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About: An epic blockbuster action-RPG featuring Super Heroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe! The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Defenders, X-Lads, Spider-Lad, and more! Over 100 characters from the Marvel Universe are available to test! S.H.I.E.L.D.s very own director, Login Fury, has sent an urgent message from the future... the convergence is destroying the globe as we know it! Prepare to defend your universe! Recruit your favoured characters, complete missions, and compete with another users to be the finest superhero and save your globe. Accumulate over 100 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to assemble your ultimate squad. - Lvl up your characters and their gear to unleash their full powers! - Build classic squads like the Avengers or X-Lads to take advantage of premium premium results. - Select from hundreds of Uniforms to increase your heros powers ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 76MB Developer: Netmarble
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MARVEL Future Fight Reviews and Comments:

Reduce some of the prices a bit and you may have more pay to test users. Just a recommendation. I pay alot but its getting a bit pricey. another than that its a nice release. Also increase the amount of gold a tad bit. newest users arent going to wish to wait forever to upgrade Thanos, Jean etc etc
~ B P
I cannot understand the average rating for this release at all. After a several mins it is crystal clear that it's a dollars-grabbing, weak effort dollars grab. Characters are not voiced, graphics are fairly terrible, the dialogue is barely passable and the value from in-release purchases is abysmal.
~ Bryn Barker
I really love this release because it has all my favoured marvel characters, but what should really be cool is if you had a create your own superhero. Like you can create him or her look like what ever and then you give them abilities!! I would love that and many more would too!!!!!!
~ Evan anything
i have been testing this release for years and this is the first time that i have been so pissed with testing it. having a very weak chance to victory in a timeline war due to AI being so over powered. AI having no cooldown, and 1 hit slay for the skill? this is despite me picking a lower level squad to war. how is that even fair?
~ Edwin Biagtan
the most idiotic garbage ever in the entire globe. just waste of storage. do not download. garbage only garbage. its just destroying the name of 'MARVEL'. wayyy too buggy and crashes each single time I launch it. did not expect this.
~ Mohammad Munawaruddin
Hi! i have a tiny trouble with my Marvel Future War Acc, and i hope you should support me out. I wish to Sync my MFF profile with my Fb, but apparently i have an old MFF profile already sync with it. is there anyway you should delete my old profile, so that i may be able to add my newest MFF to my fb? More power! and Thank you so much for such an nice release! Excelsior! P.S. my old MFF profile is Lvl 1 and my actual profile is Lvl 47 which is why i need to save and sync this
~ Wayne Lester Ballador
this release has been my favoured online marvel releases mobile I love waking up and testing it the release has characters that I've never heard of or before and it's really this release has afew glitches that need to be fixed like the fact that in the middle of fighting sometimes I obtain kicked out of the release but each nice release can be improved on but this truly sucks up most of my day 🤣 and I love that there are no spoilers about newest videos thank you for that but guys for an nice release 🙂👍 👏😁
~ Nick Kozuki
really like this release have played it for a while there is a several things about this release tho just almost create it impossible to enjoy 1 the over the top cost of trying to upgrade your characters after a certain lvl and the fact that yes it is nonpaid to test but it can be impossible to hold going after a certain target unless you pay
~ aaron Smith
very awesome grafics! simple control's very speedy paced.. since I have started testing this release, I am able to understand the storyline line... i have a feeling that the recipients in Marvel comics has something in the iron's for it's avid fan [email protected] so don't despair about it too much...I can only hope that the originators at marvel will make something more! I hope they come up with something "special" and one of a type and using an original thoughts! too [email protected] Marvel comics and it's leagues of heroes int
~ sarah arillias
Truth is I now really really enjoy testing this release! This being a statement made by a person who's never had an interest in releases. I've never cared much for them. If each min. ive spent w/ a release in the last year was tallied it wouldnt evn be 24 hrs. ½ of that this release in only a several days! My target, this is A nice release! That coming from a self proclaimed member of The Peoples Republic of anti-VideoGamers (Brick pizza-oven makers ★world 616 division) 💩feces
Nice release overshadowed by greed. This release has many nice mechanics and plenty of characters to test with. HOWEVER, unless you spend dollars, your progress will be severely throttled and unless you ppan to spend dollars regularly, expect your progress to be throttled numerous times per day. If you wish to test something related, wait for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch.
~ Nghia Nguyen
The Product itself it very nice and I very like to test it alot. But the only trouble I have is about the timeline war, it quite unfair. For example, I'm just A Bronze Rank 3 Stars and I war a Gold Rank 1 Stars. And each though I use gold to change foe, I'm still fighting a Gold Rank Enemy. I don't know if it suppose to be this idea but it will be great if you create the timeline war balanced.
~ The Retard
READ IT!!! Graphic options- nice user control - Great reward acquisition - the finest. -Gems are practically nonpaid, no need for purchases. - challenges and targets hold the release exciting. for newest users the progression is the finest. Highly suggested. don't use your gems, create sure you log in for nonpaid rewards. the only release I've played that gives you rewards for basically everything. There is lag. Should create it easier for players to earn gems, and i mean earn them. thats my only criticism
~ Matthew Jacob
Nice release! Just wish the uniforms to cost less crystals or have some cost gold (like 1,000,000 gold for a primary uniform, then can use combination of like 1,000,000 gold and 250 crystals or 500 crystals for more advanced uniforms since gold is much easier to farm than crystals, especially for f2p users). And it would be AWESOME if we got a cap uniform where he wields both his shield and mjornir!! That would be sick especially with nice skills! another than that 👍👍
~ Joseph Pritchett
This release is literally nice and great for Marvel Lovers. The release is very easy once you obtain used to it. The characters are quite simple to receive and this is what makes the release so addictive. I've been testing for week and I have my favoured characters like Doctor Strange, which is satisfying, I don't have recommendations because this release has basically everything. (Note: It has in-release purchases but it's not pay to victory.)
~ Izumi Wellness
Would be a nice gamr if it weren't so buggy. Basically you can pay your idea to the top, it freezes up and restarts mid war once or twice a day, and then disconnects from the server during long important wars. For all the dollars these guys drag from users, you would think they should spend some on the release itself. Stop worrying about making newest boxes to sell and fix your soft.
~ chris Pugliese
TL;DR right off the bat: don't waste your $$ on this release. You will NOT be competitive versus the ancient nonpaid users allow alone the whales. You have been warned. At first glance it's like hurray, Marvel characters! And they have my favoured ones! But it's the standard upgrade-everything-even-your-toenails kind of release. The higher lvl your hero gets, the longer it takes to upgrade their rank, powers, gear, premium gear, equipment, and even their f***ing suit. Generic, boring playstyle.
~ Wolven Bane
Really fun. a bit of a grinding to obtain what you wish. test out for 3 months and decide to hold or uninstall. (this is my opinion for a first timer who was suggested to by a day 1 user. release has been out for a several years+)
~ Jeffrey Hoobler
The release is nice but updating characters is too hard and too time consuming. I search that the price points for nonpaid to test and actual currency is a bit over priced. The reward system is quite low as well. The gameplay is nice and I don't have any troubles there at least.
~ Paul C
I really love this release. Ive played it on a several devices and it works perfectly. But I am currently using an Infinix and it seems the release isnt completely optimized for it. It crashes each actually and then and fully crashes when loading the Globe Boss challenge, thereby making the release stagnate. I would really love it if you should fix up the destroying bugs and optimization troubles. Thanks. 😁 Finest Mobile release around.
~ Danny Mane
The visuals to the dialog scenes should be more "animated" without actual animation. I feel like I'm reading the news paper when I'm reading the dialog. The GUI should use some polish (graphics). The technical aspects of this release are great, (controls, physics, mechanics, etc) but the release needs more personality and polish. There's a certain lvl of excitement that users and comic ebook lovers could feel when opening this release, but without signature aspects of both platforms, it's just not there.
~ The Light Psyde
Nice release, nice graphics. I'll add a fifth star when I finally obtain my tier 3 Hulk! ;-) EDIT: I've dropped my review from 4 stars to 1 because of the newest Collector's Vault meeting. Like many recipients, I was ready and waiting at the run of the meeting. In the immediate it started, all 4 vaults filled up before I should press a button. Yeah, that was a lot of #$%^& fun.
~ TekServer
Well it was nice but a bit nice graphics and probaly its nice Product Well After i played this release... my brother was the first time testing this release in my family after i joined my large brother. it was a fun expirience you can upgrade to rank up or mastery and upgrade uniforms buy uniforms. and obtain biometrics,and obtain heroes and vilains there are power like these blast,combat,speed,And Universal.Thanks netmarble it was great to knowing ya. Who Knows?
~ Naomi Apple
I love this release this is kinda cool and, if babes are downloading and testing it will obtain a nice knowledge of the full avengers who don't knows it. and I love the endgame ver!!!
~ Bharani Jude
It's the BEST release ever! But we need Captain America with Mjolnir (like 'Avengers! Assemble!') and Iron Lad with Infinity Gauntlet (like 'I am Iron Lad.') since they will not be in Marvel videos anymore and Cap's attack with Mjolnir, Iron Lad's attack with Gauntlet might be really cool, please create that modernization happen with Vision too! Another concepts can be the squad premium 'The Fallen Avengers' for Black Widow, Iron Lad and Captain America who sacrificed a lot in Endgame! <3
~ Daniel Niiu
Nice release, F2P friendly, can earn the purchaseable currency, nice grapics for a small release. The characters are cute easily obtainable, differ greatly in how they test, and are fun to war with. The developers are continually trying to improve the release, for both newcomers and veterans. In short i suggest trying out
~ Logan Meeks
Villain Siege has a trouble today. I was supposed to use 3 characters but it already declared target failed even if two ofvtge characters are still alive. I hope it will be fixed quick. I've been spending true dollars for this release and things like this is very frustrating!
~ J. G. Q. Orijuela-Sancho
I wish so much to give it 5 stars, but I think they could modernization the storyline. Everything else keeps upgrading but that stays the same. We could have a newest storyline based on where we are at in the MCU. Also it would be great if we should war with all three characters on the squad at once.(Edit) Newest modernization and my release keeps shutting down!!! And actually you took away the split screen function. What are you guys doing!?!?!?
~ Kirk Matthews
Nice release finest graphics And magnificent controls I thought it is a release like a tiny storage release are but it is not It is fabulous release which can be compared with fortnite and pubg I want your squad all the finest for releasing more releases and I will pray to god that you will beat the tencent releases. GOOD LUCK . Your improvement could be more and more characters could be released And I am a large fan of marvels. I think that this release is finest for all marvel lovers for entertainment so it is a great release .
~ Aadi Kumar
Felt wonderful to test this release.. It's very nice and nice release everyone could test it once.. I feel very lucky to have this experience in life to present my appreciation for this nice gift.. One thing I think that could be added in next modernization that each hero could be availed in weak cost either it's a nice hero or not.. Thnks
~ Kashif Ali Sial
This is fully the finest MARVEL release I've ever played. The developer usually give us some tiny dollars whenever we need them or any type of equipment or materials. The gameplay is repetitive but still fun. I hope that the developer make other release like this, just a different category, for example like sandbox multiplayer I think? Just a recommendation. If it exist, it sure gonna bomb the Test Market.
~ John Draexz
really really loving this release hands down finest release ever. my one trouble is, right actually the releases under maintenance so we can't log in and test at the moment. But I purchased the 20 biometrics everyday from the market and I'm just worried that actually it's under maintenance, will I still obtain my 20 bio that I was suppose to obtain today for tomorrow and obtain tomorrows bio? do 40 all together.
~ world MVP2021
marvelous. you can spend some dollars if you wish but it's not essential to enjoy the release and progress through the release. buying the crystal definitely supports, but just to support you transport a bit faster than f2p users and you should probably obtain some exclusive heroes for it. but that's about it. if you wanna go f2p, patience is a virtue
~ arif asyraf
I love this release have been testing it for years, anyone that pushes the release destroying on netmarble is just fooling themselves. I've never had a trouble with the release destroying because of netmarble. It is an online release and requires a decent internet connection 🤭. I dont like the fact all the nice characters require a buy in order to receive them and normally u have to pay twice to obtain it where u need it. but still love the release and will continue testing.🤗
~ Justin Nelms
It is a fun marvel release. There is nice graphics and a gigantic tons of chacters. I love the style and how there is so many things I should do in this release😀😀. This release will never obtain old and is my favoured marvel release. My second favoured is contest of champions but this is not about that release. I would highly reccomend testing this release if you like MARVEL. Nice Bye
~ Damien Miller
This release is extremely fun. Wide cast of characters and it's done by selection not random chests. A gigantic tons of different activities to do daily to hold you coming back each day which is boosted by the everyday rewards. This release receives regular upgrades which means the release stays recent. There is also a gigantic idea in which you can upgrade your characters which keeps you grinding, the uniform system is especially nice.
~ Robbie Gibbons
Overall nice/addicting/constructive release, i would have given it 5 stars but the skins needs to be renewed, some of them are not that detailed and polished. For instance, Captain America. His face, body structure, his pose and gear model looks so outdated. Others are weird too like Thor (2011) etc....in a conclusion i would claim some of the skins needs re-work to it especially Cap. I think Thor with the quantum realm might be the finest skin in the entire release. I want Cap was more accurate looking too.
~ MarveliciousCP
Well it's a nonpaid release but they've constantly increased the in release prices for equipment, cost of costumes have nearly doubled, pick costumes nearly tripled, increased the cost of energy for missions (especially for dimension rifts), all to bait you in to spend more true dollars on the release(with minimal improvements), on pick missions you may need to even spend true dollars to accumulate rewards for completing them, devs are super greedy, don't care about the lovers, just our dollars 👎 don't waste your time
~ Matt W
Far be it for me to mention this, but one of thee most epic fights in Marvel video history and you guys haven't come up with a idea to introduce the uniform of all collectable uniforms. Captain America with Thor's hammer. Smh!!! it makes me not wish to test anymore. But patients is virtue right? Waiting !!!
~ A Google user
Fun tiny beat em up with a surprising amount of depth. Reminds me of the "ultimate alliance" releases from the early 2000s, but on small. Scads of characters and costumes. The Crystal system for updates is a drag, and what you pay versus what you obtain is not reasonable. Fun enough to grind, but I want there was more value in the micro transactions.
~ John L'Heureux