top 1. Makes it rather hard. Maybe the devs should consider making it the Top 5 for League bonuses? It would be useful and rewarding both mentally and physically (finger wise) for the users... 😊
~ John Smith
This is a newest trouble it wasn't there before. When I tap to run a newest release if the fight territory is picked as UK or China it kicks me out of the release often and reloads the entire release again. But when the fight territory is picked as Brazil or Russia then it works okay. Fix it please.
~ Maksudur Rahman
I love this release since beta play last June 2018.but actually can't ran my 4 profile because they not connect to the server last 48 hours..my wifi are stable now 6mbps...it's nice for release..I tried to jump another releases like iron force and warmachine..but the memories MWA profile are usually my remember...wakefull. sacrifice to my profile..i contact small bites but up to actually no response..plz fix it...... thanks
~ Aldrin Martos
Overall Big Warfare is a very fun release. I enjoy testing it each actually and then. The machines in this release are absolutely stellar! The graphics are fine. End of graphics, gameplay? Nice enough. Big Warfare is a nice shooter release with 3 classes. Those classes being land, sea and air. I like how every class does not have an advantage over other. Sure you can fly over cute much almost anything as a helicopter, but the power and durability of a tank should stop you. Big Warfare is nice
~ newdudekid
really love it when we're doing some hunting aggressors and upgrade from bottom to the top. Well.... it's a very addictive release , cool and nice i can't stop testing it or take my eyeoff it when my fuel came back full just a several minutes after i use em all. And uh this release is kinda... well more Fight Machines , and umm i think that is why give a yall 5 honor *s. shoots...mahalo
~ Palikkun Luey
if you have each played iron force this is a more crooked lopsided testing release .do not spend a single penny on this release .if you are going to test it only go for a tank for all another vechiles have major troubles with weapons . why this release has added nonpaid tank release to end of release name actually. so do only a tank and test as a nonpaid user then you might enjoy the lopsided release test..ps you claim you will improve release but was a tester claiming same troubles for months and only got worse
~ darryl haas
there a serious trouble with the dude chat. All the chats obtain deleted automatically. and newest msgs which come in are not shown.Other trouble is even offline users are shown with the green light glowing in the chat but in alliance list it shows offline.All these have to be fixed as quick as possible. Annoyed with these troubles, it spoils the gaming experience.
~ A Google user
Ideal. Of course as is so often the topic its a bummer that many just buy updates and machines/weapons.... such is life though. Product itself is awesome. Maybe the finest of its type.... WARNING : YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO PLAYING THIS GAME, IT IS THAT GOOD, PREPARE FOR YOUR REAL LIFE TO TAKE SECOND PLACE TO PLAYING THIS! IF YOU HAVE A WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND.... YOU WONT HAVE FOR LONG LOL. One to test before you die for sure. Hats off to the developers/makers of this release.... definitely install it.
~ A Google user
changing my review from 2 to 5 stars. the help squad at tinybytes helped restore my profile, thanks so much. this is a fun release upgradeable machines plus tech(perks) can give your machine a tiny bonus. Finest information in my oppinion is the translate chat button its nice more releases need it. 9.75/10 hold up the nice work tinybytes.
~ Chris W
very terrible customers help. you can only test the release on a single device. you simply can't test of two same operating system devices.
~ Walid Khalil
I'm not down grading my earlier rating but I will warn newest players that the release has introduced newest tier 6 machinery, it's starting to take on the same feeling as Fight Machines...You have been warned.
~ Richard Ferrari
wow. after spending true $ to buy a Khan on the suggestions of experienced users who had it, the last modernization changed its abilities . actually its less potent than machines a tier lower, and useless . couldve saved $ and just got a tier 4. Customer help response was essentially Oh well, thats it. Sad. Guess an uninstall is forthcoming .
~ Michael Murphy
Well before this newest modernization it was 5 stars but Actually I can only give it 1 star, you place out an unaffordable Tier 6 and me with a almost maxed Tier 5 Nightmare ranked a SMA cannot buy it but Somehow I war with lower ranks that has them and plus They are already idea stronger than mine and hasn't even been out a full day, this modernization is your down fall
~ James Hall
WOW!!!!!! The very next day they fixed the trouble and they made it right. It was by far the finest experience I've ever had as gaming goes. Everything that wasn't right was fully fixed and they even through in a tiny bonus for my problem. This is the finest company and release I've played in a while so far. The controls are simple to use and the graphics are nice. If you like action in a release you could give Big Warfare a test!
~ Bobby Denning
fun release banners are optional if you watch banners you obtain gold but it's your choice you can reply as many times as you wish during a match so far that I have seen so it's not really a idle you should just hold going until the match ends the reason why I didn't not give it five stars is because the weak gold income and the high gold prices on the machines
~ Jonathan Pegram
Nice action release, but a couple of troubles. Recipients are spending a lot of dollars, to obtain the finest equipment and they dominate the rounds. And then, and there are some who obtain on here, and don't or can't seem to control their weapon, and don't engage in the release. So a middle lvl user, like me, refuses to spend outrageous amounts of dollars, to test. The release developers, need to have different lvls, so that the better users, aren't dominating each release. Its just no fun.
~ jeff blevins
I love the release. However if you buy equipment that they so not work or adm decides they will close the launch fight. Adm. refuses to reimburse, the lost dollars due to their action. I feel this is grossly unfair and somewhat the illegal that's the only trouble with this release I've lost dollars so I refuse actually to spend any dollars and I search myself feeling throttled.
~ Charles Leftwich
This release is too nice to test and addictive but, there are 2 things to be changed. 1) the fuel system could be changed or the time to refill could be decreased, 2) fight could be a face to face, like a DEATH MATCH,but it's like MOST KILLS WINS THE WAR, so please change it. BUT IN OTHERWAYS IT'S FUN TO PLAY
~ A Google user
Still a nice release to test although there's a lot of trouble i've been through testing since the modernization. First, i encountered a glitch between user and you look at the aggressor list u see another users name, not me. Second is glitching when respawning. When u spawn suddenly u became a spectator. A several user encounter that too. The third one is that when u run the war in fight, the first war kills not counted during the fight. Hope u can fix this type of trouble. A Gotta Played Product and Suggested.
~ redgie rendon
I like the release but the cost of buying gold is idea to expensive and you must have gold to obtain machines. Recently there was a modernization and finally tier 6 machines were added but they cost so much, yes there will be recipients who purchases the tier 6 machines but there the stupid ones. I claim this because for the price of 1 of the machines you should buy a brand newest gaming console and yes your reading this correctly. That's how expensive these machines cost, crazy isn't it?
~ Tony Foley