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About: In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for war alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning nonpaid-to-test release for your device or device. An assault on World has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate team, including Spider-Lad, Doctor Strange, Ant-Lad, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Lad, as you enter strategic combat versus an all-newest aggressor threat. Its time to war! Gather your team and prepare for the war to save World! ASSEMBLE YOUR SQUAD Recruit your strike force and form a team of potent MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Lad, Captain America, Loki, Ant-Lad, Elektra, Dr. Strange and more. STRENGTH THROUGH EVOLUTION Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before. STRATE ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: FoxNext Games
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MARVEL Strike Force Reviews and Comments:

this release is an absolute dollars grab, prices on some newest characters range from 20-60$, for one hero!! They changed requirements for a legendary hero from being five stars for 5 specific troops to unblock to six stars for 5 specific troops. EVERY legendary hero (total of 5 as of actually) have been five stars to unblock and actually it's six for the next legendary hero (#6). They have no regards for their user base when it comes to $$$
~ Ricardo Guadarrama
The absolute dishonesty and greed from the recipients who run this release is astounding. constant "mistakes" like secretly buffing gameplay without players knowledge, phantom offers that obtain taken down after variety of recipients got it, never ending glitchy upgrades. I am in no idea a gigantic spender on this release but I do buy an offer here and there. I will never give this company other penny of my dollars after this newest Phoenix meeting and gold orb stunt. Never.
~ Sam Weinstein
Absolute garbage. Don't waste your time or your dollars because this is a release designed to test and hold you testing forever. The incompetency of FoxNext's developer squad is unparalleled, and with every modernization (each couple of weeks) comes few newest troubles. It's now cute astonishing. And the cost of in release purchases is ludicrous. A newest hero is going to run you at least $30. Spend $20 for a 2% chance of getting anything nice from orbs. Seriously. Stay away from this release.
~ Mr. E
FoxNext are their own worst aggressor. I wish to love and finaincally help this release but at each turn they search a idea to create me not wish to. The subreddit for this release is a laundry list of valid complaints and concerns. Almost never ending disappointment since red stars were introduced.
~ Nathaniel Beven
Stay away. Poor release and company. They sold orbs for characters (related to boxes in tcg) and then removed the orbs. They did dollars grabs by selling characters right before adding them to the release. Worst of all, they sold updates and the buffed all the content, making the updates useless. They will hold manipulating users for $ while removing all benefits. It's really sad because I love the marvel universe. The release also breaks constantly, and customer help is really terrible.
~ Blake Binns
Gameplay is nice, FoxNext is utter trash. They have no standard in zone to regulate themselves. The in-release meetings are a literal nonpaid for all. An abnormally gigantic amount of characters obtain their version through the single most boring mode in the release. They REFUSE to inform their users of ANY upcoming meetings in a tinely manner. In the past they've even literally STOLEN dollars from their users. Also whenever a bug benefits them and has the potential to earn them dollars, Working as intended
~ Ryan Haberman
I really enjoyed the release, but the idea you obtain to the highest lvl isn't even pay to victory, it's weak percentage luck from loot boxes named 'red stars.' I can approve someone paying to stay on top, that's the business model. But to be held back by such impacting RNG is horrible progression design.
~ Lee McFarland
This release is a complete stain to the marvel universe, by far the worst release currently in the supermarket (marvel similar), the only reason you could test this is if you have dollars to burn, because that's the only idea you can do anything worth it here, even if that's the topic don't spend your dollars worth this release, go to other one
~ Rudi Fernandes
The release itself is quite fun and addicting. Collecting your favoured heroes and villains and building them up.The trouble lies within the company itself. They run stealth boosts making content harder, they allow bugs where certain users obtain gigantic amounts of material and others dont, they dont claim you about upcoming meetings to maximize last minute spending, when they have release breaking bugs, such as not being able to log in, the rewards are miserable. They treat the community poorly.
~ Travis Rupert
I loved the gameplay, the grind and how you communicated and befriended others through alliances to test through raids to obtain the finest type of experience. The release has become a dollars grab recently and after announcing Phoenix and picking out the five characters that have been out for a long time, I was really glad because I should finally obtain a brand newest potent hero without having to undergo the pressure to pay. However they increased the star gain required and made it other dollars grab.
~ Magicians Lizard boy
Don't download this release. It's super fun, but requires a lot of time to be competitive as a F2P user. The company is cute dishonest and greedy. Usually bait and switch walkthroughs. Doesn't care about it's users. All it cares about is your dollars. Sad really, because I enjoy the release. The developers have done an nice job. The marketing recipients crash it though.
~ Miguel Marin
0 star. Total dollars grab. Need you to spend $50 for a chance to obtain a toon. They're constantly moving the target post forcing us to spend to stay competitive. Meetings are a total joke actually where it's nearly impossible to reach milestones or rewards for those milestones sucks. Don't bother to test unless you wish to be constantly screwed!
~ Tim Wu
Look, the star I've left isn't about the gameplay. the release itself is fun, it's a progressive system and can be a blast making squads of your favored characters. what's utterly disappointing is the dollars grab the release has become. No matter how they paint the offer, there is never a "deal". everything is overpriced and your release becomes flooded with transaction offers. the effort versus. reward is unfortunately heavily outweighed. Can suggest testing, just DO NOT PAY FOR OFFERS.
~ Duncan Gross
with the newest gold offer being pulled and not made available to each one but the lucky several have me wanting to quit this release. I dont mind spending some dollars on this release from time to time as I enjoy it. however with having something only a lucky several got and not all the rest of the users is just unfair. Either create it available to all or pull back what was given.
~ Joden hoflock
Garbage and greedy developers. No communication, stealth buffs to campaigns, ridiculous prices, senseless pushing to specific squads makes the release feel hollow and devoid of personality, uninspired release modes are repetitive. Been testing for over a year and I'm done. FoxNext killed the remaining motivation I had for this release to the target where I don't even wish to test it on Auto Mode. There are idea better releases out there
~ makoeleven
The release itself is fun but the decisions of the devs have only proven that they only care about draining your wallet. They don't care about the user base at all and practice shady, predatory decisions. It is hard to like an release where the devs seem hellbent on being versus the users. Test the release if you like but do not spend a dime and help this greedy company.
~ Bird Watch
Nothing but pay to victory. modernization 5/31/19 very obvious that the newest five-star ratings are either purchased for or fake. easy find on Reddit will present thousands of very upset release users. this company is well-known for bait and switch walkthroughs when it comes to in release purchases. if you wish an honest review ignore the obviously fake 5 stars, or just go to Reddit and see what's really happening in the actual state of this release.
~ james massie
The changes to the Phoenix meeting are unacceptable. I wish a refund for the $25 i spent on Psylock because of The decision. Not spending on this release again unless they fix the meeting. Continual lies from the developer about making things harder for no reason another than to create dollars is so frustrating. I did enjoy the release but the developers are making it really hard to continue testing or spending.
~ Alex Rootes
First off allow me claim that the release test is nice. I have been testing this release almost 420 consecutive days and have mostly enjoyed my time thus far. The reason I am giving this release a 1* is because the "powers that be" are nothing more than a greedy box of hyenas who should care less about there fan base. The prices in this release have usually been astronomical but as of late instead of getting better they are only getting worse. Greed killed this release.
~ Daniel Hancock
The company behind his release has alienated me and another users so hard with overpriced offers, moving goalposts, terrible persistent bugs, and a myriad of gating mechanics. As such, I can't suggest this release to anyone for the sake of enjoyment. I contemplate quitting each day after investing nearly a year of time but the dudes I test with have delayed it. I may have to break it to them today.
~ Tyler Lund
changing the legendary requirements to 6 stars, even for just this one, sets a terrible precedent and diminishes believe. why hold testing this release when FoxNext can't be trusted to not change things suddenly on a whim to force recipients to spend more (a lot more) true dollars. I'm a large fan of this release, but this act of greed on their part is unacceptable. They have also done NOTHING to alleviate these concerns considering they also later unfairly allowed a lucky several to buy TENS OF MILLIONS of gold.
~ Seth George
I've changed my 5 star to one. i have played this release for close to if not a year, everyday. i have spent upwards of $120-140 throughout my time testing to support hold the lights on so to speak. after repeated slaps in the face to the community by the developers i feel obligated to warn potential customers about the predatory nature of the developers of this release and to give pause before spending your dollars with these jokers. i still test but I'm not spending other cent until change is made.
~ Justin Long
FoxNext goes out of their idea to anger their fan base. They constantly change requirements for their meetings with tiny or no notice to their users. They stealth buff nodes to create them harder. A lot of the progression system is RNG stacked on top of RNG. The meetings are underwhelming. The "sales" are a joke. Be ready to shell out thousands of dollars to stay relevant in this release. I understand that small releases are out to create dollars but this is one of the worst out there.
~ ExiledCrashnburn
The release itself is nice but it's run like a horror-present. Stealth buffs/nerfs, lags/crashes and major requirement changes are really taking out all the fun. Also the gold offer which should only be purchased by some users and has a large impact on the release is really unfair. Some recipients should buy major gold-orbs which is one of the largest ressources in the release and then they just took the offer out. Don't bother with this release it's just not worth it. :/
~ Julian Gasser
The release is no longer fun. Each modernization an aspect of the release is broken. QA is non-existent. They deliever no patch notes so they can implement nerfs and buffs to frustrate users into spending dollars. They implement offers for only certain users. They shift the "goalposts" to, again, frustrate users into spending dollars. The offers are priced outrageously and have a bogus percentage off to manipulate users into thinking they are getting a deal. Avoid this release or don't spend dollars on it.
~ Tim Carnage
I would not waste your time on this release. the help is terrible. the release does not stop freezing and glitching out. to lvl up characters takes months and the meetings they version mean you have to spend 100s to compete. I have made so many complaints about so many troubles and i doubt think they have ever once pleased me with their responses. avoid foxnext at all costs. my query has been closed about 6 times and still the troubles go on. it's impossible to talk to you as you close each complaint!
~ Mark Freed
If you are a newest user to this release heed this warning, you will have to spend dollars to obtain true progression and the slow grind as a f2p is a hard way. They dont care about keeping a lasting fan base, only those who are paying to victory. They use predatory walkthroughs, Shadow buff content (increasing difficulty with no communication), moving the target posts so you never feel like your in reach, and forcing you to use characters that have forced synergies rather than theory crafting your own squads.
~ Gary Wilson
My one star review is not for the quality of the release mechanics themselves, but the idea their development squad handles things. Just in the past week, the following fiascos have happened: The announcing of a legendary hero, destroyed by changing the goal required to unblock it AFTER announcement Releasing offers to some players, in error, giving them an unfair advantage. No rollback. And depsite an earlier fiasco, in which they promised more communication, stealth buffing the release. Come at me, FN
~ Dustin Christman
if i did this review a week ago it would have been a lot higher. but since then so many things have happened that just create me smh. stealth buffing content. changing requirements to obtain recipients to spend more. forcing you to accumulate characters that are trash (which they already claimed they wouldn't do again) the list goes on and on. and it really is too terrible, cause 2 weeks ago the community was at an all time high then foxnext just pulled the rug out from under everybody.
~ A Google user
If you're glad to log on and test this release 10 minutes a day you'll probably enjoy as the core release test is cute solid. If you wish to invest serious time (and dollars) into the release then think LONG and HARD before you do. Each modernization breaks part of the release and takes weeks to be fixed. The Developer's greed and predatory marketing is second to none and they have some of the worst, dismissive, and downright condescending, customer service I have ever seen. 0/10, would not download again.
~ Andrew Brown
I really,really like this release. Been testing for nearly a year. However, just know it should take months or even years (yes, years) as a nonpaid-to-test user, to unblock/upgrade your favoured characters to decent lvls. After learning that some recipients spend thousands of $$ a month for offers, I realized I just can't compete with that. Some characters require hundreds of dollars to gear up...the 'offers' can be quite atrocious. Devs are far too greedy and a lot of users are quitting.
~ Lazerus Pit
Been testing this release since it's version. It was a nice release back then, but after each content patch and a newest hero implemented, the release and devs went to a downward spiral. There is no communication with the user base, the squad keeps stealth buffing and changing equipment (to harder difficulty, mind you), so what was achievable previously, you should hardly achieve actually, and it has a heavy pay wall. To all the newest users - skip this title. I'm a die hard marvel fan, but skip this.
~ Djordje Nikolic
Too expensive, and the developer chooses to ignore their fan base. The release it self is very nice, one of the finest small releases out there, though it is haunted by greed and terrible direction. I'm only testing it because I've place so much time into it, and I love Marvel, but damn is it hard to launch this daily and witness greed control this release.
~ Bryan Pryde
I know small releases need to create dollars to succeed and stay relevant but Foxnext is in a class all by themselves. Some of the most desperate, despicable greedy walkthroughs I've ever seen. Blatant dollars grab at its finest without any regard for the user base or attempting to build any believe with them. Phoenix legendary meeting has done it for me. They changed how their own meetings work after putting out offers and having recipients spend dollars to obtain her. just hold moving the target posts foxnext. Nice job!
~ Nick 504
The release itself is now very nice. If you are Unpaid 2 Test it takes a bit but you can still obtain to the highest lvls of the release. It just takes time and patience. Product modes are cute fun, Alliance Modes are fun, walkthrough is fun. The release itself is now cute nice. Unfortunately, FoxNext has time and time again done extremely shady things that in truth, create the community very mad. Their pricing is extremely ludicrous. For the same dollars it takes to obtain 1 hero in Marvel Strike Force completely geared and leveled, you can EASILY obtain 2-4 Characters completely geared and leveled in releases such as Marvel Future War. If you wish a fun release, test this one. Don't set any high expectations for Customer Service or the Developers. Be ready to have the target posts moved on a whim with no reason another than denying the gaming community access to toons (I'm talking about Phoenix at this target). I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER spend any true dollars on this release. I haven't and I won't. Unless they fully change, which they've showed over the past year that they won't. If you have the dollars to burn, buy equipment in release, but seriously, it's highway robbery.
~ Adam Ruffolo
The developers are focused on one thing, squeezing as much dollars out of the user by dishonest offers. I've played many small releases, and understand that the idea these releases create dollars is through micro transactions, but Strike Force takes it to other lvl. I highly advise versus starting this release, were it not for the time I've invested in it, i would have quit long ago (but won't be spending other penny).
~ Ryan Collins
was a nice release until it got jammed with all the spam trying to obtain you to spend dollars. (as if fox doesn't have enough dollars already) allow me claim you, fox, i do spend dollars on releases i like, but i will NEVER spend any dollars on this release. actually it locks up like each 5 mins. and what is with all the constant upgrades that take FOREVER!? take it from me, if you like this kind of release, test star fights: galaxy of heroes. it is a much better release and none of the high pressure sales pitches.
~ James Mills
I obtain it that they need to create dollars but they have been treating the user base very poorly. Customer service is one of the worst I have ever seen. Company is super greedy and hard to obtain into even as marvel fan. They have been ninja buffing existing raids, characters nodes, and more recently, changing the target post for Phoenix. FYI, Changing the target post for many another things as well.
~ Jason Wong
Steer clear of this release. Multiple times I've lost things I've spent dollars on in release content and not received it - almost each time I've been fobbed off by (very polite) CSRs. First several times they asked for specific information so I started keeping a log of times and dates. When I sent them that they flat out in black and white claimed I wouldn't obtain all I'd lost but they'd give me a several back as a sign of nice will (I didn't obtain anything). Last week I purchased a newest hero to support unblock a coming legendary which a several days after the reveal they upped the requirements to obtain it so there's no idea to obtain it for months and the hero I've purchased it useless - dollars wasted. The largest deal breaker of all - today due to a mistake at FN many recipients were able to buy an amount of gold that gives them a large advantage. It was an offer that was quick withdrawn - the users who got that have a gigantic advantage in what is a competitive environment.
~ John Jackson
Nice idea, terrible company. The release in itself is very nice and it's nice if you're a collector. However Foxnext are one of the worst companies not in terms of developing the release, but their horrendously overpriced offers. £60 to unblock certain characters, some fully stuck behind pay walls. Constantly changing the goalposts. No words..
~ Sainey Touray