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MARVEL Contest of Champions   
About: Prepare for epic against-fighting action with your favoured Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Lad, Iron Lad, Wolverine & more await your summons to war! Assemble a squad & launch your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Victor! WELCOME TO THE CONTEST: Captain America versus. Iron Lad! Hulk versus. Wolverine! Spider-Lad versus. Deadpool! The finest fights in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions versus a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate nonpaid-to-test fighting release on your small deviceMarvel Contest of Champions! SUIT UP WITH FRIENDS: Squad up with your dudes and another Summoners to build the strongest Alliance Strategize with your alliance, support them hold the ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 91MB Developer: Kabam
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MARVEL Contest of Champions Reviews and Comments:

This release is one of the finest release releases I have played. got into it maybe a year or two after it came out and have tried to obtain it on each divice I have. it has the finest expanded universe of marvel characters on the planet. sure like each release there have been troubles in the past but the originators have stayed well on top of maintaining the release. I would suggest this release to anyone how loves the marvel universe, comics, exc. hold up the nice work and hold the characters rolling in .
~ John Harvey
Fun release! haven't played it since it first launched but it's so much better. only thing I don't like is the grind for the shards. why does it take so many? but aside from that it's fun to test with dudes and to pass the time!
~ Samuel Sisler
worst release🤮🤮. don't download and don't test if you got worst champ. i hate this release, first of all they didn't give any finest champ in 5* and second thing act6 requirement is only 5*. in 2years i got 4 5* finest champs out of 40. if there is option of selling 5* then i will sell my all 5*, i am waiting for 5* selling option. i had bought nearly 300 crystals of 300 troops which includes 3*,4*,5* but they gave me 3* in 280 crystals and 4* in 20 crystals no 5*. time to uninstall the release 🕺🕺💃💃.
~ Jitender Mehra
Ive been testing for about a year and im tired of grinding out these dam quest only to obtain crapped on by each crystal I pull. The release test is nice but the useless rewards you obtain each month outweigh the nice.. Drop rates are lower than stated.
~ Javier Chavez
You will lose your purchases! You do not own your profile. Newest device with a newest feedback and all should be lost. The help squad are robots. The correspondences are scripted and there are no true recipients to look at the equipment shown in topic. Nice luck with any true trouble with your purchases. Complain and they close the topic. You lose. They create dollars!
~ C Hublou
Want evade and block was working properly.. And all crystal spins had a constant rotation.. You have 2 pay kabam 4 the release 2 work! About minimum 500 dollars 4 the release to work esp. ANDROID!!
~ GIO Priest
I dont understand how my brother(as we are testing together) usually gets better champions than me and also, when i did against, i scored 100, 000 more than he did and he still got doctor strange while i got 3 rank rewards away from that. The judgement systems for the release definitely need to be improved. i love this release apart from when things like this happen.
~ Yasar Syed
All of our favoured Marvel heroes and villains at the control of our fingertips. In an epic Mortal Combat/Way Fighter style combat release (minus the gore, so no blood or messiness). This is online test only, versus the pc in storyline mode, or versus another users in combat arenas. I love this release.
~ Drake Sheets
This release is nice, i had no trouble getting right to the action, the first time i played. but!!! after a 2nd, 3rd, n 4th time it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to load. LAAAME!!!!
~ Salvo LoCC
It's a nice release if you're into marvel and love superheroes.you're Most likely gonna search you're gonna search your favoured marvel superhero and the controls are extremely simple. You just swipe back to go back and swipe forwards to go forward and the fighting is also really simple you just tap to war. overall nice release if not nice amazingly Awsome
~ John Nyok
it's a really nice release I just want you should bring bbn in a information where you can trade champions with your dudes in Nov release this would create the release a entire lot better. can yall please do this???!!!??
~ Mason Haskins
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!But there r a several not to nice things some ppl test to obtain woman and boyfriends also some one kinda abused me they named me an old lad yelled at me that person also claimed another ppl to block me but did not do it them selfs and it all happened cuz I did not join there allince.
~ Arman Trumbauer
love the release as a entire. i would like to see better odds for 3 star or higher heroes via crystals....it seems i usually obtain the same heroes, and have 3 accounts. Product gets boring after an extent due to this. would also like to see better heroes to run with. VARIETY is BETTER
~ matt Jacobs
don't obtain this release don't give away your hard earned dollars because this release is pay to victory . alliance fight is rigged to beat those who don't pay to victory because they place users who pay to victory
~ A Google user
small heating up in just 3 - 4 matches, parry trouble, dexterity trouble, release is choppy and newest aw aq are so terrible that pushed me to take retirement. older champs are low actually newer champs are god tier usually. btw PUBG run smoothly in my small.. I m 3 year old in this release. my small spec : VIVO V9 Snapdragon 660 AI PROCESSOR 4 GB RAM + 64 GB STORAGE.
~ Dhaval Panchal
This release pionts your weakness the be the master and will cost you alot of dollars.do not allow your babes test this on a device you have a credit card on they do not give dollars back. They also create it harder than it could be when getting to the end of a lvl and then send you some aid that does not support you in any idea another than to create you spend more of your hard earned dollars on nothing. This release / nonpaid release is nothing but a waste of time and dollars.
~ Mark Wiggins
Multiplayer mode is not available in this release! We wish to test with my dudes in true time. Your release is nice but I'm obtain boring day by day, fighting with pc all the time. If there is no multiplayer this release will useless in future!
~ Ribash Gaming
This is absolute trash. It is extremely unbalanced and certain characters are far superior to others. For example, Iron Lad is extremely terrible in the release, and does not stand a chance versus others. I highly advise versus getting this garbage release. It is a waste of time.
~ Hina Mehta
Less gold - it is nice to hear, that everyday gold meetings are back but they are just for one day. Its greedy what you are doing with that gold meeting. We have to earn a lot of gold to rank up champs, what do we earn in just one day that you made that meeting for one day. Sir please we wish that meeting back sir.
~ Thulasi Ram Kotthapalli
I requested a refund due to a speficic loot box kind item not showing the proper chances at a specific reward and was denied. I would like to again request a refund on the 3 in release purchases denied to me. I have screenshots from the release developers official forums from another users reporting the same trouble.
~ wessroberts
It's a very terrible pay to victory release. It doesn't wish you to spend dollars. Nope... It wants you to spend a lot of dollars in order to proceed further after you reach it's norm. For your sake. avoid testing it.
~ nori Dyah
I downloaded the release for the first time yesterday and signed up with my gmail. I got to a great lvl and got the superhero I wanted. Today there was an modernization, I signed back into my gmail and lost my progress and heroes. I'm not sure if I wish to test anymore.
~ Jacob Newhouse
it is nice, but I'm almost lvl 21 and I only have one four star, my dude is a lower lvl and he has five, please create a crystal for four star or higher heroes, because I am sick of spending hours just getting troops through quests just to obtain a LIVER FLUNK ING TWO STAR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Youtuber117
The gameplay is solid however, this release flaws in it's grasp on users throats for microtransactions. Everything to advanced from getting newest characters to getting each material essential to lvl up and tier up you hero is loot crate based. More like Contest of Gambling! The hero modeling is terrible too along with it only having one same song testing for each war. and don't obtain me started on the limited release test dosage due to it's energy system. Suprised this release isn't made by EA.
~ Pedro Reyes
don't spend on in release purchases, when they don't give you what they're offering you they won't rectify their mistake or refund you anything. At least dick Turpin had the courtesy to wear a mask and claim you that you were going to obtain robbed. 1 star till you rectify your mistake
~ Mark Traverse
Dollars grab, bought an unit box and even though they deducted bank profile, they didn't credited the troops in release. Opened up help ticket and all they claim is generic responses. Screw you Kabam. Go and "D"uck yourself. Filthy scammer.
~ Saswata Bhattacharya
The release is very nice. The lag trouble that I complained before is seemed to be fixed actually. Opening crystals is actually faster than before and also it only takes me less than a minute to obtain into wars/fights. As usually, the graphics and animation is impeccable. There is a bit glitch with the sound results but it's barely heard. Still, the release is very nice.
~ Josh Hunter
very nice release , nice graphic's but there is a trouble is that we are testing with pc .we test to do finest but when pc test we lose match . i think you could add newest maps , maps like only one user we used and we going to search some think we can transport any direction with his user not like a node's ,just like cartoon we can do war with boss not like a maps of node i think you understand if not contact me .thanku
~ Rudhra10
the release is really nice. you have to grind to obtain anywhere, which isn't usually a terrible thing. the release rewards you for 100% completion on quests. the everyday log ins should be alot better. needs to really reward the loyalty of users who stay committed. this month (June 2019) is nice as throughout the month you can unblock a 4* champion. needs more like this and maybe abit more towards 5* crystals. I would suggest this release to anyone.
~ Danny 'Simmo' Simmons
I've been testing the release for a several years and it's continually gotten worse. Lag is horrible and the better you obtain at the release, the harder it gets to victory. Many times impossible even. I can't claim you the number of times I've quit a quest, because the "boss" was simply unbeatable. Unless of course you spend actual dollars. So just like Fb, kabam's greed will cause me to delete their release and I refuse to download anything else by/from them.
~ Andrew Owens
This really is a nice release but greedy devs crash it. The champ pulls are a joke. The latest champ I have was released in 2017!!! The lack of newest(now decent champs) has made the entire experience much less fun. After nearly 4 years of testing I'm thinking of quitting just because I'm tired of only pulling useless old champs.
~ Zach J
The crystal system is just the worse. I opened the 3 star Crystal Vault 5 times and all it gave me Colosus, all the five times, the duplicate champion. I played this release consistently to gave 3 star Superhero shards and this is what I got, 5 duplicates. I mailed about the trouble, and they sent me to the forums, I place my trouble there, but it seems nobody is interested in changing the system. I spent my time heavily in testing this trash.
~ Shubham Barnwal
really nice. only trouble I have is this. explain to me how a two star champion is supposed to beat a 3 star. I search that very frustrating. otherwise from that it's an awesome release haven't changed a thing. Very frustrating release.
~ Bill Fisher
I myself like this release it's fun and simple to test. I just want they wouldn't create it so hard to obtain newest champion. I mean, you can obtain all kinds of crystals super, 3*, 4* . The release usually seems to give you a champion that you already have. And a lot of time some of there updating of the release cost you time in the arenas that I think you could be compensated for. Bit I still like the release
~ William Palmer-EL
unless you wish to waste thousands of dollars and like disappointment dont bother downloading. hundreds of users tool their idea to the top obtaining champs, others can spend thousands weekly, is a waste of time for most. played for over 3yrs walking empty handed. progressively release revolves around 3 champs, if u dont have them u waste time and dollars. straight up dollars pit, worse than ever, retiring
~ kevin Mahon
it's tragic how far this release has fallen.... 15-20% of attacks literally do no hurt (premium attacks included). masteries don't do what they are supposed to do. foes regenerate health when not supposed too. blocking doesn't work about 30% of the time. AI takes over your hero in the middle of crucial fights. they cycle the same glitches and bugs in and out of the release each couple of weeks. a 1-2 second shows up in high rated fights. makes the release almost impossible to test.
~ Mike Brown
Overall I like the release. One recommendation is when opening crystals for champions, offer a pick out of like 5 random characters instead of the actual format of letting the crystal spin and hope you obtain a hero you wish/need. That idea if a duplicate does pop up, you can pick if you wish to convert a actual hero instead of being forced to take the duplicate, especially if it's one uou will never use in the release.
~ Brian Wasilewski
The release is really addicting! The graphics are nice for a small release of this caliber. The constant upgrades to fix bugs has helped improve the feeling that the developers care about the state of the release. Some troubles do occur in zones such as crystals not being delivered at the promised time, but the compensation received for doing so is ample and very satisfying. If you like Marvel then I recommend you check this out!
~ SkinWalker 76
I was leaving this long review on why it is dumb how they have this messed up system on how the health your user gets versus their pc users. The deal is, they have it set up that their users will be invincible, power will usually go up, then they have these node things that will sap all your energy. It is really annoying, because you will think you have a change, but if you run out of energy it cost min $5 to do anything. The # 1 most expensive release to test on google, ridiculous.
~ Brayden Bugazzi
this release is very well thought out, it is a 3rd person fighter release. where you war to increase power lvls until eventually you become the finest. it is a nice release and you could give it a go... Also, release originators, i used to have an profile with a 4 star howard the duck and another quite potent heroes. after about a month of inactivity, i lost all my time. i do actually have a 4 star and 2, 3 stars, but i would like to know where my time went. Thank you for repsponding, the release has only improved
~ Alfie Dowd