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About: After leaving his hometown to live alone, after the death of his parents, Tag moved into a tiny city called Sullen City, where his only desire, is to run a newest life...
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 57MB Developer: THIRTEENDAYS
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MARK'S LIFE Reviews and Comments:

I truly like the atmosphere and the song, but I cannot progress my release after 5 mins of gameplay.
~ A Google user
sad but nice
~ Maud Bami
Getting killed by the first creature again and again and again and again, no matter what I do. Probably it's a bug, but I am not willing to test this ever again.
~ Gheorghe Stefanov
I really liked it and the ending wasn't expecting it was nice!
pointless waste of time. ill save you a couple hours and give you the short ver of the storyline: if you're depressed, obtain a girlfriend
~ Craig Bush
i like this storyline,,it seems like my storyline but thanks to God I'm still alive
~ Erkien Erazo
An nice release with several minor troubles and a heartbreaking story. 5 stars from me
~ KP16
terrible control. can't test
~ Katarina Radovanovic
I absolutely loved it, I would also love to fix some of the grammar errors if you wish that.
~ Braden
A nice storyline.
~ A Google user
hmmmm.. Sad Product With Terrible End. Really 😑👎
~ Danther_XD ANN
I love this release honestly. Like sure it's really tough to hear a recipients going to depression but I feel glad about sharing of the same feelings with the main hero.
~ NaviOfWisdom98 _
thats a nice storyline
~ Mary H.
Nice, heart-touching release! It's a bit depressing too but, the storyline keeps moving forward, so you aren't caught up in all the sadness. Although the ending was not too terrible, I want there was an alternate one where Tag survives.
~ Dhawal Mehta
first release that purchased with true dollars, and also first release i leave review, love this release, love the storyline, and actually the English translation is better, but somehow i prefer the old ver, i found some parts missing, like no blogs in notebook, and Tag's swear when he first taking a bath, but still this is a nice release, hold up and i patiently wait for the newest release you'll version, the vampire one...
~ Taufik Ibrahim
It's a fabulous release! I loved the storyline and the overall idea. But, the language needs improvement though! The english used in this release create it quite hard to understand but atleast it is understandable... Nice job! Developers... I hope you'll love the release's emotional rollercoaster.
~ A Google user
Everything is nice for a tiny size release like this, like controls and graphics. But the storyline is boring. There are so less up and downs in it. "Someday" was a lot better than this. And the English too is cute terrible. Still, it could be tried because of its glad ending and short release test.
~ Guru
Just crashes upon startup on a Samsung Tab 3 10.1" running Mobile 4.4.2.
~ Edward Hauff
after the chemistry class i couldn't progress, such a shame
~ MohdCorleone َ
Nice storyline. As for the UI should need more improvement. I don't know if the ending have few possibility, but I got the glad ending (maybe). The achievements are maybe if we interact with such object, but the only sub-quest I remember is the lost cat. Some of this things can be more improve according how we can understand what's ahead. And one last important thing; decisions should do matter! Example, if we decided to go to the party, the nightmare will even worse, or don't do drink to protected.
~ Rizhky Azhary
create a life simulator this release is nice
~ adventure channel
its was not a nice experience. life is not all about dying
~ vaibhav kharkar
waste of time. 2 stars for effort.
~ :P WQing
When I run release - Ruin
~ Dest Frame
interesting, but depressing as, alright ending
~ Jeremy Chu
I'm having a great time testing a depressing release.
~ Jason Malak
very great .. also very sad .. this release makes me sad the ending is nice .
~ Mohammed Mousa
Okay, I just wrote a creative review, when the release bugged out and should not be completed. It just won't trigger a required meeting. Ugh.
~ kevintheradioguy
great release pls create it more bigger and create it more horror kind for finest release experience ☺😃😊
~ Tanvir Sinat
intreguing, it hit me cute deep beacause in alot of ideas i relate but at the same time i relized how much different his troubles were. it made me think alot. (also some sentences just dont create sense.)
~ Pale skin pele
Interesting story that is mundane for a reason. English translation needs to be worked on, quite a several grammatical errors.
~ l emon
I made and ate a samdwhich but it still claims supper is my active quest. Can't progress.
~ Matthew Ventures
English translation has a lot of mistakes, some times it's impossible to understand the dialogues. It's annoying to click thru "..." sentences. I liked the dream app but it quickly obtain boring. Overall the plot is quite easy, but random it seems to be made up on the spot
~ Hubert Biniszewski
Damn. Absolutely AMAZING such a nice release. its hard to search a release that truly understands depression, but this release rocked it.
~ I'm normal
I like the flow of the storyline even though its sad, never thought that there are recipients like him suffering because of life's cruel or mysterious path. I just want it can be longer and create the ending possible by picking some decisions which will change the flow of the storyline, So I will give it 5 stars!
~ JACQUEAZ vidal
An interesting study on depression, anxiety, how they recipients deal with death of others of those that your close to and those you barely know, and how recipients deal with your own diagnosis of terminal illnesses. While in a idea I do want the translation for English was better. However I trust that the confusion of not having a better English translation adds to the release as does the lack of Direction. It brought about in me a lvl of frustration that bordered on anxiety.
~ Wasted Life Game Productions
Cute nice release. There are some minor typos here and there but they don't affect the gameplay much. The storyline should've been laid out a bit better in the end. Kinda felt it was rushed but nevertheless it's worth checking out.
~ Bingobean
OK so, after testing through this release I feel like im ready to give my view on it. Alright so, I obtain it, I obtain what storyline you are trying to claim here but the idea you did it wasn't the finest idea possible, the user required more stats about Tag, about the recipients he met, the recipients he knew etc. One of the major troubles I had with the release were the dialogs and the grammatical errors, quite a lot of em. The consistency wasn't there to set the mood but overall it was a nice idea. Can do better
~ Cool Boy
Great storyline, especialy the ending, I loved it. I know you wish it short but, still you should add things to storyline. You know, 13 days for someones life, that's a bit short, add some more. But fully, I loved the release and the massage behind it
~ Kingp1n81
I got sucked into the release. Clearly, the storyline seems nice but there is a large plot hole at the end. At first, I thought this was going to be a tragic ending, but things turned out brighter than it appearance.
~ Trí Nguyễn