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About: Marvel Comics fearless Super Heroes and evil Super Villains come to life in this Official Marvel match 3 role testing release! Make your own epic Dream Squad using the strongest Super Heroes and the nastiest Super Villains in the Marvel Universe! Test Super Superhero characters like Spider-Lad, Captain America, Wolverine and the Hulk as you war your idea to win through multi-lvl match-three puzzles. Thor, Iron Lad, Deadpool and another comic and video Super Heroes await your challenge! FEATURES Snag the top rank in Championships, Alliances, and Season Test for newest hero rewards and another prizes! Form alliances with your dudes and use your collective power to war another users in meetings and epic fights via chat Experience deep RPG leveling Challenge your squad of Super Heroes in exciting User versus. User championships Build strategic alliances with your favoured h ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 81MB Developer: D3 Go!
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Marvel Puzzle Quest Reviews and Comments:

If you're looking to spend a lot of dollars on an exercise in frustration, lad is this the release for you! 1. Dollary Spend: The roster spots are very expensive with no true idea to grind the points required, you're going to have to buy them. Sure, you can earn them in Storyline but... if you don't have the characters, you can't complete the Storyline meetings. So you can either complete the prologue and then not really be able to test much, or you can fork over the dollars., Oh, and all this time you'll have tokens that MAY lvl your characters up or may just be newest ones you don't have slots for. 2. Frustration: The animations and equipment are cool... at first. But at the end of the day you're testing a match release. I don't really wish to wait 7-10 seconds between turns just so things can look snazzy. Oh, and that's with spell animations turned off. If there are a lot of premium tiles on the board you have to wait for the hurt animations to lazily float up. Create your transport, go create a sandwich, take your next turn. If you have the animations turned on it's more like create your transport, catch a baseball release, have some dinner, watch the last of the animations and then take your next turn. Meh
~ Celcio X
This is a premium newest Marvel experience for everyone to enjoy. Marvel Puzzle Quest is fun and a nice replica of the Marvel globe.
~ Anita Bursiel
I like it I test it daily. but need to improve on up grading 2, 3 star characters. yes if u should test your Fb dudes in this on a versus mode r something. would take this release to a entire nother lvl. more recipients would be expose to it. needs quicker rank ups
~ Amber Phillips
nice release finest small release I have played. I got my 2 colleagues into it and they love it. the one thing I would like to see is gifting your recruits to your alliance. Should you also create coins more common. Another than that the release is amazing9
~ E_bomber 05
Add more ideas to obtain command points and more gifts for supporting out lower ranked teammates. Bonus iso or nonpaid covers will do. Lowering the cost of newest slots is a GREAT concept it makes you wish to use gold for them again.Create command points able to upgrade powers we dont have yet if you dont obtain something when its newest it's more likely you won't obtain to completely upgrade it at all. I cant champion old 5 stars cause its random or newest covers have a higher rate. Old don't = terrible dont punish us 4 liking them
~ David Little
I've got too much invested in this to quit, but it sucks that newest characters are *much* stronger than the older heroes and villains. It also *strongly* sucks that you have periodic mandatory upgrades that eat time at a gigantic rate, very quickly using up available storage for extremely minimal gain. Other 'quirk' that I've noticed is that once you obtain to the top of a lvl, some recipients are getting MUCH higher scores by the time the lvl expires. Not sure if this is a design flaw or ???
~ Scott McLachlan
this release is by far the longest release I've ever had on my device. now 3 devices. if your a geek or a bejeweled buff or both you've just met your soulmate. however there needs to be a idea to trade cards with your alliance and now just more in depth alliance interaction
~ Deadlast Hospenthal
I have been testing for 1 year straight. The charecters recruiting rates seem weak. Another then that I've spent time and dollars and have been glad since. It's a marvel encyclopedia as well as combative puzzle release. Honestly it's my favoured.
~ Insidious Joe
"Dollary hungry" is a polite idea to place it. I've spent almost 200$ on the release and I still don't have enough roster slots for all my characters. There are PC releases of wonderful graphics and storylines that cost 20$ and you obtain the full experience. Not worth it at all!
~ Rei Leka
Too expensive . . . you obtain more from buying an Imax 3D Endgame video ticket then buying the informations they sell for this release. I have a full roster and most of them obtain beaten by in release cheating. So obtain more for your dollars buying a video ticket that will leave you pleased.
~ Micah Yazzie
Boooo. Gives same 5 characters for recruit tokens. Even if you spend coins. Yup went and tried again. Who needs 50 lvl 1 cards off the same hero! That's what your going to obtain when you test this release
~ Pierre Jackson
nice time aggressor. several banners. goes a tiny massive in pay to test banners, but what do you expect from a nonpaid release?
~ Bryan b
I love this release even payed for v.i.p a several times it's really fun but...... I would have gave it 5 stars but here's the troubles. gold and superhero coins are so hard to come by. I have been trying to obtain carnage and x-23 for over a year actually. it takes for ever to obtain enough gold to buy spots for superhero's and they expire before you can save up. Finally don't even bother testing pvp. nice luck even getting two or three wins there. I will out rank a users team and obtain utterly destroyed.
~ Paul Scott
A release worth investing in. Runs out slow but everyday rewards and squad alliances could hold things interesting. The storyline mode is only the beginning!
~ Ron Sellner
Just Repeats. We need to challenge every another for cards coin etc. So i victory hulk someone else has one u can challenge to victory card etc. Squad championship's so that squad has to complete 2hr 3hr challenge. Squad who played the most all victory something for the month,week day etc. We usually obtain a newest hero how bout just give it up from time to time. just claiming. Oh yeah when u first run the release need other one once a month doc. When u first run the release it was fun..$$$$
~ Mike Harris
The release has become so unbalanced. Even if you have a stronger squad/ user the pc will create you have to replay multiple times to beat them. this forces you to wait, pay for stronger cards, or revive your recipients. Been testing for 5 years and it just keeps getting worse. Finally done with it.
~ sneakie squid
I'm a long time fan of the puzzle quest franchise and this release is no exception to that. I loce this release enough to even obtain the VIP status option, and I almost never spend dollars on nonpaid releases with micro transactions, but the perks and rewards with this seemed well worth it. I love Marvel also and this release keeps its meetings lined up with the actual box office videos and the comic covers that correlate to the unlockable characters are very nostalgic and add a nice bonus element that hooks you in
~ Dragon Lee
nice release. it would be nice if you should spend or trade purple iso for either red, or gold, or stars. otherwise you just build up like a billion purple.
~ Jake Blues
Can't even beat second chapter of prologue, difficulty spikes idea too quickly and matches last idea too long, boring as all hell, very greedy developer, can't even give us several hours of gameplay, before hitting us with paywalls, sad because I loved the artwork and all the characters, but litteraly unplayable unless you wish to spend a lot of dollars in the release.
~ Aurimas Paulauskas
They have outdone themselves in making a fun release so aggravating as to be almost unplayable. with overpowered characters like the 5 star thor / okoye / kitty pryde and abysmal matchmaking, user against user has been destroyed for experienced users. with an overabundance of 4 star characters ( many useless ) it is almost impossible for a newest user to obtain going quickly. save your time and look elsewhere. d3. save your hollow responses for someone who cares. test making a fair and fun release.
~ acx74
simply hooked. its very hard to ignore on a day to day basis. Superhero slots depending solely on superhero points sux. not enough opportunity to earn them. passed so many nice characters up because I can't shop them on my roster. haven't given up yet but I'm close. More in release superhero points please!!!!
~ The Grand Unchallenged Sword
Looks like a fun release and was enjoying it for a tiny bit. Unfortunately you'll obtain stopped about halfway through the second prologue and unless you buy a bunch of heroes with dollars you won't be going anywhere. Also there is very tiny stats given about what they wish you to be doing. Started out fun but that went away rather quickly.
~ Mitch Swartout
I have been testing this release for almost 5 years everyday. Lol. It is a clean idea to de stress a tiny bit. Product is interesting, compatitive and challenging. You basically test yourself with the skills you have learned versus the pc. It is nonpaid of charge and customer service is nice if ever you obtain in a jam.
~ Jason Heimgartner
The photos that flash up on the screen are extremely slow. In the harder fights it becomes incredibly annoying to look at a bunch of stills that pop up over and over again as the aggressor seems to have infinite power ups. EDIT: Developer pointed out you can toggle animations off in the settings. I bumped the rating from 2 to 3 stars. Animations should be a great touch if the timing on it was better or had more than a static photo. I think i am still feeling the fatigue of small release grind.
~ Andrew Waitas
Pay to Test, But a lot of Fun. I want you should have multiple iterations of the same hero on your release at one time. Claim, using two versions of Thor in the same release. I don't see why not, we can war versus the same hero we have on our squad. Roster slots are too expensive, considering how many characters there are and usually releases going on with needed characters to test them. Still, the release is a lot of fun, the meetings are neat, and the customer service is nice.
~ Glinda Bennett
It's a fun release but eats up idea too much of your time, if you wish to test optimally. It constantly harangues you with opportunities to buy and the pricing is ridiculous. I've been testing for 4 years and have seen each manner of their terms and conditions breached, with no punishment from their help squad. When an outage occurs don't expect to be compensated anywhere near the loss of rewards that you were on track to earn, even with proof. 2 stars because now addictive.
~ Ronnie El-Sayed
Have enjoyed testing this release for few years actually. I like testing puzzle releases, and I like Marvel Comics. This release has both.
~ Jason Siegel
One way of introducing a newest hero is via Shield Training. To obtain the newest hero, you are needed to have three specific characters that are lvl 209 or above, meaning you need at least nine or ten covers for the hero. Trouble is, one of the three is almost usually one they introduced a several months prior. With around 200 characters, & one introduced each month, the pool is so diluted that it is impossible to to unless you grind the release three to four hours each day.
~ Jim Meier
it's so addictive!! no complaints really. just taking my time and leveling up. the longer you stick with it the more fun it is. once you obtain a decent roster you can pick from, you learn how to strategize your squad and victory nice in release prizes in pve/pvp releases. I came back to add other * after a year. thank you guys for creating such a wonderful release!
~ A Google user
I do love this release, but unless you pay quite a lot of dollars, you will eventually be unable to recruit newest covers since buying newest slots gets very expensive eventually (650/slot for me atm). I end up throwing away 90% of the covers I obtain. I don't test as much as I used to due to this. Not a gotta, but when using command points to buy covers, it would be great if you had a higher chance getting those cover you like. Been testing cute much since run and I've got one cover I wanted from that.
~ Ezra Olsson
I love it. A tad over monetized, though. I test each day, and I'm not furious about it. Modernization: I have all the two star covers, roster slots are very slow to unblock, and so progression has slowed to a crawl. I am slowly losing the drive to test daily. Makes me sad. 2nd modernization: I just found out that when you favoured a 3-star or higher superhero, that superhero will come out of boxes at a significantly higher rate. The release needs more robust tutorialization.
~ A Google user
Do test to balance out the 5 stars, the old 5 stars are a lot weaker compared to the newest 5 stars. Firstly the health, followed by attacking hurt. As for powers, for eg kitty pride is able to enhance tiles each turn as long as u have 4 premium tiles while Jean can only enhance when doing a match of 5. Jean enhance 2 tiles while kitty enhance all full 5 tiles that's really overpowering. Overall release is fun and hope to see more newest characters and powers!
~ low
It is a fun release, except that after a couple of release plays the only idea you can lvl up is in release purchases, and no idea to victory if you don't lvl up (Greedy, dollars grabbing release)
~ Barry Love
been testing this release since 2014 and I've seen it grow. Cute nice release as a pass time, one thing I gotta claim is once your roster has strengthened and you've place time and resources into the release to become potent, the release decides to place you up versus ridiculously overpowered aggressors, to the target where you really don't wish to test the release at all. Foes are just too high leveled and unbearable to deal with.... really hope they balance this trouble lad...
~ Mounir Mebrouk
This release provides few hours of fun entertainment especially when trying to slay time. I would rate it higher but the target repeat each some many days and the frequency of getting higher lvl characters has gone down since I started testing a couple years ago.
~ Chad Mejeur
Nice release to test if you not a buttoning hitting kind user. Its candy crush of the super superhero geeks and i love it. You even obtain to see charaters you may not have seen or heard about before. The finest thing i like about the release is that it follows the videos and shows out, so if you see a newest chatacter on the large screen finest beleive they will be in the release.
~ A Google user
Nice release, nice time aggressor. Need to create it easier to obtain superhero points though. It has been better recently though. I like how they characters are constantly being modernized.
~ Ryan Sirges
The A.I doesnt test up the par or at least analysis how we test for nice competitiveness versus ourselves or pvp foes. I.E attacking curtain cover that's most important to me. I.E making 5 L shaped matches. There's no trading covers AT ALL. Not even between alliances. Why hasnt a supermarket for buying and selling covers been built. This release will be coming up on a decade if I'm not mistaken and all it does is add covers with newest videos and sometimes duplicates.
~ Iziah Williams
I played this release for 2 years before taking a break earlier this year. I recently got back into it after taking 10 months off and they have made nice improvements to the release test! And I am SO glad to FINALLY see the Dazzler on the roster! She and the X-Lads were my introduction to the Marvel Universe 30 years ago!! This release is really fun and I'm glad to be back testing again!
~ Daniel Biddlecom
I'm loving this release even after all these years! The graphics are nice, the gameplay is nice and the content upgrades often! Two thumbs up! I only want we should pick who our everyday aid an ally premium goes to like in previous versions!
~ Allan Hevey